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He was at it again. Some things never changed, and clearly he was no exception to that rule.

I sat quietly in the corner of the lunch room, watching the boy I'd given my heart to, dedicated the last three years of my life to, sitting with another girl. Glancing down at my lap, I focused on the bag held tightly in my fingers, the white plastic contained within it. My thoughts drifted back over the past few months, wondering when things had changed so drastically. It was his most recent actions that brought me to where I was, sitting and watching him—my resolve growing over what I was about to do. It hadn't always been this way, he hadn't always acted like this, but something had changed in him over the last couple of years and I was still struggling to come to grips with it.

Edward and I had been together since our Freshman year of high school. He was sweet and funny, a great influence on me when it came to actually doing my homework. We were study friends initially, helping each other through our advanced English class. When we began studying Romeo and Juliet, something started smoldering between us. There was a fire in his eyes, a spark between us when we touched. I'd never thought of him as anything other than a friend until I heard him repeat Romeo's speech in front of the entire class. He stared at me as he spoke the words, "It is my lady, oh, it is my love! Oh, that she knew she were! She speaks, yet she says nothing. What of that?" I knew from that moment that I was his, completely and totally.

The next year was a blur filled with hungry kisses, awkward touches, and lustful moans. I'd never had a boyfriend before, never kissed anyone or even held anyone's hand. Everything with Edward was brand new, and each day I looked forward to how our relationship might grow.

The start of our Junior year brought on changes that I'd never seen coming. We'd been dating for almost a year and a half by the time school started. Edward had spent the summer working for his uncle and had definitely filled out, his arms and chest muscles had become much more defined. He had also gotten rid of his glasses, opting for contact lenses. His hair had grown a little longer and I marveled at how good looking he really was. I had thought this all along, but fortunately for me, none of the other girls in school saw it. Well, they didn't notice until that first morning of our Junior year as Edward walked across the parking lot, the breeze blowing his unbuttoned over shirt open. As I listened to the girls around me gasp, a feeling of dread grew in my stomach.

I kept my eyes focused on him, noticing as his gaze detoured a few times to meet the lustful looks that several other girls in the parking lot were giving him. I couldn't blame them and when he came to me, I stood a little taller, knowing that he thought I was the beautiful one here, not them.

"Hey Baby, you ready for today?" he asked, his voice low and tempting.

"Mhmmm. You look incredible, I feel like I haven't seen you in ages." I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him to me. His lips soon met mine and I internally giggled as the girls around us gasped at our display.

Edward's hands cupped my bottom and he whispered into my mouth, "You're gonna get us suspended on our first day back."

I smiled, "Well, I hope it's at home suspension 'cause there are a few things I need to teach you, Baby." With that his tongue darted into my mouth, twisting with mine and reminding me of just how much I needed him. Urges began to grow deep within my belly and I pushed them away as the bell started to ring. He grabbed my hand, dragging me to the auditorium for the first day assembly. There in the dark back row of the room his hands continued to wander my body.

I was in love with Edward Cullen, and everyone knew it—I was happy they knew, especially the girls. They continued to flaunt themselves in front of Edward, but he never did more than laugh at their comments or be polite to them. At least that's what I thought.

A few months into the school year, I had been sick and missed a week of school. That Saturday night was the big bonfire to celebrate the beginning of Homecoming week. Edward and I were going to the dance together and I couldn't have been more excited. When he called on Friday afternoon to see if I felt well enough to go out Saturday night, I told him no, I was still feeling a little queasy. He sounded so down that I encouraged him to go with his friends, to not miss all the fun just because of me. Reluctantly, he agreed to check in with his boys and see what their plans were.

When Saturday came, I woke up feeling great. After trying to call Edward several times that day, I decided to surprise him by showing up at the bonfire with one of my friends. As we searched the crowd, I finally saw him, sitting with Tanya Denali. They were sitting close to each other, so close that her legs were over his lap and when I took a closer look I had to admit that she was sitting on him. I stood watching them where they sat, off away from the main crowd. Tanya had her arms wrapped around Edward's neck, her hands in his hair, and his lips were attached to her neck. For a brief moment he pulled away, whispering something to her, and the way his lips moved, I knew one of the words was baby. When I was finally able to look away from his face, I noticed his hands under her shirt, squeezing and fondling her breasts. She was laughing and writhing on him, obviously enjoying every touch he gave her.

I felt sick. I begged my friend to take me home, pretending that I hadn't seen him, but wasn't feeling as well as I thought I was. I cried all night.

At school on Monday, Edward met me in the parking lot as usual, placing a kiss on my cheek and holding my hand as we walked to class. I couldn't take my eyes off of his mouth, imagining it latched onto Tanya's neck, and the hand that I was holding, only hours before had been groping Tanya's breasts. A sudden wave of nausea swept over me and I dashed to the girl's bathroom, heaving my breakfast into the toilet. When I finally finished and cleaned myself up, Edward was no where to be found. I hurried to class, passing his room as I walked through the hall. Peaking in the window of the door of his classroom, I saw him sitting in his chair with Jessica Stanley perched on his desk. Her short cheerleading skirt was riding up as his fingers caressed the bare skin of her inner thigh, lazily moving higher up her leg, before finally disappearing under the edge of the fabric pleats.

I pulled myself away from what I had seen, repeating over and over again that the incidents over the past few days were just misunderstandings, that something completely different was going on. As the week went by, I ignored all the stares I got, the looks of pity and condolence. Edward still sat with me, walked with me, put his arm around me every chance he got, and I knew I must have been seeing things. How could he act that way to other girls and then be loving toward me? It was a mistake, it had to be.

I said nothing to Edward, or anyone else for that matter. I carried on as if my life was perfect. When Friday came, I got ready, putting on my new dress and fixing my hair. My mother took pictures and sat with me while I waited for Edward to pick me up.

