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I was a cute kid. Well, that's what everyone always said when I was young. Once I hit the age of twelve, things got a little weird. My teeth were too big for my face. My skin started getting red splotchy marks and pimples. My little boy haircut was in the process of growing into something an adolescent wouldn't be ashamed of. My feet grew, and grew, and grew, until they were as long as my forearms. Even with all that, I didn't grow one inch in height. It was slightly depressing.

Like most teenage boys in junior high, I was obsessed with girls. My perfect woman changed almost every day, and each evening I told my older brother, Anthony, all about the girl I'd watched that day. None of the girls paid any attention to me, aside from being polite or asking for help with math problems. There was one girl in several of my classes, but she was quiet like me. Her name was Bella, and even though she wasn't into makeup and push up bras like the rest of the female population, she was beautiful. There was something about her that made her glow, and my heart stuttered every time she walked into the classroom. She always smiled at me, then quickly let her eyes fall to the floor. I never even said one word to her.

The beginning of my freshman year I was fourteen and finally starting to grow a bit taller. Anthony was a junior and two years older than me. He helped me navigate the social land mines of high school without too much trouble, and soon enough I had several friends, a few of which were even girls. I had almost worked up the courage to talk to Bella—the one permanent entry on my ever rotating list of lady loves—when fate stepped in.

English had always been an easy subject for me, so it came as no surprise when I was placed in the advanced class. Bella sat on the other side of the room from me and when it was finally time for the class to study Romeo and Juliet, I dreamed of being paired up with her. Having the opportunity to converse with her over such romantic material would surely help me woo her, but Ms. Elsey had a different idea. Pulling me aside after class one day, she begged me to help one of the other students. Lauren Mallory was a nice girl, but was clearly out of her comfort level when it came to the accelerated material we were studying. Being the overachiever that I was, I couldn't turn down the challenge of helping someone turn their failing grades into passing ones.

I cringed when I saw Bella paired up with Mike Newton, but I focused on the challenge that lie ahead of me—namely one very stubborn, opinionated, narrow minded blonde girl that needed my assistance.

Lauren lived up to her reputation as vapid, shallow, and rude. On several occasions during study times, she commented on someone's choice of clothing, or the car a fellow student drove to school, or even the latest gossip about the couples she'd seen groping each other in the halls. Nothing ever seemed to be good enough for her, and I soon began counting down the days until we were finished with the tragic play that had brought us together.

"You know, Edward? I never would have talked to you if it weren't for English class. Weird, huh? I mean, we have so much in common," she said, as I internally rolled my eyes, for the fifth time that day.

We were studying at her house, since it would clearly require too much effort on her part for us to go to my house. After she complained for almost an hour about there being no snacks ready for us to eat, I finally stepped in and made a couple of pb & j sandwiches, then sat down at the dining room table and got started on our homework. I knew we had a mountain of it, and I didn't want to put it off any longer.

Lauren was a little quieter that night as we studied, but I repeatedly praised her for the A she had gotten on a recent quiz. It was quite an improvement, and even Ms. Elsey complimented her. After we finished our essay outlines, I started rehearsing the monologues that each person in class was scheduled to recite the next day. The boys had to give Romeo's speech, while the girls gave Juliet's. I was quite looking forward to it, especially since we were required to maintain eye contact during the speech, and that would give me a chance to look at Bella as I said key phrases. I wanted her to know how I felt about her, and I knew this was the perfect chance.

The next day when class started, I felt butterflies in my stomach. My knees were knocking and my hands shaking, until finally Ms. Elsey called my name. Standing in front of the class, no one really paid much attention to me since I wasn't a jock or part of the "in crowd." I noticed Lauren watching me closely and then spotted Bella sitting just behind her. Our eyes met and instantly the words began to pour from my mouth. I instilled as much affection and honestly into each word as I could, hoping that Bella would understand they were meant for her.

As I reached the end of the quote, I saw her eyes sparkling and I imagined what it would be like to stare into them for hours on end. My final words, "...O, that I were a glove upon that hand, That I might touch that cheek!" were meant for her alone, and I fought back the urge to ghost my fingertips across her skin, memorizing each inch of her as I did.

When class finished, Lauren was suddenly at my desk, bouncing with excitement over my recitation. I tried to politely shake her off, knowing that we had another week of studying together before my agony of spending time with her would finally end. Obviously unable to take a hint, she snaked her arm around mine and pulled me from the room. I watched as a strange expression washed over Bella's face, erasing the smile that usually greeted me each time our eyes met.

"Lauren, what are you doing? I have class."

She pulled me out of the building and toward the library. "Come on, Edward. I need help, okay? I'll get you excused, don't worry. My aunt works in the office, I'll just tell her we were working on a project. Come on."

I soon found myself settled into a cubicle in the back of the library. Lauren grabbed another chair so that we could share the desk area. She was entirely too close to me, but still not picking up on my discomfort over the situation.

"I really liked the way you recited your quote today, Edward. It was so pretty," she whispered in my ear. Her perfume surrounded me, and I felt her hand trailing up and down my arm. My heart started to beat a little faster, and all on its own, my cock quickly began to harden. I'd never had a girl so close to me before, and even though my heart and mind weren't interested in Lauren, my body seemed to be unaware of that fact. I heard her giggle softly as her lips got closer to my ear. "Say it to me again, Edward. Say it to me before you kiss me."

What happened after that was all a blur, and as her lips pressed softly against mine, I was instantly overwhelmed by the bright blue eyes before me. I'd never seen such a beautiful color, nor had I ever felt such warmth as I did when her hand slid across my chest and toward my stomach. Her tongue peeked out and licked at my bottom lip, and I didn't breath for a whole forty three seconds. When she finally pulled away, licking her lips and sighing, I inhaled deeply. Her scent filled my body and I smiled at her. She really was beautiful, even if she was a little annoying and rude. I watched her tuck a few strands of hair behind her ear and I decided that if just kissing her could do such erotic things to my body, I had to find out what else there was. And soon.

