Disclaimer: I'm shamelessly steeling lyrics (or at least the translated lyrics) and sticking them in here. I add a few words, but really this is my interpretation of how the song A Little Pain plays for Hachi in relation to Nana. Because dear god this song makes me feel like crying every time I listen to it.

You know I'm still here waiting for you, right? No matter where you are, or how long I wait, or how much it hurts, I'm still here waiting for you to come back to me. Even if the future is different from now, or from how it was back then, I'm here waiting for you. I keep on shouting for you, thinking that's all it will take. I'm sure all I have to do is pull in the thread that connects our hearts, so the person I was back then will open your eyes. No need to cry. No need to cry.

You're so far. I keep the pain I feel in silence as I travel through life without you, and it almost kills me. If I could just reach out and grab you… it feels like you're fading away from me, even though I can't ever forget you. I can still hear your voice if I close my eyes. At this point even a little pain would be nice. It would be better than this empty feeling of abandonment I've had since you left.

Don't you realize I'm still waiting for you? That I keep shouting and crying and reaching and longing for your arms to hold me again like they did that night—so close, needing me, loving me, accepting me for who I am with all my flaws. You are my other half. I can't live without you!

Look at me! I'm here waiting for you! Even if you get lost, blown away by the wind, I'm here waiting for you! I look up at the sky, praying that you'll hear my plea. I was protecting my heart when you left, telling myself you'd return if only I kept my hands outstretched in welcome of you, and that all I had to do was wait until the person you were back then looked back.

No need to cry

I feel something—I feel nothing. Listen closely for my cry. You'll find me inside you where it's quiet if you just listen closely. Listen to me! listen for my plea for your return! I miss you! I need you! I'm… I'm still here waiting for you. Please… Please Nana… Please come back to me… I… I love you. I can't take this any more! I'm going crazy here without you! Please! Please come back!

I think I'm crying again…