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Hidan's father was taken to the hospital the next day.

We walked into his office, and I sat at the computer to check the itinerary. He sat down and stared in my direction. I looked up, staring back at him for a moment. "Are you okay?"

"…I don't know."

I frowned and turned back to the itinerary. Could I get through today without him? Maybe he could get home, and get some- I looked up as I heard something crumbling to the floor.

I watched him being taken away in the ambulance. "I'm fine." he called out to me. "Make sure Hidan is okay."

So here I was, outside of the school, waiting for him to come out. If I walked in and took him out of class, he would panic. I would wait until 2:30 until he came out right after class was released.

Suddenly, standing there, leaning against the building, I began to feel uneasy. I looked down at my left hand, to my wedding ring, which was suddenly heavier than I remembered. Weird.

People began trickling out of the school building, one by one, and then in large hoards. Sasori came out with Deidara. Hidan wasn't with them.

Sasori was nearly grinning at something Deidara said, but as he saw me, he frowned and stared at me in a peculiar manner. "Kakuzu… hello."

"Hey. Is Hidan still inside?"

"…What? He went home after lunch."


Hidan went home? No, he couldn't have. He didn't have the car. Did he really plan on walking? Ugh, he would have.

"Kakuzu, you didn't get his call from the office, hmm?"

What? Call? From the office? No, of course not- wait. No.

I grabbed Deidara's arms and pinned him against the wall. "What do you mean?" I shouted. "What happened?!"

Deidara groaned under my hold on his arms. He shifted and looked at Sasori, who I could tell was uncomfortably shifting around behind me.

"He… he felt sick again, so he called you. It went to voicemail, so he called the office." He called the office? So… a secretary would have answered, right? Why didn't I get the message?

"He was laying on his desk, waiting for the phone call… You called him, right? You told him you'd meet him?"

What? "I never called him."

"You never-" Sasori shut up immediately. Panic entered my bloodstream. It soared through me, rushing through my veins. It blocked all my oxygen flow. It spread like venom.

I jumped off Deidara and ran to the car, I slammed the door and blared against the car horn, rushing down the highway. I had to get home. I had to make sure Hidan got home safe. How could he be so fucking stupid?!

I didn't bother with the park job. I just ran, from the car, to the house. And through every room. He wasn't here. Hidan wasn't here. He wasn't on the way here. He wasn't anywhere. He was gone.

My phone. I had to call him.

Hidan. Please. Please answer.

I had all my hopes on the phone then.

"Kakuzu!" It was hushed, but it was him.

"Hidan! Where are you?!"

"I… I don't know." What? Didn't know? "He grabbed me and took me here. I have no idea where I am… I'm…"

No. No. NO. "What?! What do you mean? Who took you? Where are you?"

"I don't know he-" a whimper, and I heard the phone drop to the floor. HIDAN!

I lost my breath. Hidan had been kidnapped. He was being held hostage. Would they kill him? No. They wanted something, didn't they? I would have to keep cool and think-

"Kakuzu!" another whispered plea.

"Hidan, what's around you?"

"I don't know… n-nothing, I'm in a dark room. He got me from behind, the bastard. Ugh, if I wasn't sick I would have-"

"No. No, I need to find you. Which secretary took your call?"

"My call…? Oh." I could tell he was grimacing. He was thinking. "Yakushi…" He whispered. "Yakushi Kabuto."

"Where were you? Where were you when you were taken?"

"You- You said you'd meet me at the library. I looked around and you weren't there." He paused. Obviously in a state of disarray. "I went to call you to ask you where you were and… someone grabbed me from behind."

"What does he want? Money?"

"I don't know. He didn't say." His breath hitched.

"Calm down. Calm down, Hidan, I'll find you."

I didn't know what to do.

"Kakuzu…" He breathed. "I know you will." He paused again.

"Are you hurt?"

"No, no… I'm fine. I don't think he'll hurt me if he's only after money."

"Right. Listen, I'm calling the police. Try to get as much information as you can and call me back, okay?"

"Alright. Don't worry, I'll be okay."

"Promise me." I whispered, mostly to myself. "What happened? Did they throw you in a car?"

"Yeah, but I was blindfolded. It… was about ten minutes or so-"

Suddenly the phone went dead. I looked at my screen and realized the call was disconnected. Shit.

