So I guess time does pass I enrolled at the University of Alaska and I have already passed the first semester. After that I took off a year to just relax. During that time I met a boy that works in the same apartment building I live in. His name is Matt. He is the thing that keeps me up all night and wakes me up in the morning (really he does my wake-up calls). He helps me with my studies and he keeps me on track. I also have a job working as a bartender. It's pretty crazy, but I love working there.

Then my cell buzzed. I looked at caller ID. I was Matt.

"Hey!" I said answering the phone.

"Hey beautiful. Wanna come over to the campus and have lunch with me?" He asked, with is beautiful voice.

"I'd love to. Be down there in 10, okay?"

"That's great. Meet me by the old tree. Love you." He said.

"Love you, too." I said hanging up. I got dressed and hopped into my car.

As I made my way over to the campus I thought about Matt and I. We have been dating just a little over a year and thing are going great.

When I parked I got out of my car and walked over to the old tree. The old tree is the heart of the campus. The funny thing is that it's not even old. It's big and beautiful.

I made my way over and saw Matt with a basket and he was sitting down on a blanket. I ran over to him. He saw me coming and stood up. I ran into his open arms and gave him a kiss as he spun me around.

"Hey." He said as he put me down.

"Hi." I said smiling.

"Well as you know I am not the person known for packing lunches and cooking things, so I just bought this basket and got some burgers and sodas and stuffed them into it." He said pulling out the food and drinks.

I laughed and he smiled.

"I just love it when you laugh." He said chuckling.

"Really? That's not weird." I said giggling.

"No. It isn't weird at all." He said giving me a kiss. The kiss lasted a long time until one of his friends, Greg, came by.

"Dude, get a room. Usually people use a bed, too." He said laughing.

"Get out of here!" He yelled laughing with him. " Besides, how would you know? You haven't even kissed a girl other than your grandma before. Even your mom thinks your too much of a loser to get a kiss from herself."

"Aw! Come on! Not in front of Bella!" Greg said.

"It's fine... I already knew." I said laughing.

"Can you leave us now?" Matt asked.

"Sure. Please just no more embarrassing comments." He said and then he was off.

"So where were we?" He asked.

"Um... I think we were going to eat the-" I was cut off by more kissing. This time when he kissed me it was way different from what we usually do. This kiss should be illegal. My head was spinning and we both broke off gasping.

"Burgers." I said finishing my last sentence.

"What?" He asked confused.

"We were just about to eat the burgers." I said picking one of them up and taking a bite of it.

"Oh yeah. I'm starving." We both ate our burgers and drank our sodas while he talked about school. But I became distracted and saw a group of students walk by. They didn't seem to notice us, but I sure noticed them. They looked so familiar.

"Who are they?" I asked Matt. All of them stopped walking and turned around. They all looked surprised.

"Who...the Cullens?" He asked with a mouthful of food.

"Yeah... They look familiar..." I said.

"Yeah... well they just moved here when you stopped coming to school." Matt swallowed, took a sip of his soda and kissed me again. I kissed back, but I saw the the Cullens were still looking this way, but with mixed expressions. I broke off the kiss.

"I'm sorry, but can I go talk to them? I think I know them." I said.

"Why?" Matt asked.

"Because of my accident I only remembered a few people. I could have known them." I said getting up and walking over to their direction, not letting Matt answer.

They all hesitated when I walked over. They looked unsure.

"Hi." I said looking at the shortest one of all of them. She was small, pixie like, with short hair. She also had gold eyes.

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