He was late.

He had promised to pick me up at nine o'clock, and by ten when he wasn't there, I knew something was wrong. My mother was worried, and not wanting her to call Edward's parents, or worse—my father, who was on the police force and working patrol that night, I quickly called Edward's house, asking his mother if he was there. She told me that he had left a couple of hours before and had mentioned picking me up for the dance. She wasn't sure why he was so late, but thought it might have to do with the group he had left with. She said that there were several other couples as well as some single girls and maybe if they were picking up other dates, then they were just running behind. I thanked her and asked her not to mention my call to Edward, that I didn't want him thinking I was checking up on him.

By eleven o'clock it was clear that he wasn't coming. My mother had gone from worried sick to furious within the hour that had passed and in an effort to keep her from driving the streets looking for him, I told her that I had suddenly remembered I was supposed to meet Edward at the dance. I blamed my forgetfulness on all the make-up homework I had been doing over the past week, trying to get caught up. I grabbed the car keys and left, assuring her that it was all my fault.

I drove by Edward's house, seeing that his car was not parked in the driveway. As I drove up and down the streets of our small town, I figured I'd eventually find it, and I did—parked in front of Angela Weber's house. Angela was a friend of mine, though I knew she'd always had a bit of a crush on Edward. I parked my car a few houses down the street and walked back to Angela's determined to find out what was going on. The neighborhood was quiet and I took off my heels, not wanting the sound to my footsteps to signal anyone that I was there.

The lights in Angela's house were off, except for the front porch light. Creeping up to the garage, I peeked inside and saw through the window that her parent's car was gone. I leaned against the side of the house, wondering what to do next, when I heard it. There was a sound coming from the backyard. Never had I been more grateful for Mr. Weber's inability to fix a gate. It hung open, one of the hinges broken, and I slipped through, listening as the sound grew louder. It was quiet at first, but growing more discernible, more forceful. I soon realized that it was coming from the tree house on the side of the yard, the one that Angela and I had spent countless hours playing in over our lifetime.

I walked closer to the tree until I was finally right under the house, and I froze. Moaning. There was moaning coming from inside of it, and the worst part was that I knew that moaning. It was Edward.

"Oh Edward, yes, right there. Harder, please, harder…"

"You like that, Baby? Yeah, you want me harder?"

My stomach dropped. He was screwing her, my friend, in the place filled with our childhood memories.

I stood silently by, listening to them as they had sex, their skin slapping against each other as Edward continued to say things to her—things he said to me. Tears slid down my face as I listened to her mew and whimper, begging him to touch her and make her feel good. Their cries soon grew louder and I heard him cry out, "I'm cuming! Oh Baby, I'm cuming! Come for me, Baby, come on my cock!" She called out, moaning and shouting his name, and their frantic pants and sounds soon ceased.

As they lay in post coital bliss, I ran away, leaving only a trail of the shattered pieces of my heart behind. I knew it was over. Everything we had was gone. He didn't love me; no one who loved someone could do a thing like that. When I got back home, I snuck into my house, grateful that my mother had gone to bed. Carefully hanging up my dress, I placed it in the very back of my closet, determined to never look at it again. I looked around my room, noticing pictures of Edward and me together. I slowly gathered them all up, placing them in a shoe box, along with a necklace he had given me and several other items that reminded me of him. I slid the shoe box under my bed, using my hair brush to push it into the far corner where I wouldn't be able to reach it without a great deal of effort.

I decided that night that I wouldn't speak to Edward again. If he wanted other girls, he could have them, but not while he was with me. He had broken my heart and I never wanted to lay eyes on him again.

If only things had been that easy. If only I had listened to myself and not given in.

He called Saturday afternoon, wanting to come over. I made up an excuse, something about a family event, hoping to keep him away. I knew that if he got me alone, I'd give into him. He would use his charms and talk me into forgiving him, like he always did. That was something I couldn't allow this time, I had to be strong and stay away from him.

He came over on Sunday, my mother meeting him at the door and asking how the dance went. I listened from the kitchen as he dazzled her, telling her how much fun we'd had when I finally got there. After a few minutes of her fawning all over him, she sent him into the kitchen where I had been lurking. I heard his approaching footsteps and dashed into the garage, hoping to hide from him. He must have heard the door close because before I knew it, he was standing in front of me, a crooked grin on his face.

"Hi Baby, what are you doing?" he asked, walking toward me and reaching up to touch my face.

My resolve hardened as I remembered all the other girls that hand had touched. Backing up, I shook my finger at him. "You stay away from me. We are done. Don't come here again, don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't even think about me. You blew it, this is over. Go home, Edward." Turning away from him, I sprinted out of the garage, running toward the back yard and the trees that would shelter me from him.

He was hot on my heels and followed me, calling out my name as he chased me through the trees, until my house was no longer in sight. Once no one could see us, he sped up and caught me, spinning me around and pushing me against a tree.

"What are you doing? Baby, what's going on? Talk to me." He was pleading with me, the look on his face one of innocence, like he really didn't know what this was about.

"I think you know why I'm doing this. I think everyone knows why I'm doing this," I spat back at him, refusing to give in to the electricity that his touch caused to run through my body.

"Baby, please, is this because of the other night? Because I came here to apologize. I'm sorry, I went with the guys and we were supposed to pick you up, but they drove out to the forest and there was a lot of beer. I didn't have my car and my phone was out of range, I'm so sorry."

"Really, Edward?" I asked, wiggling my arm from his grasp. "You didn't have your car? Well then who did?"

"What?" he asked, pulling away from me ever so slightly.

"Where was your car Friday night? I drove by your house and it wasn't there, so where was it?" I folded my arms across my chest, straightening my back as I stood in defiance of him.

He swallowed, and his eyes darted to the ground, refusing to meet mine.

