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"Are you sure about this Edward?"

"Of course Carlisle. Besides it's only for one week," I replied smiling. Who would have known that Carlisle would worry more than Esme about me taking a simple vacation.

"And a very boring week might I add."

I turned around as I heard Alice's voice call from her room. Concentrating on her mind I got swept up in one of her visions of me. I was in a nice hotel, just sitting on chair reading a book. The vision suddenly shifted to a coffee shop where there was someone reading poetry on a stage. I was sitting on a couch in the far back - practically in the corner.

"That isn't boring Alice, it's called relaxing!" I yelled laughing.

"As long as you bring me back a present I don't care…that much."

Still laughing I turned back towards Carlisle, to tell him goodbye, and saw that Esme was now by his side.

"Promise you'll call often," Esme pleaded. Okay, maybe I was getting ahead of myself thinking that Carlisle cared more than Esme. Right now she was looking at me like this was going to be the last time she would ever see me again. I thought she was just being over protective like any mother would be, but I caught a flash of where her thoughts were residing. Esme was remembering when I foolishly decided to hunt humans all those years ago…and she thought I would slip back into the life-style again.

I internally flinched at her concern. That period of my life was the biggest mistake I would ever make throughout my entire existence. I have thoroughly suffered through the consequences of that decision.

"I promise mom. It's only a week," I whispered the last part in her ear as she hugged me.

"Just be careful son, make sure to check the weather frequently - don't want the sun catching you by surprise."

"Will do, Carlisle."

Having said goodbye to the other members of my family I went straight out to my beloved silver Volvo. My Volvo was literally my baby - and trust me when I say you do not want to know how protective of a baby a vampire can get. Climbing into my car I was able to relax more, yet at the same time excitement was slowly creeping into the mixture that was my feelings. In just a few hours I would be in New York. I loved my family deeply but that doesn't change the fact that I also value a little privacy in my life, and as a bonus there would be none of Fork's mindless sheep there to force me to contemplate suicide with their inane thoughts.

Driving to the airport I slightly dreaded the amount of time I would be stuck in one of the planes just so I could get to New York - it was sure to be boring. However, it was far faster than running so I tried not to complain too much. Even if I was the only one to hear it.

Boarding the plane I tried to remind myself of the "no complaining" rule I just set for myself. Almost instantly my mind was bombarded of thoughts of the plane crashing, if their were any of those terriosts on board that the news people never shut up about, and more than plenty objections about neighbors.

I walked up to the first class section and took my seat, immediately closing the window. Fifteen minutes later the plane started moving. The excitement in me started to intensify, so I put on my iPod and listened to Debussy, hoping to pass the time more quickly. I could've watched the movie that was playing but I really didn't care if Jason Bourne would discover his true identity. Besides all the car chases and fighting were hardly exciting having seen what I have over the decades.

If there were any time I wished I could sleep it would be now…

A few hours later I was brought back to the reality of my situation when a flight attendant - whose thoughts were nothing close to modest or pure - came over and told me that we were going to be landing soon. I nodded towards her and sighed in relief when she walked away - what she was thinking of doing to me would rot the ears of children. Not to mention that if I ever did get the close to her…bad…things would happen. My thirst getting the better of me for example.

Without even meaning to I started to mull over the subject og being that close to someone of the opposite sex more. Would I like to have a relationship with someone? Yes, of course I would. Living everyday - everyday for the past century - with three pairs of happily paired couples would take a toll one anyone. Sometimes I felt so out of place I would have to leave the house. However, I didn't think that needed someone else. I felt complete in and of myself.

I sat through the plane's turbulence as it descended and listened to some of the other passengers silently screaming in their heads. Some even going so far as to saying a quick prayer hoping that whoever was up there would listen.

How exasperatingly fragile and fickle the humans were in today's society!

After getting off the plane I rushed over to the luggage carousel - all the more excited about this trip now that I was actually in the Big Apple. It felt like years as I waited, though in all honesty it was probably more like three minutes - I saw my black duffel bag and immediately grabbed it. I wouldn't have minded just buying my clothes when I needed them but Alice had decided to pick out the clothes she deemed acceptable for me to wear. I didn't mind, but when she started talking about three outfits for just one day I started to get a little frightened. Relying on the hope that she wouldn't get a vision of me not changing my clothes three times daily I carefully snuck most of what she packed back into my closet.

Even if she did it isn't like she could kill me from across the country - the worse she could do was yell at me through the phone. At least until I got home that is…

Maybe I should get her a really nice present…hmmm.

The weather was nice out today, and by nice I mean very gray and cloudy, so I just roamed the streets instead of catching a cab. I needed some fresh air so to speak. I silently thanked Carlisle for suggesting that I hunt before coming here - I was packed between humans on every which side. I could feel my body actually getting warmer from all the heat - as if it was absorbing it.

As much as I liked the heat it was becoming exceedingly difficult to block of all the mental, and verbal, voices of everyone. Walking a little faster I started looking around for the hotel that I was staying at - it should have been around this vicinity…

I thought I saw it when I felt something pressing my back. It was confusing me. Turning around to find the source my eyes were met with pale icy blue ones. They looked as angry as a human could get. I glanced down to see that he had his hands pressing on my back.

Come on, move faster. Stupid teenager…my wife is going to kill me if I'm home late again. I really shouldn't have agreed to meet with Tanya today - I probably reek like her perfume again. Shit.

His thoughts explained everything…and then some. There was no way I was going to let some filthy, lying cheating human try and push me around. Releasing the façade I live under slightly, I let my rage pour from my eyes. My top lip began to slide up, barring my teeth, and I felt a low growl forming in my chest.

I could hear his heart beat accelerate almost instantly, I could smell the salty stench of sweat coming from him, and he began to shake. Fear was his expression. The scum dropped his hands and dashed around me - not meeting my eyes again.


I watched him run away with his tale between his legs until he was no where to be seen. I couldn't even hear his mental voice. That was a very good thing for him.

Okay, vacation, relaxation….just breathe.

I took an unnecessary deep breath to try and calm myself down and froze. Every joint locking into place.

What is that smell?

My lungs were assaulted with the most delicious and beautiful scent I've ever come across. It was the smell of freshly bloomed freesia, but there was also…lilac - it reminded me of spring when millions of flowers begin to bloom - but if that wasn't enough, if that alone wasn't tantalizing on its own, there was also the most subtle hint of strawberries laced through.

That's divine - where is it coming from?…

I took another breath and then another - just filling my body with the scent, letting it seep into every molecule. I looked around quickly but I couldn't pinpoint the origin of it. I was surrounded by a sea of smells and the one I didn't want to loose was quickly becoming mixed with all the others.

I must have stood there ten minutes trying to locate where the smell was coming from, just trying to get one more breath of it. It was futile attempt.

Reluctantly I turned around and continued down the street to my hotel, which I could now see was located at the end of the block.

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