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"Katsu." He muttered, sending hundreds of little woman-shaped clay figures exploding into the beautiful chaos of spark and smoke he loved so much. Distantly, he acknowledged that the clay figures looked something like Sakura. Less distantly, he knew that was pretty screwed up.

He'd been at this for two hours now. The sun hovered above him, hot rays mercilessly beating down until in frustration he'd ripped off his black and red clouded Akatsuki cloak. Now he stood in his pants and mesh shirt, the clay in his bags running low (of course, was he ever prepared?) and wondering what the hell he was going to do.

It had certainly been easier when he'd been partnered with Sasori. Although Sasori had never wanted to acknowledge his art and was a pretty big asshole, at least he hadn't been sexually attracted to Sasori. The idea made him chuckle, and then angrily begin digging for more clay. Why the hell was he so fixated on Sakura? Fixated enough that blowing things up was hardly distracting him at all? Nothing distracted him from his art, ever. Anything that did had to be done away with.

Another clay figure of a woman. Another mutter. Another explosion. Another flash of Sakura's face.

He clenched his fists.

What was it about her that had gotten so deep under his skin? Her candy-colored hair, excited eyes and beautiful body, outlined so well in her uniform, hit his mind again and again in waves of desire. The thoughts of her were relentless. The last of his clay he formed again into that same figure of a woman. Once again, he watched the explosion and found his mind wandering.

Deidara raked his hands through his hair, freeing its tie unconsciously. He had to do something about this. The last time anything had taken this much of his attention from his own art, he'd vowed with everything he had to get rid of it.

And in a way, he'd succeeded.

Killing Sasuke Uchiha had been a highlight in his life he'd never forget. Finally, he'd been free from that wretched Sharingan he'd been so captured by. He'd finally been at peace.

Well, not anymore. Sakura, with her careless zeal for life and unique physical beauty had broken the floodgates of turmoil within him once more. And he couldn't take it.

He'd have to kill her.

Adjoining rooms served their purposes after all, he observed wryly. In case one partner wanted to kill the other in the middle of the night, they were actually wonderfully convenient. Deidara had made his way back to the Akatsuki headquarters after night had fallen, knowing that Pain was going to rip him a new one for not staying with Sakura but not really caring. All he knew was he was going to go into his room, grab a kunai, let himself into Sakura's room and stab her in the heart while she slept. He wasn't much for planning, so he wasn't sure what precisely he would tell Pain the next morning but he'd figure something out. All that mattered now was freeing himself from this shithole he'd fallen into the moment she'd first said his name.

As he quietly made his way down the hall, he heard Hidan and Kisame's voices coming from the common room. The bizarre cadence of Kisame's voice told Deidara that once again, he was drunk. Hidan, who never drank always sounded wasted anyway.

"I had her thrown over the bed with her ankles in her earrings!" Kisame roared before bursting into a fit of laughter. "Two seconds was all it took-"

"Two seconds is all you'd last-"

"Shut the hell up. Oi! Deidara!"

Deidara pretended not to hear the drunken shark and continued on to his room. He was fairly sure killing intent was radiating from his body by now, despite his best efforts to keep it under control. He'd been lucky it had only been Hidan and Kisame awake. If Leader had been anywhere nearby he'd be screwed.

Quietly, he entered his room and didn't bother turning on the light. He tripped over something making his way toward the window, where the waning moon's pale light flickered in and scattered broken across the floor. His weapons were all on the table by the window. His kunai was all he'd need to kill the sleeping Sakura.

He felt a trickle of shame at the thought of killing a sleeping enemy. It was like attacking someone whose back was turned but a million times worse. Still, he tried to reason, it wasn't cowardice it was efficiency. Killing Sakura when she was awake would just cause problems. Especially because you're not sure you could do it, a smug voice inside his head whispered.

Oh, he'd do it alright. He'd stab her straight in the heart and never look back on it. Even if she were awake. Even if those bright green eyes were smiling right at him he'd kill her without hesitation.

Grabbing his kunai, he made his way silently across the room to the adjoining door. He listened for a moment, waiting for any indication that the kunoichi was still awake. After a few moments of silence, he slowly turned the doorknob and all but tiptoed into her room.

He felt like a jackass, tiptoeing around like a kid playing hide-and-seek. Sakura's room seemed even darker than his own somehow, and when he rammed his hipbone into her bedside table that had seemed to jump out at him out of nowhere, he hissed in pain.

His eyes fell on her sleeping form and his breath caught annoyingly in his chest. She was half covered by a white sheet, lying on her back. He took a few steps closer. The way her pale skin glowed in the moonlight, the rise and fall of her chest, her long pink hair splayed on the pillow. She was wearing just her little black shorts and undershirt, and she looked so peaceful and beautiful...the angles of her face, the curves of her body...she was a work of art.

Shit. He thought. Shit. Shit. Shit. Here he was, in her room, clutching his kunai for dear life and he couldn't stop admiring her once more. She was an entirely different kind of vision asleep than awake, and his hungry artist's eyes couldn't get enough. He cursed them, and he cursed his blood for racing inside his veins at the sight of her bare skin. The Sharingan had nothing on Sakura.

"Kakashi..." the breathy whisper fell from her sleeping lips and hit him like a slap in the face. Had she really just moaned the Copy Ninja's name in her sleep? Deidara's jaw clenched and he took another step so that he was close enough to plunge the kunai into her heart. What the hell was she saying that blasted Copy Ninja's name in her sleep for? Better yet, why the HELL did he care?

"Kaka-shi..." she whispered again, stirring only slightly. Her eyes partly opened and rested on him and a tiny smile graced her lips. "You came back." she mumbled.

Deidara froze, the hand with the kunai still at waist level. Sakura's eyes fluttered closed again. He could tell she wasn't fully conscious.

He still had no idea why she'd joined the Akatsuki. She had, however, promised to tell him everything in good time. Her sleep-talking and calling him Kakashi only elevated his curiosity about what had happened to her to cause her to defect from her village and all that she cared about to join the Akatsuki, and he found himself stuffing the kunai into his cloak pocket rather irritably.

If he killed her now, he'd never know why she'd approached him in the bar. He told himself that was the true reason he was going to hold off on killing her, and not because she was the most beautiful work of art he'd ever seen. No, nothing like that.

He'd find out why she'd requested to join the Akatsuki, and then he'd kill her. And that would be that.

A few of you are probably wondering why the hell Deidara wants to kill Sakura. Like I mentioned in the first chapter, I like darker twists in stories and so while his wanting to kill her is done somewhat comically, he REALLY does want to kill her. But hey, he wants to kill her because he likes her so that makes it better, right? ;)

This story doesn't follow along with the manga or anime, or obviously Deidara wouldn't still be alive. Everything WILL be explained, especially why Sakura is the way she is. It's just going to take time :) I'm writing this purely for fun, so again I apologize if it's not as fantastic as others out there. Still, if I'm enjoying writing it and just a few people are enjoying reading it, I figure I'm doing okay.

Thanks all for reading!