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Chapter seven: Score!

The song is I Stole Your Love by Kiss

So now it's Friday, game day.

The bell ending fourth period had just rang, and all the high school students were making their way down to the cafeteria for lunch. Raven, being one of them, was in more of a hurry to see her friend than to eat. Robin wasn't there that morning, and she was hoping he'd arrived at school by now. She pushed her way through the crowd, and finally had spotted Robin. He was leaning casually against the wall with his arms folded across his chest, and his knee bent while his foot was posted on the wall behind him. He was wearing denim skinny jeans, a light blue and black plaid shirt that was unbuttoned with a black wife beater on underneath, and light blue and black Air Jordans.

'That's definitely a new look for him,' Raven thought and blushed, 'Wow.' She was wearing black skinny jeans that had a rhinestone R on the right back pocket, a black button up blouse with white Converse, and she also had a black headband pushing all her hair out of her face on.

Raven walked over to him, a little stunned by how sexy he looked. She leaned her shoulder against the wall next to him, crossed her left leg behind the other, and put her hand on her hip.

"Hey you," Raven greeted him, "I missed you this morning. Where were you?"

"Hey," he turned his head to face her. She gasped on the inside of how close they were, inches from each others face. "I had a stupid dentist appointment. How are you feeling? Cause I'm in the mood to pop a cap in a bitch."

Raven giggled, "I'm fine, but Terra has to be with the cheerleaders most of the day, so I'm pretty bored. And how are you?"

"Single and loving it," he replied boastfully.

"Being single is always fun, and I'm loving the new look."

"Thanks. I like your headband thing."

Raven giggled, "Why are you dressed all different?"

"I'm on the prowl," he rose one of his eyebrows in a seductive way.

"And for what?" Raven asked smirking and cocking her head to the side.

He leaned his head in closer to her until his mouth was right next to her ear, "Something worth prowling for," he whispered just loud enough so she could hear. His warm breath against her neck made her melt. She bit her bottom lip, to keep from gasping, and he pulled away.

"Nice to know," Raven breathed trying to gain her composure, and moved from the wall and stood in front of him, this time further away. His eyes followed her the entire time, and that annoying smirk made it's way onto his face.

"What's the matter Raven? Can't handle it?" he asked knowingly.

"When did you get so cocky?" she asked.

"I'm not cocky, I'm just confident," he reached for her hand and pulled her in closer to fill in the space between them. He snaked his hands around her waist. She pushed against his chest but he wouldn't budge.

Raven glared at him, and he had his trademark smirk on.

Her glare faded, and she put on a sexy, but deceiving smile. She moved one of her hands up to his face and caressed his cheek with her thumb before moving her hand to his shoulder. She glided her hand across his neck, and began to violently squeeze the area between his neck and shoulder.

Robin quickly let go of her and she back up, but continued squeezing. He tried to pry her hand off his shoulder, but her grip was strong.

"Pressure point, pressure point, pressure point," Robin was standing up straight and now had both his hands on hers, "Stop Rae."

Raven let go, and he massaged the spot she had just attacked. Raven filled the space between them, and pressed her chest against his. He stopped massaging his shoulder, and waited to see what she was going to do. Raven brushed her cheek against his, and put her mouth right next to his ear.

"Now, now, Mr. Grayson," she whispered seductively, "Too much confidence is never a good thing. Now if you'll excuse me, I can hear a cheeseburger calling my name." Her warm breath was an intoxicating drug to him. But he had enough self control to keep from doing anything he didn't want to. She pulled away, smirking, and winked before she walked off. Robin watched her, with a devious smile on his face.

"You know Rae," he said after her and she stopped walking and faced him, "It's going to be kind of hard to get a cheeseburger without this," he held up her black wallet, the rhinestone R shimmered in the light.

"No need, I can just go to the bank and withdraw more money," she held up his car keys and jingled them. They glared at each other, and Raven swiftly turned and started running towards the door. Robin ran full speed after her.

Robin was right on her tail, but she just laughed and kept on running. They ran outside onto the parking lot. Raven leading the way to his car, but when she slowed down a little bit, he caught her.

"Well look what I've got here," he was holding her from behind by the waist. Her back was pressed up against his stomach, and he was keeping her there by locking his forearm around her waist.

"Let go of me Robin," she was trying to pry is hand off of her, but it wouldn't budge.

"Give me my keys back and maybe I'll consider it," he teased her in a cocky voice.

"Give me my wallet back and I'll give you a kiss," she said back just as cocky, "And I'll let you keep your teeth."

"I'm not going to fall for your tricks Raven," Robin tightened his grip, and rested his chin between her neck and shoulder, "And I'm not afraid of you, or your threats."

"Fine," Raven huffed and folded her arms across her chest, "What do I have to do to get my wallet back?"

