Author's Note: Hello dears! So I originally deleted this story because it seemed to make some people feel uncomfortable, but after being encouraged by a fellow fan-fic author, I decided that I don't care anymore. This is my story, and it's purely for the entertainment of my readers who like these kinds of story.

I am going to warn everyone right now, this story does contain spanking in it, so if it makes you uncomfortable, then please DO NOT READ IT.

I did change some parts from the original, trying to make it seem less intense for those who are sensitive, so I hope it's satisfactory.

This story is based off of the scene in "Eclipse," where Bella tried to distract Victoria during the big battle scene, by thinking about cutting her arm with a sharp rock. I know she was trying to help in the battle, but I also think it was a very dangerous decision.

So this will be Bella's first spanking, but I think you all will find yourself enjoying it, because Edward will be extremely loving towards her, before, during and after the process.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.

Warning: Again, this story does contain spanking of a teenager; so if this makes you uncomfortable, please do not read it.

Bella's First Time

Chapter 1: Reluctance

Edward was silent as he ran home with Bella in his arms.

He really didn't know how he was able to be so calm after that little stunt she had almost pulled.

"Bella, did you really think that that drawing your own blood would have helped the situation you were in? You almost gave me a heart attack! And that's not easy to do!"

Edward had scolded her after the Volturi had left the aftermath scene of the battle.

Bella had merely snapped back at Edward after he said this and proceeded to childishly give her excuses as to why she was going to do it.

Edward had then decided that they needed to discuss this matter in private, and calmly scooped up and struggling Bella, and proceeded to carry her to his home.

I don't want to do it…but I'm going to have to. She's already put herself in harm's way more than once; this has been put off for far too long. He thought as he sped past the pine trees.

Edward has considered using his method of discipline on Bella so much earlier in their relationship, but each time he felt that it would've been wrong or that he still needed to wait until they knew each other better.

I couldn't very well spank Bella for leaving Jasper and Alice's safety when James was still alive, she was just trying to be selfless and save what she thought was her mom.

Of course after that whole ordeal, Bella had to heal from her injuries, so it would've been a totally inappropriate time to introduce that part of him to her. Edward decided to let it go since it was the first time.

After the incident of the cliff diving from pure defiance, Edward wanted nothing more than to put Bella over his knee. He had warned her to not put herself in any danger while he was gone!

Of course I couldn't do it then either…because I was the one who left her, and my guilt was still too fresh for putting her in that position at all.

Once again, Edward let the matter pass, feeling it he would've had no right to do that to her at that particular time.

After that, there were plenty of other opportunities for Edward to warm Bella's backside, especially that time when she snuck out of school to run off with Jacob.

However, he was so angry that he was afraid he'd hurt her when he finally got a hold of her.

Yes, he had let many of those moments pass, each time making up an excuse for his beloved.

At one point he even threatened Bella with a spanking, and while she had been shocked into behaving, he knew that his warning was forgotten since then.

As they spent more time together, Edward began to see that Bella not only had a fiery streak that needed to be tamed, but she also had a tendency to bury herself in guilt and suffer emotional torment whenever she felt it was necessary.

Far be it from me to let you torment yourself my Bella. I'm going to give you what you desperately need my love. You will not like it, but I know you will feel release and relief after it is over.

The beautiful house finally came into view, and Edward gently set Bella down.

"Would you care to explain to me what the hell that was about back there?" Bella demanded angrily while crossing her arms. "Edward, you know that I was just trying to help you all back there at the battle. I'm sorry I scared you, but I'd rather die than see you or any of my other friends get hurt!"

Edward glowered at her and sucked in his breath sharply at her words. "Bella, your intentions may have been good, but the truth of the matter is that it was stupid and selfish! You do realize that if you had actually gone through with your little plan, Victoria could've gotten a hold of you, and I'd have to be the one to tell Charlie why his little girl was dead! And you know that I can't live in a world where you don't exist Bella, so I'd be fighting brutally with myself over whether to stay alive for my family's sake, or to once again attempt to kill myself!"

"Then that makes you just as selfish as me Edward!" Bella snapped in reply while stamping her foot on the ground.

Edward grudgingly admitted that she was right, but he was not focusing on him, he was focusing on her. "That's not the point Bella, the point is that you put yourself in danger after I've warned you countless number of times to not willingly put yourself in harm's way! Not only that, but when I reprimanded you for it back there, you proceeded to throw a childish temper tantrum in front of my family, and utter words that are not befitting for a young lady!"