The next few months flew by quicker than any others ever had before, and only a few moments from them really stood out. Times like Lauren pushing her tongue into my mouth the first time, Lauren giving me a hickey and my mom seeing it, Lauren letting me feel her boobs, and finally, Lauren letting me put my hand down her pants. Anthony spent lots of time trying to explain the finer points of groping to me, and each time Lauren and I were alone, I tried out all the tips he'd suggested. She always appeared happy and satisfied, and I knew I was.

The only thing I felt a little bad about was Bella. It seemed like we were just on the brink of starting something between us when Lauren came along. I sometimes felt Bella's eyes watching me, and a twinge of guilt flowed through my body. Once her hand brushed against mine as she passed by my desk, and instinctively my pinky finger reached out to grab hers, causing her to stumble as she pulled away. The longing in her eyes was killing me. The way she always took a deep breath when she realized I was nearby—it was like she was attempting to fill herself as full of me as she could before I was gone again. It made me sad, and I missed her, which was strange since I barely even knew her. Lauren was always there to make me feel better, and that usually meant my fingers on her bare skin. I was always rather relieved—she was a nice distraction.

Lauren and I didn't spend a lot of time together outside of school. My parents didn't much approve of us being so close, so young. Anthony would sometimes take me out with him and we'd stop off to pick up Lauren. The difference between her mother and mine was astounding. Where my mother was cold and borderline rude to Lauren, her mother was warm, friendly, and very touchy-feely with me. It was often times a little uncomfortable, but then Anthony would point out the rack Mrs. Mallory had squeezed into a shirt that was clearly too small for her, and I would take advantage of the hugs she offered me. Anthony's constant reminder that "Lauren might some day look like her mom" always had me extremely worked up, and once we were away from the house, cocooned in the backseat of Anthony's car, I let my hormones loose and my hands roam. Lauren's boobs were amazing, and I spent as much time with them as I possibly could.

Over the next year and a half, Lauren kept my body occupied and my eyes focused on her. Before I even realized it, I had stopped hanging out with my friends, and was seamlessly blended into her crowd. I was accepted, or tolerated, because Lauren demanded it, though I knew I couldn't really trust any of the people seated around us at our lunch table each day. Evenings and weekends were spent alone, or with Anthony, unless Lauren could free up her schedule enough to see me. I wasn't really sure what she spent so much time doing when I wasn't with her. Each time we were reunited, she was more forward and horny than when I'd last seen her, and because of the desperation she always showed as she practically attacked me, I seldom complained.

The first time she took me into her mouth was a Monday after a three day weekend. My dick had never been so warm or wet before and when the tip hit the back of her throat, it was all I could do to keep myself from filling her mouth with cum. When she looked up from where she knelt in front of me, she nodded slightly, then pushed herself back over me. I couldn't stop it any longer, and soon I was forcefully shooting streams of cum into her mouth and orgasming more severely than I ever had before. I watched the muscles in her throat flex and twist as she swallowed several times before finally lifting off of me, her tongue darting out to lick her lips. She smiled at me shyly, then pushed me back on my bed until I was lying down. Crawling up my body, she stopped when her face was even with mine, and we spent the next ten minutes kissing like our lives depended on it.

The summer after our sophomore year, I got a job working for my uncle. He owned a construction company and hired me on to help out with a couple of his work crews. The days were long and the work was tiring, but as I fell into bed each night, I knew it would be worth it. I was saving up money so that I could afford to splurge on things during the upcoming school year, like Homecoming and Prom. I wanted to make sure that Lauren had the best year ever, and I worked all the hours my uncle would let me. It wasn't just money that I started to build up. My body began to change, too. I suddenly had muscles in places I never did before. My hair darkened a lot, but the tips seemed to stay golden, especially in the sunshine. I had to get contacts since my glasses kept falling off, and soon enough my skin was a golden brown color. Any time I was away from work, I always noticed girls watching me, which freaked me out at first. Eventually, I paid no attention to them, knowing that I had a great girl waiting at home for me.

The only thing was, Lauren was hardly ever home for me. Each time I called, she was out with a friend or out with a cousin. Her mother said that she was interning at some office in Port Angeles, but I often times saw her car around Forks when I would run errands for my uncle. I knew she wasn't working in Port Angeles, I just didn't know what she was up to. I really started to wonder on the night of my sixteenth birthday.

My uncle had given me the day off work, and I took full advantage of that. I slept in, got hamburgers for lunch, and hit the batting cages with a couple of my friends from school that I'd run into a few weeks earlier. Emmett and Jasper were good guys and we picked up our friendship right where we'd left off. It was like we'd never been apart, and I was grateful for their company. I called Lauren's home number several times that day, hoping maybe she'd be free and want to go out, but she never answered. She had carried around a cell phone sometimes, but she never offered me the phone number to it, so I assumed maybe it was her mother's or father's phone. The few times I'd asked, she just laughed and changed the subject, usually by touching a rather sensitive part of my body with a hot or wet part of hers. Regardless, on that particular day I couldn't get a hold of her.

Finally that night, after spending some time with my family, I went to bed. Walking into my room, I was shocked to see a very scantily clad Lauren draped across my bed. I quickly closed and locked the door, then turned on my stereo just in case Anthony or my parents happened to walk past my door. I knew the odds of that were slim, but I didn't want to take any chances.

"Lauren, what are you doing here?" I asked, slightly confused at the scene before me.

"It's your birthday. You didn't think I'd forget, did you?" she asked, her bottom lip sticking out in a little pout.

"I tried calling you today, where were you?"

"I was out buying your present. Do you like it?" she said as she pushed her chest forward a bit. The green lace that covered her body was very sheer and I could clearly see her nipples through the fabric. The tiny little bottoms were held together with ribbons on the sides and I wondered what would happen if I pulled on them just a little bit. She held up her hand and crooked her finger at me. "Come here, birthday boy."

I didn't have to be told twice. Instantly I was lying on top of her, pressing the evidence of my arousal into her hip. Our tongues twisted and caressed one another while my hand pushed underneath the green lace and took hold of her boob. I let out a soft moan as my thumbs rubbed over her hardened nipples, and I felt her hands gliding up and down my back.

