AN: This very odd drabble contains spoilers from Series 5 up to Cold Blood, using possible theories I have regarding the finale episodes as well as elements of Classic, New and Big Finish Audio Doctor Who. I could be horribly wrong how things go but this was a fun, spur of the moment thing to write anyway.

If Here is Nowhere, Where is Somewhere?

Once, when the Time Lords ruled supreme over all of Space and Time, there were many forms of punishment for those who dared to rebel against the system. The Death Zone with its traps and monsters. Shada with eternal frozen imprisonment. The Matrix for enslavement to a thousand nightmares of fantasy made reality. The threat of Trials by Valeyards and summary executions by painful matter dispersal.

But most terrible of all, the dark secret which only the highest of the cruel and deadly Celestial Intervention Agency knew existed, was to erase a Time Lord from Time itself. As if they never existed.

Through the terrible power of a device called the Oubliette of Eternality, the damned prisoners would seemingly vanish from existence, from the very minds of their executors, past, present and future. But had the Time Lords known the truth, a far more terrible fate awaited them.

For they would find themselves in another reality, formless and shapeless. A reality in which time has no meaning or concept, where there is no time to be a Lord of. A tattered plain of existence where they and their fellow Never-Weres had nothing to do but be... be and seek unending vengeance on all Those Who Were as Wraths and Sirens of Time and Reapers and Vortisaurs and Weeping Angels feasted on all the Time they brought with them, until they were bone dry and had No Time To Spare.

In no-time to say but some-time later than one-time before-time, others but Lord Who Were No Time appeared from their dimension, though the cracks from Somewhere to Nowhere. Failed conquerors, homicidal pepperpots, soulless men of metal and plastic, thuggish animals and cloned warriors, rank upon rank of things from a thousand worlds and of course, those who never got to Be At All.

And at its heart, one chose to rule this land of Nothing, the spoils of war giving him power to govern this realm of Chaos. A King Who Never Was But Could Have Been, sucked through from Somewhere and a War of Time to Nowhere with his great and terrible Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres, who glorified themselves to be within a place which gave them meaning. And over all of this realm he sits, forever bound to be a Nobody That Rules Nothing But Everything Within Nothing.

This reality has had many names as it has fallen in and out of legend, myth and lore by the fall of the Time Lords. Some call it Limbo, Purgatory, the terrible Howling Halls. Others the dark foreboding Void of Endless Darkness, Neverland, The Axis of Insanity, Anti-Time...


And for Rory Williams, the boy turned man, the Doctor in mind and Nurse in body, who had loved Amy Pond so very much as to take the blow for her childhood hero... became the latest Boy Who Never Was, waiting in a realm of Nothing for a Wedding Which Will Never Be.

Until the Box Opens. Until the silence falls over Pandorica. And the Doctor comes to call.

And where so many there will be waiting for him to feel their pain...