AN/: Okay people I am a major fan of anything revolving around a Vlad and Danny Father-Son relationships. I have spent months on end reading truly astounding pieces such as Checkmate by Pearl84, and A Vent Comes to Haunt by Miriam1. (You may notice that I underlined the titles as is required to do for Novels, if you have read either or both of these stories you will know that they have rightfully earned their underlined status.) For some time now I have wanted to write my own VD-FS story. I can't help but be intrigued by the pair. So here is my attempt at the duo, though I am positive it will seem pitiful next to great authors like Pearl and Miriam. I am unsure as to how frequent my updates for this will be, those of you who are reading "Welcome to the Last Resort" will surely be frustrated with me for posting this story with out a respective update for the other, but I must say I am being hit with a rather large wall of writers block. Bare with me on this one guys. Okay then I guess that's really all I have to say.

Running to the Enemy's Arms

Chapter 1: Unexpected Places

By: deadlydaisy8o8

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IMPORTANT:I, in no way, support the pairing you are about to read. I'm using it as a plot device, and I will not be dwelling on the pair. I only intend to touch on it for this first chapter, and if you find yourself so sickened with this pairing, go ahead and scroll to the bottom where I will write a brief summary of what happens in this chapter so you are not forced to read it. Though really, I know there is no possible way for the two to end up together, and I really don't even like the pair, I really just couldn't think of any alternatives. Yes I am purposefully not telling you what the pairing is so you will have to at least give it a try. Though please do not be put off by this first chapter as this is going to be a Vlad- Danny centered fic. I highly encourage you to skip to the next chapter if you really hate this one. Thank you for your time.

Tucker's POV:

Danny had had his ghost powers for two years now. He had gotten a lot more versed in the use of his powers over those two years. He could make ten of himself now, and he was working on teleporting. The guy never caught a break anymore either. It seemed like he was always fighting ghosts. Though, he never let me or Sam help him when he could prevent it. The fact annoyed us to no end. No matter how many times we tell him that we're there for him, no matter what dangers there are, he just won't ask for help. It's worse because we know he needs it. The way those black lines are practically tattooed under his eyes; me and Sam are both sure he's losing enough sleep that it's unhealthy.

He acts like he was in a war zone all the time. It's never safe to try to sneak up on him either, because if you do the results are not pretty. Dash found that out the hard way when he tried to sneak up on Danny and give him a surprise beating. As soon as Dash's hand had so much as brushed Danny's shoulder, Danny whipped around and punched him in the face. That one punch, unfortunately for Dash, had him out cold. Though I personally thought Dash deserved it, Danny was a mess because he had hurt an 'innocent person'. Yeah right, Dash is the farthest thing from innocent in this school.

After that whole mishap, Dash had decided he needed to 'teach Fenton a lesson' so he could mend the damage Danny had done to his reputation. Danny of course let Dash beat him up. He claimed it wasn't a big deal, that Dash wasn't really hurting him anyway, but I still think Danny could've stood up for himself. There is no doubt Danny would win in a fight. Danny had some serious guns. All of that ghost hunting slash superhero-ing had done a number on his physical fitness. It finally got to the point where Danny couldn't hide it anymore about a year ago. Everyone had been shocked of course, that Danny had put on some muscle, but that gossip was gone within a couple of days. Danny was finally rip enough that Dash wasn't picking on him anymore. Not me unfortunately, but I was happy Danny was catching a break.

The girls at school had noticed how Danny had grown more toned and defined too. Of course this only made Sam jealous because Danny picked up on every little flirt that was sent his way, but he refused to see the hints Sam was dropping like bombs every three seconds. Sam got so frustrated. Eventually she couldn't keep it all to herself anymore, and she had taken to coming and complaining to me about Danny's cluelessness.

It was almost painful to watch Sam go after Danny with the determination she did. If Sam ever stayed home sick she would end up calling me by the end of the day; usually to see if there was a good reason Danny hadn't called her yet to see if she was alright. On the rare occasion the three of us got the time to go to a concert or something like that without being interrupted by ghosts; Sam would have me over about a half an hour before Danny so that I could make sure her outfit looked okay. When Sam was really feeling down, sometimes she would come over and play Doomed. I constantly reminded her that Danny liked her back and that he just wasn't brave enough to ask her on a date. She took little comfort in the reminder anymore. If actions speak louder than words, then no matter how many times I tell Sam Danny likes her, his refusal to do anything about it is going to keep shouting at her that he doesn't. In the mean time I try the best I can to keep my friends spirits up, and to go along with whatever they want me to do.