"You know what I want to give you for your birthday?" she whispered as I sucked on the skin of her neck.

"Uh uh," I hummed into her flesh.


I pulled back, our eyes meeting. Her's were darker blue than normal and I could see lust quickly consuming her expression.

"Are you sure?" I asked, hoping more than anything that she would let me be with her. I'd wanted to for so long, and it was the only physical thing we had yet to do, though I was hopeful that would soon end.

"I'm sure, Baby. I want you and only you. Show me you love me," she cooed. I pulled roughly at the ribbons on her panties and then yanked the offending fabric from her body. The dress type top she had on was undone much the same way, with a ribbon in the front between her tits. Once I had it gone, her hands moved to the hem of my shirt and pulled. I was naked in no time, my hand rubbing over my aching cock. I'd never been with a girl in this way before, and I would have been much more nervous if I didn't know that Lauren was a virgin, too.

A thought struck my mind and I blurted out a sentence I never thought I'd say. "I think we should wait."

Lauren looked quizzically at me. "You want to wait? Why?"

My eyes slid closed. "I don't have any condoms."

Her laugh was the cutest laugh I'd heard in ages. "Oh Baby, I'm on the pill. You know that. Come on...show me," she whispered seductively, a controlled growl in her words.

Before I really understood what was happening, my cock was pushing into her tight slit, and it felt amazing. Once I was fully immersed in her, I looked closely at her face—how her eyes were pressed closed and her mouth had formed into a tight little 'O' shape—and I began to panic. "Lauren, did I hurt you? I know the first time is supposed to hurt for girls, and you'll probably even bleed. Are you bleeding?" I asked, pulling back from her a bit.

"No, Edward, I'm fine! Listen, it's okay. I...um...I wear tampons so I'm already stretched out there, and I broke my hymen a few years back when I was horse back riding with my cousin that lives in Port Angeles. It's fine, it feels good. You can move a bit, if you want."

I let her hands guide my hips and I slid back and forth in her warm body. I tried to remember the things Anthony had said about sex, and as I continued to pump into Lauren, my rhythm picked up. It wasn't long before my cum was shooting into her, and her body was arching off the bed and pressing against my chest. She moaned like I'd never heard her do before and she didn't breathe for quite a few seconds. We seemed frozen in time, each of us totally overwhelmed by the feelings vibrating through our bodies. The way her skin quivered under my fingers brought me back to life and I softly kissed her lips, reassuring her of my love. I was in love with Lauren, and in that moment I had never been more certain.

The rest of the summer passed by soon enough. I worked, hung out with Jasper and Emmett, and occasionally saw Lauren. We had sex a few more times, but without much alone time, it wasn't easy to manage. I was anxious for school to start so that at least I would get to see her every day. Jasper offered to pick me up each morning, which was far better than riding the bus or getting a lift from my dad. My parents were planning to buy me a car, but we hadn't decided on one yet. I knew exactly what I wanted, I just had to talk my mom into it. She didn't understand the whole sports car thing like my dad and I did.

School was uneventful for the most part, aside from all the girls that were suddenly watching me, following me, smiling at me, and talking to me. It was rather peculiar, and I tried to ignore it as much as I could. I knew Lauren wasn't happy about it, her eyes clearly expressing her fury, but I tried to reassure her that I only had eyes for her. I almost faltered when I saw Bella arrive at school with Riley Smith. He was a notorious ladies man—a real player, as well as a senior. The way he watched her walk away from him made my skin crawl. I wasn't sure what made me feel that way, but I wanted to punch him every time I saw Bella within twenty feet of him.

A few weeks into the school year, I happened to catch Emmett and Jasper in a heated discussion. As soon as they noticed me, they both clammed up, which led me to believe whatever they were talking about had something to do with me. As they stood nearby me, looking nervous and hesitant, I asked what was wrong.

"It's nothing, E," Emmett quickly said. He tried to smile, but it was only a half smile at best. His eyes darted back and forth between Jasper and I, and a sinking feeling began to grow.

"What?" I said, turning to Jasper. "Come on, if you have something to tell me, then just spit it out."

He swallowed as his jaw clenched and his shoulders straightened. This was going to be bad.

"How well do you know Lauren, Edward? Like, what do you know about her?" he asked.

"Well, I've known her for a long time and we've been together for a couple of years now, so I'd say I know her pretty well. Why?"

"Does she ever do things that you just aren't sure of?"

I was starting to get nervous and from the corner of my eye I noticed Emmett flinching away from Jasper and I.

"Yeah, sure. She's a girl, they do weird stuff all the time. Why?" I looked back at Emmett, confusion clear on my face. "What are you two hinting at?"

Jasper cleared his throat. "Well, I was in Port Angeles last night and I saw a girl that looked a lot like Lauren. I thought it was her, but then I realized some guy's lips were attached to her face, and his hands were all over a few other parts of her, if you know what I mean."

Immediately I tried to recall where Lauren had been the night before, and remembered her telling me about a family birthday party. It couldn't have been her that Jasper had seen. Once I explained it to him, he gave me a sad look and simply said he hoped I was right. I pushed any doubt from my mind and continued on with my day, growing a little quieter when I saw Lauren at lunch.

Raising my fingers to her neck, I pushed her collar aside. "What's that?" I asked, referencing the small purple bruise on her skin.

"What?" she said, pulling away from me a bit.

"You have a bruise. Did you hurt yourself?"

An odd look flashed through her eyes before she broke out in a smile. "Oh, no, that's just from my cousin yesterday. Remember, I told you about that party, right? Yeah, she burned me with her curling iron; it's no big deal though."

It was a big deal. My dad was a doctor and I knew what burns looked like. This was no burn. I had, however, seen my fair share of hickeys, and I knew what the mark on her was. Not wanting to alert her to my suspicions, I nodded and turned to continue eating my lunch. Something was not right with Lauren, and I was beginning to feel like maybe this wasn't the only time there had been proof of that.