"Oh, and you know what else? I tried to call you last Saturday, you weren't home. I was feeling better and wanted to go to the bonfire with you." I watched as my words sunk in and he cringed. "I went with Melissa and I looked for you. You wanna know what I saw there?"

One traitor tear slipped from my eye, sliding down my cheek and splashing onto my shirt. Edward took two steps back, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"I saw you, Edward. I saw where you were sitting, and who you were sitting with, and where your lips were, and even where your hands were. Tell me something, is Tanya as easy as everyone says she is?" His eyes closed and his brow furrowed as he let out a huff of air, making a small sound that reminded me of someone being tortured.

"How long has this been going on, huh? Am I the last one to know? I mean, you were practically fingering Jessica in front of your entire class, so what, am I the fool here?" My breath hitched as I felt a sob build up in me. He wouldn't look at me, keeping his eyes shut as he took in deep, labored breaths. "Did you ever plan to tell me? If I hadn't figured it out on my own, would you have told me any of this?"

Deciding I'd had enough and didn't want to hide anymore, I continued. "I saw your car Friday night. I know where you were." His head shot up, his eyes finally meeting mine. I could see that they were red, rimmed with tears, and his lip was shaking. My next words came more quietly, laced with hurt and sadness. "You were at Angela's house, in her tree house. I know because I heard you. I heard what you were doing with her, Edward. She was my friend. How could you do that to me?" Hot, wet tears rushed down my face and my anger began to slip, a sense of betrayal taking over.

I stood looking at him, waiting for him to say something—anything, but he remained silent. Needing to know why he had done this to me, to us, I finally asked, my words nothing more than a whisper that could have easily been swept away by the slight breeze blowing through the trees. "Why did you do this? Why did you do this us? What did I do wrong, Edward? I thought you loved me… I gave you everything, and this is what you did? Why?"

I was sobbing now, my body feeling numb from the force of the emotions pounding through me. He remained still, silent, and I wanted to hit him. I wanted to scream at him. I wanted to throw things at him, but I couldn't. I just stood, staring, waiting, and he gave me nothing.

My eyes slid closed for a moment as I tried to gather myself together, not wanting anyone to see me in this condition. When they reopened, Edward stood frozen in the same place not caring enough about me to even make an effort to help me, or explain himself. I watched him for a moment then dropped my gaze to my feet, willing them to move and take me away from my heartache. As I stepped past him, I felt his hand shoot out, grabbing onto my arm. I stopped, unable to move as his fingers squeezed my flesh, the electricity pulling me back to him.

"Please, Baby, wait." He voice was quiet, broken. I sucked in a deep breath, filling my lungs with the cool night air. As I stood waiting for him to continue, he stayed silent. Building up my resolve, I carefully pulled my arm free from his hand and took a few steps forward.

"Please, please…" I heard from behind me, as something fell to the ground. I turned to see Edward on his knees, his hands covering his face, running through his hair and pulling at it harshly. "Don't leave me," he cried. My heart lurched, wanting nothing but to go and comfort him, seeing the pain that he was in.

"Why, Edward? Tell me why? What happened?" I had to know.

He voice was low, and even harder to hear since his face was buried in his hands. "I don't know why, I'm weak I guess. I just couldn't stop."

I took one cautious step back toward him, my body aching to feel his arms around me, my heart still holding out for an explanation that would make this all one big mistake.

"They were just there, I don't know what I was thinking. It was so wrong, and I never meant to hurt you, Baby." I could see his shoulders shaking as he cried, and my heart yearned to believe what he was saying.

I was cracking. My resolve was steadily slipping away, as I knew it would. Before I even realized what I was doing, I was on my knees, kneeling in front of him, putting my arms around his waist, my face nuzzling into his neck. "It's okay, I know you didn't mean it." I almost couldn't believe the words as they came out of my mouth, but I knew I would always forgive him, no matter what he did to me. I hated that I would.

His arms wrapped around me tightly, pulling me to him as he continued to cry and apologize. "I need you so much, please forgive me. I can't go on without you, please." We swayed together, me comforting him, until finally he pulled away from him just a bit.

Raising his hands, he cupped my cheeks and looked deep into my eyes. "I love you, no one else ever. Please, know that. I don't want to hurt you. I love you." His face dipped down and soon his lips covered mine, pressing lightly at first, but slowly intensifying as our bodies began to press against one another more firmly. Instinct took over and in no time at all we were on the ground, pieces of our clothing removed, and he was thrusting in and out of me, calling my name as he came deep within me. It felt so good to be with him in this way—so natural—that thoughts of him with anyone else vanished and I clung to his body.

"I love you, Baby," he whispered in my ear as he sucked and licked at my neck.

"I love you too, so much," I quietly reassured him, once again promising him my heart for as long as he would have it.

That's how the next year went, practically a replay every other month or so. We would be happy, together like we had always been, then I would see something, or overhear something, and I would confront him. It always ended the same way—me screaming, him apologizing, both of us crying, and then frantic love making as we promised to stay together forever. That was, until he met her, the girl he was currently sitting with, rubbing his hands all over. She changed everything, and for the first time since I'd met Edward, I didn't know how things would end.

She was just some girl we'd gone to school with our whole lives; a girl he never paid attention to until one night when his friends had a party at First Beach. They invited half the school, and she was there with her crowd. I didn't particularly like her or her friends, though in all honesty I never thought much about them. According to the male population of Forks High, they all looked like runway models, though I didn't see it. Maybe it was their personalities that made me think that. The one Edward seemed to be so taken with was average height and her hair was nothing spectacular. Her skin wasn't flawless and her teeth weren't exactly straight; to be honest, I didn't know what he saw in her.

