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Emily almost ran from her kitchen to the door once she heard the knock. Swinging the door open, she was immediately met by the two people who had somehow wove their way into her heart over the last twenty-four hours. Emily's breath caught in her throat as she looked at Hotch, who was smiling down at her with those gorgeous dimples, then turned her attention to Jack who had thrown himself at her legs the second she opened the door. He had the same dimples as his father – so adorable.

"MISS EM'LY!" screamed the enthusiastic five year old.

"Hey kiddo! How's my favorite little guy?" she asked, squatting down to Jack's level and casting a look up at his father, who was still in the doorway, smiling down at them.

Hotch knew he looked like an idiot just standing there, but they looked so cute together, and he could really get used this. It reminded him of having a family again.

"Good Miss Em'ly! We going to movie!" He was just too cute.

"Yeah we are big man!" she said ruffling his hair. Standing up, she looked at Hotch and smiled. His dark eyes were warm and uncharacteristically easy to read. He was happy.


"Hey," she said back, with a stupid grin still on her face.

"You ready to go?" he said picking up Jack and placing him on his hip. It was so domestic for Hotch, but Emily figured she could get used to it. Grabbing her purse, she followed them out the door and locked it. Hotch set Jack back down when he struggled to get out of his father's grasp, and stood between the two adults, taking one of their hands in each of his.


Lunch was…interesting…to say the least. There was an awkward explanation when the hostess had mistaken them as a family.

"Uhh, well, actually you see, umm, we're not…well I don't think we are…but he's, uh, my boss…are we? Anyway, table for three," Emily said tripping over every word completely tongue tied. Hotch smirked at her obvious discomfort. She was so cute. They didn't even try to explain when the waitress commented on their 'cute family' too.

After that, other than Jack spilling his chocolate milk on Hotch and the water he got afterwards on Emily, the lunch went fairly well. Emily tried to pay for her half of the check, but Hotch of course being the gentleman huffed rolling his eyes and snatched the bill.

"Don't think that you are going pay for anything today, and you better not even try tomorrow," he said, and that was the end of it.

Today was all about Jack and keeping him happy. Jack was thrilled to have his daddy and Miss Emily together because they were the bestest people in the world. Hotch was not oblivious to his son's crush on Emily, but tried to keep her from noticing it. It would be really awkward if he blindsided her with a marriage proposal, which he had already done to three girls in his class since he started at his new school five months ago. Jack would definitely need to spend less time with Dave.

"When I grow up, I want to be an ogre," he stated very matter-of-factly on the way to the car. He was holding Emily's hand, who had her other hand wrapped around Hotch's waist, like his was around hers. The feeling was comforting and felt…right. Both Hotch and Emily started laughing and couldn't help but smile at the little boy.

"What? He was so cool! Daddy did you see when he…" Jack kept going on and on about every detail of the movie, even as he started to fall asleep in the back of the car. Looking back at him and smiling after his talking ceased, Emily smiled and then looked over at Hotch, who was doing the same thing through the rear view mirror.

"He's really a great kid Hotch. And he's so lucky to have a dad like you," Emily said, putting her hand on top of Hotch's, which was resting the large armrest between them, and squeezed it. Turning his gaze to her, his features soften. Emily didn't ever say things that weren't true, or even half-true. She really meant what she just said. Turning his hand over and intertwining their fingers, he squeezed back. "Thank you, Emily."

"Anytime, sir," she said winking, causing the newly famous half smile to pop out. "So," she said after a few seconds of silence. "Do I get a hint as to where we are going tomorrow?" she asked hopefully.

"Not a chance," he said, shaking his head and grinning more.

"Really? Ok fine – can you at least tell me what I need to wear?"

Turning into her apartment complex, he gave her another half smile and winked. "I'll pick you up at eight. Wear something sexy."


"Daddy we need to talk," Jack Hotchner said very seriously to his father, standing in the doorway of Hotch's bathroom. Spitting out and rinsing his mouth, he put the toothbrush down and turned to his son and bent down to his level. When he answered, he used the same serious tone. "What do you need to talk about Jack?"

"You need to sit down daddy. This is big." Hotch tried not to smile at his five year old son's seriousness. This must be important, but whatever it was wasn't scaring him. He looked, determined almost.

"Okay Jack, I'm sitting. What is it?" Jack took in a deep breath and then looked up at his dad.

"Miss Em'ly is really funny and pretty and nice so I want to marry her," he said pulling out a ring from his pocket. It was the kind of ring you got off a frosted cupcake from Kroger at a kid birthday party. For a second, Hotch didn't know what to say. Crap. This was what he was trying to avoid. He didn't know how to tell him that he couldn't marry Emily without making him upset. He had to try to let him down easy.

