Rating: T

Category: Gilmore Girls

Pairings: Rory/Logan, Emily/Richard, Francine/Straub, Lorelai/Luke, Past Rory/Dean, and sort of a father daughter kind of thing with Rory and Max.

Warnings: Attack (very small – nothing real violent), Major character injury, mentions of rape, minor character death, and murder.

Summary: She was fragile. She was the Hayden and Gilmore heiress. She could break without her best friend. She was a fighter and a believer. She was Lorelai 'Rory' Leigh Gilmore-Hayden and she just wanted a fresh start from a devastating end. Warning: Main Character injury and minor character death.

Credits: I do not own Gilmore Girls. There is a scene in the 3rd chapter that belongs to the creator of Gilmore Girls that is in Season 1 Episode 6: Rory's Birthday Parties.

A Porcelain Doll

Chapter 10

Epilogue: Sweet Serendipity

And I'm doing just fine

I'm always landing on my feet,

In the nick of time,

And by the skin of my teeth

I ain't gonna stress

Cause' the worst ain't happened yet

Something's watching over me like

Sweet Serendipity

I don't ask for a lot

No nothing more than I need

Cause' I love what I got

Don't need to play no lottery

Song: Sweet Serendipity

Singer/Band: Lee DeWyze

The wedding march was not the usual song one would hear at a wedding. Of course, with this being the wedding of Lorelai Victoria Gilmore nothing could be normal. Instead of going down the aisle to normal wedding tune she decided to go down the aisle to a song she had heard while she had been recovering from waking up from a 9 year coma, When I Look to the Sky by Train.

When it rains it pours and opens doors

And floods the floors we thought would always keep us safe and dry

And in the midst of sailing ships we sink our lips into the ones we love

That have to say goodbye

Lorelai smiled as she heard the beginning of the song. She watched as her daughter and son-in-law walked down the aisle hand in hand. Following the couple was Lane and her husband Dave. Next were Lorelai's best friend Sookie and her husband Jackson. Then Max's brother and girl of the moment walked down the aisle. Flowers of all kinds of colors, including Daisy's, was thrown around by Sookie's daughter. It was then the son of Sookie walked down the aisle holding a pillow with the rings. Lorelai was up next to walk down the aisle.

And as I float along this ocean

I can feel you like a notion that won't seem to let me go

Lorelai cried happily as she happily related the news to her husband. She was pregnant. They were going to have a little baby boy or girl. Max wrapped his arms around her as he allowed his emotions to overwhelm him because he was going to be a father. Both looked up when Rory walked into the room. Max barely managed to relate the news to Rory. She was going to be an older sister.

Cause when I look to the sky something tells me you're here with me

And you make everything alright

And when I feel like I'm lost something tells me you're here with me

And I can always find my way when you are here

Lorelai had just given birth to her baby girl, Samantha Emily Gilmore when the news came. Her own daughter was pregnant. Rory had been at the hospital at the same time as her mother getting a sonogram to find out the gender of the child – a baby boy. Rory had laughingly told her mother that when she broke the news of her being pregnant to Logan that he had immediately had her sitting down and was checking to make sure she was okay. Once he was assured that she was fine he cheered; he was going to be a father. Rory then watched him dash to the phone – he wanted to tell the family.

And every word I didn't say that caught up in some busy day

And every dance on the kitchen floor we didn't have before

And every sunset that we'll miss I'll wrap them all up in a kiss

And pick you up in all of this when I sail away

Rory's son was born premature by a week but as Emily once said, she and Logan made beautiful children. Her son was named Alexander Elias Logan Huntzberger. Logan had stuck by his wife, even during the painful hand holding part, during the whole labor. When he was handed his cleaned child he couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. Logan looked over at his sleepy wife with a large smile. He brought his son closer to his mother and helped his son wave to his mother. Rory gave a small tired life and reached out to touch her son. His small hand curled around his mother's pinky finger.

And as I float along this ocean

I can feel you like a notion that I hope will never leave

Rory, Lorelai, Max, and Logan gathered in the Gilmore home in Hartford for the wake of Emily and Richard Gilmore. They had passed away in their sleep within a week of each other. Emily had gone first. The doctor said that Richard had followed of a broken heart. Although, both of the Lorelai's had known it was coming the two women knew that they would be mourning the two elder Gilmore's for some time. Rory had written their obituaries. She felt that she could do the couple justice as she had done her Great Grandmother.

Whether I am up or down or in or out or just plane overhead

Instead it just feels like it is impossible to fly

But with you I can spread my wings

to see me over everything that life may send me

When I am hoping it won't pass me by

And when I feel like there is no one that will ever know me

there you are to show me

The will reading happened the next week. Everything that the Gilmore's owned was divided, as set years ago, between Lorelai and Rory. As time passed on the two moved on; although, they did not forget. Rory told her children stories of Richard and Emily many times as did Logan. Lorelai made sure that her youngest children knew of the legacy of their Grandparents. Rory and Lorelai continued on the tradition of giving the Gilmore daughters a porcelain doll, so that they could remember their childhoods and where they came from, on their fourth birthday. Logan started a tradition of giving the sons a baseball that was signed from when he was younger; one of the few that he had actually kept.

Cause when I look to the sky something tells me you're here with me

And you make everything alright

And when I feel like I'm lost something tells me you're here with me

And I can always find my way when you are here [X2]

The families of Medina and Huntzberger became well-known names as the children of Rory and Lorelai went onto make a difference in the world. Rory's son Alexander went onto become a senator. Samantha went onto become a news anchor for a station in her home state, Connecticut. Rory's daughter Lorelai, nicknamed Rae, went onto become a brain surgeon. Rory's youngest daughter, Leigh went onto become a professor at her former school, Yale. Even though Rory and Lorelai went through a lot to get where they did they would forever be remembered through those Porcelain Dolls.