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'Put your faith in what you most believe in

Two worlds, one family

Trust your heart

Let fate decide

To guide these lives we see'

-Phil Collins: Two Worlds

It was a cold and rainy night, one that was filled with countless storm clouds ready to burst any minute. The winds were howling and the thunder, roaring. All of which were drowning out the fact that a single man was running for his life. Well…not only his life, but for the life of the little bundle he had held in his arms. The life that would one day bring peace to the world and an end to this holy war.

Thankfully the child was still asleep, oblivious like he should be to what was happening in the world around him. At least that made things a whole lot easier. And that much more painful.

Heaving from the exertion, the figure took a brief moment to catch his breath, his lungs practically on fire as he leaned heavily against the side of a building. He was beyond tired, having ran almost 20 miles in under an hour without stopping. Even given his enhanced, superhuman abilities, he still had to find the time to recover his sputtering breath.

Dizzy and winded, the young man futilely wiped away the droplets of rain that happened to fall into his eyes, only serving to escalate his already rising annoyance. He couldn't have something as transient as falling rain be the thing that led him to his demise. Not while he still held onto the one thing he was both proud and ashamed to call his own. He couldn't stop…he had to keep walking.

"Must…keep moving," gasped the figure between breaths, little bursts of mist clouds forming with each wheeze he made. "Right, Mana?"

Snickering un-heartedly to no one but himself, he took another shot at ridding his eyes of the confounded droplets before he resumed his god awful sprint. He only had a little ways to go, just a few more miles until he reached his desired location. The tricky part was just getting there all in one piece. Well, if they could make it this far with neither of them scathed, then who's to say they couldn't make it for another measly 5 miles?

Fate that's who.


Mostly sliding along the cobble laden roads, the young man was becoming all the more desperate with each corner he took, the shadows playing on his paranoia. If he remembered correctly, he only had about 2 miles left until he made it to the place that would serve as the child's sanctum from then on. But a lot could happen in 2 miles, especially when it was still raining from the heavens and the cold was steadily getting worse.

Looking down at the still sleeping infant in his arms while pulling back lightly on some of the fabric that had been used to shield the child's face from the rain, a wan smile played across the young man's features. "Almost there little guy. Soon, this nightmare shall be put to rest."

"Why my dear, delusional Musician," seethed a voice that caused the young man to freeze on the spot, his body becoming as rigid as a board. With apprehension influencing his actions, he slowly craned his neck to the side as he looked over his shoulder, dreading what he might find. The act was utterly pointless, seeing as how he already knew who the speaker was, but he couldn't stop himself from doing so anyways. "It hasn't even begun…"

Standing behind him while twirling a pumpkin topped umbrella was a rotund man with a perpetual smile on his face. Though the anger in his eyes might help dissuade you from thinking that that smile was by any means jolly. If anything, it made him appear all the more insane, his eyes bulging as he chuckled heartedly to himself. There was nothing very funny about the situation though.

"Lord Millennium." Growled the young man as he drew the infant closer to his body, his arms shielding him from the view of the man he had once thought of as his 'brother'. Well, it wasn't so much that he thought it, more like the Noah genes that flowed within his veins did. Even so, he still despised the man he had once been very close to.

"You've proven to be quite a nuisance fallen Noah, one that has cost this family very dearly." Stated the Earl blatantly as his pumpkin topped umbrella transformed into a large, black broadsword, a white cross being the only distinguishing feature of the blade. "Farewell my Musician."

Springing forward, the clownish man drew back his sword as he prepared to chop down the disgrace he had once acknowledged as his brother. He was going to kill him personally, the Noah had known that all along. But that didn't mean he was willing to go along with it. Like hell he would!

Jumping out of the way of the swing, the Musician began, once again, running for his and his child's life. It wasn't all that hard, not while you had the clown from hell chasing after you. Though running deliberately from a fight wasn't something he wished he had done. He would have very much liked to fight the Earl, and give him one hell of a performance before his life was ultimately extinguished, but that would have to wait for now. He couldn't fight at the present moment, not while he was still carrying the only hope for humanity in his arms.

Slipping and sliding across the water soaked ground, he struggled for control as he changed directions suddenly, hoping to shake his pursuer. A wild drive to escape flashed in his eyes as he rounded another corner, only to be greeted by a few of the Earl's personal creations. Well, not so personal. He had helped design and manufacture the soul consuming machinery. Though he dare not take pride in something so vile, so hideous of a creation that had only left him questioning what he had been thinking.

But it was just one of the many sins he regretted ever doing.

