Do it for a friend

He was very satisfied. He got a new job as the main action hero in the latest universal production. No Aqamaniac for a while.

He was sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar, enjoying a break and watching over the set when Tawnia showed up. She seemed to be worried about something.

"I guess we have to round up the team Hannibal," she said plainly.

Hannibal only lifted an eyebrow and stared at the woman in front of him.

"It's because of Murdock."

"Hey, what's up with Murdock?" Now Hannibal was the one who seemed to be worried.

"Oh let me explain. Dr. Richter called me because Murdock is very anxious about a special thing he saw in the news. The Doc said that Murdock tried several times to leave the VA. He speaks about getting active, can't stay and wait. But when they ask him what's wrong he told them, something you couldn't understand."

A big grin appeared on the older mans face.

"Tawnia, that's normal! Lot of Murdock's thoughts nobody can understand. Not even he can. That's why he lives in the VA."

"Yes, but he told me what's bothering him. It's because of Amy."

Hannibal's face darkened. He remembered the young reporter, which joined his team for a while. Now she was gone and he hadn't heard of her for a long time. He knows it was better this way. At the end Amy was suspected to be connected with the A-Team and that wasn't the best thing what a young woman like her could happen. Hannibal knew that.

"Tell you what. I have a great job here to do. Faceman is in Miami and B.A. enjoys the time with his kids. So I'm not willing to round up the guys and go on a mission, just because of one of Murdock's ideas.

"Oh please John, talk to him yourself. He is in a very bad mud, I guess he needs a friend."

Damn, whenever Amy wanted him to do something she used his first name and it worked. And it seemed that Tawnia learned that from Amy.

Hannibal sighed.

Some hours later a German specialist and a nurse entered Murdock's room at the VA.

"Good evening Mr. Murdock. I've heard you have some problems these days. May I can help you. I'm a specialist in this field. Dr. Richter told me to look at you."

Then he closed the door. Murdock looked at the man with the little glasses and the beard. He had a touch of the famous Dr. Freud, but Murdock immediately made out his colonel.

Townia had told Dr. Richter that she knows a specialist for war trauma and can ask him to help Murdock. The Doctor was content because he saw no other way to help his patient. Of cause no German specialist exists. It was Hannibal who claimed to be the trauma specialist.

"Hannibal! Tawnia! I'm so glad to see you." Murdock said exited.

"What's wrong Murdock? Speak to me." Hannibal's soft baritone seemed to calm down the pilot a bit.

"Here Hannibal read this!" Murdock waved with a newspaper Hannibal took it and read the headline.

"A couple of tourists and one reporter were kidnapped in Damascus. It is possible that the reporter is a woman from L.A., this is said by a tea house owner in Damascus were the woman frequently showed up."

Hannibal read out loud.

"It's Amy. I'm sure Hannibal, I'm sure. We have to find her somehow." Murdock said getting more exited.

"Is there any other sign that it's Amy?" Hannibal asked, but Murdock shook his head.

"What makes you so sure?"

"I've dreamed of her, she has trouble." Murdock answered seriously.

"So we fly to Damascus, don't we?" Murdock could see that Hannibal had doubts about something, but couldn't figure out what it was.

"Murdock!" Hannibal insisted, "I see no need to fly to the back of beyond just because of an article and a dream."

He was getting angry, but it wasn't because of his captain. It was because of himself. At the beginning Hannibal wasn't very pleased with Amy joining the team. He was a soldier and he was used to command a team of soldiers, well-trained and proofed men. But she was just a girl not older than 25. She had no idea of handling a gun, of cause how could she? But it turned out that she was damn helpful. She informed the team more than one time about the MP's. And she always had god information for them. After a while Hannibal got used to her. She never accepted him as the fearless soldier he always was or the unapproachable like she expressed it. She always wanted to learn something about John Smith the human.

But then she was gone. And he never told her how much it meant to him that she helped the team, that she helped him. He never told her that he liked her much. It was hurting a lot when she was gone and now all the feelings came back to him and he couldn't control it. How he hated things he can't control. Was he afraid of meeting Amy again? He hated the feeling of missing the girl. He never was good with feelings.

"I'm all for helping Amy or the people there." Townia's words brought him back to reality.

Tawnia now looked straight in his steel blue eyes.

"Don't think about whether it's necessary or not, Hannibal. Do it for a friend." And she pointed in Murdock's direction.

"Oh, please colonel, please" he begged.

Hannibal cleared his mind and smiled his big smile.

"Ok, Ladies and Gentleman. The A-Team is on the way again."