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Huduma = Help

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Fire! Hot orange flames lick at my heels as I run. My eyes squint against the brightness of the crackling blaze. All around me voices cry out for help. Images of lionesses float in and out of the flames; each pair of eyes look toward me with fear and uncertainly. I try to call out for help, but no one answers me. Biting my lip, I look upward, but the sky is completely dark without the guiding light of the great kings of the past. Where are they? For a moment, an image of my human parents swirls in front of me. My parents, who had died in a fire when I was twelve, stare back at me with pain and sadness. I feel my heart cries out for them as the image vanishes into the flames. Still, the images of the lionesses emerge from the flames and cry out in a chorus.

"Huduma, huduma! Kimaria," they cry, their eyes locked on me.

I grimace as my name and the plea for help circles around me. How can I help them more? Again, I try to call out for help, but my plea goes unanswered. I feel the flames hiss and crackle around me as I look all around the dark cavern. In front of me, another image floats into view; a few month old dark fur cub with piercing emerald eyes stare back at me. I reach out, but the image disappears as a ghostly cry for help echoes around me.

My eyes snap open as I take in deep breathes of air. Sweet drips down my forehead as I turn over my side, feeling the cool stone beneath my hands. The soft snores of the other lionesses, cubs, and Simba surround me on all sides as I push myself up. Wiping my forehead, I sigh, my other hand falling across my large stomach. I sigh in relief before I push myself to my feet. Off to the right near the entrance, only a glimmer of morning light shines across the edge. I walk over and walk outside. A gentle cool breeze blows against my face as I step out. The first rays of light peek over the horizon of the fresh grasslands. Trees rustle gentle in the breeze while the mountains out west are still cast in shadow. Overhead, a few birds fly across the sky as a few animals begin to roam the Pride lands.

Each day more and more heard reenter the Pride lands, but it still doesn't feel the same, if it ever will when I was younger. A tiny smile forms on my face as I feel my…mine and Omarr's child kick. Omarr….my smile falters a bit as I close my eyes. Has it really been four months since I had last seen him? My heart sinks a little into my stomach as I close my eyes. I knew I had had to leave to help save the pride from the tyranny of Scar and the hyenas, but it still doesn't erase the guilt. Another gust of wind caresses my cheek and I feel his hand against my skin. Biting my lip, I open my eyes and sigh. Why can't have both of worlds together? The child kicks again and I smile. Maybe I do have both words with me in away. Once more, I hear the flap of wings reaches my ears as a hornbill flies over toward me. Setting on the ground, he spreads his blue feathers and bows to me.

"Good morning, your Highness," Zazu says respectfully.

"Good morning, Zazu and please, it's still Kimaria," I say softly. "Simba is the king."

Zazu looks up at me. "And you are the king's sister, your-"

I glare at him.

"I mean, Kimaria," he says softly, as though he would be harmed for showing disrespect to a member of the royal family.

I bite my lip as I clutch my mother's necklace around my neck; the cool sliver mental digging into my palm. Shaking my head, I sigh and look out again toward the horizon. The sun has raisin higher in the sky, banishing the last few stars away from the bright light. I sigh and look down at Zazu again. It seems like forever since just talked as friends like we did at the river bank when I was younger. Now, his days are spent filling Simba in on all the new arrivals into the Pride lands. Biting my lip, I sigh. How can I be so selfish? As though reading my mind, Zazu places a wing on my leg for some sort of comfort. I kneel down and smile at him as I stare into his beaty black eyes. Behind me, I hear a huge yawn as Simba walks outside. Automatically, Zazu lowers his wing from my leg and bows before the lion king.

"Good morning, Sire," he says.

Simba yawns again and starches; his claws popping out only a few inches away from Zazu and I. Straightening himself, Simba smiles at me before his eyes shift to Zazu. Again, Zazu moves a little further away from me.

"Good morning, Zazu, Kim," Simba says smiling. "How are you doing, are you feeling okay?" he asks, gesturing to my stomach.

