The Case of the Abducted Aliens : Chapter 4 : The Escape

John looked up as the two teenagers walked solemnly into the room, through his sense of anger and sadness he could feel the familiar vibe of realisation. One look into the girl's hard toned eyes told him that not only did she know what had happened to his friends but also she knew whom.

"Where are they?"

Shirley sighed and glanced at Bo, Bo cleared his throat,

"Uh Mr. John. please sit down a minute".

John stared at him, unrelentingly, and then crumpled to the sofa. A vague shadow of sympathy shone through Shirley's eyes before she began to explain.

"John, we believe we know who took Aeryn and Rygel".

John was out of his seat before she could say the next word, "Well, let's go and get them!"

"Wait, it's not as simple as that. This person is very clever, we need a plan, and a fool proof plan or we may never see our friends again".

John sank back down and quietly waited for Shirley to finish.

Perching on the armrest Shirley continued, "The main person here goes by the name Y".

"Y?" John wrinkled his forehead in surprise, "Not the Y as in the Y on the internet?"

Both teens nodded, a little surprised themselves, Bo stood up,

"Yep that's Y, or more commonly known in life as Miss Molly Hardy".

"Molly Hardy?"

"Listen" Shirley held up her hand, "We can talk about this later, we have to make a plan. and fast!'

Within half an hour they were at Sussex Academy, since Molly's parents were away, Molly was boarded here for the duration.

They hurried to her dorm; the door was slightly ajar.

Molly spoke threateningly into her cell phone,"Well you had better hurry up, you've got ten minutes to get your weasely butts here or I break off the deal. I don't care whether you have authority, get here within ten minutes or I'll spread this around the world quicker than you can say 'cyberspace'. Clock's ticking".

"It sure is; it's a shame you won't have anything to show for it".

"Holmes!" Molly spat.

"Where are they Molly?"

Molly grinned evilly,

"I have no idea of what you're talking about".

"You took Aeryn and Rygel, the aliens, now where did you stash them?"

"Aliens? Holmes? Have you finally lost your mind? It's such a shame - although I have always known that that was-"

"Where are they?" John yelled, close to almost striking her, Bo and Bart struggled to hold him back.

Bart put in, "I don't think Shirley's lost her marbles, you could get quite a lot of money out of black mailing the Government and NASA into paying you to keep quiet about your little find".

Molly just smirked, "Really, Holmes. You know me better than that, why would I be interested in money? I have plenty already, unlike some".

She purposefully looked at Bo with that comment, Shirley noticed her best friend's face turn red with anger, and she held him back with a calm hand.

"Yes, I do know you Molly" she replied hotly, " I know that the money wouldn't be the biggest issue with you, that's not how you work. So I thought, what else could you possibly gain out of this?"

Molly growled, Shirley continued, "Then I remembered your weakness, your strife in life,

Molly you've always wanted power. And to be able to black mail the government would give you your uttermost power yet. Things after that began to fall into place, who else knew my house so well? Who else would have the means of getting the can of sleeping spray? That's how you got them isn't it; you managed to surprise both long enough to spray one dose of the drug into their faces. I mean there was no way you could have ever have taken either while they were conscious".

"Aeryn would have killed you," John stated. "She nearly did" Molly sneered, "There little guy also gave a little fight but if this is what the rest of the universe is made of I can see that the human race will domineer the sky in the future".

"You know nothing," John retorted hotly, "It's amazing up there, there's so much you could never believe, there are plenty of races out there who could wipe our butts all over the uncharted Territories. I'm sorry little girl but we're the inferior species out there - we're nothing".

"I'm still working out how you knew about this in the first place".

"That's easy," said Bart crossing his arms.

Bo took up the rest,"I remember a long time ago Bart mentioning about a certain group who set up the tower in the first place. They were the ones who had in refurnished and turned it into a nerve centre. But what I remember most is that it was due to someone especially who had connections with some NASA commissioners - or something. To be quite honest I don't know why I was so surprised that you were this head person. It just seems to fit your profile; you've kept up your 'acquaintance' with your informers at the centre. Though I kinda wonder why NASA and not the USA group?"

"That, is information beyond you" Molly growled.

Bart stepped up, "You were in that building when we were there, you were contacting your little friends when you over heard us and the aliens".

"Where are they?" John asked again.

"Since you're so clever, Holmes, you figure out where they are." With that, she walked out her room, "Oh and by the way, you have four minutes". With that, she was gone.

"Great, now what are we going to do?"

"Think," Shirley hissed, "She couldn't have taken them far, she isn't of age to drive yet and her parents are away - along with the chauffer. Somewhere we haven't looked yet. Someplace that these government officials would know where to find them, they probably wouldn't know Redington very well".

"Someplace with easy access to their line!"

"The observatory!" they chorused and hurtled out of the dormitory.

"I'll get in touch with Chiana, and get her to land down next to it and quickly - we'll need to make a break for it". He picked up his comm.,

"Chiana? Where are you?"

"I'm one microt away".

"Listen, I want you to land by the observatory - get Pilot to give you the co-ordinates of the communication line, that will get you there - okay?"


