Just a short little tale on the real reason Hermione hit Draco in their third year. This tale comes from boredom in class, access to a computer, and converting a new Drarry fan.

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Why Hermione punched Draco in Third year

It was early evening, we'd not long finished dinner and Harry was looking down. Ron was trying his best to cheer him up, thinking it was Sirius related again. I was curled up in my favourite chair by the fire reading my latest book from mum and dad. I wouldn't be able to tell you what it was because I really didn't know myself. Harry and Ron were bickering over something again. They were yelling and holding each others shirts. I closed my book in time to see Ron storm up to their room and Harry slump onto the arm of my chair. He didn't say anything, and I knew he would when he was ready. We sat in silence for a long time, just watching as everyone else toddled up to the dorms for bed. It wasn't long after we were alone that Harry turned to look at me.

"Hermione, I don't know what to do. I love him but he hurts you guys all the time. I've asked him to stop but he never does. I saw him just before dinner, kissing some other girl. He seemed to be enjoying it. I asked him why he was kissing her and he said he felt like it." Harry was crying.

I put my arm around his shoulders and held him close. It was times like these that all he needed was an ear to listen. Once he was ready, he continued.

"Hermione, it's hard because he doesn't want to tell anyone and I want to be proud of us. I was about to say something when he turned to me and said we were through. He didn't want me anymore. It hurt me deeply." He wiped tears from his eyes and continued "I was just about ready to punch him in the face, but Snape showed up and pulled him away. The rest, you know." He leaned down and hugged me tightly. I hugged back, comforting him as I always do. I was yet to say anything more than soothing words to settle his tears.

He rested his head on my shoulder, speaking into my hair. "Hermione, I need you to help. I don't want to be hurt by him any more. Draco's hurt me enough already. Would you help me?" he looked into my eyes, waiting patiently for my answer.

"Of course, Harry. I'd help you any time. I know you'd do the same for me." He hugged me again in thanks before sulking off to bed. I knew he wouldn't sleep tonight. I soon followed, putting my book on my trunk and going to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a sad day for all of us. Buckbeak was to be executed in the evening.

As we walked down to Hagrid's, who should we meet, but Malfoy himself. I was ready to hex him to oblivion by the time we walked up to them. His 'mudblood' remark pushed me over the edge and I pulled my wand on him "You foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach" the adrenaline was pumping through me as I stood there, ready to hex him, Ron ruined the moment

"Hermione, he's not worth it"

I put my wand away before turning away. It was his soft chuckle that tipped the scale. I turned back and punched his face this is for Harry I said mentally before turning to follow the boys to Hagrid. It wasn't until Harry and I were using the Time-Turner that he thanked me, complimenting the punch. I knew I'd made him happier, if only for a moment.

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