I smile and nod even as my heart skips a beat. Only my human family and Taka had ever used that nickname. Yet, Simba just continues to look between me and the Pride lands. Even as a grown lion of age three I can still remember him as a new born cub. He has grown so much, though he never talks about his life between his exile and return to Pride Rock where we fought together to take back the throne. As the new king, he has taken on so many responsibilities that I wonder of its not overwhelming him. Simba glances over at me confused. Shaking my head, I smile and nod. Simba nods and together the three of us moved down Pride Rock and head out toward the savanna.

Zazu flies out west as Simba and I head east. Fresh grass has grown, but small patches of brown dried earth still remain. A few herds of antelope graze peacefully, but seem conscious of the amount and keep to one section. Giraffes grab at the tree leaves of the tall trees while small herds try to find their own grazing area. Calls of good morning surround Simba and I as we pass the different groups. Each animal bows separately as we walk by and I press my lips together. It still feels odd to be bowed to even if I am the king's sister and second queen next to Nala. Yet, all the animals seem to be more comfortable, practically to some of the lionesses, with me ruling in any form. During Scar's reign, I had been with them for little more than a year with them, enduring the cruelty of the hyenas and Scar with them. While Simba had just come back and taken power so they may not feel like he yearned the kingship. I can some of the animals looking at me in confusion in their eyes as why I had taken my place as the ruler. I shake my head, knowing the answer. I couldn't take Simba's place without endangering the pride.

Beside me, I feel Simba stiffen slightly as the animals bow to him. I try to get him to look at me, but he just continues to stare ahead. I bite my lip and sigh. Maybe he's just worried and anxious for Nala due any day to give birth to his own cub. Again, I feel my own hand lay across my own stomach as a single tear roll down my face. I have no one to share my joy with; even my baby's father will not share in the joy of seeing it being born. My hand tightens as I imagine the feel of the blood of Jamal, the human I had killed in a moment of panic, on my hands. How could Omarr and his tribe ever accept me back, even if I go back? I shake my head and sigh. All the lionesses are overjoyed for Nala and Simba, but none of them seem to care about my own child.

"Kimaria, are you okay?" Simba asks, looking up at me.

I lower my hand, glance over at him, and nod. Why burden him with my own self-pity problems? Yet, Simba won't let it drop as he pauses and clears his throat.

Turning around, I sigh and say, "Simba…I'm fine, really."

"Why don't you go back to Pride Rock and stay with Nala and the other lionesses," Simba says, looking directly into my eyes.

I shake my head. "I'm fine…just a little nervous I guess."

"About the cub?"

"No…well it's not all of it. It's about Zira. She's becoming more and more crazy after Scar's death and these awful rumors she's been spreading to anyone who will listen," I say, looking over Simba and back toward Pride Rock. Despite the heat, a shiver runs down my spine as I hug myself for warmth.

Simba sighs and nods. "I'm sure it's nothing, but the rumors are getting tiresome. I mean there are only so many times I can hear stuff of how great Scar was."

I bite my lip. Where those the only rumors he had heard? Or they rumors only meant for me to hear like Scar rapping me. Or that I had betrayed the Pride lands to other humans in our location? Even though I hardly discussed my time away from the pride, I hoped no one listened to the rumors. Again, I sigh and shake my head. Simba smiles and nudges me gently, purring softly. I feel a smile form at the corners of my lips as my fingers run through his red mane. Simba's head snaps up as his head snaps up; his ears perked out toward the west. I follow his lead and see Zazu flying toward us.

"Sire! Madam! Please you must come," Zazu cries, flapping his wings quickly.

"What is it?" Simba asks.

"It's the qu…Nala. She is giving birth and she asks for you."

Simba's eyes grow wide as he looks at me. After a moment, he shakes his head and lowers himself onto his front paws as I swing my leg over. Grabbing fist fulls of his mane, we ride head back toward Pride Rock.

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