Out Iced

Chapter 1: Jack Frost Who?

It was another day of planning evil schemes by the notorious Ice King whom was trying to once again plot to capture a princess or plot the down fall of Finn and Jake. The notorious Ice King had always been the King of Ice in the Land of Ooo, but that was all about to change one day. While the evil Ice King was studying in his lair on his upcoming strategy, a gust of wind burst in.

"Who dares enter the Ice King's realm?" shouted the Ice King as he shook his fist.

"You call yourself the King of Ice, I was the king before you were ever my dear old fool" said an unfamiliar voice.

"Just who are you to say such lies?" asked the Ice King.

"It is I, Jack Frost the Ultimate King of Ice" replied Jack as he came out of the shadows.

"But, but you were just a fairy tale" said the Ice King.

"I'm here to dethrone you of your title" laughed Jack.

"Ha, you're going to have to get through my snow monsters first!" laughed the Ice King as he summoned them in quite numbers.

Jack Frost simply then laughed out even louder.

"What's so funny, the fact that you'll taste your defeat?" laughed the Ice King, "Ha, and my mortal enemies say I can't make a pun!"

"Actually, I can summon even bigger monsters" laughed Jack as he snapped his fingers to which even larger snow monsters were spawned.

"Well, what are you waiting for, defend me!" ordered the Ice King to his minions.

But instead his minions simply ran off fearing the size of the icy snowy monsters Jack Frost had summon.

"You know former Ice King, I got to hand it to ya, your wasteland of ice helps me regenerate faster" said Jack, "but I'm afraid you'll no longer be in charge of your little wasteland any longer."

The Ice King then began to run away from his lair firing lightning bolts at the large ice monsters that were coming toward him. But as the cowardly Ice King was obviously failing to hold his own ground on the assault on his own title, one of the large monsters picked up the Ice King as the Ice King did all he can to stop the monsters.

"And now for the ultimate punishment, why don't you throw him away as a giant snowball?" laughed Jack.

"Oh the humiliating irony!" cried the Ice King as he was literally being rolled up as a giant snowball by the monster that was holding him.

The giant monster once finished putting the Ice King in his place by making a snowball out of him then throws him like a baseball across the sky. But while the Ice King was being ousted from his position by the notorious Jack Frost, Finn and Jack were heading toward the Candy Kingdom once more.

"So why did you think the Princess called us here?" asked Jake, "Is it because the Ice King is going to plot against to kidnap her again?"

"I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case" replied Finn.

As the two continued to head toward the castle, they noticed a shooting star which was really the poor Ice King still covered up as a giant snowball.

"Hey look a shooting star!" said Jake.

"Is it me, or is someone who we might know might be screaming for help?" asked Finn.

"You're being paranoid" laughed Jake as he pushed it aside as they continued to head toward the castle.

As the two finally had arrived, Princess Bubblegum answered the door.

"Finn, Jake, greetings" said Princess Bubblegum, "come on in friends."

"Say Princess, did you just happen to see an odd shooting star pass over your castle?" asked Finn whom was oddly concern.

"Why yes, I just wished the most joyful of all wishes" replied Princess Bubblegum.

"That our arch foe the Ice King was gone?" asked Jake.

"No, that there would be finally be peace and stability in the Land of Ooo" replied Princess Bubblegum.

"Well, wishing the Ice King were gone would be a pretty good wish" laughed Jake.

But while the three were about to have a good time, out in the outskirts of the Candy Kingdom, the Ice King had ironically landed right in a graveyard of the Candy Kingdom.

"Oh double, double the irony of that sinister Jack Frost!" cried the Ice King as he landed right in an empty grave, "That Jack Frost thinks he's the top of the top of being an icy villain, well two can play at this deception, and I just might know the two who might be able to help me whether they want me to or not!"

Back at the castle, Princess Bubblegum wanted to show Finn the research she was involved in so far.

"So what's your latest project you want me to help you on?" asked Finn.

"I am planning to have my candy people be able to withstand Ice King's future onslaught" replied Princess Bubblegum, "Ice King believes he can come in and be able to freeze anyone he wants, well with my formula I'm going to give to my people will protect them and give off a heat aura around them protecting themselves from being frozen."

"Wow, that's going to also help us when we also face Ice King again" added Finn.

But Finn and Princess Bubblegum spoke too soon, as the Ice King had managed to freeze the guards and managed to overpower Jake.

"Quickly, we're being attacked by the Ice King!" cried Jake as he came into the scene.

"Now, but it's too soon, I need more time to test it!" cried Princess Bubblegum.

Suddenly the doors to Princess Bubblegum's research lair busted wide open revealing the notorious Ice King himself was ready to kidnap her again.

"You'll never be able to take me away!" cried Princess Bubblegum.

"Oh, it's not you who I am after" replied the Ice King whom then managed to freeze Princess Bubblegum's thigh area making her unable to move, "it's Finn and Jake that I want."

"Hey, have you adopted another lifestyle?" asked Jake.

"No, what I need is your help to get me back to my Ice Kingdom" replied Ice King.

"Help you, why should we help you?" asked Finn, "We can easily defeat you no problem."

"Yeah" added Jake.

"Oh, but I'm afraid you'll not be able to defeat Jake Frost, you see he's the one whom has dethroned me from my title as the Ice King" replied the Ice King.

"This has to be some sort of a trick" said Finn.

"It's no trick" replied the Ice King.