I didn't know what to do. Should I call the police? Panicking, I ran back to the car and started it. Driving full throttle toward Kunai Corp.

I bypassed a lot of pissed off drivers, but that was too bad. I had to get answers. Now.

I ran upstairs and through the hallway. The secretaries all stared in shock, not knowing what to do.

I slammed my finger against the elevator button. It was too fucking slow. I turned and ran for the stairs, jogging up them as if my life depended on it. Reaching the fifth floor, I heard the unmistakable ping of the elevator. I dashed out of the staircase door and right into it.

The doors were closing.


A shocked looking underling reached his arm out to keep the door open. I returned his kindness by shoving him against the inside wall.

Grabbing my key from my pocket, I jammed it in the lock and overrode the system, forcing the elevator to the top floor. My employees packed into the elevator all stood there, silent with shocked looks on their faces.

The annoyance of having to press all their floor buttons again would have to be their fucking problem. Jashin, couldn't this metal piece of shit go any faster?

Hearing the fatal bing of reaching my floor, I pushed a smaller woman out of the way and ran through the hallway.

"Employee files!" I screamed into the office.

Perhaps used to being screamed at, one of the secretaries let out the most annoying sigh I had ever heard. "You could use the management program on the computer, or-"


Simply to prove a point, I flung her glass paperweight against the wall, shattering it into pieces.

Shocked, she spun her chair backwards.

Another woman, apparently much better at dealing with stressful situations, rushed over to open the filing cabinet.

"Who?" She asked, already digging through.

"Kabuto… fuck. Fuck, what was his name?"

She was already fingering through them, digging for any traces. Finally, she yanked one out and handed it to me. Unintentionally, I snatched it and speed-read the paper.

"Where's the fucking address?!"

She ran over and looked over my shoulder. "440 Takigakure."

What? …No, that was my-

I immediately bolted again. I had half a mind to jump out the window at this point. I didn't bother waiting for the elevator again. I just jumped down several stairs. My ankles would probably be murderous tomorrow.

Fuck it.

I slammed the door to the Mercedes and didn't even bother slamming on the horn to get people out of the way. A minor collision, but I just kept on driving.

Not bothering to park, or to turn the ignition off for that matter, I left the door wide open, in the middle of the street and ran to the door of…my parents' home.

My childhood home. …what the hell was he doing in my house?

All sentimental feelings aside, I roundhouse kicked the door in and burst into the living room. Hidan was in here. He had to be in here.

The house was dark. Dreary as ever. No sign of anyone being here for months. Dust littered the furniture. It smelled heavily of mildew and rust. The lights didn't work, but that was to be expected. No one had been here to pay the electric bill.

Creeping through the house as silently as possible, I realized how stupid I was to not have a gun. It would be on my to-do list for sure, but for now… pure adrenaline would have to be my weapon.

I slid against the wall as I moved toward the main bedroom. My parents bedroom. I hadn't opened this door in… I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. Dialing 110, I placed the phone on the bookshelf.

"…What is your emergency?"

"440 Takigakure. I need police. Hurry."

There was no time to explain. I kept my phone on with them, but ignored their questions. I didn't have time for this. I kept to the wall, and suddenly I smelled blood. My breath hitched.

I started shaking uncontrollably. My knees nearly buckled as I reached for the doorknob. Gripping it tightly, I began turning, as slowly as possible to not make a sound.

I listened for a moment, and not hearing anything, I pushed the door open. I stepped inside, and nearly fell to the floor.

Inside that room… were my parents. Standing there.

My lips dried out. Goosebumps rose on my flesh. My breath had vanished and my blood had chilled.

They just stood there.

In the pale candle light of the room, my parents stood there, just staring at me.

No. They were looking right through me. Their eyes were blackened. Not just underneath, where a vampiric bag had formed, but the sclera of their eyes was pitch black and lifeless.

I wanted to puke. I wanted to go into the next room and shoot myself.

The overwhelming coldness of the room had taken my thoughts away from me, as I stood there gawking at their un-alive forms.

Suddenly, they got into an attack position.

These were not my parents. These were monsters. They were my obstacle. I was here to get Hidan, and I wasn't leaving without him.

I shifted my body. If they wanted a fight, they were going to get it.