"You up for an off campus lunch?" Robin asked playfully.

"You know it," Raven lilted and threw his keys in the air. He let go of her and she turned around just in time to catch her wallet. They ran and hopped in his car. He started it up and they burnt off the parking lot.

They drove to the nearest burger joint, and after they got their food, they got kicked out on Robin's account.

"I can't believe you did that," Raven said. She and Robin had just hopped in the car and drove off.

"He made me mad," Robin defended himself.

"What did that poor man do to you?" Raven asked.

"Like you don't know."

"No I don't, tell me."

"He was checking you out," Robin gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"And you had to bitch slap him so hard that he fell onto his kid's birthday cake?"

"You act like it hurt him.""The candles were lit. C'mon Robin, guys at school check me out and it doesn't bother you."

"Yeah cause those are guys that are also young and like you, not some creep who sits on street corners trying to get a boner by watching the girls walk by."

"True, but why do you care so much?"

"Because, I care about you, and I don't want anything to happen to you," they were at a red light and he turned to look at her, his perfect blue eyes filled with sincerity.

"That was really sweet, Richard," Raven smiled, "And not cocky, for the first time today."

Robin smiled and the light turned green. Pretty soon after that, they arrived back at school. The rest of that day, besides the fact that Robin was 'on the prowl', was relatively boring. Between classes he would corner her, and she'd find some way to cause him pain and get away from him. Terra was extremely nervous about the game, and she got hyperventilated. Raven and Robin couldn't help her because they were laughing too hard, but she was okay.

So now school's over, and Raven was walking outside with Terra, and she was keeping a lookout for Robin. She glanced over by the main door and saw him, but when she took a second look, he was gone.

"Are you okay Rae?" Terra asked, "You look a little anxious."

"I'm just trying to protect myself from 'it'," Raven answered looking around still.

"And what might it be?" Robin's voice said right into her ear, he was right behind her. Raven turned around startled and, out of a reflex, smacked him across the face.

"Damn," Robin rubbed his slightly red cheek, "I'll think twice about doing that a second time."

"I bet you will," Terra said through her laughter.

"Shutup Ter. I am so sorry," Raven put her hand on top of his, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I've learned a valuable lesson about sneaking up on Raven," he smiled and they both moved their hands.

"Come on Rae," Terra said, "I have to get ready."

"Same here," Robin agreed.

"I'll see you later," Raven hugged him.

Robin put his mouth right next to her ear, "I can't wait for the game," he whispered.

They un-hugged and Raven smiled. She caressed the cheek she just smacked with her thumb, before she planted a gentle kiss on it. "Me either Boy Wonder," she whispered and winked before she followed Terra out to her car.

She and Terra hopped into the car and drove off. "What was that all about?" Terra asked.

"I smacked him," Raven said in a 'duh' tone.

"No, I mean the 'muah whisper whisper whisper'," Terra said in the same tone.

"Well, right now he says he's 'on the prowl', but I think he's just hormone crazy. Ever since lunch he's been catching me when I least expect it, and saying nasty things and feeling all over me. And I've been causing him pain ever since lunch."

"You guys are crazy."

"It's fun acting like that with him. I can't wait until tonight; I'm so going to get him."

"You're forgetting something," Terra pointed out.

"What?" Raven asked.

"Tonight we're playing Ridgeview."

'Fuck, fuck, fuck.' "So what," Raven said, "I told you I'm over that loser Red."

"Yeah, but whenever he's around, you act really weird."

"Because he's my ex. Who doesn't act weird around their ex?"

"Whatever Rae," they pulled into Raven's driveway, "Just know that I'll be looking out for you. I've got your back."

"Thanks Ter, and good luck tonight," Raven got out and waved goodbye to Terra as she drove away.

Raven went into to find Jake inside playing a song on his acoustic guitar for Blackfire. He was sitting on the couch and she was next to him smiling and dancing.

Until the day the ocean doesn't touch the sandNow and foreverI will be your manNow and foreverI will be your man

(The song is Now and Forever by Westlife. If you look it up, try to think of it as if only the guitar is playing and none of the other instruments and the same with any of the other voices that might come in.)

He finished and Raven and Blackfire applauded.

"Honey that was amazing," Blackfire jumped into his lap and hugged him.

"Nice one Jake," Raven congratulated him.

"Thanks sis," Blackfire stopped hugging him but still sat on his lap, "Where's Terra?"

"She had to go home and get ready for the game," Raven answered. She sat her bag down on the bar and got a soda out of the fridge.

"Kori said it's like one of the biggest games of the season," Blackfire chimed in.

"Who are they playing?" Jake asked no one in particular.

"Ridgeview," Raven gave him a look.

"Really?" Jake returned the look.

Raven nodded and said, "Yeah, Robin's super nervous."

