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Time to experience the real New York – the one unbeknownst to tourist apparently.

The thought scared me more than I believed it should scare anyone. Such a short simple sentence should not make one wonder if they were going to have to out run the police later in the evening. However, from what I knew what Bella was like so far, hearing that statement coming from her beautiful, dark pink lips made me wonder exactly that.

Walking outside, or in my case dragged outside, I was struck with amazement. How had I not noticed all the lights that were kept hidden in the day yet unleashed at night? They were shining through tall buildings and vibrant signs, most whish were advertising something or another, making it possible to see in the dark of early twilight. As if that weren't enough, one didn't need to have Jasper's ability to realize that the atmosphere itself seemed different than it was earlier. Instead of business men and women hording the sidewalks and streets it seemed that it was overrun with the cheery families and vivacious young adults.

I turned to look at Bella, hoping that I would be able to see what Bella felt when she saw them, but she didn't seem to see them as I had. As she looked around, seeming as if she was thinking of something, I was reminded that she lived here – she would be used to seeing this every night.

Suddenly her eyes lit up and she quickly turned to me.

"The amusement park! I can't believe I forgot – I'm such an idiot. Come on – we have to go," she said grabbing my hand again and started pulling me down the block. I wasn't complaining in the least. In fact, I could very quickly get used to the feel of her small hand in mine.

As overwhelmed as my mind was at the moment, her confusing demeanor wasn't lost on me. It was as if she was a walking contradiction. There were times, such as earlier, where she acted beyond her years or seemed to be a walking sin with the sex appeal she radiated, then there were times, such as now, when she acted so childish and carefree that she would skip down the street – which made her look so damn cute.

Now more than ever I wished I could have one look into her mind. I wanted to know which one was Bella. I wanted to know what she was really like – what she really thought. I was frustrated when I realized that that would probably never happen.

Without even thinking about it I asked Bella something that had been bugging the part of my mind that hadn't stopped thinking of her silent one.

"Bella, can you make it so I can hear your thoughts?"

We stopped walking as she turned to look at me with a sheepish smile on her face.

"Actually, I had no idea that I was...uh, blocking you in the first place. I've never really come across other vampires that seemed worth talking to, so I didn't really know I had an ability. So no, I can't turn it off, or lift it, or whatever it is if that's what you're asking...Sorry."

I nodded in answer. With what she told me, I was assuming that she had a very strong mental shield, and a talent like that wasn't something that was learned naturally – it came with practice. At least that's what Carlisle's told me.

Then again maybe it wasn't even an ability – maybe it was purely coincidence that her mind was silent.

We walked a little while longer, when I could suddenly make out the large shape of a Ferris wheel. Bella was still "leading" me along by my hand, even though we were walking side by side now – me being a willing participant at this point.

"We're here!" she sang as we walked through the gates.

Stopping dead in her tracks, Bella turned to face me. She looked as if she were debating saying something, before she finally opened her mouth to speak.

"I don't want to offend you or anything, but are you okay with this?" she rushed out in breath. "I'm sorry, I know that's probably a really dumb thing to ask, especially since we're already here, but...I don't want to push your limits or whatever..." Here slim fingers were fidgeting with the hem of her top as she continued to ramble.

I was actually shocked that she would ask that, but I didn't want to make things uncomfortable, so I tried to reassure her without thinking about what I was saying first.

"Bella, it isn't a dumb question. I'm actually...proud that you thought enough to ask. Sorry, I know what I'm saying more than likely isn't making any sense at the moment..." I let my rambles trail off, not really knowing where I was going with it, as I roughly scrubbed the back of my neck with my hand.

"In short, to answer your question, no I'm not "uncomfortable" here. I've had decades to learn how to resist that certain...draw," I said with a small chuckle. There wasn't anything really funny about the conversation, but trying to describe our primal lust for blood in polite terms was.

"That's a relief," Bella replied with a wide smile.

"Now, if you don't mind me asking," I began hesitantly, "what exactly are you planning on me doing here?"

"Well, what catches your eye? Strikes your fancy? Tickles your feather?" she asked, gesturing to the whole park with a flourish.

This woman would give Vanna White a run for her money...

Looking around, I finally had a chance to take in everything up close – all the sounds, and colors, and noises – and with a shock I realized that I actually wanted to try everything. For the first time in a long while I was excited about this seemingly simple human entertainment.