I continued to stew and obsess over the hickey for the next few days. By Thursday, I thought I'd burst from frustration and rage. When Lauren invited me to her house that evening to study, school work was that farthest thing from my mind.

"Baby, what's wrong?" she cooed as we sat on her sofa.

Taking deep breath, I turned to look at her, my teeth grinding together. "I know you had a hickey on your neck this week, and I know I didn't give it to you." Her eyes widened as she listened to what I was saying. "All I want to know is who did give it to you. Was it the guy from the movie theater?"

She leaned away from me, sucking in a quick gasp. "What?" she said, her voice light and wavering.

"Yeah, didn't think I'd hear about that? Who was he?"

"Um, I'm not sure what you're talking about, Baby. I was with my cousin that night, I told you that. It was a burn, Edward, that's all."

My fist pounded into the cushion next to my thigh. "I know what a burn looks like, Lauren. I'm not stupid. Who gave you the hickey? Just tell me!" My voice was rising higher and getting louder, and she began to withdraw into herself.

"Why are you yelling? I didn't do anything." I watched her carefully, and while she looked afraid and innocent, I could see something in her eyes that told me she knew exactly what was going on, and she was scrambling for an excuse.

"My friends saw you, Lauren. They saw you with some other guy all over you. You weren't with your cousin like you said. You lied to me. You've been lying all week, and I'm sick of it. I'm not gonna sit around and let you treat me like some fool who doesn't know any better."

I grabbed my books off the table and stood to leave, anxious to get away from her.

"Wait, Edward, don't leave. Please," she whispered. I stopped walking, standing still and waiting for her to say something. Anything. I wanted to her to tell me what happened. I wanted her to explain it all and make me understand. I needed to know it was all some big misunderstanding, but at this point I would settle for anything she would give me.

Just as I was about to continue toward the door, she spoke.

"I was with my cousin, really. She just…she had these guys with her. She just broke up with her boyfriend and she had a date. I didn't know, I swear. We went to the movie and I think one of the guys poured something in my drink because things started to get really fuzzy and I couldn't think straight."

I heard a sniffle behind me, and glanced backward to see her wiping at her eyes. It made me sad that she was crying, but I was still so angry about what she'd done. "So?"

"I don't really remember what happened, I just know that we went to the theater and my cousin was with that other guy and his friend sat next to me. He kept trying to kiss me, and I told him about you. I told him I had a boyfriend, but he just kept pushing and before I knew it, they were driving me home and I was sitting in the back seat with him. He wouldn't stop, Edward. I was so scared, I didn't know what to do."

Turning around, I watched her for a moment. She looked so small and vulnerable, and I wanted to believe her. I hoped that she was telling me the truth, and I wanted more than anything to trust her.

"Really?" I asked, walking toward the sofa and pausing in front of her.

She nodded. "Yes, really. I'm so sorry, I should have told you the truth, but I was afraid that you wouldn't believe me. I know your friends don't like me and they don't want us together. I can't lose you, Baby. I love you too much."

As her words processed in my head, I knew she was right. Jasper and Emmett didn't like her, and they were always pointing out other girls they thought I should ask out. Mainly, they wanted me to take out Bella so that they could date her friends. It was a nice thought, but I was with Lauren, and I didn't want to hurt her.

Taking a deep breath, I sat back down on the couch. "You're telling me the truth, right?" I asked, reaching over to put my fingers under her chin and lift her face so that I could look at her.

"Yes, I promise, it's true. Please don't be angry with me. I'm so sorry. It won't happen again, I promise."

"Okay," I sighed. "You want me to find that guy? I can take Emmett and Jasper with me and we can make sure he doesn't ever come near you again."

Her eyes widened in horror. "No!" she shouted as she jumped up and toward me, wrapping her arms around my neck. "Just forget about him, okay? I already have."

"Alright," I said, putting my arms around her. I felt her lips on my neck and it felt good—calming. We were right for one another, but even as she continued to make me feel amazing with her mouth, my mind wondered if she really meant what she said. I hoped so, for the sake of my sanity.

Over the next several weeks, I silently kept watch as she continued to fill me in on her schedule and all the "activities" that were keeping her busy each night. She usually found one week night and a few hours on the weekend when we could see each other, but there wasn't much more than that. I tried to ignore each "bruise" I saw on her neck, and soon enough she wasn't even trying to hide them from me any longer. She insisted they were a joke from her cousin, who thought it was hilarious that I'd been so upset by the first one. Jasper and Emmett mentioned seeing her a few more times, sure that it was indeed her. Each time she was supposedly with a different guy, and they were exhibiting some form of PDA. Even though I tried to hide it, my heart broke a little more at every story I heard. The guys didn't want us together, and I sometimes wondered if they were just making things up. I knew there was a very real possibility that she was cheating on me, but it wasn't until I saw it for myself that I honestly believed it.

Lauren had been sick for about a week, her mother insisting that she was in bed and unable to come to the door each afternoon when I dropped off her homework. Mrs. Mallory flirted and glided her fake fingernails down my arms each day, batting her eyelashes and casting lustful glances as my crotch. I had a feeling that if I would have stepped inside the house, she would have dropped to her knees in no time flat for me. It would have been the ultimate pay back to Lauren, but I didn't want her mother anywhere near me, and especially not my dick. By Friday I was getting suspicious and when Jasper, Emmett, and I stopped at the small convenience store on the way out of town, I saw everything I needed to see.

Around the side of the store, just within view of the parking lot, pressed up against the wall, was Lauren. I would have known her blonde hair anywhere, and with the small overhead light shining down just a few feet away, I knew I wasn't mistaken. I didn't recognize the guy she was with, but I knew he was one of the boys from the reservation. There was a truck full of his friends parked a few spaces down from Emmett's jeep and the guys all stood around it flirting with some of the girls Lauren ran with.