Her friends were another story. One was snooty and the other was a chatterbox, always at the center of the Forks High Rumor Mill. How Edward managed to put up with them was beyond me. I had a tiny, dark haired, spirited friend too, and Edward had never seemed to like her much. He was friendly with her boyfriend, but she always annoyed him.

The first time I saw Edward with his new flavor of the week, I knew something was going on. He was different with her, lighter, happier. I was jealous that I had never made him look that way, though I longed to. Regardless of how he acted with her, he still came to my house several nights a week, still walked me to class, and still held my hand and every other part of my body when we were alone. He always called me Baby, something he had done since the first time we'd made love, and my heart sung out each time I heard it. I knew that she was just another passing phase for him, and I took comfort in that fact anytime he was with her. As the year when on, he sat with me less and less, talked to me less and less, came to see me less and less. He was spending time with her, but he was always so loving, so focused on me when we were together that I overlooked it.

When March came I was elated to hear that she was going away for Spring Break. I knew that meant Edward would spend more time with me, that we'd be able to reconnect. I'd spent the year shrugging off the advances of Tyler, Eric, and Mike, though trying to be a little flirtatious with them when Edward was nearby. I loved to watch the jealousy burn in his piercing green eyes, and I knew that it meant he would be sneaking into my bedroom later that night. He had always been possessive of me and in his anger he would push my body over the edge and into ecstasy with each hurried touch and brazen kiss. My skin burned for him, my muscles aching when he was finished. I knew what each breath and sound from his body meant―they were for me, and I reveled in them.

The week we spent together was glorious. We talked about college, where we planned to go. He told me his plans of going to Dartmouth and that she was staying in Washington, her family not able to afford an Ivy League college. I was happy knowing that I would be at Brown University in Rhode Island, only a few hours away from him. We would be able to see each other often, and I would be able to make sure he completely forgot about her. Things were working out the way I had hoped they would, and I knew that if I just gave him a few more months, soon enough he would be mine.

That Sunday night Edward didn't come over. I didn't really expect him to, knowing that she was returning from California that morning. My heart still ached with missing him, but I had a goal in sight, a light at the end of the tunnel. We would be together eventually—I could wait.

Monday morning at school I saw them together in the parking lot, her hanging on him as he laughed and joked with his friends. Her friends were circled around the group, embarrassing themselves as they flirted with the boys, flaunting any curves they might have wrapped in their too tight clothing. His eyes met mine and I smiled. He gave me that smirk that was just for me. It's how I knew he was thinking about me; remembering all the things we had done over the past week.

Just before lunch, I ducked into the restroom, anxious to take a breather before heading into the cafeteria. I hated having to watch, yet again, as she clung to him, his hands roaming all over her body while she laughed. Sitting alone in the stall, I heard the door open and footsteps accompanied by voices I didn't recognize. I tuned them out until I heard his name.

"Oh my goodness, did you see her hanging all over Edward today? What is she thinking?"

"I know! I'm so sure, like he'd ever date her. Please, he's so out of her league."

"Yeah, and how could Bella just stand there and watch that slut go after her boyfriend? Really, doesn't she have any shame?"

"You know Bella, she's so forgiving, I'm sure she just looks the other way while he chases other girls."

"Yeah, but Lauren? Ew. I don't know what he sees in that girl, but I think it's not much more than T and A."

"I know, right? I've heard she knows how use them, too. Mike told me he scored with her, that she totally went down on him and swallowed, too. That's nasty, but kinda impressive."

"I can see Lauren on her knees."

They started giggling as I sat in horror, listening to them talk about us.

"I'm sure she wasn't any better than I was, or at least that's what Edward told me..."

"What? You and Edward? You didn't tell me that! When did this happen?"

"Oh, a couple of months ago, though he came over last week too. My parents were gone and we got so wasted, he was all over me. He told me it was the best he'd had in months."

"No way! You're such a slut, you know that right?"

"Yeah, I know, but don't tell me you'd turn down Edward if he asked."

"No, I wouldn't. And I didn't."

"What? When did that happen?"

"Yeah, last year during Christmas break. His little girlfriend was gone and he was lonely. I saw him at the theater and after letting him totally feel me up through the whole movie, we drove out to the lake. It was fun, and let me just say, that water was cold."

They began to giggle as I sat back remembering the exact days they were talking about. Edward was sick when I came back from Arizona at Christmas time, telling me that he'd been dared by his friends to jump into the freezing cold lake. Now that I knew what really made him sick, the fact that I'd brought him chicken soup and sat with him for hours made my stomach turn. I also remembered the night one week earlier when Edward snuck into my room at two in the morning, reeking of alcohol and some other smell. He told me it was his mother's perfume, that his sister had sprayed it at him as a joke. Now, I knew it was really just the whore that apparently was better in bed than me.

I waited until the girls left, hoping for them to say more, but grateful that they didn't. Walking into the cafeteria, I had a new outlook and a new resolve—I would stay away from Edward and keep my window locked. Maybe if he missed me, he'd be more likely to visit soon once we were away at college in the fall.

After grabbing my lunch, I walked toward a table where the only two friends I had left were seated. I kept my eyes away from him as I passed his table, ignoring the calls to me of "whore" and "slut" that his friends thought were so well hidden by their fake coughs. The girls sitting around then giggled, but Edward said nothing. I could feel his eyes on me, but I never turned to meet his gaze. I was through with him, for good this time.

My friends and I made small talk for the next several minutes, all of us trying to ignore what had happened only moment's earlier. As we were finishing up, we all noticed Tyler get up from the table where Edward was sitting, and make his way toward us. My hands balled into fists, leery of what he might want. My suspicions were confirmed as he slid into the seat next to mine.

"So, I hear you're a sure thing." The words dripped from his tongue as an air of superiority radiated from him. I said nothing, choosing to ignore him, and instead concentrated on gathering my things so I could leave. "I'll take that as a yes. So, how about I sneak into your room tonight? Edward told me how much you used to like it when he did that." He raised his hand and ran a finger along my jaw. "I'll be quiet," he whispered, lowering his mouth to my ear.