"Well Jack, here's the thing. Miss Emily is a lot older than you. She is my age, so she can't marry you. But you know what, that doesn't mean that she doesn't love you, because she does. She loves you very, very much, but she loves you in a different way than how married people love each other. But I agree with you; Miss Emily is very nice and funny and extremely beautiful. And you know what? I think that you will be seeing Miss Emily a lot more pretty soon. How does that sound?" Hotch said holding his breath. Please don't cry, please don't cry.

"Okay fine daddy," Jack said looking dejected, but not in tears. Then his tiny head shot up and he smiled at his father. "Daddy, if I can't marry Miss Emily, can you? Then she can be there FOREVER!" By the end of his thought he was jumping up and down yelling please over and over. Hotch closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "We'll see Jack," he finally said, trying to let it show in his voice that it was unlikely. It was the same way he responded every time Jack asked for a puppy. In reality, Hotch kind of liked the idea of marrying Emily. She was funny and nice like Jack said, but she also was the kind of person he could rely on with anything. There was something about her that just made everyone around her happy, and her smile was the only other smile besides Jack's that made him want to smile back. Her laugh from down in the bull pin was always a breath of fresh air. Not to mention that she was down-right gorgeous.

"We'll see."


Five minutes 'til eight, Emily was running around her apartment with one shoe in her hand, the other hand on her foot, her dress only half zipped, mascara wand in the same hand as her shoe trying not to let them touch, frantically searching for her black clutch, and telling Hotch on the phone which was in her free hand that she would be ready at eight with no problem. Shit.

Hanging up and quickly strapping on one shoe, then the other, she sucked in to zip up the rest of her dress without pinching her skin. She was mentally slapping herself for not starting to get ready earlier, but what could she do now. Coating her eyelashes with a final coat of mascara, she put it away looking at the clock. Two minutes to eight, and her was always on time. Again, shit.

Unable to find the black clutch, she gave up and grabbed her red one, rolling her eyes when she realized that she should have used that one all along and then she wouldn't of been going crazy looking for her other one. If we go out again, we are going to Applebee's, she thought to herself. She did have to admit thought that she looked pretty good. The dress definitely fit Hotch's 'sexy' dress code, but didn't look slutty. As she was fixing her curls in the mirror, she smiled when she heard the doorbell ring.

Practically running towards the door, she checked the peep hole just to be sure before she threw it open. Wow – he looked great. He had on one of his regular suits, minus the tie, and had two buttons on the top undone. It was sexy.

"Hey," she said breathlessly.

He used the full force of his dimples as he smiled at her. "Hey. You look absolutely gorgeous Emily," he said. She blushed not at his words, but how he said it. There was something there she couldn't quite pinpoint. "And you did well following my instructions for wearing something sexy," he said in a lighter tone. She smiled back. "Well, sir, you don't look too bad yourself."

Smirking, he pulled a bouquet of roses from behind his back. Red ones. "I got these for you," he said, handing them too her. Emily bit her lip and held back tears. That was the sweetest thing anyone had done for her in a long, long time. Without thinking, she leaned up to quickly kiss his cheek. "Thank you," she said, her voice a bit thick. "Umm, I'm just going to put these in a vase really quick. Come on in." She turned to walk back to the kitchen.

Stepping into her apartment, he closed the door and took the minute alone to collect himself. She looked amazing in that silky red dress. It clung to her curves, accenting her chest and immediately drawing his attention towards it. He felt like he was in high school again when he tilted his head slightly to the side when she stood on her tippy toes and reached upward for a vase on the top shelf of the cabinet with her back towards him. This was going to be a long night.

Emily smiled as she turned back to Hotch. She had turned around abruptly and caught his head snap straight. Huh. She walked a bit slower than usual and swayed her hips a bit more walking back to him. Winking, she opened the door and pulled him out of her apartment, linking their arms and resting her hand on his forearm. "Lead the way Hotch," she said looking up at him.

"Emily, I think tonight you can call me Aaron." He would feel too much like her boss if she called him Hotch all through dinner. Then it would feel like they were at some local pub discussing case notes and not on a date.

"Okay, Aaron." It felt weird calling him that, though she knew it was weirder that she thought it was weird. Why should it be weird calling someone by their first name? Neathertheless, she liked saying it. No one else, aside from Dave and Jessica, called him Aaron. She kind of felt special.


After they were seated and ordered their drinks, they started talking. They talked about everything from their favorite childhood memories to their favorite colors. The more Aaron learned about Emily, the more he wanted to know, and vice versa. Emily laughed more in the ninety minutes she spent with Hotch than she had during her entire relationships with her last three boyfriends. And she really liked this side of Hotch. It was one that she had never seen before, probably only the night the team went out when Gideon was still around and Hotch brought Haley to the bar. She felt a sense of pride that she could bring that side of him back again after it had been so long.

