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Rating: T

Category: Gilmore Girls

Pairings: Rory/?, Emily/Richard, Francine/Straub, Lorelai/Luke , Past Rory/Dean, and sort of a father daughter kind of thing with Rory and Max.

Warnings: Attack (very small – nothing real violent), Major character injury, mentions of rape, and murder.

Summary: She was fragile. She was the Hayden and Gilmore heiress. She could break without her best friend. She was a fighter and a believer. She was Lorelai 'Rory' Leigh Gilmore-Hayden and she just wanted a fresh start from a devastating end. Warning: Main Character injury

A Porcelain Doll

Chapter 2

Call Me Dead

It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I'm doing it
It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone
Still harder getting up, getting dressed, living with this regret

Singer: Rascal Flatts

Song: What Hurts the Most

"Rory," Lorelai whined as she pounced onto her daughters bed. Turning over Rory glared at her mother as she glanced at her alarm clock.

"Mom it is 8 in the morning on a Sunday," Rory complained as she tried to get her comforter back from her mother. Lorelai tugged back and Rory glared at her mother as she tugged harder. Finally Lorelai let go which sent Rory back into her pillows. Rory huffed as she blew her hair out of her face.

"I know it is early but I thought we could go to shopping before you had to go to lunch so that you could be all pretty," Lorelai informed Rory. "Aren't I a great mother for getting up so early and bringing you coffee?" Rory immediately shot up and grabbed the coffee mug from her mother's hands. Rory closed her eyes as she gulped down the liquidy goodness. With a sigh she peered into her cup as she realized that all that was left was an empty cup. Grumbling about small coffee cups Rory got dressed for the day.

"Are we going to Luke's," Rory called out as she searched for her Mary Jane's. Rory jumped when she heard a crash. Rushing into the kitchen with one shoe on but the shoelaces untied and the other shoe in her hand flailing about as she walked into see her mother on the kitchen floor with boxes of take out surrounding her and some sort of chicken caking the top of her head. Rory couldn't help it as she burst out laughing at the hilariousness of the situation. Lorelai huffed as she glared at her. She stuck out her arms for Rory to help her back up.

"Now I need to take another shower," Lorelai said as she stood up and removed the take out from her clothes. Rory nodded in agreement as she tied her shoes that were now on her feet. "Why don't you go on ahead to Luke's while I clean up?" Rory nodded as she grabbed her keys and wallet and headed to grab her coat.

"You sure you'll be fine by yourself," Rory asked as she turned the nob to the front door. Lorelai nodded.

"Yeah, once I get showered I'll head down to Luke's," Lorelai informed her. "Can I borrow your dark blue sweater?"

"No," Rory called back as she pulled on her coat.

"Why not," Lorelai called back as she headed upstairs.

"Because I am wearing it," Rory called back as she shut the front door and headed to Luke's.

"Hey Luke," Rory greeted as she walked into the dinner and took a seat at the bar. "Coffee please." Luke grunted in acknowledgment.

"Where's your mom," Luke asked as he poured Rory coffee.

"Taking a shower again," Rory answered. "She opened the fridge and all of the takeout crashed on her so she has some Chinese in her hair and some Indian in places that are rather uncomfortable." Luke raised an eyebrow. He was about ready to say something but was interrupted by someone calling out, "Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee!" Shaking his head Luke turned to see Lorelai walking in with her hair up in a sloppy bun. She had her hand in her purse and was muttering about dodging cell phones.

"Rory, I can't find my cell phone," Lorelai whined. Rory gave her mother an amused look as she watched her dig through her purse.

"Have you tried your coat pocket," Rory asked as Lorelai started to remove stuff from her purse. Lorelai stuck her hand in her coat pocket and brightened up when it hit what she was looking for. As if on cue it started to ring. Lorelai went to answer it but was stopped momentarily when Luke pointed to the 'no cell phone' sign and growled, "Out!" Lorelai managed to get out "dirty" before she was pushed out of the diner. Rory snickered into her coffee. Luke rolled his eyes and headed over to Rory as he pulled out his order pad.

"What will you have, Rory," Luke asked.

"The usual," Rory ordered. Luke nodded and scribbled onto his pad as he headed to Caesar. Rory was working on her second cup of Luke's coffee when her mother sat down next to her in a huff.

"You're lucky I like you," Lorelai grumbled as she sipped on the coffee that Luke had just poured her. Lorelai barely registered it happening so she didn't gasp in shock.