"You know Robin?" Blackfire asked.

"Yeah, is that a problem?" Raven asked, "And I'm the girl who basically caused him and Kori to break up. Is that a problem? And I'm the girl he told her off for too. Is that a problem?"

"No, no," Blackfire said, "I was just wondering, I mean you don't look like a girl who he'd be friends with."

"Well Richard's very full of surprises," Raven said slyly, "I'd like to say he's a very unpredictable being."

"Yes, yes he is," Blackfire eyed her suspiciously.

"Uh B, could you give us a minute?" Jake asked.

"What for?" Blackfire pouted and stuck out her bottom lip.

"Get out," Raven said rudely and pointed towards the back door.

"No need to be so assertive," Blackfire hurriedly walked out the door.

"I'll come get you in a sec babe," Jake called after her.

Raven slammed the door shut behind Blackfire and went into the living room with Jake. She grabbed his arm and drug him down on the ground in front of the couch. They were both on their hands and knees.

"We're playing Ridgeview tonight. Ridgeview!" Raven whispered and starting biting her nails.

"Red's on that team right?" Jake whispered.

"Yes bozo, he's the captain of the team. Why would I be this freaked out if he wasn't?" Raven whispered back.

"There's no need to call me names. And if you don't want to go to he game, then I can get Robin to understand," Jake cracked his knuckles.

"No, I really want to go to the game," Raven whispered and started biting her other hand's nails.

"Wait, why are we whispering, the house is sound proof, B can't hear anything," Jake pointed out.

"But the butlers and maids are always listening," they looked up and all the servants that were looking at them pretending to be cleaning, dusting, or found a speck that was very interesting.

"Right, now please quit chewing your nails. I thought I broke you from that," Jake pointed out.

Raven cupped his chin in her hand, and made him make eye contact with her, "Focus Jake, focus. I'm about to meet up with my ex, that I haven't seen since he showed up at the studio a year and a half ago."

"Rae, you don't have to talk to him, and if he talks to you, get one of your big bulky friends to get him away from you. Better yet, let me go to the game and give that little pinhead a taste of Jake Roth fury."

"That's not the point Jake," Raven let go of his face, "I don't want to see him ever, but I do want to see Robin," Raven sat on her knees, "And they're both in the same place, expecting me. I can't tell Robin I don't want to go, because I do want to go. I've never been in a situation like this before Jake, and I'm scared," Raven had tears welling up in her eyes.

"Rae, what did this guy do to you?" Jake asked.

"It doesn't matter," a tear escaped.

"Well don't cry, I hate it when you cry," Jake cupped her chin in his hand and wiped her tear away with his thumb, "Just try to remember the good things you and I have in life. And how happy you get when I write you a song, how excited you are when I take you to see the rest of the family, how you get butterflies when I say I have good news, or when I had been in Rome for six months and called you and told you I was coming home."

Raven smiled.

"And there's that award winning smile," Jake let go of her chin and held out his hand for her to take. She took it and he helped her up off the ground.

"I love you Jake, you're the best brother in the world," Raven hugged him, and he hugged her back.

"And you're the best sister in the world," Raven looked up at him, "And if anything goes wrong, call me, don't think twice about it, and I'll be there, okay?"

Raven nodded and they un-hugged.

"Now go upstairs, get ready, and don't forget what I told you," Jake sat back down on the couch, and Raven smiled before she made her way up to her room.

She took a shower, and put on a black top that fell off one shoulder, a denim skirt that came above her knees, black leggings that had a rhinestone R on the right leg, with black high top Converse, and she was wearing a black headband that had a rhinestone R on it pushing her hair out of her face.

"Let's just hope I can keep him off me," Raven stared in her mirror, and memories came flooding back.

"Don't think about it," she told herself aloud and closed her eyes, "Think happy thoughts. Jake came home, we threw a party, he sung the song again for me in front of every one. We had cake, and I started a cake fight with him. Terra's dad got drunk and fell over in the shower. Uncle Sandy was drunk and tried to help him out, and fell in on top of him. Good times, happy times, better times." She opened her eyes and wiped away a few tears that had escaped.

She took a deep breath, and walked downstairs.

Jake and Blackfire were making out on the couch. Jake looked up and saw her coming down and met her halfway. She smiled and he took her hand. "You look great," Jake smiled, "Beautiful."

"Thanks bro," Raven thanked him and the doorbell rang when they reached the bottom of the steps.

"That's Robin," Raven took a deep breath and looked up at Jake, "Escort me to the door?"

"If you insist," Jake stuck out his arm, and Raven locked hers with his.

"Have a nice time Raven," Blackfire told her.

Raven smiled at her before Jake walked her to the door and opened it to reveal Robin standing there in is blue, black, and white uniform.

