So I once had this idea that I should do a story for all 36 conceivable house pairings (the numbers are from mid season four), just to prove that it's possible. I randomly assigned them all prompts and while I don't know if I'll ever finish, but I'll post what I do as stand alones.

#19 - Klimt

Wilson walked into the cafeteria, hands stuffed into his pockets, trying not to yawn too expansively. He scanned the room for one man in particular. A ghost of a smile settled on his face for a moment, before he smothered it, striding forwards to the food line. He grabbed a tray and apologized to a nurse as he ducked in front of her before sidling up next to Chase.


Chase looked over and smirked when he saw who it was. "Hey, you been able to avoid doing too much sitting today?"

Wilson rolled his eyes. "As a matter of fact I have. You coming over again tonight?"

"Mmm," they both reached for salads, "I dunno, it depends. House and I got in an argument about Gustav Klimt's sexual orientation today," they reached for fruit, "so if we finish this case and if he gets over the argument then yeah," they reached for sandwiches, pulling different ones off of the rack, "otherwise he'll just be grumpy," he smirked, "in which case I can wait."

"Hmm," Wilson frowned, "you know he won't bottom, even if he loses the argument."

Chase handed over his change, flashing Wilson a grin. "Oh I know."

Wilson's frown gained a bit of concern as he paid the cafeteria lady without sparing her a glance. "And he'll be rougher if he loses."

Chase's grin turned predatory. "Oh I'm counting on it, and I'm damn well planning to win." Wilson shook his head at the younger man as they slid into a booth. "You making dinner?"

"House's favourite."

"Fantastic, fingers crossed I'll be there."