Not Quite a Mistake

By Symbion

Summary: Kuchiki Byakuya makes a grave mistake-from his point of view. Kuroyuri Reina thinks the same. They tries to forget their mistake. To no avail. ByakuyaOC. Same realm as Alive.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach; Tite Kubo does. He's the god of Bleach, hail him…

A/N : This is story I made to explore my OC in Alive. I made her paired with the infamous Kuchiki Byakuya. So please don't kill me.

I know that Byakuya might be OOC, can't help it...

Well, enjoy. By the way, this one is rated M.

A jigokucho came to her window that morning.

An announcement of a taichou-fukutaichou monthly meeting was issued. Reina couldn't help but feel tensed. She would see him—after two weeks trying to elude him. Shit…

Kira could see that his taichou was troubled. It had been like that for almost two weeks. Since that single mission, Kuroyuri-taichou seemed like she wasn't herself anymore.

Just what happened back there? The blonde often asked himself, not quite brave to ask his taichou. He was worried; Kuroyuri-taichou was seldom brooding and usually, if she was, it always concerned her inner hollow. Having an inner hollow seemed quite a trouble to endure. Ichigo-taichou was another example.

His taichou sighed heavily and slumped on her chair. Her paperwork had been long ago finished. She was a diligent, efficient, and neat worker. She always took most portion of paperwork to her own desk and worked hard for next four hours. By lunch, most often the paperwork had been complete. Kira filled in the leftover, which wasn't too many in the first place. He often finished them in two to three hours and the rest of his time, he used to help Kuroyuri to finish the remainder. Then the lunch time came and he was free to go. He often used the rest of the day's time to train the recruits and spar with Hisagi or Abarai.

He wondered since when he had much spare time. Oh, well, since Kuroyuri-taichou was assigned in his division. Kira was thankful of that. He was glad that he and his division finally had a taichou who knew her responsibility within the division and how to work properly. It wasn't that Amagai-taichou didn't know how to work properly at that time. But the fact that he was another mastermind of devious plan involving wicked swords and others was truly a big turnoff. Really, what was so wrong with the 3rd division and those leaders? Why did they always get bastard-ass-taichous to begin with? Kira didn't understand.

"…Izuru… meeting will be held in an hour. Let's have an early lunch." Kuroyuri's voice brought Kira back from his reverie. The blond haired fukutaichou nodded and glanced at the clock. It was already ten thirty in the morning. It was indeed an early lunch or most likely a very late breakfast. He didn't really care at that time. He hadn't had any breakfast aside from an onigiri and a cup of green tea that morning. He woke late and hurried to the division office only to be greeted by his already-working-through-several-stacks-of-paperwork taichou. Kira wondered if she had a restless night and eventually chose to work overtime instead.

His taichou, however, had resorted to call him by his given name. It was an improvement, really. And unlike Ichimaru, she didn't call his first name with mockery or teasing manner. She just simply called him by his given name because she didn't particularly like formality; just like Ichigo-taichou. But different from him, Kuroyuri-taichou was soft spoken and polite though in casual way.

"Alright, Taichou. Would you like to have lunch in division cafeteria, in nearby restaurant, or buy a take-away meal?"

Kira watched as his taichou shifted uneasily before replied softly, "…Let's take a take-away meal. I don't feel like to eat in public places."

"Okay then. The usual?" The usual take-away menu for Kuroyuri was consisted of rice, unsweetened egg rolls, fried fish, preserved vegetables, and a cup of green tea. She usually requested Kira to get a portion of sliced fresh fruits. Mostly apples, since it was her favorite fruit. Kira was glad that his taichou shared with him a mutual hatred towards dried persimmon or persimmon in general.

"Mmhhmm. But please do change the green tea with iced lemon tea instead. I …don't really feel like to drink green tea right now."

Reina looked away. Green tea reminded her of him and it was almost unbearable for her already tensed nerves. She would probably snap if she got more tensed than that. The prospect of seeing him in the upcoming meeting didn't help at all.

Kira frowned in concern when he saw his taichou looked slightly pale. Did she ill? She was indeed silent for the entire morning—precisely after the jigokucho arrived that morning.

"Taichou? Are you sure you okay? You don't look …too good." More precisely, you look ill and like as if you will faint anytime, he thought worriedly. "Perhaps we can send a note to the Soutaichou, telling him that you're not in good condition to attend the meeting and order me instead—"

"No!" Kuroyuri snapped a bit harsher than she intended to be, earning an immediate concerned and worried look from her fukutaichou. She cussed inwardly. The last thing she needed was Kira worrying sick about her. She didn't need that. "No…I—I'm fine, Izuru."

She flashed an apologetic smile and a not-quite stern look at him. The message was clear: the topic was laid off and she didn't want to talk about it anymore. Kira nodded but his inner worry didn't cease. There was, indeed, something wrong with his taichou. He just had to find out what.

