A moment of peace

Summary: Late at night, Ginji stays up to watch who normally is so conscious of who looks at him. Soft yaoi.

Pairing/s: GinjiBan, established relationship.

Warnings: Soft yaoi.

Disclaimers: I don't own Getbackers.


Ginji looked out the window, at the night-life still going on and then turned to the man lying in the bed with him. Or rather, lying beside him; the blonde was sitting up, covers pooling around his waist.

Ban looked peaceful and young when asleep, and he was lying on his side facing Ginji, his breath quiet but deep. His shoulders were relaxed, his dark hair resting on the soft pillow and long lashes touching his pale cheeks that for once had some colour on them.

Ginji smiled as he slowly lay down on his stomach next to his lover, resting on his elbows and nuzzled his face into Ban's dark strands.

A deeper breath, Ginji stilled and waited until the Jagan-user had finished shifting and settled back to sleep again. He looked around the room, illuminated by the light from the windows. It was not a big apartment but it was theirs, with a bathroom, a kitchen and a room for them to use as bedroom and living room. There was a small couch Ban loved to curl up in, their TV and a bookshelf with some books. All bought to give joy to his dark-haired lover.

The former emperor never had the chance to enjoy reading books but Ban had. The Jagan-user used to speak long about the library his grandmother had, with this sad longing in his gaze. Ginji knew his lover's favourite-books from those stories, and saved up to buy them. Sure, Maria had helped finding them but he had bought them.

In return, Ban had first been unsure what to give. Ginji had insisted he was fine with what he had. But he had to admit the new gloves and belt were welcomed, and a book or two for him to start with.

His gaze returned to the Jagan-user. Ban was curled up a bit next to him, his skin warm and soft. Ginji moved closer and automatically one of the dark-haired man's arms moved around the blonde's waist, his head shifting to rest against Ginji's chest, and the former emperor smiled as he stroke away some strands from his lover's face.

He knew he should be asleep. They worked a lot, and needed the energy as their jobs usually required running at some point. He knew all this, but found watching Ban was more than worth it.

It would always be worth it.


Very short one-shot. I just had to write it.

Got a couple of Getbackers-ideas but I don't know when I should start writing them. We'll see.

Until another time,