"Hey you," Raven greeted him, "Robin, this is my older brother Jake. Jake this is Robin."

"Nice to meet you," Robin said.

"Yeah yeah whatever," Jake got to the point, "Listen, there's this guy that's going to be at the game. If he even stares at her for too long, make sure Raven calls me so I can kick ass."

"Okay, I will make sure you are called if the ass kicking is needed. Don't worry, she's in good hands," Robin smiled, and Jake eyed him suspiciously before nodding.

"Don't stay out too late," Jake told them as Robin lead Raven to the car, "And that is one kick ass car."

"Thanks dude, you can take it for a ride whenever," Robin offered, "But if anyone stares at it too long, make sure you call me so I can kick their ass."

Robin gave Jake his trademark smirk from inside the car, and Jake nodded approvingly. Raven giggled and hopped in the car, "Later Jake."

"See you kiddo," Jake waved as they drove off, and shut the door.

"So who's the guy your brother's talking about?" Robin asked as they drove.

"My ex, the one I told you about. He's captain of the Ridgeview team. He's a total psycho loser, and I really don't want to talk about it."

"Then don't, I understand," Robin put his hand on top of hers, and caressed hers with his thumb. The moment was silent and awkward, and Raven smiled, cause she loved it.

"You're really fun when you're 'on the prowl'," Raven broke the silence and changed the subject, "I've never had so much fun at school, unless I was pulling a prank."

"How was it fun?" Robin asked.

"I loved being on the lookout for a hormone crazed teenage boy. And getting that weird feeling in my stomach when you'd pop out of somewhere. It was just fun, plain fun."

"Well I'm glad you like it, and the game has only just begun." They pulled onto the school parking lot and they parked in Robin's specified spot.

Robin took Raven's hand and pulled her close to him filling the distance between them.

"Why has it only just begun?" Raven asked, and Robin tenderly kissed her hand. He put his mouth right next to her ear.

He didn't whisper, but said cockily, "Because, Rachael, I don't stop until I get what I want."

"You're going to have to do better than that, Boy Blunder," Raven hopped in his lap, opened his door, and got out on his side.

"Wait, what happened to Boy Wonder?" Robin asked and got out of the car too, and stood next to her.

"Silly silly boy, that was before the real game began," Raven said cockily, and ran off towards the school door.

"Wait up," Robin called after her, and pressed the button on his keys to lock up his car, before he ran full speed after her.

"Keep up Grayson," Raven kept running but turned to taunt him, "That charm just isn't enough anymore."

"I'm going to get you Rae!" he yelled, and picked up the pace. His parking spot was far from the doors, so there was a pretty good chance he'd catch up to her.

"And what makes you think that's going to happen?" Raven turned her head, and when she didn't see him, she stopped sprinting and slowed down into a jog.

"This," Robin came out of nowhere and grabbed her from behind, "Gotcha."

"Not again," Raven hung her head down, defeated. Robin had his forearm locked around her waist, and his head was resting on her shoulder.

"Are you throwing the towel in already?" Robin asked in a cocky tone.

"You wish Wonder Boy, now let me go so we can go inside," Raven said, "I won't run, I promise."

"If you do, I'll be sure to consider that next time," Robin smirked, and let go. Raven and him walked through the doors of the school, and went into the gym.

"Here we are," Robin said and they looked around, "My sanctuary." The bleachers were filled with crazy fans. Terra, Kori, Gar, and the rest of the cheer squad were getting the crowd pumped up, and the band was playing the adrenaline pumping music. The home team was in the locker room, and the away team was there. Red included.

He was looking around in the crowd, no doubt for Raven. Robin started walking off and Raven grabbed his hand. He stopped and faced her and she looked down at the ground, "That's him Richard," she was trying to blink away the tears.

"Don't worry Rae," Robin embraced her in a hug, and ran his hands through her hair, "Everything will be fine, trust me. I won't let him hurt you, just don't go off alone."

"Thank you Richard," Raven looked up at him, he kissed her forehead and wiped away a tear that had escaped.

"You're welcome, just ignore him, and think about what will happen if he was to lay a hand on you," they un-hugged, "I mean, how many people here have your back, and most of them are total ass beaters."

Raven giggled, "There you go Rae, don't let him get you down. He's not worth it," Robin took her hand and gave it a little squeeze of encouragement, before he led her up into the bleachers.

Raven sat down on the first row, and Robin hugged her. "Good luck boy Wonder," she whispered into his ear.

"You're my good luck charm, I don't need it," they un-hugged and Robin smiled at her.

They both took a deep breath before he finally left and went onto the court. Raven closed her eyes, and opened them to see Red absentmindedly waving at her. The bad memories of their relationship came flooding back into her mind. She looked away from him and saw Terra walking up to her.

"Hey girl," Terra greeted her.

