The last supper's menu

A poem of all the things Conchita loved to eat.

Salad with poison ivy leaves
Low calorie and caffeine coffee and tea
Octopus laced with pink hair
Stir fried head of a grizzly bear!

Ice cream shake from the restaurant called M
Celery with a rotten stem!
A camera with an unworking flash
and a computer that would always crash.

Eggplant accompanied by a musical sword
The fifteenth cook, eaten with a gourd
hor de'voures with RR flavour
and that stupid butler whom she never did favour.

Long pasta that stretches on a mile
Her favourite maid - the flavour makes eating worthwhile!
Mud flavoured chocolate from the shelf
Everything in the castle and then finally...herself.

Ewww. Conchita's a pig.

A couple of things to know:

"Restaurant called M" refers to a Hi-Potion (sounds like Kingdom Hearts) Mac mix from the menu in the song. Mac probably means MacDonalds.

"Camera with an unworking flash" refers to Conchita eating a camera in the video on Kanannon's channel on YouTube (yes, she actually ate a camera, which inspired the computer line).

"Octopus laced with pink hair" and "Eggplant accompanied by a musical sword" are both signs she ate Luka and Gakupo. ):

RR flavour is road roller flavour.