You know you're obsessed with Star Trek when...
You've watched every episode of your respective series over spring break.

You can name every main character and their vital statistics at the drop of a hat.

And their life story.

You know the name of every series of ST and the captain of each.

References made to ST, no matter how many times you see them, make you giddy with euphoria.

You've fangirled over your favorite character(s) at least once.

You've dumped a bf/gf on the sole premise that they didn't like Star Trek.

Or because they hated it/your favorite series.

And the person being dumped was cute/hot/sweet/sophisticated/chivalrous/etc.

Star Wars fans piss you off.

You've debated with others at least once over who was the better captain – Kirk or Picard.

You've had these debates with yourself.

You've factored in Nu!Kirk in these debates.

You've brought up other ST captains (Sisko, Janeway, Adama, Archer, etc.) during said debates.

You know how to play Fizzbin, and have done so on at least one occasion.

You made an OC for ST before you even knew what an OC was.

You know that the term Mary-Sue came from a ST fanfic.

You knew that Wesley Crusher was a Gary-Stu.

You love Wesley Crusher regardless.

You can relate to characters of your series on a daily basis.

You actually watch ST on a daily basis.

You understand the political/spiritual/religious/controversial parts of ST plots, what they mean, and how they apply to current (or past) events.

You fangirl over Shatner and/or Nimoy to this day, even though they're both old enough to be your grandfather.

Chekov's accent, be it TOS or Reboot, never fails to make you squee.

Aforementioned accent is, in your opinion, the cutest thing you've ever heard.

You were over the moon when you found out Nimoy was in the 2009 movie.

The 2009 movie made you mad simply because JJ ruined the best duo in history.

Which, as you obviously know, is Kirk and Spock.

You make random references to ST in normal conversations.

You know every one of McCoy's "I'm a doctor, not a" lines.

You squeed when not one, but two new "I'm a doctor, not a" lines made it into the 2009 movie.

You can explain the "Spock: Death-Resurrection" arc in great detail.

You know that Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres of Voyager were made for each other.

The same goes for Riker and Deanna.

You know Seven of Nine was to boost ratings.

You still like Seven of Nine despite that.

You got pissed, threw something and cried when Spock died.

And when Kirk died.

And when Data died.

And you know which movies these three events happened in. (The Wrath of Khan; Generations; Nemesis)

And you know how they died. (radiation poisoning; crushed by a bridge; exploding ship)

Interrupt you while you're watching ST and you'll show them anger issues.

You've written fanfiction for ST.

Long fanfiction.

When people call you a geek/nerd/dork, you smile.

Better yet, you give them a hug and thank them.

Then give them a cookie.

You have at least one theory as to why Uhura was missing in "The Doomsday Machine".

You wish you could join Starfleet.

You like to pretend you're in Starfleet.

You do this with friends.

You've seen all the movies at least once.

If you'd been a writer for Enterprise, T'Pol and Archer's wedding would've been the series finale.

You have dreams about ST.

You don't get why people don't like ST.

You've wanted to marry certain characters at times.

You've done at least five things on this list.

Your first crush was an ST character.

You love the 60s.

You know firsthand how cheesy special effects were in the 60s.

People have dumped you before because you cared more about ST.

You turned down a date with your crush because you were planning to watch ST movies that night.

If you accepted, all you talked about was ST.

47 is your favorite number.

You go halfway across the world to meet your favorite ST actor.


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