"Hey," Raven said, "You look awesome." Terra was wearing her blue, black, and white uniform that showed her stomach.

"I feel like a slut, I love it," Terra giggled, "And you look awesome too."

"Thanks," Raven took another deep breath.

"Do you need me to be here next to you? I will tell that squad to suck my ass and go to hell," Terra told her.

"No no, you go and have fun. I'm fine, I just really don't want to be in the same room as him," Raven started rubbing her arm.

Terra turned around and saw Red staring at them and flipped him off with both hands, while mouthing 'kiss my ass bitch'.

Raven saw her and giggled, "I love you Ter. You're the best."

Terra turned and hugged her before she went back over to the squad. Red was glaring at her now.

"Game please hurry up and start," Raven said to herself. It was like Robin heard her, the band started playing their signature game time song, two freshmen brought out a wildcat banner, the cheerleaders formed their double line of pompoms and cheering, and Robin burst through the wildcat banner.

The crowd cheered, and Raven put a smile on her face when she saw that Red was huddled with his team, and when she saw Robin, Terra, Vic, Gar, Kori, and Jessica (who was helping operate the scoreboard) smiling at her.

She smiled back and was watching the players shoot around and get pumped up. She took out her phone and started taking random pictures of all her friends. Terra posed, and Gar jumped in behind her. Robin wasn't paying attention, but was focusing on not missing a shot. And after everyone was ready and pumped, the buzzer sounded, it was time for the game to begin.

Robin was jumping for his team, and Red was jumping for his. (Just so you know, that's at the very beginning when they form the circle and the referee throws the ball up, and each player tries to hit to one of their team members)

'Hit him in the face Robin. Hit him,' Raven chanted in her head. Robin didn't hit him in the face, but he hit the ball to one of his players. And he dribbled down the court passed the ball to Robin and he made the first shot of the game. Raven cheered for him, and he winked at her. The other team took the ball out while the other players ran down to the opposite end of the court. Where Red made a shot for his team. He looked at Raven and winked. She, in return, shot him a glare and the finger. He shook his head disapprovingly and followed the other players to the other end of the court.

"Bastard," Raven took out her phone and was going to text Jake and tell him an ass kicking is needed, but thought twice about it. 'He'll probably bring a baseball bat, and be so furious that he accidentally beats the shit out of the wrong guy,' Raven laughed on the inside about of the thought of him doing that.

Pretty soon after that, it was halftime and Jump city was leading by eight points. The teams went into the locker rooms, while the cheerleaders put on their halftime show. Raven was recording it on her phone, but it started going off with Jake's ringtone. She knew she wouldn't be able to hear him with the crowd yelling and cheering, so she went out into the hallway.

"Yeah," she answered it.

"Is everything alright? Do I need to get my gun and come up there?" Jake asked, serious.

"No, no need to kill anyone," Raven said just as serious, "He's here, but I'm basically fine."

"Did he look at you?"

"Yes but-"

"That's it, I'm on my way, and I'm in a mood to put a piece of metal in somebody's ass," Jake was furious.

"No Jake, don't come. I'm fine, I can handle it," Raven said.

"Alright, but I'm still here for you."

"You're in the parking lot aren't you?" Raven asked knowingly.

"Yes, but I'm just looking out for you."

"Go home," Raven told him, "I will not hesitate to call you if I need you."

"Okay Rae, I'm leaving, see you when you get home."

"Bye," Raven hung up.

"Hello Baby Doll," Red's voice said behind her. Raven knew it all too well, and turned around swiftly while swinging her fist too. But Red caught it.

"Now now, my little Lady Bug, there's no need to get physical," he taunted her and grabbed her other hand just as it was about to connect with his eye.

"You bastard," Raven grimaced through her teeth, "I fucking hate you. May you rot in hell, with no mercy whatsoever. Now let go of me, because Jake is still here, and he definitely will have no mercy when he's beating the shit out of you."

"I'm not afraid of Jake, and I know he's gone. He never lies Honeybee, at least, not to you, he left."

"I'm going to hurt you, like you hurt me," Raven held back tears, and glared at him with vengeance. He still had both of her hands, and she was trying to pull them away from him and backing up.

"You mean you're still not over that Love?" he pulled her closer to him.

"Fuck you Jason Todd," Raven growled, "You never loved me, you never cared about me, it was all a lie. And I will never fall for it again." She backed up, but he pulled her back towards him.

"Come on Cupcake, you know you love me. You can't resist. Remember the old days, me and you getting together and raising hell. Those were the times, and you haven't let them go."

"No Red, there's a difference between being a bad ass, and being a dumb ass. And you're not the first one bitch. And if you don't let me go right now, I will fuck you up."

"We were together four years Princess, it's going to take more than one of your life threatening pick up lines. I'm not afraid of you, but I know you're afraid of me," he pulled her closer.

