Never Ending Story

Summary: Years after graduation- the total time frame hasn't been determined yet- the children of the Winx and their friends step in to pick up the reins of learning magic. Actually it's the same round robin Rogue Scholar and I started up about five years or so ago and got kinda distracted with. This one now contains a plot!

Note: This prolog chapter will only include information about the Winx, Mirta and Lucy. Rogue Scholar's prolog will cover her OCs and this in itself will hopefully alleviate a lot of the issues we had with our first round robin. As always if you have any questions a PM is always welcome and we will be more than happy to help you.

Dedication: The readers and reviewers of our first round robin. Thank you for reading it even if it did turn into a bit of a mix up before we got lives.

Disclaimer: There's a time to grow and a time to discover life is precious every second you've wasted mine and it's my time.

Prolog: Something to Keep for Future Reference

It has been over twenty-five years since the girls left their schools for their planets to live their lives as fully realized fairies and witches. It's been the same for the boys as they moved on from Red Fountain to take what they practiced in school into the real world and see if they'd learned enough to keep them employed and alive.

As far as everyone's lives went in the time after graduation it was pretty uneventful. Of course Bloom and Sky got married- much to King Elendor's ire and at times King Oritel's worry (1) - and jointly ruled Eraklyon and Domino. Yes to be honest family reunions were rather messy affairs, but things did settle down a bit after Bloom had her first child, a boy named Talone who would someday rule Eraklyon two years later she had a girl- Miriam Vanessa- whom she named after her two mothers so an heir for Domino was secured as well. Sure the two aging kings still feuded, but it wasn't as bad as it could be.

Things were a bit smoother for Stella and Brandon although Brandon had a heck of a time getting used to being called his Majesty. Stella for all her flightiness was an impeccable queen once King Radius deemed her mature enough to run Solaria on the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday. Each morning after that Stella kept track of what went on in Solaria's Parliament (2) and even secured trade with her long time friend's planet- Domino for the first time in generations. When Stella and Brandon's son Sean was born he was immediately spoiled by all members of the family and bragged about to Bloom whose son was three months older. A year later of course there was a daughter and Stella who had gone on a six month long leave of absence from Parliament the first time around did the same for Ailani Rose's birth as was now customary. However she kept tabs on everyone via cameras and mobile phones because even in her late twenties Stella of Solaria couldn't bear to be kept out of the loop.

Musa and Riven were being kept quite busy raising Riven's daughter Ryder from Darcy. This task kept Musa from keeping up with all her friends from Alfea with the exception of Layla who sometimes took time off from helping her parents rule Andros to assist Musa on the road when she did concerts and talk shows. Five years after her first album went triple platinum Musa had a daughter of her own with Riven and named her Raven Allegra. Musa's father, Hoboe, was in the delivery room with them and claimed that the baby girl was the spitting image of his late wife. Two years later Musa had to take a break from touring altogether to help nurse her father through a few serious illnesses which he recovered from in time to help raise his granddaughters.

Layla as has been mentioned helped her parents keep Andros safe and peaceful after the loss of Nabu the formerly vibrant young woman was never completely back to her pre engaged self. A few years after her loss Layla tried to get back into the dating scene and began a whirlwind romance with a prince Evan from a neighboring kingdom. For a while the society pages were full of headlines about Princess Layla's prince charming- however after their brief engagement and wedding the same papers were filled with Layla's Philandering prince turning back into a frog. After the birth of their daughter- Leilani Aisha- Layla tried to ignore the rumors until she saw with her own eyes that the whispers were true and packed herself and Leilani up and back to the Palace of Tides on Andros away from prying eyes and paparazzi where she assisted her parents and eventually became queen of Andros. Leilani visited her father from time to time at his palaces in Aquitaine, but she was primarily considered the sole heir to Andros since Leilani's father married again and had two boys about six years younger than she was.

