Hello, I'm new here. And this is my first fanfic so I'm not really good at it. I had this idea for awhile now and I kinda want to post it in here. All kinds of reviews are welcome(like flames etc.).

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Destiny in any possible way...if i did...my name should appear in every corner of any towns in there. XD

Warning: may contain incorrect grammars.

This happens if they remake Tales of Destiny again.(the PSP version). Stan is normal, Dymlos is Italic, Director is Bold, Monster 1 is underlined, and camera man is italic and underlined

Stan is supposed to enter the escape pod of the draconis along with Dymlos when he yelled at the director saying..."I am NOT going in there!"

What the heck is your problem now?

I've already done this on the original version where I almost died! and now you're making me do it again?

You're not gonna die! you still have to face Miktran before you die idiot!

Hurry up already! Time is running!-monster costume-

I'm not going in there!

Look! there's food inside the escape pod!

wha-? where?

*Thug! monster 1 pushed him inside the escape pod, lock it and fires.

...wait, was we supposed to put a camera in there too?

yes...But the Big question is...was a 'monster' supposed to push the hero into the pod instead of killing him

...oh yeah...i forgot...

Actually, The pod might hit the land instead of the lake..since...we're...taking so long to...


all of them are silent.

so was that the lake or the land...?

...who knows...


...Is it bad? is it good? pls. review?