Hotch couldn't believe how relaxed he felt. He did really 'let loose' as Morgan would say. Emily made him smile, laugh, and be…happy. It hit him midsentence and he just started at her. She made him happy. He hadn't been happy in a long time, and he certainly wasn't going to give it up now.

"Aaron?" Emily's voice snapped him out of his internal revelation. Shaking his head a bit to shake it off, he apologized and asked what he had been saying before. The conversation picked back up and they continued talking until the waiter made it pretty obvious that they needed to leave.

Holding hands, they walked to the car in comfortable silence. Emily tipped her head to rest it against his shoulder. She knew that no matter how well tonight went, they were both professionals and wouldn't show any affection whatsoever in the office. She had to get what she could before they had to go back to their old demeanors on Monday.

He surprised her by unhooking their fingers and wrapped his arm around her waist. Then she froze when turned his head and lightly kissed the top of her head. Shit! He thought. Was that too soon? Of course it was you idiot. It's our first 'date' and you kissed her head just like the couple three tables down who had been together for thirty years did. You're moving too fast Aaron. Nice job; now you freaked her out and she will feel awkward because there is no way in hell she feels the same way.

Emily's breath hitched and she froze. Oh my god, he feels the same way, was her only thought before she quickly turned in his arms, grabbing his face with both hands and crushing her lips to his. It took a second before he realized what had just happened, but then immediately wrapped one arm tightly around her waist and the other fisted in her hair. Then he kissed her back.

They stood wrapped in each other's arms, holding themselves together as tightly as possible, until air was absolutely necessary. Their lips pulled apart, but they didn't let go of one another. Emily rested her forehead against Aaron's, breathing heavily but smiling. Aaron looked into Emily's eyes for any signs of regret found only the happiness and joy that reflected from his own. He gently pressed his lips back on Emily's before pulling back again and resting his forehead against hers.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," she said breathlessly. She couldn't stop smiling. Truth be told, Emily Prentiss had always had some kind of feelings for her boss, but always shoved it away, never acting on or even recognizing that feeling. It all just went into one her many boxes, never to be heard of again. But this weekend broke that box open and all those feelings she had pushed away for the past three years came out, spilling years of passion into the kiss.

"Yeah?" he said, smiling back. He didn't know what to do or say. All he knew was that the woman he was falling for somehow loved him too. He couldn't remember being this happy.

"Yeah," she breathed, looking into his eyes. He leaned forward and recaptured her lips into another passionate kiss.

After what seemed like forever, they pulled apart, realizing that they were still in the middle of the parking lot. Aaron wrapped his arm back around her waist and she leaned her head against his shoulder again as they walked towards the car. Like a perfect gentleman, he opened her door for her before pulling out of the parking lot. Not much was said on the way back to her apartment, they just held hands and silently took in what had just happened. They both knew that they wanted whatever it was that was between them to continue, but other than that, they were at loss of what to do. No matter how much he cared about her, he'd still be her boss, and she'd still be his subordinate. Do they tell the team right away, or do they wait? What will Strauss do? What will Jack think? There was so many things they had to figure out.

"Do you want to come in? I think there's some stuff we need to talk about," she said. Of course, she also thought, there's some stuff we need to do without talking. Deciding to keep that part to herself for now, she tried to make her voice as innocent as possible.

"Are we just going to talk?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows in a joking voice. She started giggling like a love struck teenager.

"Come on!" she said pulling him from the car.


They decided that they would keep their new relationship under wraps for a few months before letting the team. They were going to have to go back to strictly professional at the office. He was Hotch, she was Prentiss. They couldn't let anything show – no extra long glances, no constantly looking at each other thought the window to his office, and no smiling at each other every time they passed. In other words, work had to be hell until they decided to tell Rossi, who had good connections with some of the higher ups who could influence Strauss.

Aaron was lying on the couch with Emily on his chest, arms wrapped around one another. Emily tilted her head and kissed his cheek.

Eyes crinkling, he asked what that was for.

"Just for being you," she responded smiling. He pushed himself up to meet her lips and kissed her again. This kiss, though just as passionate as the ones before, had something different. Emily giggled when Hotch flipped them on the couch so he was on top of her, running his tongue along her bottom lip at the same time, asking for entrance which she happily gave. They would have stayed like that forever had they not needed to breathe. Pulling apart, Aaron looked beneath him at Emily, lips swollen from the kiss, hair sprawled out across the arm of the couch. She looked beautiful.

"You know Emily," he said between pants. "I think I'm falling for you."

Emily broke out into a huge smile, and leaned up to kiss his lips lightly, pulling away before either one of them could deepen the kiss. Still breathing heavily, she replied, "I sure hope so Aaron," before pulling his head back down onto hers.