To know where the heart is

Summary: Jake and Mel have been married for almost 12 years. Have a big and happy family. When a friend of their childhood shows up, they realize that even thou their lives are far from perfect they are lucky to have each other.

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JJ still thought there was something a bit odd about the way Jake had behaved regarding this Laura person "Boys!"

"Hey mama" JJ said hurrying to the side of the truck "Hello" he said politely at the woman and their children.

"Hey baby where's your dad?" Melanie knew that if JJ was anything like Jake he was probably overthinking the whole situation. "Well Laura this is JJ, and that one over there is Henry" The 5 year old joined at the sight of his name.

"I thought you said you had three boys?" Laura said glancing at the boys. She examined them closely as if she was trying to figure something out.

Jake stood in the kitchen holding little Charlie. If this woman had known better she would have never come back, this was nuts. Like Yankee nuts. He raised his face when he saw Melanie and the others enter.

"Well, I have now seen it all" Lauren said jokingly "Jake Perry, Mr. Mom?" only you could get a hold on a southern boy like that Melanie, I give you that much"

Melanie smiled and walked over to Jake, she grabbed his hand and touched the back of his head "I'll go put the baby down" He said smiling sarcastically at Laura.

"Come on JJ" The boy followed his father up the stairs, followed by Molly. Only Melanie and Henry remained with Laura and her kids "don't mind him" Melanie told them as she saw they were taken aback "We all had a very long day"

Jake had secretly called Bobby Ray so he would take Laura and the kids to the inn. "I am sorry if we caused any trouble Laura apologized a moment later. "I didn't mean to upset Jake"

"Don't worry, you didn't he's just got a lot on his mind" Melanie said as she walked them out to Bobby Ray's truck. Jake approached Laura. "I am sorry, just don't see the point of you being here" He glanced at the children "Nice kids you got there, looks like you really finally made something of yourself, I mean you did want to fly being seeing this town was too little for you"

"Thank you, but I think that was a long time ago Jake, and I get why you and I aren't the best of friends, but I thought your mama had raised you best"

"She raised me fine" Molly glanced nervously. This was getting somewhere Melanie didn't want it to go, not in front of the kids.

"Jake?" Melanie found him in their room later that night once the kids were sleeping "Mind explaining what was all that about?"

"Nothing" He said without looking at her "I am sorry, I just don't like her"

"Well" She sat next to him on the bed "That is obvious and I know you don't like her but it's been a long time baby"

"Not enough" Jake said dryly. What was this woman doing here? He would find out or his name wasn't Jake Perry.

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