Chapter 8

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" Kill Rubious," Saturn

"But Serena will be devastated and never talk to us again!" past Amy

"Well what would you rather a future or end of the world as we know it?" Neptune

"Okay well lets go get her back then," Future Lita


"Rubious where are you taking me?"

"Serena we are at the fountain of youth, the moon is full and is shining and Serena, will you marry me?" I wasn't expecting that.

"Serena I love you and you love me right? (she nods) well lets show our love to the world, let me be your king,"

"Umm I don't know what to say,"

"Say you will be mine,"

"Okay I will be yours to death do us part," I couldn't help but giggle, I can't believe I'm getting married and I have a new power, I pumbld Darien. This is the best day ever! "Wow its beautiful," Its a blood red stone crystal that you just can't help staring at. Wow I feel dizzy like I'm going to faint.


"SERENA, oh my god what have you done to her?" past Lita

" Don't worry shes just sleeping, I have to get her ready for the wedding."

"Wedding?" past Rei

"Shouldn't have figured you wanted to ruin the future Rubious especially when we already killed you before," Future Lita

"Your days of living are over," Future Mina

"Oh I doubt that, for one you cannot harm me because I have your queen, another if you hurt me you will kill her especially when we become one."

"What have you done to Serena?" Darien/Tuxedo mask

"Were about to get married Ta Ta," Like that he's gone with Serena laying aslep in his arms.

"Well this is just great," Future Mina

"Remember its not over until she says I do," Pluto

"Lets go," Saturn.

They all hold hands and teleport to places where the wedding could be held. While they are doing that, Rubious has already started to find a sacred temple to perform the ceremony. All he needs is a willing priest and to put some of the Dark Crystal in Serena and then it will all be complete the end to a whole new beginning.


This is hopeless we will never find her! I'm sitting at the play ground after we met at the hospital after my accident so long ago. I can picture little Serena giving me that rose that I gave to my friend who was leaving. She was and still is so adorable at times, why did I let her go? And why did I go out with Rei? I must keep trying to look for her, I can't give up.

"You should give up,"

'Who's there?"

"Who do you think," Damn he caught me off guard and held me from behind how stupid can ya get? I'm pretty sure I can go lower.

" Say Good night Darien or should I say Endemiyond?" AHHHH

"Ahh Why?"

"To be king I want to rule the galaxy and what better way then to be with the princess of the moon who ends up ruling Crystal Tokyo or didn't my memory powder work? You should remember all that and your little girl Rini," That good for nothing Ba5trd !

"Serena" (whisper)

"Hahaha now it is complete no more good only POWER!"


My head I must have dozed off why does my heart hurt? Must just be from all the teleporting.

"Serena" (A whisper in Serenas ear/Darien Dieing)

What was that?

"Serena my Darling it is almost time," Ruby

"Almost time for what?" Serena

"For us to get married of course," ruby

"Oh yeah right I must get ready," Serena

"You all ready are," Ruby

"But how?" Serena

"Doesn't matter," Ruby "Lets go take my hand," I look into his eyes and I feel this is my destiny. The walk wasn't too long there was lovely black silk walk way leading to the fountain, under the full moon. It was perfect, a bueatiful picture that will stay with me forever. I love my out fit he has good taste.

"Shall we begin?" Priest

"Yes we shall," I couldn't help but smile, this is the happiest day of my life.

"Do you take Serena to be your wife, through sickness and in health?" Priest

"I do," Ruby

"Do you Serena for the same?" Priest

"I do," Serena

"State your vows Rubious," Priest

"Serena you are my world, my future I cannot picture a life with out you," Ruby

"Serena state your vows," Priest

"Ruby from the moment I saw you, I just new it would all work out and that we would be together. You are my rock and my cloud that carries me through all my sad moments, I love you and will always." Serena

"By the power Vested in me you are now husband and wife you may kiss the bride," Priest

He put the ring on my finger as I did his and in that moment I new nothing could ever break us apart.

"Nooo Serena don't he has tricked you and lied to you!" Future Mina.

"Oh no Rini!" Pluto

"My head AHHHHH!" Rini transforming into Rubious daughter.

"Rini are you alright?" Rei

"Who's Rini I' am *Selenite Fire Opal* "

"Were too late," Pluto

"Rini snap out of it!" Uranus (slaps Rini)

"My name is Selenite princess of the Earth and Dark kingdom and you shall die #Crystal Gemstone Stars IGNITE#" (A swirl of colours clouded by a bright light to represent selenite and then black fire around it for Fire Opal)

"Serena say helo to our future daughter," Rubious

"Selenite come to me," This really is the best day of my life.

"URANUS!" Neptune.

This is my Daughter?

"Mum?" I just have to hold her I can't believe this is all happening?

"Yes that's rigth I'm your mother," I light red glow came upon us me, Rubious and our Daughter such a peaceful light.

"Rubious what are you doing with My Queen?" Diamond

"Oh Diamond a bit late aren't you? Shes my Queen now, Serena Selenite lets show these people what were made of,"

"I couldn't agree more my Darling," I could feel my eyes glowing red and see Selenites and Rubious like were one big family.

"Moon Cosmic POWER!" I could feel the new energy flouting around me changing into my black and purple lace Sailor out fit but with a staff with a black moon cresent moon and a red star beside it. " Dark... Moon... Blood... Drop...Stain... Full MOON DARKNESS!" The moon went from a silver too a black blood stain, my staff glowed as the ground shook and Silver blades came out and stabbed Diamond and the knives I could just feel Diamonds power go into them and they flew back into the staff and it glowed red for a second as beams of black and red came out to attack the other scouts. Selenite joined me and Ruby held my hands and a huge kill ball like a comit with fire attacked. All I could feel was power and I new that the world was ours to control, no more people telling me what I can and can't do. When all the screams ended all I could see was stains of blood every where and thats when I new nothing would be the same again.