The Case of the Abducted Aliens : Chapter 1 : The Revelation

". And if you mention aliens once more in any circumstance in this classroom you have a year's worth of detention!" Mr Howie finished, his eyes bulging, striking terror into Bart.

The bell interrupted the intensifying moment, saving Bart from further trouble,

"Pack up, and I want those essays on my desk tomorrow morning - no excuses!"

He was rewarded with long extended groans from the depressed students in desperate need of a holiday.

Bo caught up with Shirley at her locker,

"Mr Howie seems awfully grouchy at the moment" he remarked.

"Probably because of his back problem," Shirley caught Bo's eye and smiled, "A tube of Ibuleve gel was sticking out his pocket, it's a common relief for back pain and sprains, plus he constantly rubs his back as if it's sore."

Bo just shook his head in wonder, same old Shirley, he thought to himself as Bart edged his way through the bantering throngs of pupils towards them.

"Are you all set for tonight?"

Shirley and Bo simultaneously looked at each other and rolled their eyes. After weeks of pleading Bart had finally convinced them to spend a night at the local 'UFO obsessed' lookout post. The old building serving the purpose had been restored and constructed into a secret observatory that held a great dome in which stargazers could observe the night sky and take recordings. Equipment included state of the art computers and tracking devices, monitors examining everything under the sun, from the weather to alien activity. As you can probably guess, this is where Bart prefers to be rather than slaving over the schoolwork that was being piled on unusually high at this time of year.

"Yeah, we're coming" Bo sighed.

Bart just nodded eagerly and walked off calling back the times that they would meet at.

Again, in unison, both teenagers shook their head in conjecture, and together the two companions walked out of school and started toward home.

A thoughtful look appeared on Bo's face, glancing curiously at Shirley he asked casually,

"Do you believe in aliens?"

Shirley smiled quite amused, she had been expecting Bo to ask her this question but she was surprised it had taken him so long.

"Theoretically there is no proof to life outside this system so we cannot state whether there is or isn't life, I for one try to keep an open mind about everything."

"I thought you would say that" Bo remarked.

Shirley grinned over at him and asked teasingly,

"Then why bother asking?"

Bo just shook his head,

"Why do I ever?"

Shirley hit him playfully; Bo smirked at her,

"But seriously, Bart's obsession with aliens; what on Earth appeals so much to him?"

"Nothing it seems!" Shirley quipped, receiving a returned whack from her partner.

They reached their separating point and cheerfully said goodbye with Bo promising to call for Shirley at seven.


Somewhere deep in space Moya slugged slowly on an unknown course.

"I'm bored, bored, bored!" Rygel shouted, throwing a box of food cubes on the table.

The little slug was only two feet tall, with two pointed ears and a long moustache his appearance was hard to depict, with his murky, wrinkly dark green skin he could well be mistaken as anything but a Dominar, Dominar Rygel XVI to be exact.

"Will you shut your frelling mouth before I do something very creative with this welding torch!" Crichton bellowed, finally losing his temper.

Aeryn looked at D'Argo with a silent question, he shrugged his shoulders in reply,

"Don't know; isn't like the Human to lose his temper".

Aeryn shrugged and turned to gaze at her annoyed comrade,

"It isn't."

D'Argo snorted at the Aeryn's face; he thought the zealous gaze was rather amusing on the ex-peacekeeper.

"You're getting soft" he remarked with a smirk, he flinched as he came face to face with Aeryn's pulse rifle,

"Shut up" she hissed.

This only caused D'Argo to burst out laughing; Zhaan, Chiana and John all looked up in surprise and were taken aback at the incredulity covering Aeryn's shocked face.

"I. How. dare." Aeryn stuttered, the group bit back sniggers at the warriors lack of speech.

Promptly at half past seven Bart let the two sleuths into the 'APU Console', as the users called it, leading them through the empty rooms, it was quiet tonight because there was a un-miss-able programme on TV about space.

Bo gazed at the high tech equipment decorating every space available; he was actually amazed by the size of the mission.

"Wow" he muttered.

Shirley whispered under her breath,

"They are deadly serious in their work".

Bo only nodded, his mouth going unexpectedly dry,

"Bo, close your mouth or you'll catch flies".

He shut his mouth with a snap.

"This is the radar room" Bart spoke, his voice slightly echoing through the empty halls, "This is where we spend most of the time monitoring happenings in deep space. We can tell from here if any ship or any unidentified object enters the Milky Way. The screen over there."


Moya jolted violently, everyone was sent flying, John managed to stand up,

"Pilot is Moya okay? Is everyone alright?"

"John" came Zhaan's frantic voice, "You must come quickly, D'Argo's had an accident and I need you to help me move him QUICKLY to the medical bay".