Gritting his teeth, the Musician pressed forward, shoulders hunching forward as he bent his upper body down slightly and rammed through the growing lines of akuma. He ignored the fact that his body was being ripped and torn as he ran past, his sole attention focused on shielding the infant from the harshness of reality. It didn't take him long though, his blood-soaked and crippled form immerging from the pack in moderate victory. Moderate victory that only lasted for but a brief moment.

His heart couldn't have sunk any lower at what greeted him at the end.

Filling the skies were thousands upon thousands of various akuma, all of them with their weapons pointed directly at him. And to make matters worse, the Earl had managed to catch up to him.

"Just because the akuma can't kill you, doesn't me they can't kill that child you've been so desperate to keep from me." Pointed out the Earl, a roll of chuckles following his declaration as he signaled for his forces to open fire.

The Musician fell to his knees, his body acting as a physical shield as he protected the infant from the unrelenting gunfire. Bullets the size of his fist embedded themselves all over his body, the whole thing damaging the cluttered alleyway. Immense pain racked his body as no part of him remained unscathed, the attack ending abruptly after smoke from the gunfire became too thick for anyone or anything to see.

The Millennium Earl looked to the smoke cloud in anticipation, hoping to see the Noah's utter devastation upon finding his own child a pile of dust in his arms. Twirling his large broadsword around like it was nothing, he waited in growing excitement for the smoke to thin out. Though once it did, he wasn't pleased with what he found: a missing Noah and infant. All he had to show for all of this was a huge bloodstain dyeing the cobblestone ground as it slowly continued diluting away.

Growing anger and frustration filled him as he watched the blood get washed away by the rain, rage displaying on his features as his gaze followed the murky red trail off to his right. He may have eluded him this time, but next time he wouldn't be so lucky. Especially when he was already at the end of his patience. By the end of tonight, his once most loyal Noah brother would be exterminated.


The sound of wailing could be heard underneath all the pouring rain and roaring thunder claps. The Musician struggled to calm the crying infant, the sound of gunfire having been the thing to awaken the once soundly sleeping child. Exhausted and finding himself unable to continue on despite the fact that he had a mere mile and a half left until he made it to his destination, he fell once more to his knees. Though most of the wounds had healed by now, some of the more graving injuries were taking a little more time to heal, a particular one being a gaping wound to his lower back.

Panting as muscle and bone regenerated, he gazed with heavy lidded eyes down at the still crying infant, trying his best to soothe him. While stroking the baby's cheeks slowly with his thumb, he suddenly noticed a black pentagram appear on the child's forehead. And then another. And another. Gradually the infant was starting to become covered in nothing but black pentagrams, each one leaving a crack in the fallen Noah's heart.

Dread filled him as the sting of tears weighed heavily on his eyes. So that's why the child was crying so hard. Pulling back some of the soaked fabric bound around the infant, he couldn't stop the tears from slipping past his eyelids as he took note of the sliver of a cut on the child's arm. Though it was nothing but a graze, it was just enough to cause the akuma blood virus to spread. How could he miss such a thing? Why had he not taken note of it earlier? How could he fail such a simple task?

How could he fail at saving his own son?

"No…" he mumbled as he watched the child slowly become consumed by the black pentagrams, his body changing from pale pink to black, his crying unfazed. "NO!" the Musician howled as he pulled his child close, unable to watch his son crumble into dust. It was all just too much.

Tears mingling with the pouring rain, he choked back sobs as he waited for the inevitable to happen. Little did he know that that was far from happening. A greenish hue could be seen glowing past the thin fabric of the blanket, growing brighter and brighter until the two of them were overcome by the light. Delirious and not really paying attention to what was happening, he didn't notice the light until it began dying down. But by then the affects had already taken place.

Body racked by sobs, he waited for his child to fall to dust, for his cries to suddenly silence. But when they didn't he looked back up, wary as he drew the child away from him. Looking down, he was amazed to find the child back to his original color, still throwing a fit as water droplets continued falling into his eyes. His stubby little arms were flailing around, his right more than his left. The Musician's eyes went to fixate on the infant's crippled left arm. Blood red and scaly, he hesitantly grabbed hold of the limb and gave it a more thorough inspection, his eyes ending up on the jade green cross on the back of the child's hand.