"I should hope so," Rory mused. "After all you did give birth to me." Rory paused as she sipped more coffee. "Why?"

"Hitler just called to inform me that since you will be going to lunch with Hayden's I have to go to lunch with her and dad," Lorelai huffed. Rory gasped in horror.

"Why what ever should you do," Rory responded sarcastically. Lorelai glared at Rory as Luke gave them their orders.

"Don't be so mean to mommy when she is down," Lorelai pouted as stuck her fork into a pancake. Rory just nodded as she continued eating.

"So, where are we going today," Rory asked.

"Lane," Rory called as she tried to find her friend in the store. At the moment Rory was tempted to begin a game of Marco, Polo but with her not knowing where Mrs. Kim was at she didn't want to risk it.

"In the kitchen," Lane called back as she heard her friend call to her. She glanced at Dean who seemed to be trying to ignoring the fact that his ex-girlfriend was in the vicinity. She had heard about the big blow out at Doose's from practically everyone in the town and she had a blow by blow version from Rory but she had yet to hear what Dean had to say about the fight. It was just then Rory appeared carrying a dress bag and three pairs of dress shoes.

"Lorelai at the inn," Lane asked as Rory approached so that Lane could get a closer look. Rory nodded her confirmation.

"I have lunch with Straub and Francine and well I want to look nice," Rory informed Lane as she barely noticed that Dean was there. "Mom got called into the inn as Michel said that if she didn't get over there this instant Sookie burning down the inn would be the least of her worries." Lane nodded. "So which matches best?"

"The second pair," Lane answered as she looked back and forth between the dress and shoes. Rory smiled brightly at her friend.

"Thanks Lane," Rory told her friend. "I better go get ready so I'll see you later. If you need any help on that project just call me." Lane nodded and watched Rory leave her sight. It was a moment later when she heard the front door shut and Lane took her seat once more. A minute had just barely passed when Dean spoke up.

"So, who are Straub and Francine," Dean asked. Lane stared at Dean wondering why on Earth he would want to know that. Shaking her head she reminded herself that Dean was obsessed with Rory and that had been when they were still together. The obsession would probably only get worse now that they were broken up.

"Friends of her family," Lane answered coolly in order to answer his question but to not give real important information. Dean nodded and processed the little information that was just given to him. He fiddled with the page in his biology book. He didn't notice Lane staring at him strangely. Neither did he notice that Lane had spotted a knife mark on his arm.

"How is she doing," Dean finally asked breaking the tense silence. He didn't notice that Lane had flinched at his question or that she had stiffened in realization. If he had noticed he wouldn't have been surprised when seconds later his sister, Clara, ran in screaming that they had found him.

He barely had time to notice the pleased smile on Lane's face before he was shoved down into the ground by the Chicago police. As was forced into the police car by the three of the strongest men on the force Dean noticed the tears streaming down his mother's face, the look of disappointment on his fathers, and the mix of sadness and resignation on his sister's face. The looks of astonishment and disgust was displayed greatly among the people gathering around to see Dean taken away in a police car for something he should have paid for a long time ago.

"Tonight was nice, Dean," Elizabeth told him as he opened the door to his truck so that she could get in. "We should do it again." Dean nodded numbly not really paying attention to her as he got into the driver's seat. Mindlessly he drove to the hotel he had paid to use that night. He hardly heard Elizabeth asking him where they were going.

He made no note of her kicking and screaming as they headed up to the hotel room. Like a caveman he shoved her onto the bed before undressing himself and removing her skirt. Not minutes later was he satisfied. As he saw the terrified but determined look on Elizabeth's face he knew that he could not let her live. He grabbed her neck and began ringing it while she tried fighting back. A minute later she fell limp in his hand and her eyes rolled back into her head. Dean pulled up his pants and then left.

"Taylor what is with you today," Lorelai asked as she sipped down the coffee that Luke had just poured her.

"You haven't heard," Taylor asked shocked. Lorelai shook her head.

"I had to go to the inn for a couple of hours," Lorelai informed him. Taylor nodded but he still seemed shocked. "What happened Taylor?"

"Apparently that Dean boy was arrested," Taylor delightfully informed her. Lorelai chocked on her coffee momentarily.

"On what charges and by who," Lorelai demanded as she paid for the coffee and grabbed her purse.