I couldn't turn away from the vision before me. In the dim light I could see the guy with Lauren pushing his body against hers, as she pushed back toward him. His head dipped down to her neck and I watched as she gasped, her mouth open and most likely moaning, the same way she always did with me. The hem of her shirt was lifted and I could see the pale skin of her stomach in contrast to the dark skin of his forearm. His hand was obviously on her boob, and I could see the fabric of her shirt stretching as he groped her and continued to push his pelvis against hers. When I watched her hand grasp at the waistband of his jeans, her fingers slipping in between the denim and his stomach, I instantly lost any desire to see the movie we were planning to see. With one knowing look to Emmett, we were on our way to Jasper's house for a long night of getting drunk.

The next day, after sleeping in and trying to soothe my hangover, my phone rang repeatedly. Each time it was Lauren, and I wondered what she would be calling me for. I was still furious and rather embarrassed about what I'd witnessed the night before, and because of that, I let her calls go to voice mail every time. I had no desire to see her, and when Emmett called about the bonfire that night, I jumped at the chance to hang out and maybe score some more of Jasper's uncle's beer.

The bonfire was a nice break from the drama I'd been experiencing over the past twenty four hours. We sat with several of the football players and their girlfriends, laughing and sneaking drinks when the adult chaperones weren't watching. After being there about an hour, Tanya Denali came walking toward us, a sneer on her face. I didn't really know her very well, but we'd gone to school together since kindergarten, so obviously I knew who she was.

"Hey Edward, that sleaze of a girlfriend of yours is here." she spat.

I looked at her with a puzzled expression. "What? What are you talking about?"

"Lauren. I just saw her with one of her friends and it looks like she's looking for you. You know who she was with last night, right? Did anyone tell you yet?"

I decided to play dumb and see what information I could get from her. "No, who?"

Her pink lips pressed into a tight pout. "My Jake. I caught them in his friend Quil's truck. Quil said that she'd been with Sam earlier when they all met up at the park, but by the time I got there, she had moved on to Jacob." She looked down and shook her head. "He's so stupid when he's drunk."

"I hadn't heard. Sorry about that."

She stepped closer to me. "Are you really sorry? Because if you are, you could help me get back at both of them." The twinkle in her eyes scared me just a bit and I leaned back as she came even closer to me. "Jake's not here, so there's no worry about him coming after you, but one of his friend's is. Word will make it back to him, anyhow. So," she said as she sat down on my lap. "I think we should get them back, don't you?"

The alcohol I'd been drinking all night was starting to affect me and before I knew it, Tanya was writhing on my lap and my tongue was hungrily twisting with hers. She grabbed my hand and pushed it up her shirt and onto her boob, squeezing it. Her tits were much bigger than Lauren's and I liked the heavy feel of them in my hand. As I continued kissing her lips, her neck, and her chest, I grabbed her boobs and let her rub her pelvis all over my quickly hardening cock. I was a teenage boy and Tanya was hot, it wasn't difficult for me to get worked up by her.

After about an hour of making out with her, Jasper finally pulled me away, insisting that we had to go home before I did something I really regretted. I knew, without a doubt, that I would have screwed Tanya if Jasper hadn't of stepped in. I was so angry with Lauren and the thought of her being in a truck with another guy made me furious. I hated what she'd done to me, the way she'd made me feel. I wanted her to have just a little taste of what she'd dealt to me, so on Monday morning when I saw her at school, I acted like nothing had happened at all. I could see from the look in her eyes, and the way she ducked into the restroom that she had seen me with Tanya, and the high I got from that was incredible. I knew deep down inside that it was wrong, but I just didn't care. I wanted to get back at her and make her pay for the things she had done to humiliate me.

I waited for a few moments outside the girl's bathroom, watching as the halls cleared and people hurried into their classrooms. Once the dull roar of the hallway had been hushed, I could hear Lauren throwing up and I knew I'd be late to class if I waited for her. I felt bad leaving, but thinking she'd just go home for the day, I quickly walked down the hall to my door. The teacher wasn't in the room yet, so everyone was busy chatting and as soon as I walked in, I heard "Nice Job" and "Way to show her" from several of my classmates. Obviously, word of what happened at the bonfire had gotten out and most likely so had Lauren's escapades. While I was a little embarrassed about the fact that my girlfriend was obviously a slut, I felt proud that everyone seemed to support me. I had never been the most popular guy, by any means, and it was nice to know that I had made friends of my own and didn't need to rely on Lauren.

"Hey Edward," I heard from across the room. Turning toward the voice, I saw Jessica Stanley walking toward my desk. She was a nice girl, though a little too flirty for my taste. Luckily her boyfriend Mike seemed more than happy with the way she acted.

"Yeah?" I said, a little surprised when she jumped up on my desk and made herself at home.

"You got a second? I was wondering about something and since your dad's a doctor and all, I thought you might know the answer."

Instantly my head began to swim with questions about STD's and pregnancy, and I really hoped that's not what she wanted to talk to me about. "Okay, I'll try my best," I cautiously said, leaning back in my seat.

"Well, the other night we were cheering at the bonfire, and there were some sparks that shot out into the air when Tyler threw a new log on the fire. Anyway, I was wearing my leggings and the sparks burned me. They like, totally ate through my favorite pair of leggings! I was so mad. Anyway, I have this burn on my leg. What should I do?" She shifted in her seat so that I could see the marks on her thigh. They were bright red and tender looking, and I told her that she should probably see a doctor.

"Can't I just get some of the aloe vera gel stuff? You know, the sticky crap we use for sunburns and stuff?"

"Well, you could, but a doctor can give you a stronger cream, and it might even have a numbing agent in it so that the burns won't hurt as much." I looked down at her leg again, carefully fingering each little mark and noticing how high up her thigh they went. "I'd go see someone. You could get scars, you know?"

Her face twisted in disgust. "Oh, I don't want that. Okay, thanks Edward. I figured you'd know what to do." She hoped off my desk and skipped back to hers, where Mike was quickly trying to copy off her homework assignment. I laughed and shook my head, anxious to be done with the day, yet not looking forward to the Homecoming Week festivities that lie ahead of me.

All week I watched as people stared at Lauren and I, trying to ignore the whispers that accompanied the hateful glares cast her way, and sympathetic nods in my direction. I was attentive to her, as she pulled into herself and was more quiet than normal. I started to feel a little bad about what I'd done, and almost confessed everything to her, but as soon as school let out Friday afternoon, Emmett found me in the hall and pulled me aside.