Not that I mind Sam coming to me for that kind of stuff. Sam really is a very pretty girl. It's hard to hang out with someone as pretty as her for as long as I have and not notice the fact. I try to stay out of her way though; she only has eyes for Danny. What kind of friend would I be anyway if I tried to get a girl I knew Danny liked? That's totally disregarding the fact that if I did ever get together with Sam I don't think our friendship would survive the ordeal. Hey though, you can't stop a guy from dreaming. Sam was gorgeous, even if Danny didn't want to admit it to her face.

I try my best to be there for her when she needs someone to vent to. I know she likes to tease me about some of the stupider things I do. If I really work at it I can get her to forget about whatever stupid thing Danny had done, and laugh a little. I try to go out of my way to be extra stupid when she's around; I love seeing that smile on her face. Really, I kind of wish Sam and Danny would get together just so Sam wouldn't be so unhappy all the time. It's one thing to dress in all black; it's another to have an attitude to match. It takes a lot to bring Sam down; she's got a strong personality. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. Except when it comes to Danny, apparently.

I closed my locker door to find Sam waiting for me with red cheeks on the other side. Time to see what Danny had done this time.

Sam's POV:

Tucker was so awesome. As soon as he saw I was upset I could tell all of his attention was directed at me. The way he held himself told me that he was going to be there for me when I needed it. Honestly without Tucker I'd probably go insane. I found myself wishing for the millionth time that Danny could go two seconds without worrying about what was lurking around the next corner and pay attention to me like Tucker was. Danny wouldn't even have to worry so much about being attacked if he would just let us help him in the first place. He frustrates me so much sometimes.

"Hey Sam, what's buggin' ya?" See, Tucker wasn't clueless like Danny. If I ever got near Danny when I was the tinniest bit upset, he'd get all over protective and try to fix whatever was giving me a hard time. Like I was incapable of solving my own problems, and just another person who needed saving. That's the hero side in him for you. Flash the distress signal and your hero in black shall arrive shortly. I wish Danny would realize that not everyone needed saving all the time, especially me.

Me and Tucker were used to all that now though, and we put up with it most of the time. Danny didn't realize it, but we ended up hanging out a lot by ourselves because of Danny's 'extracurricular activities'. Inevitably the subject of Danny's tendency to be the hero all the time had come up in conversation. Tucker hadn't told Danny that I liked him, so I knew I could talk to him about that stuff.

Despite Tucker's own inability to get a girl he was pretty good with all of this relationship stuff. Most people think that being a girl gives you some deeper knowledge of how all of this whole 'love' stuff is supposed to go. Well I'm here to tell you that if girls do have a higher sense about all this stuff then I missed out on receiving that chromosome. Without Tucker, I'd still be trying to figure out how to get all of the girls to back off Danny now that he's got some tone. It still blew my mind at how blatantly oblivious Danny could be about what was going on around him, mainly the fact that I liked him. I sighed and told Tucker what was on my mind.

"Danny would probably believe that the moon was made of cheese if we said so. Seriously is there anything going on in that head of his!" I threw my arms up in frustration. Tucker only nodded understandingly, as we walked down the hall.

"Danny again huh?" I clenched my fists in frustration.

"Yes." I let my answer hiss through my lips. Tucker looked at me sympathetically at sensing my distress. Why can't Danny do stuff like that? Why did he have to be so blind?

"Wanna tell me about it before we get to class and you unintentionally blow up on a teacher?" There was another thing about Tucker, he always asked me to talk because he knew I just needed to vent. He didn't try to solve my problems for me like Danny did. Danny had a seriously bad habit of being like his sister when it came to trying to make someone feel better. No matter how many times I tell him I can take care of myself, there he is trying to do everything for me.

"He's just so clueless. Everyone in this school knows that I like him, except him! How does that work exactly? I mean, c'mon, how can someone be that oblivious to their surroundings? Really, because if someone had the answer for me, I would give them a hundred dollars right now!" Tucker paid attention to what I was saying with an understanding nod. For some reason I always felt like he knew exactly what I was talking about. Though he never claimed that he knew that he understood every little emotion I was feeling, like he was some counselor. He always was careful just to listen and try not to act like he could fix everything; like not all of my problems had answers that I just wasn't smart enough to figure out. A pit of sadness seemed to settle in my stomach as I realized I would probably never be able to relate to Danny like this. I opened my mouth again and got more of my frustration off of my chest.

"I mean really Tucker you've seen him. You know how stupid he can be. He's worse than his Dad sometimes. It seems like he's got it all plotted out in his head and he can't see it any other way. I know I'm not the prettiest girl in school, but I'm not ugly. I mean, what? Am I going to have to come to school in some frilly pink dress to get him to notice me?" It seemed like every day Danny saw things the same way. What did I have to do to get him to see me in a different light? I was very proud of whom I was and I usually wouldn't change who I was to win someone's acceptance. The rest of the student population was well aware of the fact, but when your own friends don't see things put directly in front of their faces, what else are you supposed to do? I mindlessly followed the path I took every day to get to Lancer's class, unaware of the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. Tucker suddenly stopped, taking me by surprise, and adopted a stern voice.