"I'm the wrong girl to be messing with Red, and you know it. You're ass is in a whole lot of trouble," Raven threatened, a tear rolled gently down her cheek.

"Don't cry Buttercup," he kissed her on the cheek, "Crying doesn't solve anything."

"Leave me the fuck alone," Raven growled, "Why can't you just stay out of my damn life? We are over, and I don't want anything to do with you."

"Because, you didn't have a life before I came along Sweetheart, you were just a lonely little girl with no one to give her love to. And I'm the reason you are who you are, and it's my choice to walk away from you."

"That's not true," Raven was fighting back tears.

"Yes it-" Red didn't get to finish before Robin came running from the gym and punched him in jaw, hard, causing him to fall onto the ground.

"Get the hell away from her!" Robin ranted and stood over him on the floor. Raven stood up straight and tried to gain back her composure.

"And who are you?" Red asked clutching his jaw, "Her new piece of shit boyfriend?" Terra came running out of the gym, she saw Raven get up and leave and was coming to check on her.

"Terra!" Raven called her, in tears.

"Rae," Terra ran up to her and hugged her.

"No," Robin continued, "I'm her friend and I care about her. So why don't you go and find some slut to hang with and leave her the fuck alone?"

"I'm not leaving without a fight," Red stood up and Robin waited so it would be a fair fight.

"Come on dickhead, give me your best shot," Robin challenged him. Red swung and Robin moved out of the way so that Red's fist hit the wall.

"You've got to be quicker that that," Robin taunted him, "I'm right here." Red swung again and Robin weaved out of the way and Red hit nothing.

"You fight like a bitch," Robin said, "This is how you do it." Robin swung and hit Red right in the eye, and he doubled over in pain.

"Had enough yet?" Robin asked.

"No," Red lunged at him but Robin swiftly moved out of the way, and Red landed on the ground.

"What was Raven thinking when she went out with you?" Robin kicked him in the back.

"I have no idea," Raven sobbed and more tears escaped.

"Had enough yet?" Robin asked again, "I could do this all day if I have to."

Red stood back up and was met with a punch in the mouth from Robin.

"Is that good enough? Or do you want your ass to be kicked some more?" Robin asked.

"No," Red gave up, "It's over. I'm done. Raven, we're finished."

"Red, what are you talking about!" Raven yelled, while Terra was still hugging her, "I dumped you two years ago! We were finished then!"

"Just stay the hell away from her!" Terra shouted and let go of Raven, "And the next time you see me on the street, you'd better run! Cause I'll be after your ass with razor blades and lemon juice!"

"Whatever Terra, you haven't changed a bit. Empty threats, the same as always." And with that, Red went back into the gym.

"Come on guys, halftime is almost up," Raven said.

"I don't care," Robin hugged her, "What were you doing out here? I told you to stay in the gym."

"Jake called and I had to come out here so I could hear him," Raven looked up at him.

"It's okay Raven, he's gone, he won't hurt you anymore," Robin told her.

"Thank you Robin," Raven thank him and they un-hugged, "You've got a game to finish."

"That I do," he took her hand, "Come on." He led her back into the gym and she sat down, while he and Terra went back to doing their job.

Jump City High ended up winning 84 to 72. Which was a pretty close game. Raven hadn't said a word since what happened in the hallway. She and Robin were walking out to his car. Robin had changed into his white sweats that had Grayson and 1 under that on the back, and white Air Jordans.

"Rae, are you okay? You haven't said a thing," Robin asked.

"I don't feel like talking," Raven declined.

"Fine," Robin opened her door, and went on his side to get in. He left the hood up, and they drove off the parking lot. Raven curled up into a ball, and Robin put her seatbelt on so she wouldn't get hurt. They drove, and all was silent, besides the city noises, and Raven's sobs.

They pulled into Raven's driveway. She knew they stopped, but didn't move. Robin got the hint and shut the car off. He went on her side, opened the door, and carried her bridal style up the steps. He heard a car come up in the driveway and saw Terra getting out of Gar's car, she waved goodbye and went up to where Robin was.

"What's wrong with her?" she asked, her voice was hoarse from all the cheering.

"I have absolutely no idea, she didn't say," Robin answered and they started walking up the steps again. Terra unlocked the door and they went inside. Jake was sitting on the couch with his guitar. When he saw Robin carrying Raven, he put his guitar down and hopped up.

"What happened?" he asked urgently as Robin put Raven on her feet.

"Nothing Jake, I'm fine," Raven answered before Robin could.

"No, you're not fine," Terra disagreed coming up beside her and trying to make eye contact, but Raven stared at the floor. "Something's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong Terra damn!" Raven tried to turn and leave but Robin grabbed her hand.

