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The warm summer sun filtering through the motel window woke me from my refreshing yet dreamless sleep. That, and something had me bouncing...




Hmmmm... It seems this bouncing is accompanied with the all too familiar (and sinful) sound of bed springs. Yummy, maybe Edward is waking me up with some sex for breakfast.

"Wake up, bitch!", screamed the all too familiar voice of Marc Jacobs. Does anyone really know how disgustingly annoying he is in the mornings?

I guess my Edward fantasy won't be coming true this morning. A girl can only dream...

"Bitch's boyfriend will slap a hoe if said hoe doesn't stop jumping right the fuck now." A grumpy yet deliciously sleepy voice said from next to me.

I rolled over and played with the soft sprinkle of hairs on my loves chest and sighed in contempt.




Holy shit, I think I one too many shrooms last weekend! If there is one thing on God's green Earth that I am absolutely one hundred percent positive with, it's the fact there's only been three men that I've been sure of my whole life. That's Daddy, my brother, and Jesus Christ.

Suddenly, I find myself thinking that there is possibly a fourth...

That there is definitely a fourth.

Oh, boy...

"So moody, are you PMSing?", Marc asked my adorable boyfriend who was currently resembling sleepy from the Seven Dwarves.

"Fuck you.", Edward replied as he buried his face into my left boob. I giggled and gave his head a tender kiss.

I realized with a giant smile that just about split my heart in half that I did, in fact, love Edward Masen.

"Don't tease me, wench!", Marc joked, "Bella, Edward, you have to wake up! No more lying around, you have a photo shoot to get to!"

"Ugh, fine!", I finally spoke up.

In a flurry of movements I couldn't quite remember because it was much too early for me (Was the sun even out?), Marc and Billy had myself and Edward ready to leave for the photo shoot.

"I don't understand," my sexy boyfriend started as he gripped my hand in the elevator, "why are we getting all dressed up if they're just going to re-do everything once we get to the shoot?"

Oh, silly boy, will he ever understand?

"It's fashion, Edward. Never forget that." With that, we got in the limo, and we were off.


The photo shoot was actually quite amusing for me and everyone else, just not so much for Edward.

The poor man didn't understand that by being in a photo shoot with me, you're usually either naked or in a ridiculously amazing outfit. For Edward, it was both.

The first pictures we did weren't so bad for him, I think. We both had on amazing suites made by Marc himself, the only thing different was the fact that we were painted as a skeleton everywhere else. Those pictures were simple: me standing behind Edward, leaning into his ear, or holding each other in a loving embrace.

Next, I think he got a little uncomfortable.

"I'm not coming out!" Edward shouted from behind his dressing room door.

"Please, baby, I'll do anything! I'm wearing the same thing as you!" I tried to shout back in my sweetest of voices.

"My ass is out!" He shouted again, this time a bit hysterical. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle.

"You have a wonderfully delicious ass, now it's time to show it to the world!" The workers around me chuckled but Edward remained inside.

I knew what I had to do...

I got up right against the door and said gently, "Please, Eddie baby, I love you."

The door swung open, revealing Edward in a small studded thong and leather jacket. His hair was greased back and he had thick eyeliner on. All traces of the skeleton were gone.

"Yummy...", I breathed as I sauntered closer to him. I placed my hands delicately on his chest then scraped down with my nails, landing just above the waistband of the studded thong I wanted to rip off with my teeth.

"What did you say?" He asked, looking more intense than I've ever seen him.

"I said you look yummy." I smiled innocently and kissed his full lips.

"Before that." He smiled, kissing me again, apparently forgetting his ass was on display.

"Oh, I said I love you." I said simply, turning around and heading toward the shoot.

I was wearing almost the same thing as him, only wear he was combat boots, I had on ridiculously high platform boots. Otherwise, we matched, right down to the ripped fishnets.

I got comfortable on the bike they had set up on the...err...set, and waited for Edward to come back down to Earth.

He finally made it over to me, but had a glossy look in his eyes. He was just smiling at me. This big, giant, goofy grin that stretched from ear to ear. He leaned down to whisper in my ear, "I love you, too."

Then the flashed started.

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