U Mad?

I used to think making people angry was bad. You know, them not liking you and making them upset. I can't help it; I'm a Pink Ranger, okay? I like people to be happy.

But making Sango angry made Miroku happy… so that counts, right?

Anyway, after Miroku went and hit on a bunch of girls, Sango was all sorts of distressed. She didn't like Miroku being with other women (that whole "soul mate" thing) and she didn't like the fact that she didn't like Miroku being with other women (that whole "jealously" thing).

For several days, things were fairly status quo. Sango glared; Miroku grinned. Sango ignored; Miroku antagonized (I swear that man is masochistic).

They interrupted their regularly scheduled bickering, though, with a full-blown argument. Like, I've never seen Miroku this angry. I wandered through the door, fresh from a trip to the mall (where I bought the world's cutest shoes… but that's not the point) to find them shouting at each other. Sango was beet red and breathing like she'd run a marathon. Miroku's eyes were narrowed and cold, and he was so motionless that it was really creepy.

"Um… what's going on?"

Sango was the first to respond. "Miroku, here, is a demon sympathizer. Did you know that?"

I was confused. "Like… he feels bad for them?" Remember, I didn't grow up in the whole demons versus other demons versus humans debate. I was fighting aliens.

Yes, this is my life. How many people can say that?

Anyway, Miroku answered first. "I am not a sympathizer. I am simply aware, unlike Sango, that not all demons are bad."

"They should be exterminated." Both their voices were scary-dark.

"Wait," I piped up. "Shippou's a demon and you like him. And Kirara." The adorable kitty demon mewed at me from the top of the bookcase. I was trying to think of others. "Lord Stick-Up-His-Butt is a jerk, but InuYasha's not bad. After all, he brought Miroku to you!"

She looked at me as though this was not a selling point toward the half-demon. "That's different."

"How?" Miroku and I asked at the same time.

"Demon slayers have worked for demons for centuries," Sango pointed out angrily. Even I could tell she was kind of changing the subject. "That's ridiculous. We're used as nothing more than weapons in a demon war, when we have a long history of keeping them at bay."

"And you do," Miroku pointed out. "Your arguments and excuses are empty. You have no substance, and you're painting all of a species with the same brush. There are humans that murder, humans that rape. By your way of thinking, demons have every reason to hate you as much as you hate them, despite you never having done either. You've only attacked demons who have attacked humans."

Sango looked like she wanted to slap him, but didn't really have an argument.

"I'm disappointed in you, Sango," he finally said. He left, going to his room.

She glared at me (like I had anything to do with this!) and sighed. "See? Now I have another reason to hate InuYasha."



I have no legal rights to the InuYasha characters; that honor belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and a bunch of Japanese and English companies. I just abuse them for the giggles.

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