A wave of hatred ran though me, not only for him but for Edward, who had obviously told his little friends more about me than I had thought. I quickly stood from my seat, glaring down at him. "Stay away from me, and if you try to climb through my window, I'll cut your dick off and send it to the Smithsonian. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to have the world's smallest cock on display for everyone to see." I flipped my hair over my shoulder and strolled out of the cafeteria, not looking at anyone as I left.

The next few weeks were quiet, my mind focused on finishing school and getting out of the town that had made my life a living hell. I didn't speak to Edward, and he never made any effort to see or talk to me. Every so often I noticed him looking at me sadly as we sat in class, but I never let him see that I knew. If this was the way he wanted things to be between us, then it was fine with me.

I was a little surprised when I heard rumors about him only being with her since spring break. Sometimes it paid to have a friend at the forefront of the Forks rumor mill, and she truly knew all the dirt on everyone. I never saw him talk to any other girls, sit with any other girls, even look at any other girls. I feared that it might be true—that Edward might actually be settling down with one girl. I pushed the thought of it to the back of my mind, choosing not to believe something that couldn't possibly happen.

As the end of the year approached, I busied myself with graduation preparations and college registration paperwork. Everything was set up and ready for me to attend Brown in the fall, and I was excited, my heart still holding a strand of hope that Edward would want to see me once we were away from the influence of Forks. Studying for finals, I was exhausted, often falling asleep in the middle of reading, waking up with my face laying on the pages of an open book. My mother told me that I looked sick, that I was too pale and maybe I should consider going to Arizona and living with my grandmother for the summer. I loved it there and since I hadn't lined up a summer job, I was seriously considering it. Of course, once I got there, Gram would surely try to convince me to attend school there and keep her company. The offer would be tempting, but as long as there was a chance of being with Edward, I knew I wouldn't take her up on it.

Late one night I was shocked to hear a tap on my bedroom window. I stopped in my tracks at what I saw on the other side—Edward. I slowly lifted the window to him, not wanting to let him in, but curious as to why he was there. He hadn't come over in two months, hadn't spoken as much as one word to me in all that time. What he could possibly want with me I wasn't sure, but my heart screamed out for me to at least listen to him. He slowly climbed in, an unreadable look on his face.

I stood quietly, waiting for him to say whatever it was that had brought him here. There was clearly something on his mind and I wanted him to tell me what it was. The silence in the room was deafening, and I crossed my arms over my chest, raising my jaw and tilting my head a bit, daring him to tell me what he wanted.

He cleared his throat, shifting his body nervously as he began. "Hi Baby," he said.

"What do you want, Edward?"

The tone in my voice made him flinch and he dropped his eyes to the look at the floor. I repeated over and over in my head that no matter what he said, I would be strong. He wouldn't get his way tonight, I would fight him. The first words out of his mouth caused my walls to crumble.

"I miss you, so much. I can't even explain it, I just ache every time I see you and can't hold you or kiss you, or even just talk to you. Do you miss me? Even just a little?" He finally raised his eyes, meeting mine. I knew in that moment that he could see his answer, and he took two steps toward me. Reaching his hand out, he rubbed my forearm, gliding his finger along the seam of my shirt and up toward my shoulder. His hand soon reached my neck, his fingers wrapping around the back of it, weaving into my hair, and he pulled me closer to him. I whimpered at the contact, the feel of his skin against mine, but let him pull me.

"I know you still love me, Baby. Tell me how much you missed me, please?" He asked softly, his breath washing over my face. The scent of his mint gum was strong and took my thoughts back to other times when he'd held me this way.

My traitor voice called out to him, the volume so low I could barely hear it myself. "I missed you, everyday. Every time I saw you with her, my heart broke a little bit more. Why? Edward, why?" I asked as my voice grew shaky with emotion.

"Shhh," he said. "There will be time for that after, but right now I need you. We need to be together. I'm tired of being without you."

I stumbled a little as he yanked my body to his, every line of mine flush against every line of his. His lips soon found mine, locking together in a hungry kiss. It was full of desperation, anger, want, need, lust, and urgency. All of those emotions poured out of him, yet no where did I sense the one that Edward had been confessing to feel for me—love. My body was so overwhelmed by him that I pushed that realization away, embracing whatever he would willingly give me now. I needed him and I knew that we were better together than apart, regardless of what anyone else might say.

We kissed, sucking and nipping at each others lips, our tongues caressing and tangling as we explored our wet, hot mouths. Desires built within me, desires that I had long since suppressed and ignored. They were only for Edward, and without him, there was no point to feeling them.

His arms soon moved to my waist, wrapping around me and pushing up the hem of my tank top, grasping at the bare skin of my lower back. My hands smoothed along his arms until finally reaching his neck, my fingers threading into his hair and tugging gently just the way I knew he liked. As if in response to my actions, he let out a groan of pleasure and pulled my hips harder against him. I could feel his arousal pressed against my belly and it only spurred me on.

I felt him pulling at the shirt, pushing it higher and higher until finally he withdrew a bit, just enough to release my lips as he passed the shirt over my head, dropping it to the floor. His hands fell to my breasts, grabbing them as he squeezed the supple flesh there. His fingers soon pulled at my nipples as they began to harden under his touch. With his mouth lowered to my neck, I felt him sucking, biting at my skin, and I quickly moved my hands to the front of his shirt, unfastening each button in a desperate need to feel his bare chest against mine.

With his shirt gone, lying on the floor next to mine, our kisses resumed, fueled by an unexplainable need for our bodies to be one. It had always been this way between us, instinctive and natural. That was how I knew that no matter how many other girls Edward was with, he would always come back to me. We were drawn to one another and there was no denying it.

