A/N: I need to release some built up things to get me back on track with my writing. This is a short blurb that might make its way into a short story soon.

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The Forest

Colors of three a.m. have traveled through the sky like a disease as I sit here, under an overwhelming gathering of branches and leaves. They look gray to me right now. Everything is dark and gray. I still don't know how I got here, but the cool breeze whistles into my ears, telling me it wasn't by choice.

I wonder how a nineteen year old girl like me could drop into a trap handcrafted by a predictable villain. Robbie Rotten was always a failure, but here I am, surrounded by trees and knee-high grass. Of course I cannot sleep; my mind is racing with questions and unreasonable answers.

Stephanie, I say to myself, how can I get out of this? Is this a ploy to trap Sportacus as well? To trap us both and rid Lazytown of our superhero achievements? Or is this a nightmare? Am I really smelling Robbie's strong cologne on my clothes? Was he quick to knock me out and bring me here? Can I be helped? Will anyone help me?

An owl sings just a few trees away from me.

Hoo-hoo. Who?

I don't know who, Owl, but someone will find me.

I stand up and widen my eyes to attempt viewing my environment better. Everything is still lifeless and dull. My heart's hard pounding has increased over time due to anxiety. A few steps forward and I can faintly see a blob on a high branch – the owl, watching my every move.

It dawns on me . . . I haven't had a thing to eat today. What a bad time to think of this, but my stomach rumbles and I think it is an animal. The vibrations shoot through my core and I realize my body has no fuel to run off of. I cannot fall asleep. I need to find a way out.

My feet take me on a journey through the forest. I step over fallen branches and rocks just before tripping on each one. My brain has not been here in these woods before, but my intuition kicks in and knows not to drag me face first in these hazards.

My eyes become accustomed to the harsh silhouettes of each leaf, twig, blade, flower, bird, and animal.

And I stop dead in my tracks, staring only yards in front of me.

A figure, (head, torso, arms, hips, legs, feet) is standing statue-straight. I lack ability to see any features except that this person is skinny. This person is waiting for me.

The closer I get, the more I feel in danger. But what choice do I have? I am Stephanie In Trouble, Stephanie the Lost, Stephanie the Vulnerable . . . Stephanie in Hell.

A familiar scent tickles my nose – sugar-sweet, cologne, mischief. Rotten.

My heart shrieks. I am here in the forest for a reason.

Stephanie, I whisper, here come the answers.