The Lion King 3

By futureauthor1985

Chapter 1 – A New Beginning

Kovu stepped out of the cave inside Pride Rock where he and Kiara slept. He stretched and yawned then looked towards the sunrise. He watched for a while, but then turned back to the cave. He sat beside Kiara and gently licked her cheek again and again until she woke. She slowly blinked her glowing amber orbs of eyes and let out a huge yawn. "Good morning," she purred, glancing at him as she groggily got up. "Good morning," he replied affectionately as he rubbed himself along her side. She purred louder at this and closed her eyes for a moment, then she licked his cheek and padded out the cave to see if the hunting party needed any more lionesses. Kovu followed closely behind, but turning to Simba and Nala before Kiara reached the group of females. He knew he would have to talk about his future kingly duties, but if he didn't get it over with it would bite him later. As he approached the King and Queen of the largest pride known noticed, and the king smiled. "Hello, Kovu," Simba, leader of the Pride Lands greeted.

Kiara said hello to all the other lionesses as she passed them, being as friendly as usual. Vitani was leading the hunt today and she turned as she heard Kiara's voice. After a brief greeting, Vitani said, " Well, we have enough lionesses, so you don't have to come along today." She smiled, knowing that Kiara would like spending more time with her brother, Kovu. "OK, just wanted to make sure. Thanks, Vitani," Kiara said, smiling also. Then she turned and walked over to Kovu and her parents. "So, they have enough lionesses…I get to help you study being king," she stated during a small gap in the conversation. "That's a nice change," Nala purred, smiling. "Simba, why not give Kovu one day off so he and Kiara can enjoy it?" Simba sighed, thinking. "Alright, but we'll have to catch up later, that means extra time then," he warned. Kiara looked at Kovu who nodded and they simultaneously said, "OK."

Kovu and Kiara were racing each other, first to the waterhole wins. "I'm gonna beat you!" Kiara yelled over her shoulder as she passed Kovu. "We'll see about that!" he retorted, pushing himself harder. Kiara laughed and ran harder as well, so now she was a decent deal ahead. "Yes, we will!" Kovu kept his eyes on where he was heading, but didn't see a large rock, which he tripped over. He was going quite fast, so he rolled pretty far and slid down a small slope, all the way to the bottom. Kiara turned to look back at Kovu, but he was gone. She started to run back and saw the deep cuts his weight made on the earth. She followed them, desperately looking for her injured mate, and she found him laying in a heap on the ground at the foot of a large baobab tree. "Kovu?" she asked terrified, gently prodding him to see if he would wake. He let out a low moan. "Come on, we'd better get into shelter, there's a storm coming." She pulled the large lion to his feet and supported his weight on one side while he tried to hobble along on the other. Kiara was right, the storm was coming, and it began raining a little bit before the couple found a small cave. "Now you just rest here and get your strength back," Kiara instructed, fussing over him. Soon, she had licked Kovu dry and his head was propped up on her side while she continued to lick comfortingly. Eventually he woke and was a lot stronger. "Where….where are we?" he asked, confused. "Weren't we just…to the…" he trailed off as Kiara shushed him. "It's OK, you hit your head. We're just resting here for now," she comforted, curling up around him, motherly instinct kicking in. Kovu shook his head to clear his thoughts. He was still a bit dazed, but Then he remembered everything. He purred as he saw how beautiful Kiara looked with lightning behind her, making her glow more than normal. She purred as well and ran her full body length under his chin. He felt much better now as he curled around his beloved mate in the middle of the storm. Kiara slowly closed her eyes and slept, and Kovu watched her as long as he could stay awake, then drifted into dreams of their prosperous future…

End of Chapter 1. To be continued in other chapters.

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