Bleeding Crescent Moon

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Chapter 10:

Inuyasha and Sango burst into the small dungeon.

"Sango! Lord Inuyashaaaaa!" a tiny voice squealed. The two looked at the corner of the room and saw and little girl in an orange checkered kimono.


"There you are, you little squirt," Inuyasha said gruffly. Rin tried to run towards them, but the chains around her ankle and wrists stopped her. Inuyasha quickly walked forward and with several flicks of the wrist with Tetsaiga, cut the chains to pieces leaving a free and happy Rin.

"Where's Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin asked. "He always comes for me."

"As you should already know, that bastard Sesshomaru is basically crippled, so there's no way in seven hells is he coming to rescue you," Inuyasha snapped.

Sango shot him a disapproving look at using such language around a small child. However, Rin remained didn't seem too bothered by it.

"Let's get out of here," Inuyasha said with Rin on his shoulders. Sango nodded and the three of them started out of the dungeons.

"There you are..." a silky voice reached their ears. "My, my, my, I see that you have found our little prisoner..." Natsumi appeared right in front of them.

At the sight of Natsumi, Rin whimpered, clutched Inuyasha tightly and tried to hide under his hair.

"Oh quit that," Natsumi scoffed. "I can see you as clear as day."

"What do you want with us, Natsumi?" Sango snapped.

"Oh, I thought I made that quite clear already..." Natsumi smirked. "I'm here to end your life."

Sango and Inuyasha scowled at the same time. They both knew that they couldn't defeat Natsumi. They just had to get Rin out of here, fast.

Natsumi was taken by surprise when Inuyasha leaped in the opposite direction.

"Oh come on, are you running away again?" Natsumi said with a hint of exasperation in his voice as he watched them disappear into the darkness of the castle halls.


Meanwhile, Kagome and Miroku were busy battling an outraged Naraku.

'Damn them!' Naraku seethed. 'Damn them to hell.' They had taken away his opportunity to take powers from perhaps the one of the most powerful demons on the face of the earth. 'The bitch Kagome and bastard Miroku are distracting me while Sesshomaru escapes!' Naraku felt his blood boil. He dodged another sacred arrow from the miko. Naraku sent out a wave of saimyosho to prevent the monk from using his dreaded wind tunnel.

Miroku was reduced to only using his sacred sutras (the paper thingies or whatever you call them) and staff. He created barriers to protect Kagome.

"Thank you, Miroku," Kagome said quickly before avoiding another tentacle.

"I have no business with you mortals," Naraku scowled. He turned into a black tornado with swarms of saimyosho swirling around it. "Till next time."

With that, the tornado disappeared.

"Damn..." Miroku said quietly. Kagome sighed and sat down.

"I wonder how Inuyasha and Sango are doing with trying to rescue Rin," she said.

"Yes..." Miroku said thoughtfully. "And I wonder how Shippo and Kirara are doing with the wounded Sesshomaru..."

"Perhaps we should go look for them," Kagome suggested.

"You're right. It's not good to stay split up," Miroku agreed. He picked up this staff and stood up. Kagome followed suit.

They walked in the direction Kirara, Shippo, and Sesshomaru had flown off in, hoping to run into them.


Sesshomaru moaned quietly as consciousness slowly seeped into his battered body.

"Ah...he's waking up!" Shippo said. Kirara purred, showing that she noted what Shippo said.

Sesshomaru groaned a bit more and forced his eyes open a crack. He realized that he was lying on his stomach, his arms lying by his side, and his face turned to the left so his right cheek pressed against the ground.

'What happened...?' he thought, dazed. 'Oh...that's right. Naraku attacked me when Inuyasha was gone...he was about to absorb my demonic powers until the demon cat swept me to safety, along with the kitsune. Naraku did a number on me...' Sesshomaru wasn't happy about the previous events. Not happy at all.

He slowly inched his aching arms in front of him, trying to prop himself up. He felt the dried blood that was caked on his face. 'Naraku might've broken my head...' he thought grimly. His head pounded and it felt like a hundred hammers were smashing his head from the inside.

"Sesshomaru, how are you feeling?" Shippo asked, hopping to his side.

Sesshomaru grumbled in reply, gasping as a bolt of pain shot through his body. He continued to push himself up with his elbows until he was in a kneeling position. He looked at the kitsune who was staring up at him, worry flooding his eyes. The whole world seemed to be spinning...

"Damn it, stop moving around!" Sesshomaru commanded to Shippo.

"...huh...?" Shippo asked, confused. Then realized washed over him. He tried to hide a smile. "Sesshomaru, I'm not moving at're just dizzy..."

Sesshomaru groaned and fell back down. His stomach seemed to move with the spinning of the world.

"Do want some water?" Shippo asked.

Sesshomaru shook his head and winced as his stomach did a dangerous flip.

"Here, just have some water," Shippo said firmly. He wasn't stupid. He knew Sesshomaru would decline all help and admit that he was perfectly fine, even when he was reeling.

"No..." Sesshomaru murmured.

"YES," Shippo insisted. Sesshomaru was weak, so Shippo was thinking of forcing Sesshomaru to drink the water.

He stepped close to the demon lord and gently flipped him over, so he was on his back. Sesshomaru swallowed convulsively at the process. Flipping over wasn't helping his stomach.

"Open up," Shippo said gently but firmly.

Sesshomaru shook his head, closing his eyes.

Shippo sighed. He forced Sesshomaru to sit up, grunting under his weight.

"What are you doing..." Sesshomaru rasped, panting in pain.

"Giving you water," Shippo grunted, propping Sesshomaru against a tree. Sesshomaru was nearly unconscious until something a cold liquid slipped down his throat. He nearly coughed the water back up, but his whole body took the water and he swallowed it.

"Mhm..." he groaned softly. He didn't want to admit it, but the water really helped him. When he drank his fill, and leaned back against the tree, sighing in exhaust, and was asleep in seconds.

Shippo smiled at the demon lord, before leaning back against Kirara and falling asleep himself. Kirara was left to gurad the two.


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