"They said he raped and then murdered a girl in a hotel," Taylor sadly informed her. "The picture of the girl looked a lot like Rory. Until they said that her name was Elizabeth I thought it was Rory."

"Rory," Lorelai desperately called out as she rushed into the "Crap Shack". Rory came out from her room. She was wearing a dress they had bought earlier that day. Her hair was curly and laid softly at her shoulder. She was holding a pair of blue flats that they had also bought that day in one of her hands and in the other was her blue beady purse.

"Yeah," Rory answered as she spotted her mother coming in. Lorelai threw herself at her daughter and wrapped her arms around her. Rory stumbled back but managed to stay standing. "Mom, is something wrong?"

"Turn on the news," Lorelai told her once she had let her go. Rory did as told and was shocked when she spotted the top story of the day – Dean Forester being led away in handcuffs by the Chicago Police on rape and murder charges of Elizabeth Stanton. Rory stared in shock at the T.V. She barely heard her mother as she watched the high school picture of Elizabeth Stanton show up on the screen.

"Mom the car is here," Rory called out as she watched the limo pull up to the house. Lorelai rushed downstairs and gave her daughter a breath taking hug.

"Love you, kiddo," Lorelai reminded her. "Don't forget that." Rory nodded.

"Love you too, Mom," Rory said as she pulled on a dress coat. "Make sure to text me when you get to Grandma's." Lorelai nodded as she watched Rory head to the limo.

"Rory dear there is a reason we wanted to have this lunch today," Francine informed her as they waited for the main course to arrive. "You see dear we are well aware now that our son will never take on his father's company so it was decided that he would get his grandfather's inheritance as planned for him but he would not get the company or the inheritance from us. In short we have decided to name you the Hayden heiress. As I am sure you already know you are already the Gilmore heiress so you are worth a lot of money." Francine paused to let the information sink in as she took a sip from her martini. "All you have to do is sign a few documents and you will be the heiress." Rory stared wide eyed at the documents in her grandmother's hand.

"Does my mother know about this," Rory asked as she eyed the pen on the table. It was an old pen but definitely worth a lot of money – not more then she had of course.

"She is aware," Straub informed Rory as the main course was placed in front of them. "She said it is up to you if you want to do this." Rory nodded absentmindedly.

"Can I have time to think about this and go through the papers before I sign anything," Rory questioned after she swallowed a bite of mesquite chicken.

"Of course," Francine answered quickly.

"I see the Hayden in you, Rory," Straub informed her proudly at her question. Rory gave a small smile as she blushed.

"Oh Straub, you are embarrassing the pour girl," Francine pointed out as she noticed Rory's blush. Straub chuckled and Rory blushed harder. Her attention was then drawn to her phone when she noticed a text pop up. It was her mother.

Made it to Hitlers. You should be done before me. I'll see you at home. Love you, kiddo.

"Who was that, Rory," Francine asked as Rory opened a new message to respond to her mother's.

"My mother," Rory informed her grandmother as she sent a text back that read:

Be nice to grandma. I'll see you at home. Love you too, Mom.

"Oh, how is she," Francine asked as dessert was brought in – chocolate pudding.

"She is at her parents for a late lunch," Rory informed them as got more pudding onto her spoon. "She had to work a couple hours at the Inn so they pushed back their lunch so that she could get changed before she left." Rory savored the pudding for a moment. "She had just walked in when the car pulled up." Francine nodded.

"What does she do at the Inn," Francine asked as she watched Rory savor another bite of pudding.

"She is the manager," Rory told her.

"Tell me about Stars Hollow," Francine said to Rory. Rory immediately brightened as she began to regale them with the stories of Stars Hollow. She told them what Luke did for her 16th birthday. She told them about her best friend, Lane, and her mother. She told them all about all of the characters of Stars Hollow: Babette, Miss. Patty, Morey, Kirk, Taylor, Sookie, and Michel. She was telling them about a time that Michel and Sookie were arguing about eggs when her phone rang.


"Is this Rory Gilmore?"

"Yes, this is her."

"I am calling about a Lorelai Gilmore."

"Is something wrong?"

"She was in a car accident. She is in Hartford Memorial Hospital."

I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
That don't bother me
I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out

I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while even though
Going on with you gone still upsets me
There are days every now and again I pretend I'm okay
But that's not what gets me

What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away

Singer: Rascal Flatts

Song: What Hurts the Most

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