To know where the heart is

Summary: Jake and Mel have been married for almost 12 years. Have a big and happy family. When a friend of their childhood shows up, they realize that even thou their lives are far from perfect they are lucky to have each other.

Jake and Mel's kids

Jake Jr "JJ" (12)

Molly (8)

Henry (5)

Charlie (2)

Jake rolled on the bed. He could feel an empty space next to him. Melanie must have been making breakfast already. He could hear the children's laughter coming from the kitchen

"Daddy" Henry was the first who saw him enter the kitchen

"Morning beautiful" he smirked at his wife. She was holding Charlie as she tried to give Bryant his breakfast. He leaned to kiss her, and instead Charlie pleaded to change hands. Jake picked him up and placed him on the high chair

"Morning everyone" JJ entered the room and started to help his mother set the table

"Hey daddy, would you help me with my project?" Molly asked eating a bit of cereal. Jake sat next to his wife and sipped a glass of milk

"What kind of project?" he asked

"I have to pick up what I want to be what I want to be when I'm big" she said. Melanie looked at her suspiciously "why do you need his help for?"

"Because I want to help daddy at "Southern" when I grow up" she said proudly

Melanie reminded quiet. Jake laughed "Jealous are you?"

She gave him a nasty look. Jake cracked into laughter. "Don't worry honey; I'm sure she wants to be a mummy just like you too"

"I do mama!" Molly smiled "I just want to have a job, too like you do"

"Are you upset?" Henry asked his mother. She smiled and he looked at Jake

"Hey, I almost forgot, Laura called" Melanie said. Jake's body tightened. His children looked at his confused, but he concentrated on helping Charlie eat

"Who's that?" JJ asked. He was sure; he had never heard that name before. He knew everyone in town

"It's an old friend of me and daddy" Melanie said cheerfully, but JJ noticed his father was still tense "it's just that daddy, didn't like her that much"

"Why not?"Henry asked interested

"Oh, it's a long story" Melanie told him. Jake still holding the spoon wondered why in hell did Laura had called for

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