"Raven," Robin pulled her so she was facing him, but her head was hanging down, "There is obviously a problem here, and lashing out at Terra isn't the solution."

"Robin, please leave this alone," Raven snatched her hand away.

Jake came up in front of her, but she turned her head away from him. He grabbed both of her shoulders, and made her make eye contact with him. "No Raven, we won't leave it alone. You're hiding something."

"There's not a secret, it's just a break up!" Raven yelled and pushed his hands off of her. She walked in the center of the living room, not facing anyone. She stood there loosely hugging herself with her eyes closed. All they could see was the back of her.

"Raven," Jake stayed where he was, "This isn't just a break up, it's deeper than that. I know, I can feel it. Now please, just tell us what happened two years ago when you and Red broke up."

Raven didn't answer, but she hung her head down, her eyes still closed.

"It's okay Raven," Robin reassured her, "We're here for you, we all love you. You can tell us." They all stayed where they were, and watched her take a deep breath.

"Red wanted me to go to this party with him," she began, tears cascading down her cheeks and her voice slightly uneven, "And of course I….I didn't think twice about it, and lied to everyone so nobody knew where I was going." She stopped and took a deep breath, "And when we got there….there was loud music and everybody was just dancing and….and yelling and it was just chaos all around. And I just joined in, and Red asked me if I was thirsty, and he got us some drinks. And he…..he did something to mine."

She opened her eyes, and looked around on the ground, like she was reliving the experience. "I remember getting really dizzy, and I was stumbling around so Red took me upstairs. And the last thing I remember before I blacked out, was him on…..on top of me," she shook her head disapprovingly, and shut her eyes tightly. "He said…one of us won't regret this. And the next day I put it all together, and I figured out that…that-" she dropped to her knees and put her hands over her face.

"He raped me….he raped me!" she sobbed.

Robin walked up to her and squatted down next to her, and rubbed her back comfortingly. Raven rocked back and forth, sobbing into her hands.

Jake clenched his fist and tried to calm himself by taking deep breaths, "Fuck!" he stormed over to the wall and punched it hard. Glass shattered upstairs and the chandelier shook.

"We have to do something," Terra told them, going behind the bar, "He can't just get away with it."

"You're right," Jake agreed and went behind the bar next to Terra, "We have to go to court, and hope for the best," he pushed his hair back with his hand.

Raven looked up, "I'm not ready to. I can't, not now."

"You don't have to unless you are absolutely positively ready," Robin told her, still rubbing her back.

Jake slammed his forearm down on the bar before he stormed off towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Raven asked.

"If I tell you," he opened the door, "Then it's premeditated," and he slammed the door shut behind him.

Raven looked over at Terra, "Will you go stop him?"

Terra ran towards the door, "Jake!" she called after him, and ran outside, shutting the door behind her.

"Is he serious?" Robin asked, he and Raven sat down on the couch.

"He is very serious," Raven answered, wiping her tears away.

"You want to go for a walk?" Robin asked, helping Raven up off the floor, "You know, to get your mind off things."

"Sure," Raven stood up, grabbed her jacket, and they walked outside. It was dark, and so cold that they could see their breath. They saw Jake's Hummer turning the corner before disappearing in the night. They walked on the sidewalk on the side of Raven's house. And the fence was a tall iron one, that had lights on ever tenth pole, and Raven switched on the lights before they left out.

"It's really cold," Raven zipped up her jacket. She and Robin were walking side by side, but every time he moved closer to her, she'd move farther a away from him.

"Maybe you should stand a little closer to me," Robin said seductively, "I can keep you warm."

"Maybe you should keep your horny hands off me," Raven teased him.

"We're playing the game again?" Robin asked.

"Who said we ever stopped?" Raven held up his Blackberry. She tried to run, but Robin grabbed her from behind by the waist before she could.

"Silly little birdy," Robin held up her iPhone in front of her face, "Did you really think that I wasn't expecting that?" He pulled her in so that there was no space between them.

Raven looked down her shirt, "How did you get that out of my bra without me noticing?"

"I have my ways, just like you have yours," Robin teased her. He rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Let me go Grayson," Raven tried to pull his arm off of her, but it wouldn't budge.

"Now why would I do that, Roth?" Robin asked.

Raven stopped trying to get away, and turned her head to face him. Barely an inch between them. Blue eyes locked with blue eyes. Robin moved in closer until his mouth was centimeter from her neck. His warm breath canceled out the cold air that surrounded her.

"It's no use Raven," he whispered, "I'm going to win." He brushed her lips against her neck. Raven, mesmerized, let her guard down momentarily. The second she did, Robin, all in one swift motion, grabbed his Blackberry out of her hand, released her from his grip, and took off running.

"No fair!" Raven yelled and took off after him.