John cursed and ran to the recreation room where he knew Zhaan and D'Argo were before the flight.

"It's no good John, I need more supplies" Zhaan sighed ruefully.

"Well we're gonna have to find a planet - Pilot can you detect any nearby commerce planets?"

"Commander, the jolt Moya suffered was in fact a pocket in space, it's a hole in which takes you through to another place in space. We seem to have come out in a territory we're not familiar with, there appears to be one planet with the supplies but it appears very primitive".

Aeryn's voice cut in from command,

"John you had better get up here!" What now? John swore, stiffly arising to his feet, he spared a last look at the still D'Argo,

"Hang in there big guy" before making his way despondently up to command.

"What's happening?" Bo bellowed over the noise, alarms were going off and the sensor was flashing an angry red.

Bart was dancing around ecstatic,

"They're here, they're finally here, and I knew they would".

"Who's here?" Shirley yelled covering her ears with her hands.

The noise died down under Bart's expert handling with a convoy of controls,

A little dot blipped on the screen in front of them,

"It's a ship."

John trudged into command but his head jerked up at the screen,

"What the?"

Up ahead loomed several planets but one in particular stood out spectacular from the rest. It was quite small, a lovely shade of blue intermixed with splodges of white and grey. A lonely moon orbited loyally serving it's purpose, beyond lay a beautiful sun, tears brimmed John's eyes,

"It can't be. impossible. by god. that's. Earth!"

"A ship? You certain?" Bo asked with incredulity written over him like a mask.

"Believe me it's true!" Bart whined.

"Uh." Shirley started.

"Bart! There are no such things as aliens!" Bo sighed out exasperated.

"You don't know that. but look it's there on the screen!" "How do we know that you haven't programmed this up?" Bo retorted.

"I haven't. I don't have the access codes with me, I'm the only one who has them but it would take hours to set that up and frankly I have better ways to spend my time!"

"Look, if this is a ship, and Bart is telling the truth then maybe we should consider what we are going to do. Will NASA know about this?" Shirley interrupted.

"NASA won't be clued into this part of the sky, any part that they ignore one night we monitor sort of thing. I think. I think we should try to communicate".

Shirley and Bo shared searching looks, a silent conversation took place between them ending in a decision of humouring Bart and letting him lay his little game.

"Fine" Shirley replied

Bart whistled softly,

"Okay then".

"Commander! Commander Crichton!" Pilot's voice broke into his reverie.

"Yeah Pilot?"

"Someone is trying to communicate with us. uh the transmission seems to be coming from the third planet".

John took in a sharp breath; this was the moment he had been hoping for; for over one cycle. He was seeing Earth again, DK, Dad - wait! But was this Earth or was it some thing that the ancients had cooked up yet again?

Looking over at Aeryn he noticed she was deliberately keeping her back to him as she spoke he could tell there was desolation in her voice,

"Is it wise to intercept them? Could it lead to." her voice wavered off.

John stepped forward and gently put a hand on her shoulder, Aeryn started and turned even further away.

Sighing he tapped his comm.,

"Pilot, can you determine who is trying to contact us? I really don't want to get in touch with IASA".

"If you look to the left portal you will see that Moya has created a surface map, the signal appears to be coming from here".

A small red dot flashed on a large piece of land, John's forehead crinkled, thinking out loud,

"That's in Canada, there's no station in that part of Canada. Why is it coming from there? In fact that looks quite close to where my Uncle lives but why, should we be receiving a signal from there? They can't have built a new station? What's going on?"

"Don't look at me" Aeryn replied haughtily, "It's your frelling planet!"

"Commander! Should Moya intercept the call or not?" Pilot was becoming impatient.

John heaved a sigh, he didn't want it to be anyone big otherwise there was going to be trouble, yet he needed to get to earth safely to collect the medical supplies that D'Argo needs so bad.

"They're not responding" Bart whispered.

"Keep trying" Bo whispered back.

"Why whisper?" Shirley asked sensibly.

Bo and Bart shrugged, deep inside their brains were screaming 'be afraid! This could be real live aliens! Ones who'll eat you whole?"

Bart suddenly turned pale,

"What if they do respond. what will I say?"

"How do we know" Bo retorted, "You're the expert here!" Bart just gulped and tried hard to keep his body from shaking violently at the thought of speaking to real aliens. But even Bart had doubts that this was a real transmission.

"Pilot, put them on long distance wavelength".

Moving over too the console he cleared his throat before calling,

"Hello, the is mother ship Moya, calling to Earth, to whom are we speaking?"

The comm. was rather static but slowly a voice came other, it was young, like a young boys',

"Greetings uh. people. Welcome to Earth um. have you been here before?"

Aeryn and John just looked at each other in revelation.