I could feel a thrum of anticipation reverberating through my body. It might have been because I had never done something like this before in my existence. It could have been that no matter how many thoughts penetrated my mind, every experience was different, leaving me guessing to what it would be like. Hell, it could have been because Alice wasn't here to tell me what it would be like for me.

However, I was more than willing to guess, that it was because of my self-declared "tour guide."

Letting my gaze wander back to Bella, I saw her staring at me intently and realized that she was still waiting for my answer.

"How about a roller coaster?" I suggested.

"Ahh, going for the big boy stuff. I like the way you think, Edward."

"So have you ever ridden a roller coaster before?" Bella asked as we walked through the park.

Shaking my head no, I continued to watch her as she sized up every ride that we passed. I was starting to get the feeling that Bella took this very seriously.

"Oh newbie, I have much to teach you."

Finally coming to a stop a few moments later I looked up to see what I had gotten myself into.

"What is that," I deadpanned.

"That is what we pleasure seekers like to call Speed."

"It looks like death on a stick."

The ride was mainly one giant arm held up in the middle by a stick, and there were two sets of unstable seats on each end. The ride was definitely one of the bigger ones here. People were in the process of riding it and I became absorbed as I watched the arm go in unstable circles.

"Haven't you ever heard of taking things slow?" I asked shocked. It wasn't that I was afraid, but weren't these things generally built up to? Start slow and small, and then go for the grander ones?

Things haven't changed that much in the past decade...have they?

"Yes I have," Bella said, softly giggling, "but there's a method to my madness. See, since this is your first time on any sort of coaster, it's best to make you ride the bigger ones first, because you've never experienced a drop before and aren't really afraid of them. However, if I put you on a baby coaster and the tiny dropped scared you then you'd never have the balls to experience the bigger ones. Get it?"

Oddly enough it made perfect sense...in a twisted sort of way.

"Yes, I do," I admittedly slightly reluctantly. "But I never said I was afraid of drops." Grabbing her hand again I pulled her into the line for Speed.

"Sure sure," Bella muttered from in front of me, and I could practically hear the eye roll that accompanied it.

We were about in the middle of the line in only a few minutes – close enough for the man operating the ride to see Bella clearly. He was pudgy and slightly balding, but that was quickly forgotten when I saw his eyes lit up. Before I had time to really process it, I was consumed with a rage I couldn't remember feeling before. It consumed me. It made me want to simultaneously shove Bella behind me – keeping her out of his sight – and slam his face in with my fist. Repeatedly.

The red haze that overtook me receded as I felt Bella take hold of my hand again, and pull me to the front with her – completely forgoing the line of humans waiting a turn.

Closer to the slob of a man.

Up close I could see that he must have been at least thirty, but that didn't stop the highly inappropriate thought about my Bella flashing through his mind.

Shit. Not my Bella. Just Bella. That's it – I just met the girl.

"Hey Joey, can we get a turn?" Bella asked him as if they were close friends. The man, Joey, simply nodded.

Quickly there were many angry people shouting "hey" and "what the hell" both mentally and verbally, but none of this seemed to faze Bella. Instead of ignoring them or responding with anger, she turned around and apologized to them.

In a freaky Twilight Zone way it worked. Everyone's words and irritation died when they saw her.

I had a feeling that wasn't the first time she abused that certain trait.

When the ride finally came to a stop Joey helped the passengers out of their seats and helped me and Bella get settled in, along with two others.

Thinking of ways he could crash the ride and only harm me. Badly.

Looking at his thoughts I realized that he was feeling the same thing that I had only a few minutes ago. It was the same rage, possessiveness, and self pity. He was jealous.

I had been jealous. I was still slightly jealous. I was literally fighting the urge to reach out and snap his neck like a pretzel.

Once everyone was safely strapped in he walked over to the control panel and hit a few buttons. The machine groaned a little but started to sway nonetheless.

Our seats began to move back and forth like a rocking chair would, and was picking up speed as the ride steadily gained momentum.

"That's the thing about any drop – no matter the size. It's murderously boring getting to the top, but it's definitely worth it when you're going down," she whispered, leaning close to my ear. "Oh, and I'm sorry about Joey. By the looks of it he was not thinking nice things about you..."

"He wasn't," I answered with a shrug. "But it's fine. I do attend high school – I'm used to 'not nice' thoughts."

Bella leaned back and laughed – I was hoping it wasn't at me. The sound was beautiful; even it was carried away by the wind caused by the unstable machine we were on.