His heart immediately skipped a beat after that, his inner Noah screaming out for him to destroy the ancient artifact embedded in his child's left hand. It took pure will to resist, the impulse growing stronger and stronger when the tiny hand suddenly wrapped around one of his fingers. At that, an electric shock went through his entire body, all his senses focused on the tiny hand wrapped around his finger, his thoughts switching over to how easy it would be to snap the infant's little wrist…

Forcing such vile thoughts to the back of his mind, he began thanking the mighty force known as God for once. He couldn't stop saying thank you as he gave a gentle kiss to the top of his son's fuzzy brown hair. Running his thumb along the infant's face, he went back to soothing him, caressing gently on his soft skin as he pulled up the thin blanket. A smile played on his face as the remainder of his tears fell with the rain when he suddenly felt the end of a gun barrel press against his forehead, the sound of a gun cocking drawing his attention upward.

"You really need to get better at hiding. I spotted you just a dozen feet away." Sneered the man hovering over him, his voice filled with snide as he took a long drag of his cigarette. The Musician glared up at him, batting away the gun barrel un-amused. "Isn't the weather wonderful?"

"No." he replied as the red-head placed his weapon back in the holster at his thigh and offered his hand to the Noah. Clasping his hand firmly, he was pulled up to his feet by the man with the flame red hair. Readjusting his hold around the infant, the Musician's eyes softened as he finally managed to soothe the infant to stifled cooing, blowing raspberries every now and again.

Leaning over, the man gave a distinct grimace as he flicked his cigarette away. "This little pink thing better be worth it Walker, I've got a lot on the line just by being here."

"Life isn't without a few risks Cross. You taught me that."

"Don't go sticking your damn problems on me. I didn't make all those decisions for you, you did. Now look where it's gotten you, the mighty Musician." Commented Cross as he ran a hand through his fiery red hair, the rain causing it to slick back slightly.

"And I have no regrets in the change my life has taken, my friend. I take it all in stride." He murmured as the two of them began jogging off, Cross's hand resting cautiously on the holster at his thigh, ready to whip out the firearm at a second's notice.

"Whatever you say kid, as long as we defeat that fatso, I don't give a damn about your personal life."

"Nice to see someone never changes." thought the fallen Noah, his face blank as it hid his thoughts of uncertainty and doubt. He knew he wasn't going to succeed in defeating his so called 'brother', but one couldn't stop from trying. Even if his power wasn't as strong as it had once been, seeing as how most of it was…given to another, he still had to try.

Besides, it had been given to the one person who would surely need it for the future, if he was to succeed where he could not.


Mana Walker was sitting by the open fire next to his companion, a performing dog, situated underneath one of the open tents, when his life changed forever. Taking a sip of his tea, he stopped in mid-sip when the terrier suddenly jumped to his feet, giving a few yelps before he shot out into the rain. Getting to his feet, he strained his eyes out into the darkness of the pouring rain, wondering why the dog would suddenly just shoot out like that.

"Tramp, get back here!" he hollered, just about to step out into the rain himself when the terrier suddenly came bounding back, yelping in joy as two figures stepped out of the darkness and into the range of the light coming from the fire.

There stood his little brother, looking like something the cat dragged in. Deep brown locks of hair plastered to the sides of his face, vibrant blue eyes blood shot and tired, clothes hanging ragged and lifeless on his body, he stared at his older brother in desperation. Worry filled Mana as he grasped his brother by the shoulders, distress in his eyes as he looked over his brother.

"What are you doing here? I thought you said you wouldn't be back until Christmas, what with work keeping you busy and all. Is something…" he began until his gaze fell upon the bundle in his brother's arms for the first time. Seeing the bright silver eyes gazing up at him sleepily caused his words to stumble until they fell off track, his attention solely on the baby. "Wrong?"

"I would be lying if I said there wasn't. Mana, I need your help. But I can't answer all the questions you feel you need to ask. So please, just listen to me." Pleaded the younger Walker, appearing as desperate as he sounded. "Mind if we get out of the rain first though? It's kind of chilly out here."

"Oh, of course, come on. There's room for everyone around the fire." Replied Mana as he released his brother from his hold and ushered him in underneath the open tent. The other man, the one with flame red hair, chose to stand outside, ignoring the friendly gesture Mana offered him.

Flustered, Mana gestured for his little brother to take a seat as he grabbed a tin cup and poured him some of the fresh tea he had brewed. Unable to keep his hand from shaking, his excitement and fear that intense, he accidentally spilled some of the tea out of the cup and onto his shoes. But he didn't care, he was just glad his brother was back. Even if it was for reasons unknown.

Refilling his own, he handed the other cup to his brother while he took the child out of his arms. It was then that he noticed that not only were his clothes hanging lifeless on his body, but they were covered with various sized bullet entry wounds, some blood stained on the front of his vest. Just what kind of trouble did he get himself into this time?

