It was always easy for Miyako to be happy when Yuno was around. Always easy to be that happy go-lucky person that never ran out of one-liners and ridiculous faces. Since day one they had stuck together like glue, like the kind of glue you use to build ridiculous bridges out of toothpicks and too much Elmers, and Miyako had come to appreciate her haplessly attached companion in all her adorable, frolicking glory. The toothpicks might break, but the glue... Well... Once it set it wasn't coming apart unless you had a blow torch or some other ingenious contraption.

And the glue that held Yuno and Miyako together was definitely set.

It was difficult, then, when the time came for Yuno and Miyako both to take their leave for the mid-term break. Miyako of course had things to occupy her time with while she was at home, and she happily continued creating artwork in the style that was uniquely hers and hers alone. The countless times that Miyako spent drawing abstract pictures of Yuno that more closely resembled alphabet soup with only the letters A, V and Y floating around in a bowl were, for lack of a better word, countless. At least her parents couldn't understand them.

However, the wonderful Yuno she had come to know and adore was certainly not befit to reside on the pages of her artbook. The Yuno she had come to love was certainly not befit to be so far away right now either, but fortunately that distance wouldn't remain much longer. Tomorrow Miyako would be back at Hidamari Apartments and their adventures would continue. She would lock her feelings away in her heart for another semester. She would prance in the sunshine, rather than wrap her arms around the one star she had grown to desire with every facet of her being.

- - -

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