'My Little Secret' SHHH… I Do not Own Sailor MOON

"Ohh Ruby, how will we ever keep this up?'

"Don't worry my darling, no one will ever suspect."

"But, I can't live a lie, what will the scouts and Darien say?"

"Who cares what they think its just you and me, forget about them."

The couple argue and hide under the tree. Ruby cups Serena's face, as they look into each others eyes and go in for an Earth shattering kiss. Not knowing someone's watching in the shadows.

"Oh Ruby," Serena says between kisses. "This isn't right, there going to find out that he's not the father." Serena sobs against his broad chest.

"That's gives us no choice run away with me?" He grabs Serena's hands together with his as they kneel on the ground.

"But I can't what if something happens and they need me?"

"If they really need you they will seek you out and you can help them then, please Serena do something for your self for a change." Rubious demands, he looks into her eyes and caresses her cheek. "I love you."


"HMMmm what?" I wonder, please don't let that be a dream.

"SERENA!" Rei cries again. "GET UP!"

"Okay, okay don't get your knickers in a twist chill." Couch, shouldn't have gotten up so fast. I don't know why I rub my head its not like it makes it feel any better?

"What is it Rei can't you see I'm sleeping." OMG its 12 in the after noon, wow I really need a new alarm clock.

"You slept all day and you said you would come shopping with me today. Especially since Darien wont go with me." (Darien is still Rei's Boyfriend) Why does Darien like Rei anyway shes so bossy. I wish Ruby would come out of my dream and be with me for real.

"Okay, Okay I'l be ready in a moment just give me 10 minutes." I run to my draw as soon as Rei leaves the room. Where is that blue top? YES found it now just need to find my green skirt. Where could it be? Its not in the skirt draw or my wardrobe, FOUND it. I wonder how it got on my bed? Oh well.

"Hurry UP Serena." I'm bloody coming jeez.

"Hold on." I quickly put my clothes, okay that's done, now check in the mirror. Today I'm wearing my hair in a high pony tail with a little mascara. WOW for a second I thought I saw my dream man from the corner of the mirror. I swear all this SAILOR moon business is making me crazy. Better get a move on and grab my bag before Rei goes crazy too, not that she already isn't.

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