"So, you're never gonna guess what I just overheard in the locker room," he said, a sad tone to his voice.


"Guess who was out with Ben Cheney last night?"

Ben was a nice guy, though a little nerdy with his love of computers and the school media room. His girlfriend Angela was quiet and cute, and I'd always enjoyed talking to her. "Uh, his girlfriend would my first guess."

Emmett cleared his throat as he looked around. "Well, the girlfriend part is right, only it's not his girlfriend that was caught sitting on his lap with her skirt pulled up around her hips." His eyes peered into mine as his right eyebrow arched.

"Lauren? Are you kidding me?" I whispered as he began to nod. "How could she... Angela is her friend. How could she do that?" I was appalled at what was Lauren's apparent new low, and I wondered just how much deeper she could sink.

"I don't know man, but Ben was going on and on about her, and he mentioned that mole she's got on her chest. You know, the one on her boob that a growing number of guys seem to know about?"

"Crap. What is with her? Seriously?" My stomach began to roll and I swallowed back the bile that was threatening to surface.

"What are you gonna do?" he asked.

"I have no idea. I mean, we're supposed to go to the dance tonight. How am I gonna be with her all night knowing this?"

Emmett snickered. "Yeah, and just keep in mind, Ben and Angela are supposed to be coming with us, too. That might be fun to watch..."

I shook my head, repulsed at what Lauren was capable of. "We're still planning on going to the forest, right? Jasper snagged booze?"

"Yeah, dude. And Eric got a keg from his cousin. We're set. You're still comin', right? I mean, we can go get plastered and then pick up Lauren if you want. Make her wait and sweat it out," Emmett said, with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Sounds like a plan. Pick me up at seven," I said.

The drive home gave me plenty of time to stew over the news I'd just heard, and by the time I started to get dressed, I had decided—I was going to stay as far away from Lauren that night as possible. I couldn't even find it in my heart to feel bad about standing her up. She brought this on herself, and I almost wished that I could be a fly on the wall of her house, just so I could see her disappointment at missing the dance. That is, if she even cared at all. For all I knew, she might have had another date lined up already. Either way, I didn't intend to hang around and see. I was done being Lauren's fool.

That night as we drove around picking up each couple, the cars getting more and more crowded, Jasper asked if I was sure about ditching Lauren. With no doubt in my mind, I gave a quick nod and soon we were on our way to the old saw mill north of town. It was a popular party place for teenagers in the area. The fact that the buildings were located on the top of a hill meant that there was a pretty good view, and if any police decided to crash the party, there was plenty of warning. The keg was already set up, along with several bottles of whatever liquor people could swipe from their parents without being caught. I downed two red plastic cups full of beer within a few minutes, anxious to get things underway.

Within an hour or so, people were getting good and plastered. A few fights threatened to erupt, but luckily Emmett and Felix, a defensive tackle on the football team, managed to keep things under control. Before long, I heard a girl screaming and yelling, and I was instantly curious. When I recognized Angela's voice, I knew things were about to get really bad.

"I can't believe you would do this to me!" she yelled between sobs. Several of her friends were standing around, trying to console her, as Ben cowered nearby, nursing what looked like the beginnings of a black eye. "You're such a dick, I can't believe I ever thought you loved me. Stay away from me, you make me sick."

When Ben started to yell back, accusing her of being cold and a "frigid bitch," the crowd started getting upset and taking sides. Angela stood in the middle of her friends, crying as mascara ran down her face.

"Please take me home, please. I'm humiliated, please," she begged her friends. I watched as they all turned to their dates, torn between going to the dance and leaving to help their friend.

"I'll take her," I said, stepping into the group of girls surrounding her. Angela looked up at me, a surprised look on her face. "Is that okay?"

"Edward," she sniffled, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, look Emmett will drive us, right?" I asked, turning to find him in the crowd. After he gave an approving nod, I looked back at Angela. "I'll go with you, I'll make sure you get home okay. Come on."

I put my hand on the small of her back and led the still whimpering girl away from the group, helping her into Emmett's jeep and then sliding into the back seat.

"Thank you, Edward," she whispered, the air still and quiet around us. It was a very different feel from what we'd been in a few minutes before, but it was better—more peaceful. We sat quietly waiting for Emmett, and once he climbed into the car, we left.

As we got back to town, I asked Emmett to just drop us off at my house. I knew my parents were gone to some kind of work thing for my dad, and I wanted to sober up a bit. I didn't want Emmett to have to worry about bringing me home after dropping off Angela. I knew his date probably wouldn't appreciate me taking up all of his time that evening.

Walking into my dark kitchen, I turned the lights on and started a pot of coffee while Angela went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She'd finally stopped crying and had kind of settled into a somber mood, not saying anything the whole way back from the party. I poured two mugs of coffee and got out some creamer and sugar, not sure what she would want. Once she was settled onto a stool at the counter, I sat down next to her and enjoyed the easy calm feeling in the room.

"Why do you think he would do that to me, Edward?" she asked.

"I don't know, I really don't. I wish I had some magic answer to give you that would explain everything, but I don't know." I stared at the light brown liquid in my cup, swirling it around a little. My head was starting to clear and I knew I'd be ready to take Angela home soon.

"I thought Lauren was my friend. Aren't you mad at her?" she asked, turning her head to look at me.

I let out a sigh. "Yeah, I'm mad. I don't know why she does this crap. I mean, she's been doing it for a while and no matter how long I spend thinking about it, I can't come up with one reason why. What did I do that was so wrong that it would make her do this? How could I have caused this, and not even know? I don't get it."

For the first time that night, I saw her lips turn up in a smile. "Boys are easy to figure out. I think they do it because they can. It's right there, and they can't stop themselves. Girls are different. It's usually 'cause they're missing something, but I've seen you with Lauren. She doesn't want for anything with you. I don't know why she does it. I wish I did."