Two minutes of dashing down back alleys got them very quickly to the observatory. Molly was standing outside with her cell phone to her ear, Shirley turned to the others,

"Bo, you stand guard and watch her, we'll go in and rescue Aeryn and Rygel".

"Hurry it up," he whispered urgently.

She nodded and Bart let them in a back window,

"She must have put them in one of the basement rooms, it's practically sound proof down there".

They sprinted down the halls and eventually skidded down a set of slippery worn brick steps.

"Aeryn!" John yelled.

"Rygel" Bart countered.

A faint murmur could be heard; they ran down the long corridor until finally skidding to a halt outside a door.

"It's locked" Bart groaned, "I don't have the key".

"Stand back!" John yelled and rammed the door, it slammed open revealing Aeryn and Rygel tied to a large pole.

"Mmmhhmmm mmummm mhmle" Aeryn called, fighting with the gag.

Shirley and Bart ran to Rygel and started to untie him, while John went to Aeryn. Gently pulling the gag from her she squeaked, he smiled,

"Hey, Sunshine".

Once he had untied her, she uncharacteristically gave him a quick hug,

"John." she murmured, then, "What took you so fretting long?"

John just smiled.

Rygel was moaning,

"How DARE they treat me like this! I am a DOMINAR of-"

"Shut it Sparky".

"Okay, let's get you out of here".

They ran for it, John only managed to notice in time that poor Rygel was far behind with his tiny legs and ran back to pick him up and dash off again.

As they reached to ground floor a strange whirring sound filled the air,

"What's that?" yelled Bart.

"That must be Chiana!" John shouted back.

They raced out the door to see Bo struggling with Molly; he had her arms pinned behind her back. Down the road, they could see several trucks with blaring lights heading their way,

"You've got to go!" Bo yelled at them.

The transport pod waited patiently across the yard, John turned to Shirley Bo and Bart.

"Thanks for all your help" He shook their hands and smiled wistfully, Shirley understood what he was thinking but decided to tactfully remain quiet.

"Say, goodbye to your Gran for me and thank her for all her help, it was great to see a familiar face. Oh and if your father ever asks tell him hi from me. And you do your father good, he must be very proud of you. just keep your nose outta trouble"

Bo snorted, "Like that will ever happen".

They all laughed".

Rygel appeared and solemnly held out his hand as he had seen John do,

"Thank you, you will always be welcome to my humble home".

The three shook the little green hand, while Aeryn and John looked as though they were going to faint with shock.

Aeryn quickly thanked the kids, and surprised them by chucking a box at them,

"See you later - I think".

Then they were gone, Chiana waved from the pod and as soon as all were aboard they took off.

Behind them, the trucks piled in and they looked at Molly who'd disappeared.

Then they smiled at each other and walked home.

Later that night, Shirley sat her desk writing in her journal,

"So John Crichton returned to the Unchartered Territories, that's his home now. He has been lucky, a chance to meet whoever is out there while we all sit at home thinking about man eating aliens. He has the knowledge that we can all envy. I guess now that Bart wasn't wrong, there is life out there and it comes in great people like Aeryn, Rygel and Chiana, I know John can't return home now, the government would probably execute him and anyway I think he's too attached to his new family, especially Aeryn.

I've leaned a lot on this case, that I should never take anything for granted. I've learned things about Gran's past that I never knew before, I've learned that there is really life out there and most of all, I've learned that you don't have to be blood related to be a family.

She looked over at Bart and Bo, who were enthralled in The X-files; Agent Scully was cutting up something pretty disgusting.

I guess whatever the truth is; Earth and humanity are not ready for the revelation.

I wish John and the others luck in the future and this gives me new hope that if John Crichton can find Earth amongst billions of billions of empty space then I can find you mum.

"I put up a savage fight but this demon was just to big but I managed to bite a chunk out of it" D'Argo, Chiana and Zhaan laughed, knowing how Rygel was carrying on but not minding.

Aeryn walked over to John, "You know, I'm beginning to wonder about Earth, every time we go there there's always trouble. Or maybe it's just you".

John smiled, "What me?" "Yes you, if I remember rightly you're usually the main cause of trouble".

"And I remember rightly," John countered, "I saved your life yet again".

Aeryn sighed and they sat down on the floor,"Yeah, but don't forgot the amount of times I've bailed your butt out of trouble!"

The next thing she knew was John tickling her, after declaring war both fell into a friendly, and light heated wrestling match.

At the back of his mind, John hoped that Shirley would remember that one little favour he had asked her to do before things had gotten heavy.

But all there was to do was to relax. for now.

Shirley sucked the top her pen,Molly yet tried her best to thwart me and yet again, her weakness gave her away. I have one more task to complete, a favour John asked of me. A little bit of evidence for his father that he is still alive, some tapes - I will mail them in a few minutes.

She reached forward and snatched a food cube from the box Aeryn gave them - a little tasteless but interesting.

I hope one day, John can return but for the moment, I wish them the entire safe voyage away from here.

To infinity and beyond..

Two weeks later, a lonely figure sat in his house, listening to a voice he hadn't heard in a year and a half. A slow tear trickled down his face,

"All the best to you too son".