"So what do people usually think when they see you?"

Thinking about it, my answer came slowly. It wasn't really something anyone had asked me before. Something that I had to give a second thought to.

"Well, I would say generally girls picture me naked – none of them are ever accurate, may I add – and guys usually hate me for making all the girls 'drool over me.'"

"Is it mean that I find that hilarious in a sad way?" she asked, laughing again. "I mean it's funny, because it just is, but then again having to hear all that...mind reading must suck big hairy balls sometimes."

I tried to hide my shock at her metaphor, and just focus on the conversation. It was a little difficult...never had I heard something like that come from a lady.

"It does come in handy, especially in regards for protecting my family. Though at the moment all I can think of it as is annoying – it would be helpful if I could hear you. It's very unfair – and oh my god," I exclaimed looking down.

Our end of the ride was almost all the way to the top now – going in a giant half circle before dropping back down to the ground. My stomach seemed to drop lower than it should have been as I realized that on the next pass we would be at the top. There would be no more safe half circles, but very dangerous and unstable full circles...

Tearing my eyes away from the ground, I looked over towards Bella and tightened my hold on the restraints.

"How would that be helpful?" she asked, raising one brow. It almost seemed like a silent challenge.

I swallowed against my constricting throat loudly, as I scrambled to come up with an answer. Any answer, really.

"Well, um, you're just a complicated and confusing...person. I think it would be easier if I could at least see the thoughts behind it all."

"My mom used to call me her open book. She was always saying how she could tell exactly what I was thinking just by looking at me face," she said laughing quietly, looking lost in the memory.

"I find that very hard to believe."

Bella gave me a sad smile and turned to look ahead. Following her gaze I realized that I could see everything. It was as if the whole park were there on display for us. Not for the first time that night, I thought of how beautiful it looked.

"You ready?" I heard Bella ask beside me.

"For what?"

"To fall," she replied simply.

Looking down I noticed that we were at the top now. Nowhere to go now except down.

After a couple of seconds of just sitting there, dangling in anticipation and dread of what was inevitable, I felt my stomach drop lower still.

Suddenly it was as if there was an immense weight on our end of the ride. Jerking us down faster than I thought the metal could stand.

Instead of slowing, the ride just kept going – one endless circle after the other. Gaining speed after each cycle.

Some deep part of me wanted to scream, whether it be from the exhilaration of the temporary freedom or because I was afraid of crashing and have to put myself back together after collecting all the pieces. However, with Bella right beside me I clenched my jaw shut, trying not to let a sound escape. I didn't want to give her another reason to laugh at me this night.

It was only then that I realized that Bella had made any noise since we stopped talking. Glancing to my right I saw her – eyes closed and a peaceful smile gracing her lips, her long brown hair flying all around her.

She really was an enigma to me...

After a few more cycles, with consisted of my straining to keep quiet, the ride began to slow down and eventually stop.

Joey immediately came over and helped Bella out of her safety restraints, and I couldn't hold back the low growl that escaped as I watched his hands get a little too close to her chest. His back stiffened and I heard his heartbeat increase slightly as he stole a quick glance at my no doubt murderous expression. Joey's fingers quickened as he worked to free Bella, and I was satisfied to see that his hands stayed a respectable distance from anything that wasn't his to touch.

Why didn't she stop him?...

After we got off Speed Bella and I walked aimlessly for a moment, before I broke the silence.

"Why didn't you scream?"

"What?" she asked looking innocently confused.

No one should look this cute...isn't humane to the health of any male.

"On the ride. When we finally got to the top and dropped down you didn't scream. You just sat there with this serene expression."

"Because when you close your eyes, and just feel and hear the wind, it almost feels like you're flying," she answered with a timid shrug. I couldn't help but smile at her reasoning.

Isabella Swan really was something. It was becoming blatantly obvious to me that she was a free spirit to almost an extreme. She did what she wanted and never answered to anyone unless she chose to. Just by looking at her anyone would be able to see that was nice and confident with who she was.

She also didn't seem like the type of girl that would cheat, so that must mean she doesn't have a boyfriend since she was here with me. Not that it mattered...

I just wanted to know more about her. I wanted to know everything about her. One of the more pressing questions on my mind was how she came about becoming a vampire. She knew my story, I couldn't help but want to know hers.

Making a mental note to ask her about it later, I silently followed Bella as she led me deeper into the crowded maze of park.

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