It was a plane crash on that fateful day

It was just the price we had to pay

For all the problems that we had

Things that made us all seem bad

On this island were things to be seen

Polar bears in a place of green

Smoke mosters that came through the night

People called the 'Others' that caused a fright

We tried to get off by building a raft

But that turned out to be just a laugh

Then a freighter came to take us home

But left us in two groups to roam

One group left while the other stayed

But in the minds of the others, they fade

The ones who were left were stuck with timetravel

The ones at home waited for their lives to unravel

Later they found that their friends were in trouble

So they went back to the island before the danger redoubled

But some were stuck in the past and others in the present

But neither of their lives were very pleasant

The ones back in time decided to get a bomb

To blow up the hatch that will make everything calm

It will set things right so that the crash never happened

But things didn't go as planned, it was something they couldn't comprehend

They were all still stuck on the island, the bomb didn't work

But what they didn't know was it did and everything went berserk

They had to defete the monster within

So that their new lives could finally begin

Little did they know what the truth was instead

Later they would find out that they all are really dead

Thats my summary of LOST in a poem! Hope you enjoyed.