"You're hurt…" he uttered cautiously, unsure of how his brother would react. But instead of blowing up at him, like he thought he would whenever his job or anything pertaining to it was brought up, he just gave a small smile as he took a polite sip of the tea.

"I'm fine, really. But listen to me Mana, because I don't have much time. I need to ask of you a big favor." Replied the younger Walker as he set aside his tin cup as he stared into his brother's eyes. The intensity in his stare suggested that what he had to say had to be taken seriously. This was no joking matter.

Something was definitely wrong.

"You know I'll help in any way I can." He said as he readjusted his hold around the infant, trying his best to make him as comfortable as possible.

"I need you to take care of my son for me." Mana's eyebrows furrowed slightly, his face becoming downcast as he stared down at the now sleeping infant, taking note on how his face looked so peaceful. He looked like a sleeping angel. If only he could appear so at peace during something like this. "I don't think that's a very good idea—"

"Mana…" pleaded his little brother, the intensity in his blue eyes switching over to desperation. He really wanted this to work out for his child for some reason. "But I'll give it a try."

Tears of joy could be seen wielding up in his eyes, relief washing over him as he hugged his brother. Once again he felt thankful towards the mighty force of God, thanking him silently as he pulled away from Mana. His gaze fell to the sleeping infant in between them, his eyes softening as he stroked the top of his brown fuzzy hair.

"Now you be a good boy for your uncle. He's going to take care of you for me while I'm gone." He whispered as he reluctantly got to his feet. "Thank you Mana, thank you so much. This is for the best. My job…has taken a new turn, and I'm trying my best to fix it. It's just, with everything that's happend, I can't handle taking care of him right now."

"What happened to his mother?" Mana asked innocently, though he saw his brother instantly stiffen, his head bowing in an attempt to hide the fact that tears of pain were coming to his eyes. And all the shame that came flowing forth. It only made Mana wish he had never asked. Gauging his brother's reaction, he didn't need an answer. He already knew what it was.

"Anyways, I've got a lot of things to make right again. And I don't know how long it's going to take me. But I promise you, I'll come back as a man worthy of being both a brother and a father. Until then, I must go." He said as he slowly backed away from the fire, his footsteps forced as he made his way back out into the rain. He then took a moment to stare at his brother, savoring his image just one last time.

Sighing, he turned his back to the pair, his body stiff as he whispered, " Please forgive me Mana, for all the pain I've caused you."

Mana got to his feet after that, his eyes filled with sorrow as he watched his brother and his companion run off into the night. He hoped his brother had been telling him the truth. It was so hard to pick out what was truth and what were lies from his words nowadays.

"I've never blamed you…Allen."


The Musician and Exorcist stood in silence as they watched the other end of the crossroad they stood on, both growing more and more impatient. The rain continued to pour down, much to the fallen Noah's annoyance. This didn't seem to bother Cross as he stood there in solemnity, his innocence firearm held casually in one hand. Out of the two of them, he had been surprisingly quiet the whole way there. Something that was very uncharacteristic of the young man.

"You're awfully quiet Cross. Don't tell me you're getting scared."

"Me, scared? You must be confusing me with yourself because I don't get scared." Barked Cross as he glared over at the Noah beside him. The Musician smiled inspite of himself, a dubious look on his face that only caused Cross to increase the intensity of his glare.

"Alright, you caught me. I'm scared. But only because I know I should be." He said softly, finally admitting the fact that he was deathly afraid. It didn't mean he was going to give into that fear though. He's gone too far to be turning back now.

"You should listen to what he says Exorcist," said a voice that cause the pair to look up. "You would be foolish if you weren't afraid right now."

The Millennium Earl stood with his black broadsword in hand, flanked by a few dozen akuma. He gave them his trademark smile, the grin ever present on his face. Cross simply cocked an eyebrow, his hand tightening around his weapon as he brought up to his face. He was ready to fight, the Musician knew this. He had that cocky smile of his on his face to prove it.

But was he ready?

It was far too late to be asking himself that. Instead, he thought of his brother and his son, his resolve strengthening because of it. Outstretching his hand out in front of him as he began humming under his breath, a mighty broadsword flashed into his hand. It matched the Earl's in every way, from having the same size all the way down to its weight. But there was one thing that separated it from the Earl's own weapon.

The blade was white instead of black, the cross black instead of white.

"I, Allen Walker, the gifted Musician, shall be making my final performance."

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