He began to urge me toward the bed, his mouth never leaving mine, and when the back of my knees hit the edge of the mattress, I felt his hands lower to the waistband of my shorts. He tugged at them, trying to push them down without lowering so much that he would have to break our kiss.

"Off," he growled into my mouth and I quickly did as he asked, pushing the fabric past my hips and letting it fall, stepping out of the shorts and panties when they hit the floor.

He pulled back and his eyes burned into mine. Lowering his gaze, he took in my naked body and I heard him sigh. "So beautiful, Baby," he whispered. Laying his hand on my chest, he carefully pushed me backward, until I was sitting and then lying on the bed.

"Scoot back," he ordered me. I did as he asked and with the look of an animal stalking its prey, he crawled over me, settling between my legs. I felt him thrust against me, the rough denim of his jeans scratching my tender skin. His lips fell to my breasts and he drew one heavy mound deep into his mouth as I ran my hands through his hair, moaning at his touch.

After several minutes of his lavishing me with affection, he slid his body along mine, lowering his face to my stomach and then hips, leaving a path of feather light kisses that set my sweltering skin ablaze. I felt him move off the bed, kneeling beside it, as his fingers ghosted along my thighs, pushing them apart. My breathing began to pick up as I realized what he was going to do. I gasped as I felt his fingers touch my clit, rubbing the sensitive bud there, him humming in satisfaction.

My back arched as I felt him enter me, two fingers sliding into my wet heat. I bit my lip, trying to keep the volume down, as I lay writhing—a prisoner to his touch. He pumped in and out of me, speeding up and then slowing down, as his thumb continued to caress my little pink nub. Just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, he paused, pulling his fingers out. I looked down at him and was met with his lust filled eyes, the green bolder than I had seen it in a long time.

"You know what I want," he said, pushing himself to a stand. I watched as his hands tugged at the button and zipper of his jeans, before they slowly pushed them down his hips, the erection springing forth from the confines of his underwear.

"What? Just ask, anything," I said, wanting him to continue touching me the way he had been.

"Sit up." I did as he asked, feeling excitement rush through me as he grabbed the back of my head, lining his cock up with my mouth. My tongue slid out, tasting him, as my lips kissed the silky skin of his shaft. I was gentle and loving, knowing exactly how he liked it best. I placed my tongue flat along the underside of his penis, licking upward toward the head, swirling it around when I reached it. I could taste the precum on the tip, and I sucked the head of him into my mouth, licking at the slit and hoping to taste more of the saltiness that seeped from him.

His hands tightened in my hair and he thrust me down, his cock hitting the back of my throat, before pulling me up and then thrusting down again. After almost gagging the first time, I relaxed my muscles and let him do what he wanted with me. My hands wrapped around his thighs, resting on the curve of his bottom. I dug my nails into the skin there, pulling him closer to me each time he shoved my head down. We had done this many times before, and even though I knew he would never admit it to any of his friends, or most likely any other girls he was with, it turned him on when I let my fingers wander, stroking against the little puckered hole between his butt cheeks.

"Uhhh, Baby," I heard him moan, the fingers of one hand fondling his balls while the fingers of my other hand slid effortlessly up and down his crack. He began to pick up speed, his thrusts growing more forceful, and I knew that if we didn't slow down, I would be swallowing as he exploded into my mouth. As much as I wanted him to make love to me, I needed to taste him. I needed to feel his hot cum sliding down my throat, and I needed to let him use me; let him have me in any way he wanted.

I tightened my grip on his balls and let my other fingers begin to push, finally settling into the opening on his backside. He let out a loud groan as a strand of curse words fell from his lips. I felt his balls pull up into his body and I knew he was close. Shoving with as much might as I could, I thrust a finger into him just as he forced my head down one last time, streams of him shooting down my throat. I swallowed each drop, my tongue circling him and cleaning him off as I raised my head. Looking up at him, his dick still in my mouth, our eyes met, and I could see he was no where near done with me. Pushing my finger into him a little deeper, he all but yelled out my name, covering his mouth as I continued my assault on him.

After a moment, he pulled away, pushing me back down onto the bed and crawling on top of me. He was still hard, and he quickly slid into me, filling me completely. I cried out, but soon felt his hand over my mouth, quieting me. Once I stopped, he didn't move his hand, instead shifting it to cover my nose. He had done this to me before, dominating me by controlling everything that was happening to me. I loved it, every second of it. I knew he'd never let anything bad occur, and it made him happy and excited, so I let myself be aroused by it.

He plunged into me, hitting a spot deep within me that caused my back to arch up, my breasts high enough in the air that he could bite at my nipples, teasing me. I snaked my fingers between us, rubbing furiously at my clit as he continued to pound into me. Shaking my head at him, he released his hand from my face and I gasped for air, the thrill of it all hitting me suddenly. I felt the stirrings of excitement in my belly and I watched his face, his brow furrowed and a strange emotion in his eyes. I fell over the edge, calling out his name repeatedly as I came harder than I ever had before. I felt him thrust a few more times before he grunted and stilled, his cock deep within me.

He fell onto me, his body stretched out atop mine, and we lay there for several minutes, kissing and touching gently. All the familiar tastes of him were there, and I was surrounded by his scents as well as his body. I was in heaven, completely consumed by him, and never wanting to be set free.

He rolled to the side, pulling me over so that we were facing one another. His hand rose and brushed my hair behind my ear, his fingers stroking my face as he looked at me, a pained expression on his face.

"Edward, what's wrong?" I asked, hoping I hadn't hurt him.

"Baby, I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say."

"What? No, this was perfect, you have nothing to apologize for. I love you and you love me, it's okay." I tried to pull him to me, but he froze, moving farther away.