Bella's eyes widened incredulously at his words. "What am I five or something? I' not a child Edward! You can't tell me what I can and cannot say or do! I'm 18! Legally free to do what I want! I'm practically an adult, and you're treating me like a kid!"

"If you weren't behaving like one missy then maybe I wouldn't have to address you in such a way!"

A fire raged so wildly in Bella's heart, that she was unable to stop the words that came out of her mouth, "F*** off bloodsucker!"

Edward's eyes widened in disbelief at the foul words that had just come from her mouth; but what really hurt him, was the fact that she used the unkind nickname that Jacob himself used on Edward all the time.

As soon as the word's left her mouth, Bella instantly slapped her hand to her lips and felt horrible for what she'd said. Alas, her anger still lingered, and her stubborn will would not permit her to apologize to him for what she said.

Edward closed his eyes while pursing his lips. She was really toying with his emotions, and he needed to calm down fast before he reacted in anger.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I want you to go to my room, and wait for me. I'll be up in a minute after I calm down." He said quietly while pointing to the house.

Bella was about to protest, but when Edward opened his eyes to look at her, the warning look he gave was enough to send her scurrying.

After she had gone inside the house, Edward waited a couple of minutes before walking in after her. As he entered the house, he was stopped by the site of Alice standing in the living room, her wide eyes showing concern and a little fear.

"Alice, what are you doing home?" Edward asked disapprovingly while closing the door.

Immediately, Alice rushed towards him. "Edward, please don't tell me that you're really going to…?"

Edward nodded his head solemnly, answering her unfinished question. "I'm afraid so Alice. I've put this off for far too long. I love my Bella…and that's why I'm going to do it. For her safety, and because I love her."

"But…but Edward this is her first time! She's a fragile little thing; I don't think she could handle it the way we've been able to in the past. Don't you think it might be a bit much? Don't you think it would hurt her?"

Alice's pout was so adorable that Edward couldn't resist pulling her into his embrace. "Sister…do you not trust me?" He asked while taking her chin in his hand and lifting her face to meet his gaze.

Alice looked deep into his eyes, and saw what would happen to Bella in more detail. After a couple of minutes, she relaxed and nodded her head. "Of course I do bro, it's just…"

"You don't want to see your sister in pain. I know Alice…she will feel the pain, but you know I would never hurt her; and I will comfort her afterwards like Carlisle used to do with us."

"I still don't know Edward…what if she takes it the wrong way?"

Edward sighed while stroking Alice's cheek, "Don't you think it would be much worse for me to let her fall in the dark? To let her torture herself with her own guilt, and then let it encourage her emotions to lash out at her loved ones, and behave like a naughty child? She needs attention Alice, she's begging for it. She knows I love her, but she needs a firm hand to help confirm that. I can't keep letting her get away with her behavior. You'd do the same thing too my sister, if you were me."

Alice allowed herself to smile. "Edward, I'd do it anyway. You're right…I know you'd never hurt her. Just please promise me you'll go easy on her. It will be a lot for her to take in since it's her first time."

"Yes I know…" Edward chuckled pleasantly while nodding in agreement.

"And don't worry, you'll have the whole house to yourselves. I sent everyone else away to hunt. Of course Rosalie wanted to stay so she could listen in on the 'conversation.'" Alice frowned while shaking her head.

Edward rolled his eyes while scoffing at the idea. "Of course she would…what made her change her mind?"

Alice smiled widely while giggling. "Well, Emmet threatened her with the same treatment if she didn't do as I said."

The siblings both shared in quiet laughter at this idea. "Now there's something I'd like to see." Edward replied.

"Yes, wouldn't we all? But I'd better leave you to your love now bro. I'm getting hungry, and Jasper promised me a nice juicy cougar."

"Rawr!" Edward growled playfully while winking at his sister.

"Freak." Alice laughed while hitting her brother upside the head.

Both proceeded to head their own directions; Alice to the door, and Edward to the stairs.

"Oh and Ed?"

Edward paused at the stairs while looking back at Alice expectedly.

"Don't forget the soothing lotion." Alice laughed before flying gracefully out the front door.

"Yes, she's going to need it." Edward responded to the empty room while smiling softly to himself, before slowly gliding up the stairs to deal with his beloved.