Chapter 10

Lucifer needed to have some time to himself every once in a while or else I would feel bad. I wish that Lucifer would bring his lover over once he got to see him properly. I blushed at the thought of what Lucifer was doing now. It sort of made me jealous that Lucifer was able to see his love but like Lucifer had to I have to wait. I don't know if I will ever be able to express my love to tom like I did that night we last saw each other I knew that one day we would see each other one day. I just hoped it was on good terms.

'I thought having Lucifer leave would make me feel better not bored.' I thought with a sigh. I looked around my house that although was small was very cozy; which is one of the reasons I chose it. Lucifer had been doing all the house work for me since I turned 4 months along. And because of that as I looked around my house there was nothing left to do around here. I was already bored of the relaxing things I could do because I had been forced to try to relax with Lucifer around. Maybe I needed to go on a walk could help me feel like I am doing something. It could probably help me take my mind off of Tom. It was a cool day and a nice breeze was coming from the ocean as I walked the beach near my home. I have to say that since I moved here I had not had a chance to walk on the beach. With an entire country looking for me most of which wants me dead and then me finding out I was pregnant I couldn't find the time. I had done the nursery already for the twins in a nice forest greens. What can I say the Slytherin in me wanted green for them it just felt right. It had all the necessary items for the babies including cribs changing tables and double closet all in a dark oak. And in the cribs the stuffed animals they chose that day when they showed me their magic. As the time went by after that incident there were a few surges but mostly them bringing out the animals to play with. It felt nice on the beach with the sand between my toes and the breeze from the ocean blowing across my skin. It was peaceful and I couldn't imagine what could be better at this moment than this. Suddenly I was bent over in pain that was coming from my stomach.

"Shit why did this have to happen now."

I reached my hand toward my necklace grabbing the cat charm there.


And with a pop I was gone from the beach and in Lucifer's living room. Where I was faced with an uncomfortable situation. Not only was I right that Lucifer was taking his time away to properly say hello to his lover they were still at it. Apparently portkeying into a room practically right next to them wasn't enough to bother them. It wasn't until I saw who it was that was on top of Lucifer that I made my presence known.



Both looked at me screaming as they untangled themselves.

"Harry what are you doing here I thought –"


I yelled as I bent over in pain once again. Suddenly I felt a trickling down my leg.

"Hey Lucifer my water broke."

I said giggling a bit.

"Lucifer you have some explaining to do once that baby is delivered."

Snape said as he glared at Lucifer coming back into the room with pants. When he left I have no idea.


Snape's eyes snapped to me.


"I'm having twins there are two."

I said trying to return his glare but once again my body was racked with pain.


A few hours later after swearing that I would kill everyone in the room if they didn't get out of me immediately I had two wrapped bundles in my arms. I couldn't believe that they were finally here in my arms. "Potter care to tell me why you are in the Caribbean and how you came to be pregnant in the first place." I looked up at him a sense of fear in my chest at telling him the truth.

"It's alright Harry he won't tell anyone."

Lucifer encouraged coming out from behind Snape and sitting down in the chair next to the bed taking one of my babies into his arms. Sighing I looked back into of the child I held in my arms and began my tale.

It turned out that Severus was very understandable of the situation but he strongly believed that I should tell Tom. But only after teaching Tom a lesson. But I wasn't ready to tell or even teach Tom a lesson. I didn't want revenge I knew why Tom reacted the way he did. I just needed more time.


I was in yet another meeting but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't concentrate. It had been seven months and I still wanted my mate. I overreacted I shouldn't have done what I did when Harry had changed back. I had wanted it all to be a lie so bad that when Harry had come to me the night he escaped I had really believed it to be a dream. Because I had treated him so badly I knew /I did not deserve forgiveness. When I had awoken the next morning I had woken to no one besides me. Sighing I looked around the room and found nothing had changed. I don't know how long I had laid there thinking about it. I looked back at how I treated Harry. I realized how horrible to him I only hoped that he would except my apology and explain why he was there and why he had been a kitten. I knew he had tried to tell me before but I had already been betrayed by someone else before and Harry had never seen me in a good light. I couldn't help but think the worst. But before I could get up to face the day and face Harry I received an urgent knock on the door. Lucius had come to tell me that Harry had escaped. He was the only other person that knew what had happened and that Harry was even here at all. But with him at the door IK knew that my dream was not a dream last night had been real. I had been with my mate but my mate had ran from me afterward. I knew he was willing but how could I blame him for running he thought I couldn't trust him. After that night I made it one of my missions to find him sending people to find it but no matter how or where they look they couldn't find him not even the order knew where he was. At least that little fact meant that he wasn't under Dumbledore's control. But I still worried where could he be where had he gone was he alright. Would he ever come back?

I was brought out of my musings by the double doors slamming open and someone charging in. The sea of my followers dividing to let the figure through. The person that had been giving his report frozen and looking a little put out on being so rudely interrupted but stepped aside to let the angry potions professor through.

"You are all dismissed"

I aid a little happy to have something else to do than be in that meeting but was perplexed on why Severus was so angry. As soon as the last of my followers had left closing the door I went down to where Severus was to greet him

"Severus to what so I owe this pleasure.

"You do not deserve your mate."

With those simple words I knew Severus knew and that he knew what I had done. But most of all he knew where Harry was.

"Where is he? Is he alright? Is he safe?

I asked in desperation grabbing onto Severus like my life depended on it.

"I gave an oath not to say where he is but he is alright you do not need to worry he is in safe hands. But you have a lot to make up for.

Severus said looking at me sternly

I sighed in relief at the news that he was safe.

"I know I do not deserve him Severus But with the life I had lived I was already on pins and needles I didn't know what to do. So I naturally assumed the worst. But the night that he left I was already gone I was going to that morning go and let him explain himself but it was too late he was already gone. And I know I will never get him back."

Severus looked at me wide eyed knowing that I meant every word.

"Tom I have to ask you this and answer truthfully for I will know if you lie."


"Do you love him?"

No but I care about him and I wish to give him my heart hoping that one day he could give me his."

"Would you be willing to do anything?"

I looked up at Severus confused as to why he was asking this but answered without hesitation.


With that Severus smirked and started to lead me out of the room.

"Good because I have an idea."