"I have to tell you something." He looked down to my throat, his eyes refusing to meet mine. "This is the last time we can be together like this. I'm sorry, I never meant for this to happen. I thought we'd be together always, but it's just not gonna work out."

I sat in stunned silence, unable to make any words form. When he finally raised his eyes back to mine, I saw that the unknown emotion there was rejection. He didn't want me.

"Why? We're going to college; we can see each other all the time. Just say when and I'll come see you. It'll be fine, I promise." I lifted my hand to touch his cheek, and he turned away, as if burned by my touch.

"No, that's not possible. I'm not going to college alone, Baby."

"What? What do you mean, you're not going alone? Who is going with you?" As he lay silently next to me, I knew the answer. "She's going with you? But how? I mean, you said she couldn't get in there, and even if she had, she couldn't afford it. How? I don't understand. Is she doing some modeling thing? I mean, I heard her friends talking about that modeling scout that approached her in the mall. Is that it?"

"No, she's going to college and I'm paying for her," he said, as if it was obvious.

"Why are you paying for her? She's your girlfriend, why would you pay her tuition and room and board and all that? Is she really that good of a lay that you'd finance her college education for her, just so you can get screwed whenever you want?" Anger was quickly building inside me and I spat out my words at him.

He spoke quietly, as if fearful of my reaction. "No, it's not that. Besides, she's living with me so it's only tuition."

I looked at him as if he were insane. "Your parents and her parents are just going to let you live together? Have you all gone crazy?" I knew they would never allow that to happen and I wondered where he was going with this.

"I'm not going to be living with my girlfriend," he said, his voice low and full of some emotion that if I didn't know him better, I would swear was shame or embarrassment.

"So what, now she's not your girlfriend, is that what you told them?" I looked at his face, trying to figure out what he was saying, when suddenly my stomach dropped. My mouth fell open and a sense of disbelief fell over me.

"She's not going to be my girlfriend…because we're getting married." I was in shock as the words left his mouth. "I asked her last night and she said yes. We're getting married before we leave, in August."

I heard a sound come from my throat that I'd never heard before—it was the sound of what was left of my heart shattering into a million pieces that would never be put back together.

"Did you give her you mother's ring? The one that you said was for me?" I asked, wanting to know how deep his lies and deceit ran. He nodded, his eyelids sliding closed.

I turned from him and sat up, suddenly ashamed of my naked state. Grabbing at my shirt on the floor, I threw it on and then grabbed my shorts. When I was dressed, I stood next to the bed, looking down at him as he lay there looking back at me.

"Get out." There was no conviction in my voice, no force behind my words. I was broken beyond repair, all hope for my future lost. Tears stung my eyes as I watched him reach out for me through blurred vision.

"Baby wait," he said.

"Don't ever call me that again. I'm not your Baby. Now get out before I yell for my dad. And don't ever come back here." I turned my back on him, refusing to watch as he dressed and readied himself to leave.

"Ba—" he said.

"No! I said don't ever call me that again. Just get out!" I shouted, not caring who heard.

I listened as his heavy footsteps walked away from me, to the window. I waited for him to leave, but instead, he paused.

"I really did love you. I really did want to be with you forever. This thing with her, it just came out of no where, I couldn't stop it. You'll always be my first love, and I'll always love you, B."

With that he was gone. I fell to the floor, sobs taking over my body and I mourned for the life I had dreamed of, the boy I had given my heart to. He had taken everything from me, and he didn't even want it.

The next morning, I dragged myself out of bed, still overwhelmed at all that had happened the night before. The thought of seeing him with her at school made me sick, and my mind wandered through images of her laughing, her wearing his ring, her showing off to her friends, her wrapping her arms around him, her kissing him with love and excitement. The reality was worse than my imagination, and stepping out of my car in the parking lot, my eyes were drawn to them.

They were standing in a group of people, all of their friends around, as she flaunted the ring that was supposed to be mine, bragged about the life that was supposed to be mine, clung to the boy that was supposed to be mine. Her friends oohed and aahed over her, clearly jealous, and as I passed them, Edward's eyes met mine, a look of shame clear in them. I wondered for a brief moment if he regretted his choice, if he would change his mind. I turned away from him, focusing on the building and resolving that I wouldn't think of him again—he obviously didn't think of me.

The week passed quickly, and each day I was assaulted by a new set of images of them together. Each day my fury grew, feelings of betrayal and disloyalty for what Edward had done bubbling up within me. I felt sick to my stomach all the time—morning, noon and night, often rushing to a toilet so that I could heave the contents of my stomach into it. It wasn't until Thursday afternoon as I sat in my last class looking over a calendar, planning my drive to Arizona, that it hit me—I was late. In all the craziness of the past few weeks, I hadn't realized that I'd never started my period. I was like a clock, in that regard, and I knew that something must be wrong. I was taking birth control pills so I didn't see how I could be pregnant, but still I knew something was not right.

On my way home from school, I stopped by the drug store, purchasing a pregnancy test and telling the cashier, a friend of my mother's, that it was for a school project. She joked about teachers making up last minute projects for seniors, just to see them squirm. I laughed in agreement, happy that she wasn't one of the brighter friends my mom had, and hurried home. My father was working patrol that evening and my mother was out with one of her clubs, most likely drinking or gossiping. I knew I had a few hours of uninterrupted time when no one would catch me, so instead of waiting for morning like the test suggested, I rushed into the bathroom and peed on the little white stick.

Laying it on the counter, I sat back watching, my eyes glued to the tiny window. The directions said results could take up to five minutes, but in only one minute and twelve seconds, a faint little pink positive sign began to appear. I couldn't breathe, all the air in my lungs rushing out of me and leaving me in shock. The pink plus got darker as the next few minutes went by, and after ten minutes I sat staring at a magenta symbol that sealed my fate. I wouldn't be going to Brown; instead I would be going to live with my Gram. There would be no Edward, no chance of Edward, and I cried again for the loss of him.

