Hey! So this is Chapter Uno of the new story I'm trying out, GaGa Over You. Obviously.

Firstly, I would like to point out that this will not be some stupid Hannah Montana type crossover. Those are simply ridiculous.

With that being said...Here is GaGa Over You!

Glamour. Fame. Riches... Perfection.

When people here these words, they think of one thing and one thing only. Lady GaGa.

She has changed the way music is today. She has evolved our traditional dance music into something so much more! She has turned into an art. A way of living.

Lady GaGa is now a name known to every male and female's vocabulary. Lady GaGa is not some blond bimbo who wants nothing but money and lip-syncs at every concert. No.

Lady Gaga is the art. She is the megastar.

Lady GaGa is me.

Ever since I can remember, music has been my life.

Sure, I started off as a stripper. Who wouldn't if it was the only way to pay for your apartment? Plus, it was good practice for my current and dream career.

Somehow, I knew I would end up like this. Call it a sixth sense, whatever. I knew it.

"GaGa, your ride is here." I heard the bellboy call through the door of the suite I was currently staying at. Today, I will be going to a signing.

These are probably my favorites, other than the obvious performing.

I looked at myself in the mirror and smirked. People say my wardrobe is inappropriate, and it very well may be. To me, though, it was perfect. I liked freedom, and I liked to be different.

Today I am wearing what I like to call 'Little Red Riding hood'. It's a red leotard with a hood, sheer white leggings with designs on them, and black pumps. You can't forget the shades, either.

I had my bleach blond hair dead straight. Before I walked out the door, I slipped on my short, red leather gloves with bows on them. (Outfit on Profile).

"Thank you, Fernando." I said to the bellboy seductively as I walked out of my hotel suite.

I walked calmly down the hallway, to the elevators, out of the lobby, and to my limo with my bodyguards flanking me. They both wore Armani suites and shades. The usual bodyguard attire.

I got in the limo, the driver tipped his hat at me as I got in, welcoming me. I smiled at him and he drove off.

The drive to the signing at the theater was quiet. I was left to my thoughts, which I seldom enjoy. It makes me think of my family. My father. My brother. My dead mother.

Stop, Isabella. You're not going to get anywhere if you distract yourself like that, I told myself.

Great, now my inner voice is being a bitch.

And I'm talking to myself. Perfect. Maybe I am crazy.

Finally, we pulled up to the large theater. My bodyguards helped me out of the limo as camera lights and screaming fans came into vision.

See, there is a reason for the glasses.

Oh Shit, I really need to stop talking to myself, it's kind of creepy.

"GaGa! Over here!"

"Over here, Lady GaGa!"

"Look over here, Bitch!" Out of all the screams, this one stood out the most. I snapped my head in the direction of the scream and smirked.

There was a short girl with spiky black hair amongst the crowd. She was on top of someones shoulders, though, so she stood out. She was smiling at me and waving. I waved back.

Inside, it was crazy, too. This was usual. These type of events are never really organized. I'm sure the line went outside and wrapped around the building a few times.

I autographed and autographed when a few hours later a familiar face came to front. It was the short girl. The one who called me a bitch. I smiled at her.

"Hey, Bitch." I said.

"Hey." She giggled. She handed over the CD she wanted signed and I asked for her name.

"Alice." She said, "Oh, and you can't forget Jasper!" She said happily as she pointed to the man next to her. I smirked and wrote down there names on the CD, then wrote:

"Don't give up bitch, you've got a long way to go." Then, I finished it with my signature. (Autograph on picture of 'Little Red Riding Hood' outfit).

"Thank you so much!" She squealed as she danced away with the boy. I laughed and continued with the autographing and taking pictures.

As the day progressed, and the line got shorter, another two people came up. A beautiful blond girl that I would certainly fuck, and a Greek God that I would most definitely fuck.

I think I just got a little wet.

I smirked at the boy, my red lips stretching over my perfectly white teeth.

"Who do I sign this to?" I asked.

I couldn't stop staring at him! His hair was the strangest shade of brown, it was almost like a bronze color. It was messy and untamed. Just how I like 'em.

His eyes, oh! His eyes were beautiful! There were a gorgeous shade of green. They just screamed, 'Fuck me!'.

Once again, I think I just got wet.

"Rosalie." The blond said. "And you can fuck my cousin. He's, like, in love with you." She said, twirling a strand of hair in her fingers.

The boy jabbed her in the ribs.

"Don't listen to her." He said in a soft but deep voice. It was so sexy!

"And what if I do?" I muttered as I put Rosalie's name on the CD and put a small note, it read:

"Remember to be a free bitch, baby." I then did my usual signature and turned toward the sex god.

"Your name?" I asked seductively. I saw him swallow thickly before answering.

"Edward." He said just as seductively, if not sexier. I smirked as I saw he had a poster, I opened it up and my smirk grew into a full blown smile.

It was a picture of my in a little cop-like outfit. Very sexy. (Poster on profile.). I wrote his name and then a little note:

"Boy, you've left me speechless." I then did something I probably shouldn't have. I wrote down my phone number. After that. I signed it, folded it back up, and handed it to him with a wink.

The rest of the signing was the usual.

After all the fans had been signed and left, I was lead to the limo, and we headed to the hotel. I still had a concert to do next weekend. It was only Monday and I still had so much to do!

At least I'm never bored, I thought.

After getting home, I changed into some cotton short and a tiny tee. Both from Victoria's Secret. I had just settle down on the couch when my cell rang.

"Uughh." I groaned as I got up and fetched it from my clutch.

"GaGa." I answered.

"I'm telling you guys, it's fake! Why would she give me her number?" A familiar voice said on the other side.

"GaGa." I said a bit louder, and a bit more forcefully. He gasped.

"Oh, Shit. It's real! It's fucking real!" Who I assumed to be the sex god, shouted. I giggled.

"Yes, it's real."

"Wait, you know who this is right?" He asked, hesitantly.

"Edward, right?" I asked, hoping I remembered his name correctly.

"Yeah!" He shouted excitedly. I giggled again.

"Alright." I got serious, "Do you have a purpose or you just checking to make sure I wasn't fucking around with you?"

"Well, baby, you can fuck around with me anytime." He said automatically. I laughed out loud before answering.

"Really? Well then, I suggest you be at the Hilton bright and early tomorrow morning." I said before hanging up.

Oh yeah, GaGa. You're the shit!

Lmao, so tell me how you liked it!

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