"C'mon Rae! Your cunning ways just aren't enough anymore huh?" he turned his head to look at her, but she wasn't there. He stopped and turned around.

"Rae! Where are you!" he shouted into the night.

No answer.

"Oh, I see what you're doing," Robin looked around for her, "It won't work Rae, I'm too good for-" Raven came out of nowhere and tackled him from behind. They rolled around on the ground, and Raven ended up on top of him. She had her hands on both his shoulders pinning him down, her knees tightly tucked on either side of his waist, and the rest of her legs were on the outside of his.

"Gotcha," she taunted him and moved her face closer to his.

"Raven," that annoying smirk came onto his face, "You're straddling me."

Raven looked down and realized he was right. She blushed madly. Robin used this as an advantage. He pushed her off him and made them roll on the ground until he was on top, straddling her.

"Gotcha back," Robin teased her.

"Get off me," Raven glared at him, but he just smirked.

An idea immediately popped into her head. She leaned up towards him, and glided her tongue over his cheek. Robin let up off of her just enough so that she was able to push him off. Raven stood up, and Robin was lying on the ground looking completely shocked.

"Ha ha," Raven lilted and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Wha…uh…you….you licked me!" he stammered, "That's cheating."

"You'll get another chance, the game's not over. Now give me my phone back."

Robin got up off the ground. "Here you go," he handed it to her.

"Thank you," Raven put it back into her bra, and saw a huge tear in her leggings, "Damn you Robin, you made me rip my leggings."

"Oh sweet merciful Jesus!" Robin clasped his hands to his cheeks, and spoke urgently, "Raven ripped her leggings! Somebody call the fire department!"

Raven hit him playfully, and they started walking again. About ten minutes later, the temperature dropped two degrees.

"It's so cold," Raven's breath was visible, like it had been the entire time. She shivered, and put her hands in her pockets.

"I told you to get closer to me," Robin stopped and came up to her holding out his arms.

"Back up Bird Boy," Raven stopped and pushed against his chest, but he didn't budge. Robin kept walking towards her with his arms held out, and she kept backing up, until she bumped into the fence. Robin smirked and she glared at him. He wrapped his protective arms around her complete upper body, and surrounded her with his warmth.

"Better?" Robin asked, now smiling.

"Much," Raven rested her head on his chest, and he caressed her back, "And you smell really good." she lifted her head and smiled at him. The moonlight was shinning perfectly on her, and Robin couldn't help himself.

"You look beautiful," he told her.

"Thanks," Raven smiled.

"Raven, I can't wait any longer," he took one of his hands out from around her and pulled a jewelry case out of his pocket. "Right now is the perfect moment, and if I don't do it now, I'll regret it forever. When I think back on it, this is how I want to remember it."

You never stop runnin' around You pick me up, then you could still put me down

Raven quirked her brow, "Remember what?"

He opened the case to reveal a promise ring. The ring was silver, and it had two layers that were joined together by the hearts that were on each one. The bottom layer's heart was outlined in diamonds, and the top layer had diamonds leading up to the heart. (Go to my profile to see)

You were the girl that nobody could own Stay for a while, then you would leave me alone

Raven gasped on the inside. "Rachael, will you be my girlfriend?"

I'm something' different, ain't like the rest How does it feel to find out you're failin' your test

Raven smiled blinked away her tears, "Of course I will."

`Cause I stole your love, stole your love Ain`t never gonna let you go I, I, stole your love, I stole your love Stole your love, I stole your love

Robin took the ring out and slid it onto her slender finger. Raven wrapped her arms around his neck, while he had his around her waist.

"Now this ring isn't going to turn my finger green is it?" Raven asked sarcastically.

"No, it's a 14 carat stone Rae."

She pulled her head back, "14? That must have cost you-"

"It doesn't matter what it cost, it's the thought that counts."

Their faces were inches apart. Raven looked down at his lips, wanting to feel them against hers so bad. "And I'm thinking you know what I'm thinking," she whispered, still looking at his lips and moving closer.

Raven closed her eyes, and puckered up. Robin leaned in, their lips almost touching, and he moved his head and planted a tender kiss on her check before pulling away.

Raven opened her eyes and momentarily glared at him. "Come here you little tease," Raven stood on her tiptoes and pulled herself in to him, and finally, their lips met. Robin slid his tongue across her lips, wanting entrance. Raven quickly granted it, she opened her mouth and his tongue slid in, exploring every corner and space. Their kiss burned with passion and want. This was the moment when nothing and nobody else in the world mattered.

Finally, they broke the kiss for the need of oxygen. Raven ran her fingers through his hair as he planted butterfly kisses on her neck.

He brought his mouth up to her ear. "I won," he whispered and brushed his lips against her neck.

"On the contrary Robin," she whispered back, "The game has only just begun."

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