I disclaim owning any characters, places and whatnots in this story that in reality belong to J.K. Rowling (I can't believe I'm doing a short for HP.., *sighs*) The story idea and the actual story, however, are mine. So Nyah! With a capital N, too! Not Captain N, though. There's a distinct difference..

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Back to business. It's short and it... um, sort of shocked my friend which means it _could_ be disturbing. I'm not used to rating things, however so if it's off, feel free to tell me so.

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Ja ne! Here's the story! Enjoy ^_^


It is Graduation Night at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He should be inside and partake in the night's festivities. He had reason to celebrate, after all. He, along with quite a few others, had successfully brought their education at Hogwarts to an end.

Yet he wasn't.

Instead, he found himself outside, watching nothing in particular while a chill breeze wove around trees and grass. And not even his robes made of the finest materials, his Mother had seen to that, could keep the cold out.

He didn't mind. You got used to the cold as it wound its twisted way into your heart.

Leaves crunched and twigs snapped beneath heavy footfalls, announcing trespassers unto his solitude.

"Dear Father and Mother," he began in an endearing tone of voice," It is both my great pleasure and honour to invite you to Graduation Night."

A small, seemingly insignificant smile tugged at his lips as he continued.

"While it is not customary to let students know whether or not they graduated, Professor Snape has assured me that I have nothing to worry about."

He turned on his heels in a smooth, practised till perfect move and faced the two people standing there.

His Father's annoyance was clearly visible to both him and his Mother in the slightly rigid stance, the set of his jaw and the steely look in his grey eyes.

"That's nice dear," his mother said, smiling uncomfortably as she tugged a little at her husband's arm in an effort to get him to calm down. It wouldn't do for him to have a 'fit' in a public place, now would it?

"But we already know that. The Ceremony was just this afternoon, after all. Now be a good little Slytherin and join the party with us."

Draco seemed undisturbed as he continued, "P.S."

He took the staff that had been his even before he'd been told he would go to Hogwarts from his robes and pointed it at his parents.

"Avada Kedavra."