"Yeah, maybe so. I wish I knew, too," I softly said, looking back at the mug in my hands.

Once we got to Angela's house an hour later, she was surprised to see all the lights off and find the door locked. Since her parents were obviously gone and she couldn't get in, she decided that she'd just wait in the tree house in her back yard. I wasn't comfortable leaving her alone, so I offered to stay. Her younger brothers used the old play house as a fort, so lucky for us, we found gummy worms and Oreo cookies that were still fresh. After scrounging up some water bottles stashed in a little foam ice chest in the corner, we sat down on the floor and talked about life in Forks, and how we both wanted to get out one day. It was something we had in common and the conversation flowed easy enough.

I marveled at how simple it was to be with Angela, and as I watched her—taking in just how beautiful she was, both on the inside and out—a thought struck me. I wondered what it would be like to actually be with her, in an intimate way. I'd only ever been with Lauren, and sex was always good between us, but seeing the vulnerable side of Angela, it made me wonder if it would be different, and maybe better.

"You know, I've only ever been with Ben," she said, a sadness to her voice.

"That's not a bad thing."

"Yeah, but I thought he loved me. I thought it was special. I didn't want to be one of those girls that sleeps with every boyfriend she has in high school. I only wanted to have one guy, and I thought we'd be together forever. That was stupid, huh?" She laughed a sad laugh as she looked down at her hands that lay in her lap.

"I've only ever been with Lauren. I never wanted to be with anyone else. I don't understand how she could want that, how she could be with so many other guys without a care in the world. It meant something to me, and I thought it did to her, too. I guess not."

I looked up at Angela, watching her for a moment. Suddenly the weekend before started to play in my head, and I remembered Tanya and the things she'd said to me at the bonfire. How it felt good to get even with someone when they'd wronged you. I remembered how powerful I felt as I kissed her and felt her body in my hands, knowing that I was doing to Lauren the same thing she'd done to me. I wondered about Angela. Would she feel the same way I felt if I suggested we get even with Ben and Lauren? Would she hate me and laugh in my face for saying it? Would she think we were dating and falling in love and someday going to get married? I had no idea what her thoughts might be, but as I swallowed and took a deep breath, readying myself to ask her, she spoke.

"You know, as wrong as it sounds, I want so badly to get even with him. I just want to grab some guy and let him screw the living daylights out of me, just so that I can say to Ben that I had sex too, and he's not so special anymore." Her eyes looked up and locked with mine. "That makes me a terrible person, doesn't it?"

I scooted a little closer to her so that our thighs were touching as we sat on the wooden floor boards of the little shelter. "No, I don't think so. I think it makes you human. I mean, you want to experience what Ben experienced. You want to know what he felt when he did it, and maybe that will help you to figure out why he did it. I get it, believe me, I do."

Her hand reached over and grasped mine, laying on top of my thigh as she watched her thumb rub back and forth along my pinky finger. I could sense her breathing picking up and I wondered for a moment if she was having the same thoughts I was.

"Angela?" I gently asked, waiting for her to look up at me.


"We could get even with them, if you wanted to. You don't have to, but if you want to... I mean, I know it made me feel better last week when I heard some other things about Lauren. I was so mad and after I kissed someone else, I just had this rush of emotion pour through me and suddenly—"

Angela pushed her lips against mine, leaving no doubt in my mind that she wanted the same thing I did. As her hand came up and curved around my neck, threading into my hair, she pulled me closer to her. Her lips were soft and moist, fuller than Lauren's, and she moved them as though she'd been kissing me for years. We melted together and soon my hands were on her back, forcing our bodies together. We each pulled away, gasping for breath.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked, knowing it was too late, but not wanting to assume anything.

"Oh yeah," she said, launching herself at me again.

I kissed her for a few more minutes, then my lips descended onto her neck, where I bit, licked, and sucked the soft skin there. I could smell her shampoo and it smelled fresh and slightly floral, combining with the perfume I could tell she was wearing. Her scent was different than Lauren's, more delicate and sweet, and I reveled in it for the time being.

After kissing for quite a while, both of us panting and left with red marks on our necks, my hands glided up her back, my fingers splaying out across her ribs. "Can I touch you?" I asked between sloppy kisses that were being placed along her collar bones.

"Yes, please."

My hand slid around to her chest and soon was wrapped around one of her boobs. Her tits were smaller than Tanya's, but heavy and softer than Lauren's. I liked them, and after groping her for a few minutes, I let my hand that was still on her back find the zipper to her dress, and slide it down ever so gently. Once that was done, I grabbed her under her arms and pulled her toward me, easing her leg across my thighs until she was straddling my lap. It was easier for me to kiss her this way, and instantly she began rubbing her pelvis against my quickly hardening dick. It felt amazing.

With the zipper on her dress all the way down, my fingertips skimmed Angela's shoulders, hooking into the collar of her dress and pulling on it. The soft, pale flesh on her chest came into view and I wanted to taste her. I eased down the silky fabric until it pooled in a scrunched up mess around her waist. The red strapless bra she was wearing left her shoulders bare, and I reached up to push a thick strand of hair behind her, giving me clear access to her skin. Placing soft, feather light kisses across her body, I felt myself hardening even more as she moaned and her head dropped back. Her fingers twisted in my hair as she pulled me closer to her

Images of Lauren in this same position began to flash through my mind. I missed the familiarity I felt when I was with her, but soon enough, I was picturing her with another guy's lips kissing her. The pressure of my lips increased on Angela's skin, and as I lowered the cup of her bra, her pink nipple popped out. My tongue swirled around the tip and I sucked her deep into my mouth, trying to unhook the clasp on her back that held the bra in place. Once it was gone, I palmed one tit while lavishing the other with kisses and nibbles. She continued to writhe on my lap, and I could feel the heat coming from her center.

I pulled away for a moment, drawing in several shallow breaths. "Do you want me to stop? Just tell me."

