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Ziva and Tim sat alone in the bullpen. First Tony had stormed off and Gibbs had followed not long after.

"I don't know about you...but, I'm not feeling real good about myself right now," Tim said, finally breaking the long silence.

"Tony should have told us about the job offer...It is not our fault he chose not to share it with us." Ziva stated. She would have acted differently had she known. Inwardly, she too felt badly about how she had been behaving towards Tony. She just wasn't quite ready to admit it out loud yet.

"I pretty much told him he wasn't capable of running his own team..." Tim had felt bad right after he had uttered those words. He had seen the hurt look on Tony's face and had immediately regretted what he had said, but Tony had quickly run off, waving off his attempt to apologize. Now he felt even worse. "I'm surprised he didn't accept the Rota position just to get away from us..."

"I haven't been very nice to him either," Ziva finally admitted. "I kept making snitchy remarks about him wanting to be in charge."


"I know, McGee."

"I guess I just really missed Gibbs," Tim said. "I kind of resented Tony being left in charge of us."

"As did I," Ziva sighed.

"Did either of you stop to think how Tony might have felt?" Jenny asked as she walked over to them, having overheard enough. "He didn't ask for Gibbs to leave or to be thrown into the position of team leader. He did an admirable job in spite of some difficult circumstances and didn't complain when it was all taken away just as quickly. I'm very proud of what he accomplished."

"We did make things rather difficult for him," Ziva stated. She had never bothered to think about any of it from Tony's perspective.

"Yeah we did," Tim said, nodding in agreement. "So, what should we do now?"

"I think we ought to go and talk to him," Ziva said.

"An excellent idea, Ziva. I'm sure Tony would appreciate that," Jenny said with a smile. "The two of you have a nice weekend. I'll see you Monday."


"Maybe he's not home," Tim whispered as he and Ziva walked down the hallway towards Tony's apartment. "We should just talk to him on Monday. He'll probably be in a better mood then, anyway."

"His car was parked outside, McGee."

"Well, what if he has company?"

"That would not be such a bad thing," Ziva said as a faint smile touched her lips. "I have been wanting to meet Tony's mystery girlfriend."

Tim shook his head doubtfully. "I don't know, Ziva...I think Tony will be even more pissed off at us if we barge in on him and his girlfriend."

"We are here now, McGee and I for one, am not leaving," Ziva said as she rapped on the door to Tony's apartment.

After only a few seconds, Tony opened the door and gave Ziva and Tim an openly surprised look. "Hey...I didn't expect to see you two."

"If we're interrupting something, we can go," Tim said quickly.

"Well...I do have company..." Tony said hesitantly. " can come in to say hello, if you want to."

"Oh we would love to say hello," Ziva responded quickly, her eyes lighting up.

"Be my guest then," Tony said with a smirk on his face as he gestured for Ziva to enter the apartment ahead of him. "Oh honey! We have company."

Ziva eagerly entered Tony's living room and then her face fell. "Gibbs?" She spun around to look at Tony who was laughing.

"Who were you expecting, Ziva?" he asked.

" one in particular," she said as her cheeks flushed slightly. "I just did not expect to see Gibbs here..."

"Hey, boss," Tim said, now feeling even more uncomfortable.

"Tim, Ziva," Gibbs greeted his two agents. "I guess I should think about getting home." He had a pretty good idea why they were here and didn't want to make the situation more difficult.

"You don't have to go, boss," Tony protested quickly. "Uh...I mean, unless you really want to, of course.

"No, I'm not in any real hurry," Gibbs said as he leaned back against the couch and put his hands behind his head.

"So, what can I do for you?" Tony asked as he reclaimed his seat next to Gibbs and looked up at Ziva and McGee expectantly.

"I...we..." Ziva began, but she was tongue-tied and looked to McGee for help.

"We just wanted to apologize, Tony," McGee helped her out after a few moments of silence.

"Don't apologize, sign of weakness," Tony stated.

"I think its okay this time, DiNozzo," Gibbs said softly.

Tony turned his head towards Gibbs and then back to McGee. "Okay, go ahead, Probie."

"We haven't always shown you the respect you deserved lately, Tony," Tim continued. "I'm really sorry. I think you would be a great team leader."

Tony nodded, sensing the sincerity of the young agent's words. "Thanks, Tim...I appreciate that."

"I, too, am sorry, Tony," Ziva said. "You did a very fine job in Gibbs' absence. I am glad you did not take the position in Rota though, as I would have missed you."

"I would have missed you too," Tim echoed,

"Okay, okay, that's enough,"' Gibbs interrupted with a faint smile on his lips. "I don't want DiNozzo getting a fat head."

"We were just about to order some pizza." Tony gave them a smile that showed all was forgiven. "You guys want to hang out for a while?"

"That sounds good," Ziva said as she sat down on the couch beside Tony.

"I could definitely eat," Tim replied. He walked over to Tony's recliner and plopped himself down on it. "What kind are we getting?"

Gibbs smiled to himself as his three agents began discussing the pros and cons of various pizza toppings. He had a feeling that everything was going to be just fine with his team.