Flora and Helia fared much better than Layla did. Their lives were pretty uneventful, when Flora wasn't acting as guardian fairy of Linphea she was helping large companies become more eco-friendly (This is Flora we're talking about, if she can get it to go green she will.) along with her younger sister Mialei who had broken from tradition and gone to Cloud Tower- yeah that was not met with the warmest of welcomes. Helia put his poetry to good work and eventually became a romance novelist. Two years after marriage and Helia's first national best seller, Flora found out they were expecting twin boys- who she and Helia named Adon and Austin. By the time Mialei had earned her Sorcerix (3) Flora and Helia had another child, a girl named Fiona Marie, and were kept pretty busy. They did however find time to keep in touch with Timmy and Tecna when the other couple could drag themselves away from their business and kids.

As I mentioned already Tecna and Timmy had a business and it was quite profitable proving that you can work with your spouse and not try to bury him in the basement later. After leaving their respective schools and getting married in a small ceremony Tecna and Timmy opened a small software consulting company on Zenith which somehow mutated into one of the most successful businesses in that realm. This kept the couple busy until both of them were confident they'd hired enough of the right people to manage the departments and finally took a much needed holiday to celebrate. Nine months after that holiday Timmy was in a delivery room in his home realm of Electritis (4) holding Tecna's hand while Tecna alternated between pushing, breathing and checking their company's status on her realmberry as she gave birth to their son Tyler. Six years later Tecna and Timmy went on another holiday just for a second honeymoon. Seven months later after being on strict bed rest and Timmy hiding her laptop from her so she wouldn't try to get up and go to the office- because Tecna is a bit of a control freak- Tecna gave birth to a tiny baby girl and named her Tatiana meaning Fairy Queen. Due to complications during the pregnancy and the fact that Tiana was born premature Tecna and Timmy decided that two kids were enough and focused on them and their company.

After her fourth year of Cloud Tower was over Lucy decided to take a year off and go down to Earth to do some research on the witches who lived there. Mirta came along to offer support when her friend's boyfriend Lance had to go back to Geos for a while. Both girls had taken Bloom's advice and headed for Gardenia.

While in Gardenia Mirta decided to enroll at a local community college and take some classes in computer graphics and design. In one of her classes she met a dark eyed dark haired boy named Andy and was paired with him on a few group projects. The pair grew closer and began dating much to Lucy's chagrin. A year later before both Lucy and Lance went back to Geos to start their own lives they stood as witnesses at Mirta and Andy's wedding. Bloom had been invited along with the other Winx girls, but she politely declined after finding out that Mirta's Andy was her ex boyfriend. Three years later Mirta was working in the gaming industry as a designer- primarily for girl's adventure games- and she and Andy had a daughter named Lucia (5) after her friend Lucy.

As for Lucy herself, after returning back to Geos from Earth she began teaching history classes at a local secondary school and Lance started up his own construction business assisted from time to time by his friend Kyle. Three years after they got married they had a daughter named Miranda.

And now you know a scant piece of what happened with the Winx and their friends after they left the gates of Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain.

Bonne Nuit mes enfants!

So, questions, comments or suggestions? Just no tomatoes okay?

1.) There's a rumor that at one point King Elendor and King Oritel were friends and part of the reason Domino/Sparks fell was because Elendor didn't help his friend. This rumor may be fact and may be in the second Winx Club movie. Even if it isn't true, it's staying in this story so deal with it Kai?

2.) I've decided to have Solaria run a bit like the UK and Canada so there's a Parliament, but I won't be using a Prime Minister. Especially one like Stephen Harper of Canada! Also it just seems fitting that as Queen Stella would assist or preside over Parliament in Solaria like Elizabeth the 2nd does in England and Canada.

3.) Think of it as the witch version of Enchantix and keep the word in mind because it along with Runix will come back.

4.) Yes I'm in the medical field, Electritis actually means inflammation of electricity and no my spell check did not recognize my made up word. None of the boys save for Sky and Brandon were given planets so it's up to me to make some.

5.) This name means light and is the Italian form of Lucy