Another Aus X Can.


Matthew had never been in trouble before. He had never even considered toeing the line between good behaviour and not so good behaviour. The fact that he was now sitting in detention was both a cause of shock to parents and to those all stuck there on the rainy Saturday, who were now whispering amongst themselves. One walked up to him, Alfred, who was being punished for standing on the tables during history and declaring, "I am the hero of all! Bow to me lowlife!" The teacher, as Matthew recalled, told him several times to get back in his seat, but was ignored. He had then proceeded to march up to the front of the classroom and declared that everyone must declare an alliance with him "or face his infinite wrath". Well, needless to say the teacher was not impressed his lesson had been disrupted and had written him up.

"What are you here for?" he asked, looking down at the silent Matthew. As far as he remembered he hadn't done anything wrong, in fact, he was the teacher's pet. He was the ideal student and son; doing homework, chores, and being well behaved and dressed on all occasions. He watched as the other gulped nervously to himself, and flickered his eyes to a brunette at the front of the room, who was at present handling a snake. "Ah", he uttered understandingly. Matthew flickered his eyes back to Alfred fearfully. "You like Dan". Matthew began to stammer, and stared down at his hands. Alfred smiled, and then yelled. "Oi, Dan! Get over here!" Dan turned his head and stuck his tongue out.

"What if I don't wanna?" he asked, grinning mischievously. He turned his back on them both and continued stroking the snake. The teacher that was meant to be supervising, who had long since gone to get a coffee… about half an hour prior, had still not returned. So, it seemed, there was only six of them, including Ivan who was fast asleep in the back after giving up on making them "one" with him, and the two Italian brothers, who were responsible for starting a food fight. Alfred walked up to the other boy at the front, and went to grab him. "Mattie's got something to say!" Dan stood up and sighed, walking towards the still-seated Matthew. He stood, watching him curiously.

"Well?" he asked, green eyes piercing Matthew's baby-blues. He flinched slightly, remembering when he used to be afraid of the other boy. Now, he wanted nothing more than to be close to him, get to know him. And hopefully to find a kindness about him. Matthew sighed.

"I really like you. Would you... like to do something together?" he asked, causing Alfred to slap his forehead with his palm. Dan considered it for a moment, and then nodded his head, smirking slightly.

"Yeah. I have to help out with the animals that were injured in the bushfire. The more help we get, the better", he said, smiling slightly. Matthew flushed happily. There really is something kind about him. He nodded his head, only then realizing he hadn't yet replied. "Good. After detention, okay?" Dan went to return to his seat, but then turned around. "Do you have your parents' permission?" Matthew blushed again. He hadn't actually considered that. But his parents were lenient when it came to how long he could stay out, because they trusted him not to do anything wrong.

"It should be fine", he said, smiling. Dan grinned, turning again. "Wait, why are you in detention?" Dan turned back again, and shrugged slightly.

"I brought a snake into class today, and my teacher wasn't impressed", he said with a small laugh. "The old geezer looked like he needed something to bring him back to life". Alfred let out a snort of laughter. He continued. "The snake looked like it needed some help; it was nearly run over by a car". Dan held the snake up, letting Matthew have a good look at it. Matthew's eyes widened in surprise, and he let out a small gasp. "Yeah, a real beauty, huh?" he said with a slight smile. Matthew came to his senses. I'm talking to Dan. Well, not really. But I'm not running away like I usually do.

At that moment the supervising teacher stumbled back in, looking a little worse for wear. Her hair was sticking up at all angles, and her clothes looked like she had been lying down in a gutter. "Have fun miss?" Dan asked with a slight laugh.

"Shut up", she moaned, clutching her head as if she was in pain.

"Aw, miss. You can't talk to your students like that!" Alfred added, making sure to raise his voice to almost a yell. The teacher flinched, and clutched her head even more. "You hung-over miss? Does your head feel like it's about to explode when I yell miss?" The two Italians covered their mouths to smother the laughter. Matthew turned away, and Dan was doubled over. The teacher sat down behind her desk and slammed her head down with a groan of pain. "Miss? Why'd ya hit your head for miss? Should I call a paramedic miss?"

"Shut up you little shit!" she yelled, then whimpering like a child. "You can all go..." she added, finally surrendering. Alfred let out a whoop of joy, and dashed out the door. The brothers followed, laughing, and then Ivan walked out with a casual nod of the head. Dan turned to Matthew.

"Ready to go?" he asked. Matthew nodded his head and stood up, picking up the few things he had brought along. The two of them walked out into hallway, still hearing the sound of rain. "Do you have an umbrella?" Matthew held up the small umbrella that he held in his hand, grateful he had checked the weather report that morning. "Oh, good. Now we might not get wet". He didn't ask if they could share, just seemed to expect it. Matthew wasn't sure whether to be amused or insulted.

They both pushed on the front door at the same time, causing them to turn and grin at each other. Matthew, once outside, opened the umbrella. "Do you have a car or take the bus...?" he asked curiously.

"Actually, it's just down the street so we can walk", Dan replied with a slight nod. He slipped under the umbrella with Matthew, but being slightly taller he found he had to bend his knees a little to fit. "Do you mind if I hold it?" Matthew relinquished the control of the umbrella to Dan, enjoying their closeness. They began to walk at a casual pace, Dan having to go slightly slower because he had longer legs. Matthew found himself paying more attention to the other boy than where he was going, and constantly found himself stumbling on the slightly uneven ground, saved only by Dan's ability to grab him before he fell. "I never knew you were such a klutz", Dan remarked. Matthew blushed, infinitely embarrassed by his inability to walk properly.

"Well, normally I'm not", he replied, intertwining his hands. He felt like such a fool. Imagine nearly falling on near-flat ground! Dan didn't seem too bothered, and simply shrugged it off.

"It doesn't matter", he said. Matthew realized Dan was watching him curiously. "Why did you get a detention anyway?"

Matthew blushed. "I... I broke into the principal's office and broke his vase". Dan stopped walking, letting Matthew get slightly wet.

"Why would you do something like that?" he asked, looking repulsed. I did it for you, Matthew wanted to say, but couldn't get his mouth to move. "I thought you were better than that!" He stepped away, handing Matthew his umbrella back. "You might as well go home. I don't want to be near people who do things like that". The blonde reached out to Dan, but his hand was slapped away. "Don't come near me again!" Dan said with ultimatum, walking past.

Matthew stood out in the rain, putting his umbrella away so the rain now fell down his face, mixing with his tears.

Don't come near me again!