"Sam, you should never change who you are for someone else. Not even for Danny. I thought you of all people would remember that." I looked into Tuckers concerned eyes. He understood what I was thinking, he had accepted me for who I was, and he listened to me whenever I needed him. Why wasn't Danny like that? I mean really was I that unimportant to him? Did he just not care?

I felt a hot tear streak down my cheek. I reached up to touch the wet trail. Cracks were starting to form in the dam that had been holding back all my uncertainty. Wave after wave of sadness came down on me threatening to overflow my carefully built walls. I felt a secure hand on my shoulder as a small sob racked my body. I looked around to realize people were staring.

I never cried, and I don't know why I was now. I had broken my leg when I fell off the monkey bars in third grade and even then I hadn't shed a single tear. I suddenly felt very self-conscious as my strength started to ebb away and my raw depression was laid out on the line for everyone to see. Tucker applied a little pressure to my shoulder and took my books from my hands.

"Come on Sam." Tucker gently guided me into a janitor's closet, away from gawking eyes and shut the door. I let a louder shudder of breath escape my lungs when the door clicked shut. I tried to stay quite as people hurried by outside the door. The minute bell rang and I realized I probably wouldn't be making it to class on time. This small little revelation was the single drop that caused several years worth of doubt, sadness, and anger to spill over. I exhaled heavily and let tears streak down my face. I turned towards the back of the closet, ashamed, trying to hide myself further from the last few stragglers outside the door. Why did this have to be so complicated? I was practically throwing myself at Danny and he still couldn't see me as anything more than a friend!

I tried to control the ragged sobs that were escaping me. I quickly searched for the closest thing that would muffle my cries. My arms latched around Tucker's middle, and I buried my face in his chest. He stiffened for a moment before tenderly wrapping his arms around me. He rubbed my back in soothing circles; making soft shushing noises in my ear.

"It's gonna be okay Sam. It's gonna be alright." I had imagined this scene in my head so many times. Only instead of Tucker, Danny would've been standing here holding me when I needed to be held. Tucker had been there for me so many times when Danny hadn't, and now here he was, comforting me when I was the most vulnerable looking he had ever seen me; a pathetic mess in his arms like some helpless little princess. I rearranged my face on Tucker's chest so I could breathe and continued to sob. Tucker tenderly stroked the back of my head trying to calm me down. I felt his chest move upwards as he took a breath in preparation to speak.

"Sam you are beautiful, smart, independent, outgoing, and an amazing girl. If Danny can't see that, well then he's a bigger dope than we thought." His words seemed to warm a certain place in my heart. I'd never heard him talk like that. I pulled away from his shoulder. Briefly, I registered the smudges of black that had been left on his canary yellow shirt from my thick running eyeliner.

Unsure if he had even meant the words he said I looked up into his eyes, and for a moment we were looking into each other's souls. What I saw was a warm caring person who understood that I wasn't a damsel in distress, even now when I was crying in his arms; that I was a person who wanted to be treated with a little dignity and respect. Right then I realized that maybe Danny would never love me back. Danny would never understand that I didn't always need saving, that I wasn't a damsel in distress, and that I didn't want to be. I realized that maybe I had been looking for love in the wrong place. Maybe all I needed to do was look at what was already in front of me.

It was like we knew the others actions as we were doing them. We both leaned in at the exact same moment, our lips meeting in the center. There was a moment when we were the only two people in the entire world. He tenderly held the back of my head in his hand, and for a moment all of my troubles went away. I was in a place where none of my problems could reach me; I was accepted in Tucker's firm hold.

Then the light from the hallway brightened from behind my eyelids, as the door to the janitor's closet swung urgently open accompanied by a surprised, pained gasp.

Brief Summary: Danny, Sam and Tucker are all in their Junior year. Danny has still not made a move on Sam, and Sam has still not said anything to Danny. Sam eventually got frustrated with Danny's cluelessness and took to complaining to Tucker about it on a regular basis. For some reason Sam was overwhelmed with her confusion and frustration and starts crying in the hallway. Tucker leads her to a Janitors closet to escape prying eyes. There with Tucker comforting her, Sam has a couple of revelations that lead to them kissing. Only to be interrupted as someone opens the door.

There you have it! I said it! Don't pelt me with decaying vegtables. Before you decide to hate the fic, please give the next chapter a try! PLEASE!