"No, keep going," she gasped as her hands moved down my chest and toward my belt. Her fingers fumbling with my pants turned me on even more, and soon any thought of Lauren was out of my head. It wasn't awkward any longer with Angela, and I liked the excitement that was growing in me. She was different—she felt different—and it showed me that there were more possibilities for me than just Lauren and the connection we'd shared. Angela's boobs were softer than Lauren's, and her nipples were tighter and responded so much sooner as I rubbed my thumbs over them. Her stomach was flatter, less curvy than Lauren's, and I could more easily see the outline of her ribs as she struggled to breathe. Her neck was longer than Lauren's, and it seemed so graceful as the muscles stretched and moved each time she shifted on my lap.

"Edward, can I feel you?"

I leaned away from her, our eyes meeting for just a moment. I nodded, giving the okay to continue what she was doing with my pants. Once the button was popped and the zipper unzipped, she looked down as her cold hand slid between my boxers and my stomach, her fingertips sliding over the head of my cock. She giggled a bit at the feel of the precum that was beginning to pool there, then glanced back up at me. I watched her fingers leave my pants and lift to her mouth, her tongue wrapping around them as she licked at the taste of me.

"Mmmm, I never did that with Ben," she said, a satisfied smile creeping onto her face.

"Oh yeah?" I asked, as she shook her head. "Let's get these clothes off and maybe we can find some other things you never did with Ben." Instantly she was lifting her dress over her head and shrugging out of her panties, leaving only the thigh high nylons and heels she was wearing. "Damn, Angela, you're unbelievable, do you know that?"

"Really?" she asked, her voice soft and low.

"Yeah. Ben's an idiot, and I'm kinda glad 'cause you're smokin' hot, Baby."

I pulled her to my now naked body and turned us over so that I lay on top of her. Our lips connected again as our hands explored each other. I continued to suck and kiss her neck and chest, gradually moving down to her stomach. My fingers grazed over the skin on her hips, sliding slowly toward the apex of her thighs, where I could feel heat radiating. As one finger forged ahead, I sensed a bit of moisture, but there was something else that startled me for a second. Having only been with Lauren, I was used to her body. Angela was different, and while I knew Lauren waxed her pussy, Angela didn't, and the difference was startling. My hand slid along the soft, downy curls that lay between her legs, and I felt the tickle of each tiny hair as it caressed my skin.

My fingers began to rub circles around her clit, swirling in a tight, round pattern, and she let out a groan of ecstasy. I watched her face, her eyes shut tight and her lips quivering, and I saw the beauty there. At that moment I knew that even though Angela and I had started things with the intention of getting even with our cheating partners, it wasn't just about that anymore. I was able to make her feel good. Angela—this sweet, sensitive, smart, and funny girl—was being affected by me and what I was doing to her. Lauren didn't even factor into the equation anymore after that point, and I turned my dedication to making Angela feel as good as I possibly could.

I reached for my pants that were laying beside us and grabbed my wallet, pulling out the condom that was tucked safely into a little side pocket. Angela's eyes watched me carefully as I rolled it onto my length, then let her fingers gently rubbed over my sheathed cock for a moment, before grabbing me and lining me up with her entrance. Slowly pushing into her, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and feel of her, and once I was fully in, I paused, leaning down to softly kiss her lips.

Her hips raised and I pulled back, pushing inch by delicious inch back into her, and listening as she sighed and begged for more with her eyes. I leaned on my forearms and began to push into her over and over again. Her whimpers of "harder" and "deeper" didn't go unnoticed, and soon enough I had pulled out, flipped her over to her hands and knees, and plunged back into her.

"Oh Edward, yes, right there. Harder, please, harder…"

"You like that, Baby? Yeah, you want me harder?"

I pounded harder and faster into her, reaching around to let my fingers find her clit. She called out my name, her head dropping between her arms and changing the angle of her body just enough to let me hit a new spot deep inside of her. My name fell from her lips over and over again and my hands sunk into her hips, holding on to her so tightly. I wondered if she'd have marks there the next day, but I didn't care. I wanted to claim her and make her feel good, so I did.

Just as I felt my balls start to shrink up, I pushed more forcefully into her, calling out in a husky voice. "I'm cuming! Oh Baby, I'm cuming! Come for me, Baby, come on my cock!"

Angela's hair flung back, covering her back as she raised her head. She yelled my name a few more times and I felt her inner walls begin to tighten down on my cock. Between the heat, the moisture, and the pressure, I didn't want to ever take my dick out of her, but after a few moments, I knew we both needed the rest. She lay down on her stomach, and I fell into place next to her, our naked and sweaty bodies molding to one another. As I let my hand skim up and down her back, I listened to our breathing—both of us trying to calm down and catch our breath.

The darkness of the night around us was silent, until I heard a car engine start in the distance. Normally it wouldn't have made any difference to me, except that the engine had a very distinct sound. There was a pinging in it that I would have known anywhere. It was Lauren's mother's car, and as the tires squealed and the engine revved, I was pretty sure Lauren knew where I was, though I didn't know if she realized what I was doing. Part of me wanted to throw my clothes on and follow her, but that was just a very small part. The rest of me wanted to remain lying next to the gorgeous girl at my side, who had finally calmed down and seemed to be falling asleep.

After a few minutes, Angela's breathing evened out, and she snuggled into my chest. Her softening nipples flush against mine, I curled one arm around her while the other reached behind me for the edge of the blanket we were lying on. I pulled it up and over us, shielding our bodies from the crisp night air. Placing my hand on her lower back, my fingers rubbed circles into her skin, migrating from her rib cage to her bottom and back again.

My thoughts plagued me and I wondered what I should do. I had to deal with Lauren soon, and I wasn't sure how. I knew I loved her and I cared about her, but how could she possibly love or care about me? She was going out with other guys, kissing them and having sex—and that's when I realized that I was doing the same thing. The truth cut into me for a moment as I pondered which of the two of us was more guilty. How could I hold her accountable when I was no longer blameless?

As I lay next to Angela, listening to her breathe, I dreaded the coming day light and the decision I needed to make. I set it all aside as I nuzzled my nose into the dark haired girl beside me, breathing in her sweet scent and putting off the inevitable—I had to end things with Lauren.


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