Harry and Christine, in a sense, talked about the situation, but then, at the same time they didn't mention it.

Christine took the next week off but she decided to just stay home and try to relax. It was starting to work until the door bell rang.

Who could that be?

She hadn't told anyone she was staying home.

She opened the door to find Harry standing there.

Oh gosh. Why?

She put on a smile

"Harry? Hi! What are you doing here?"

Harry smiled, "How did I know you here?"

Christine blushed a bit. Not enough to really notice though. "Come in."

Harry stepped into her apartment. He stood by the couch with his hands in his pockets.

Christine wasn't really sure why Harry was here. She wasn't sure if she wanted to find out either.

Who was she kidding? She wanted to know. Badly.



"Well, I'm going to assume that there is a reason you came."

"Actually there is."


He stuttered a bit.

"Well… uh… I've been thinking about the other day, and, uh, I know that we talked about how… embarrassing, what Dan said was, but, we uh… never really mentioned what was actually said."

Christine panicked a bit; she didn't know how to respond.

"Uhh… we didn't?"




Let's PLEASE not talk about it now.


"No, thanks."

"Alright then… how about tea?"




"Name something, I'll go to the store and buy it."

"Christine, I know you're trying to the conversation."

Think! Think!



"Ooh, pie?"

"Coconut cream pie! I'll go grab some!"

Yay! That actually worked!

She walked into the kitchen and quickly brought the pie into the living room along with two plates and forks.

She gave him a big piece.

There, that should distract him for a bit.

Harry dug into his pie. He was about half way through it before he realized that she only gave him pie as clever distraction from the conversation he need to have with her but was to fearing.

The clever thing.

"Hey sneaky, how did you know that this pie would stop me from talking?"

Christine smiled slightly.

"The same way you knew I wasn't leaving here for my vacation."

Harry smiles and took one more bit of his pie before he set it down on the coffee table.

"We really need to talk."

She sighed.

"Why? Why do we always have to talk about every little thing that happens?"

"Well, about this specific 'thing' that happened, I figured that when you get back to work, instead of having to say 'no' every time someone asks, 'Did you talk it all out?', you could save time and just say yes so they won't ask again."

"So I take it people are talking?"

"Yes, but not as much or as badly as you would think."

"That's good, I guess…"

"Look Christine, I've been thinking a lot about what Dan said…"

Christine looked away from Harry.

I guess there's no stopping it.

"I have too…"


"And…" Alright Christine, you can do it. Tell him the truth. Tell him now. There's nothing and no one who can interrupt you. "and.. I… I… on for Pete's sake, I think he's right!"

I can NOT believe I just said that.

Harry was pretty surprised by her response.

Surprised, but very happy.

Yes, he did do a lot of thinking and he finally realized the fact that he truly loved Christine, and that he has loved her for the past five years now, and there was no denying it.

"You do?"

She couldn't bear to look at his face.


She could have cried but she didn't.

"Oh thank God!"

With that reaction she could look at his face.


"I think he's right too!"


They were both ecstatic, but then, Christine wondered if Harry though she meant she agreed with what Dan said about their jobs, not about them being in love.

"Really." He smiled.

Christine thought for a moment.

I really wish I knew if he knows what I mean. I wish I could ask him what he thinks I mean but that could ruin everything. But I really want him to know that I love him!

He had to know what I mean! Look at his face…look at HIM. He is so adorable!

She couldn't hold it in any longer.

She leaned over and kissed him. Passionately. Lovingly. And to her surprise and relief, he kissed her right back.

Wow. He's a good kisser!

Harry thought the exact same about her.

After awhile, which felt like a glorious eternity to them, they looked at each other and smiled.

"And no one walked in on us."

Christine giggled and kissed him again.

Harry pulled away, not much, but just that he could look her in the eyes and say the words he had longed to say for what seemed like forever.

"I love you, Christine"

"I love you too, Harry. With all my heart."

Their next kiss turned into a night of wonderful passion.

Christine returned to work the next day with Harry. Neither of them could wait to tell everyone the great news. Everyone was so happy for them.

Next Christmas, at the stroke of midnight, at the same place where they had kissed the year before, Harry proposed to Christine. She accepted in a heartbeat. Three months later they were married. Sixteen months after that, on July 30th, Christine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who Christine and Harry named Abigail Grace Stone.

Their story may not completely be a fairy tale, there were no castles, no knights is shinning armor, but Harry and Christine, and of course Little Abby, indeed did live,

Happily ever after…

The end.

Thank you all who have read and reviewed! I was extreamly nervous this story being my first fanfic. I really did enjoy writting this and look foward to writting more. Thank you all again for all of your support! It was (and still is) greatly appreciated along with all of your feedback. ~markaleen