I am Serenity Rose Dashkov, and I am here to tell you a story. One that most of you would not believe, and others may believe, some may just push my tale to the back of their minds, and it may become your new worst nightmare. Before we start, I suppose you must know what I am. I am what is known as a Walker, a very rare cross-breed of Lycanthropes and witches. Though we do not believe it has to just be a witch, but someone magic-baring at least. A Walker can shift their shape, much as a werewolf can, though the change does not hurt, nor are we tied to the moon. We heal quickly, but not as fast as werewolves, though our agility is much greater. Most Walkers are ostracized from their communities. We are not accepted by any, even humans seem to try and shun us, some sense in the back of their minds warning them of the danger my kind poses. I grew up in the city, New York city, though I always longed for the open. I lived in a large house, which was also occupied by my werewolf father, witch mother, step-siblings, Quinn and Isabel, and the odd guest or two.

Well, now that this is known to you, believe we can start the story.

My world was a world of Humans. A world were things were perfect, even if I was not human, and far from perfect. It was a tragedy now. My life spiraling down with a change I could barley keep from my mind during the waking hours. The news came with a whirlwind of anger, and pain. This news, changed my life, and this news, is where the story begins, though I cannot say it will be awful the whole way through, because I am starting here, and now. We will see how it all turns out, now wont we?