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Chapter 5

We set out a little earlier than normal to make up for the hunt we had missed the evening before.

I could scarcely believe the way things were turning out, better than I had ever hoped during my whole new life. Being with Bella made the whole world seem brighter and more cheerful, I was convinced the trees were greener and the birds were singing sweeter!

I made sure my little newborn soon-to-be-official mate had fed before she ran off to play with the pups. While she was gone, I wandered the boundary line until I found a quiet spot near a stream with a bunch of boulders perfect for lying on while thinking. I was still trying to process all the events of the last few weeks, along with figuring out how to deliver the divorce request to Rose while keeping my manhood intact! I could almost perfectly hear her derisive tone as she chastised me for thinking for myself.

Wait a minute!

Oh crap!

I could hear her and she was approaching fast!

"Emmett, you good for nothing stupid jerk! How dare you think you could leave me! You idiotic worthless piece of dog dung!" she raged as she got into range and started raining punches at me. "Who the hell do you think you are, shacking up with some two-bit trollop? I'm going to beat some sense into you before I drag your sorry ass home where it belongs!"

Several things happened simultaneously, the opposite side of the stream erupted into a chorus of growling and snarling as several wolves appeared on the bank. Meanwhile, I felt a familiar presence beside me as a warm golden glow encased me stopping Rose's blows from landing and throwing her several feet backwards.

She landed in a confused heap as Bella's voice spoke clearly through the tumult, "You will NOT address Emmett that way! You will speak to him civilly or not at all and you are certainly not permitted to touch him!" Dang! My girl's got gumption!

"Bella?" I looked at her curiously tapping the golden coloured bubble that surrounded us, "Are you doing this?"

"I guess so," she shrugged, "she was hurting you and I wanted her to stop, and it just sort of appeared!"

"Well it woulda come in handy to protect you from that flame-haired harpy yesterday!" I chided.

Meanwhile, Rose had worked herself into a frenzied state outside the barrier, the wolves inciting her further by growling and snapping from across the stream.

"Who do you think you are to talk to me that way you mangy, mousey, man-stealing, mutt-loving midget!" she fumed at Bella.

Bella was completely unfazed by Rose's tantrum, "Seriously Rose... that's the worst insult you can come up with... I'm a mutt-lover! Maybe if you tried being loving toward others, you would have friends too! As it is you're a bitter, twisted, selfish tantrum-throwing brat, who is completely alone because you've managed to drive away anyone who did care for you with your poisonous pettiness."

If Rose had been able to change colour, I'm sure her face would have been purple. She was absolutely apoplectic with rage. "You little harlot, I can't believe the person who stole my husband from me would possibly try and justify herself. Now release Emmett, so he can return to where he belongs!"

"No Rose!" my voice sounded surprisingly strong considering how my insides felt horribly weak, "I don't belong to you. I never did. You may have been responsible for bringing me to this life, but I am not your mate and I am not returning to you. Ever!"

I caught Bella's eye, she was beaming up at me in pride. "Well done," she whispered, taking my hand and squeezing it gently.

Stunned briefly by my uncharacteristic defiance, Rose stared at us before recovering to launch her next attack. "Well you're welcome to him. He's a complete waste of time anyway. He's so thick I've used his head to crack boulders. He's completely and utter useless except for one thing, and even then he's not the best guy in the sack I've ever known! Moron! Jerk! Pathetic waste of space!"

As her tirade continued the filmy barrier surrounding us began to thicken and pulse, changing colour from golden to a deep burnt red. A menacing snarl arose from the small figure beside me, I turned to see that Bella had completely changed into a snarling aggressive beast. Uh oh Rose! You've managed to piss off the newborn!

Rose being so caught up in her abusive rant failed to notice Bella crouch and then launch herself through the barrier onto her. Although she was taken by surprise, she managed to fend off Bella's snapping teeth hurling her into the muddy bank. I tried to follow but the barrier had me trapped. Bella continued taking wild swipes at Rose. Rose was countering each blow but slowly succumbing to the onslaught. The two of them were rolling in the mud, limbs flailing when I caught the sound of a laughing bark. I glanced over to see Jacob/wolf standing on his side of the bank almost doubled over. He met my gaze and it was if I had temporarily borrowed Edward's gift, "Dude, two girls mud-wrestling, over you! Cool!" I couldn't help but laugh along, while keeping a close eye on the battle.

Without warning, Rose was suddenly hurled across the stream into the middle of the waiting pack. "Jacob," Bella called out, her voice surprisingly sweet, "I believe that has broken your treaty, would you mind dealing with the trash?"

There was a joyous howling from the other side of the stream. Rose's voice briefly sounded, protesting her indignation but was cut off almost immediately by the sound of shrieking metal and breaking stone.

Bella raced over to join me, the barrier disappearing, "Well it looks like Rose now knows the meaning of the proverb to be thrown to the wolves!" she deadpanned.

"Ding dong, the witch is dead!" I replied chortling. There was a chorus of laughing barks from the other side of the stream.

"So are you Ok?" she asked, reaching up to touch my cheek.

"Hell yeah! I'm a widower now! I'm free to be with whomever I choose. I choose you!" I smiled down at her.

She reached up on her tip toes to capture my lips in a kiss. It was sunshine, strawberries, warm cocoa and bubbles all mixed in to one deliciously sensual touch. I kissed her back deeply, relishing in the pure joy and love that we were sharing. She gently pulled back, locking my eyes with hers, "Mine!" she stated simply.

"Yours!" I agreed, bending down to kiss her again.

"Good, now don't you ever forget it!" she stated sternly, pulling back and slopping me in the face with a huge glob of mud before racing off toward the house giggling as she went.

"HELL YEAH!" I shouted gleefully, following after my true mate.

My destiny.

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