My "mother" flung herself toward me, knife in hand, she swung at me. I narrowly dodged her swing and gave her an uppercut to the stomach. I turned my attention to my "father" who was coming at me with his fists.

I reached up my arm to block his strike, but I felt something like pain as he hit my guard. Swinging back, I felt my knuckles hit something much too hard. It was like punching a cement wall.

Dodging backward, I searched the room for anything I could use. This wasn't a fair fight from the get-go. I needed something, anything to win. I located the only item in the room I figured I could use. The head-board was worn with age, but it was all I had. I leapt toward it, grabbing it with both hands and ripped it from the wall. I swung it, full force and threw it at their unexpecting bodies.

Crushed under the weight, they writhed and made blood churning screams. A sick noise, like a shriek of terror combined with an unexorcised demon. I did throw up then. Holding my seemingly broken hand, I looked around the room again. My mother's vanity table.

I rushed over as they squirmed underneath the weight. It would be a matter of seconds before they were free. Grabbing an old bottle of rubbing alcohol, I twisted the cap off and tossed it toward them, covering them with it.

Grabbing the vanity mirror, and the desk with it, I hoisted it over my shoulder and slammed it over my "father's" head. I swung again, and again, hitting them both as hard as I could. Once my aggression was out, I reached over, toward a candle and knocked it onto the headboard. It took a long moment to catch flame, but the rubbing alcohol soon burned, rushing the flames toward their unalive bodies.

They started those nauseating screams again. I slid into the corner, holding my wounded arm and panted. I watched their bodies sublime into vapor.

As I panted there, my breath turned to tears. I covered my eyes and sobbed. I threw up again. Unable to look anymore, I stared at the ground.

I suddenly felt the heat of the fire.

Hidan. I needed to get Hidan out of here.

My arm. I looked toward the bed and grabbed a pillow. It would hurt like hell, but there was nothing else I could do. I yanked the pillow out and looped the pillowcase around my arm. A white pain surged through me, blinding me temporarily. I grunted and moaned for a moment and looked back at the ashen remains of the bodies that were once, very long ago, my parents.

I pushed my back against the wall and slid upward. I kicked the bed over to the side and looked at the trap door underneath.

I hadn't been down here in…

I bit my lip and yanked the door open by the attached string. I slid down inside and traveled down the elevator. I didn't know what I would find down here, but I knew Hidan was here somewhere. I had to go.

I had to get my Hidan back. Shaking the tears off my face, I stepped on the ground. The overwhelming cold lingered more strongly here. So strongly I could see puffs of my breath as I walked along the stoned path.

Up ahead, I saw light. Hidan.

I continued forward. Afraid, but gripping that fear, and molding it into something powerful.

I stepped to the door and listened for a moment.

"-Viable. He's just not capable of being a vessel, at least, not in his current state."

"Then we'll keep him here." That voice… I had never heard it before, I knew that for a fact. But it was so sinister. It was dark and twisted. I couldn't tell the gender and for some reason that shot something like illness up my spine. I clenched my fist as I pressed my ear to the door.

"Orochimaru-sama, that just isn't possible. People will surely come looking for-"

"Oh, I know. What do you think the guards are for?" He chuckled a bit. "Besides, it's worth it, isn't it?"


Suddenly, I heard it. My heart skipped a beat. I was so happy to hear his voice. No matter how hoarse and broken it was. It was him.

"Ouch! What the fuck? What the hell do you bastards want? FUCK!"

Squeezing my eyes, I clenched my shirt, pressed against my heart. My precious little Hidan. Just a few more minutes.

"You should be honored to be my vessel. It's not every day someone meets my criteria. And such a beautiful face…"

"Oh, go fuck yourself! He won't let you get away with this. He'll come for me."

"Hidan-kun, perhaps you should calm down. Would you like some tea?"

"No! Fuck you!"

At this point, I needed to think of a game plan. I was injured. Sure, I'd keep fighting, but I would need help. Would Hidan be able to help me? He was sick, after all. I didn't have long to think about it. I would have to do something before the police got here. I couldn't risk Hidan's life.

I stepped toward the door and stared at it for a moment. No doorknob. I would have to kick it in. Hopefully Hidan would be free handed enough to run, at the very least.

With a grimace, I turned around and got my leg ready to kick the door in.

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