Fumbling around my room, I managed to pack as much as I could that night. My graduation gown hung on my closet door, and I regretted that I would never get the chance to wear it. I filled every box that I could find with my clothing, shoes, pictures, books, mementos—all the little treasures I had acquired over my life time. I carefully placed each box in my car, filling it until there was just enough space for me and a few personal items, like my purse, laptop, and snacks.

When my mother returned home, I told her that I'd decided to go to Arizona, and that I couldn't bear to stay in Forks another minute. She was saddened that I wouldn't be attending my graduation ceremony, though I think a little relieved that people wouldn't realize she was old enough to have an eighteen year old daughter. Delusional woman.

The next morning I told my father of my plans, and he hugged me, not wanting to let me go, but knowing that my life in Forks had not been easy over the past couple of years. Being in the police department, he knew the majority of the teenage antics that went on in our sleepy little town, and Edward's reputation had not escaped him. He was always grateful that I had seemingly gotten out of Edward's grasp before he really went off the deep end, if only he knew the truth.

I climbed into my car, heading for the school to put in one last appearance and let the office know I wouldn't be walking in the ceremony. Our shortened classes ended with a lunch for the seniors, and as I sat staring at Edward across the room, I turned the little white plastic stick over in my hands. There was only one more thing I needed to do before I left, and this was it.

Watching him for the last time from my corner table, I realized that he would never change. No matter how much I loved him and hoped for him to love me, he would never be what I wanted or needed. My determination strengthened and I decided this was it. Standing from my seat, I made my way to the table that Edward and his little group were sitting at. His friends made rude comments as I approached, but I ignored them all, focusing on Edward, who sat with his arm around her. She looked up at me, our eyes meeting, and a sad smile flitted across her lips. She thought I was here to see her. I shoved my hand into my jacket pocket, hiding the clear bag that was clenched in my fist.

"Edward, I wanted to give you something before we all leave, go our separate ways." I made my voice as pleasant as possible, hoping to catch him off guard by what I was about to do.

"Oh, that's nice, thank you. I had hoped that we would be able to end things as friends." Despite the small smile on his face, his words were hollow, and I knew the smile meant nothing.

"I brought you something, just a little reminder of me." With that I pulled my hand out and tossed the clear, plastic bag onto the table, it landing in front of Edward. The other girls at the table gasped, instantly recognizing what was contained inside of it. Sluts.

Edward looked up to me, confusion on his face. "What's this?" he asked, reaching out to pick up the bag, turning it over so that the pink plus sign shined like a beacon in the night.

"That's for you," I said, smirking at him.

"What is that?" she asked him, looking up into Edward's face.

"Oh, maybe you should explain what this is, she's obviously too innocent to know. Not like her friends," I spewed at him. His eyes rose to me, questions written all over his face. He couldn't speak.

"Well, since Eddie boy here isn't going to tell you, I will. It's a pregnancy test, and that little pink plus sign? That means it's positive, meaning someone is pregnant, and since I happen to have it, the odds are good that that someone is me." I smiled, shock spreading across her lovely little face.

"But why are you giving this to Edward? Why don't you give it to the father?" she asked, clearly not aware of Edward's dalliances with me.

I smiled brightly, "I just did."

Air rushed out of her as she turned to Edward. "What is she talking about? How could you be her baby's father? Edward?"

I turned, intent on leaving as quickly as I could, but then I heard him answer her. "Baby, it's nothing, it's just a misunderstanding, I'm sure."

I spun around, fury seeping from my words. "Now I get it, why you always called me Baby. You call everyone Baby, don't you? What, so that you don't risk getting caught by saying the wrong name? Is that it? You probably don't even know my name anymore, you've called me Baby for so long." A laugh erupted from my chest as she continued to stare at him in horror, my words sinking in. My job was done here. Edward had ruined my life, and now I'd returned the favor.

With one last smile, I turned around, walking determinedly to the door. "Lauren?" I heard from behind me. I paused, glancing over my shoulder.

"Hmmm, seems like you do remember my name." I looked back at her, leaving one more jab. "Good luck with him, Bella. You're gonna need it." I flipped my long blonde hair over my shoulder and continued out of the building, climbing into my car and pulling away from my life. I had the promise of something new and wonderful waiting for me in Arizona, and I couldn't get there fast enough.


Summary/Prompt: A fic where Lauren isn't a b*tch or has a good reason to be one. (You know me, no cursing…ever. :D )

A/N: A lot of people seem to be confused by 2 things - the bathroom scene and when Edward calls Lauren 'B' as he's leaving her house.

The bathroom scene - Lauren is hiding in the stall, the girls that come in don't know she's there. When they refer to her hanging all over Edward, they are meaning the way she is looking at him. She obviously wants him, and they think she is flirting shamelessly with him. They don't like Lauren, for whatever reason, and they are gossiping about her and basically making fun of her. It happens every day in high school across the world. :D I think it's about jealousy and self esteem, all that stuff.

Edward calling her 'B' - that is meant to be confusing, as a lot of the things in this story are. Fan fic Edward's always seem to refer to Bella as 'B' and it's accepted as that. However, cannon Edward doesn't call her that. I liked that this Edward called girls Baby, which starts with a 'B' and that's why he's calling Lauren that. She tells him not to call her Baby again, and he starts to once, resulting in her yelling at him. Then he calls her 'B' instead of Baby as he leaves.

The facts in this story are meant to be a little confusing. If they weren't then you would know right away whose POV you were reading. I didn't want that. I needed for you to feel bad for this girl and be sympathetic to her, then when you find out who she is, you're shocked. We are all pretty well programmed to hate Lauren, so I knew going into this that the only way to make her seem sympathetic was to trick you into thinking she was someone else. It seems to have worked. :)