Did her inner hollow run amok? Reiki rarely did that. She was a tame hollow, his taichou liked to say that. Quite unusual for hollow, though; since Ichigo-taichou's inner hollow was one hell of a violent and sadistic entity. A powerful one, too, he was. Kira remember the time he accompanied his taichou to train with Ichigo-taichou and Shizu-fukutaichou back then. He could only stare in horror as the albino inner hollow showed himself as a separate entity outside Ichigo's body and began to wreak havoc. It needed a combination of Kuroyuri's masked form, Reiki, and Shizu's hollowfied shikai form to eventually subdue the albino hollow. And then Ichigo-taichou had to force him to enter his mindscape again with so much bloody efforts. What a terror…

"Just… let's get the food." She muttered passionlessly. Reina then rose from her seat and slowly sauntered towards the shoji door.

Kira complied wordlessly as he followed his taichou towards the cafeteria.

Kira bought his usual meal consisted of rice, sweet egg rolls, fried tofu, preserved vegetables, and oolong tea in a bento and then ordered the usual menu for his taichou. He also bought a pack of agar-agar; this time was melon flavored. Agar-agar was his favorite food after all. He didn't forget to buy slices of fresh fruits for his taichou. Apple and grapes were sufficient. Oh, don't forget an iced lemon tea, he recalled.

He brought two boxes of bento and two bottles—he asked the clerk to bottle the beverages for easy handling—to the place his taichou had waited for him; the 3rd division backyard. Though she disliked persimmon as fruit and preserved food, she liked the trees. Back then, Ichimaru Gin had planted enough persimmon trees to green the backyard.

Reina sat in seiza under one of many persimmon trees on the backyard. Her eyes were closed and she breathed calmly. She was meditating. She put Kurogane beside her, leaned against the tree. Feeling Kira's reiatsu approaching, she opened her eyes and smiled when her fukutaichou took a spot before her. He offered the bento to Reina and sat down politely before opening his own bento.

"Hmm? Agar-agar? It's melon." She commented lightly as she took the small pack of agar-agar and examined it; watching in amusement as Kira flushed in embarrassment.

"…Taichou, it is mine." He muttered slowly.

"I know, silly. You are infamous for your craziness on agar-agar." She laughed at his further flustered face and handed the pack over.

The blonde stared at her in disbelief. "Re—really? Do all the division members know about this too?"

Reina chuckled. "Of course, Izuru. Who doesn't?"

"…Oh well, it can't be helped then, na?"

Still flustered, Kira dug into his rice and ate in considerable pace. He glanced at his taichou and was concerned as he saw his taichou only stared at her food, not even once poking it.

"Taichou, is something wrong? Aren't you satisfied with the food? I can buy another one if you don't like that one."

Reina looked at him blankly and then shook her head. "No, Izuru, the food is fine. It's just…"

"Just what, Taichou?" Kira swore he saw the ghost of sadness within the crimson twin of his taichou's eyes. And then he blinked; and next moment, the serene expression was back on her beautiful face.

"…Never mind. Alright, let's eat." She took the bamboo chopsticks, broke it and dug into her bento. "It's delicious, Izuru."

Kira smiled softly at her, though his mind still recalled the fleeting sorrow within his taichou's eyes. He was worried again about his taichou. Was she truly alright? Was she ill? Why did she seem so sad, even for just a moment back then?

"I see you also bought a pack of sliced fruits. Thank you, Izuru." Reina had stopped eating. She didn't feel so well right now and her stomach somehow rejected the food. So she ate only small portion and kept it for later consumption. Maybe, by doing that, she could save some money she usually spent for dinner.

Kira looked at her, not entirely missing the fact that she only ate a little. He decided not to ask about it and smiled instead. "You're welcome, Taichou. They are slices of apple and grapes. I thought you will like them."

"Of course, Izuru." She returned his smile and began to dig into the small bowl of sliced fruits. She offered some to him, but he declined courteously. Eventually she ate them all, much to Kira's delight.

"It was delicious, Izuru."

"I'm glad you like them, Taichou."

"At least, they're not persimmons." With that joke, they shared a mischievous look and then smile, before eventually they laughed together.

They mutually hated persimmon. That was for sure.

"…It's about time for meeting." Reina murmured after some time of good laugh. Her initial tension was suddenly back and she felt devastated. Nevertheless she didn't show it on her serene feature.

"Shall we go to the meeting hall then?"

"…Mmhhmm. Let's go, Izuru."

"Hai, Taichou."

Reina felt nauseated.

Each flash step she took towards the 1st division compound, she felt her heartbeat accelerated rather rapidly. She would see him again after two weeks away; she would see him again after she avoided him so hard after that—that time

Don't be ridiculous, Reina! She scolded herself. He wouldn't remember you. He was drunk at that time he wouldn't remember a thing. He shouldn't. He wouldn't remember kissing you, he wouldn't remember pulling you into his warm embrace, and he wouldn't remember laying you onto the ragged tatami and then—and then…

She felt like groaning in exasperation.

Behind her, Kira was examining his taichou's movement. He felt her reiatsu faltered a bit, just a tiny fragment and then it had been even again. Serene, like usual. But he was worried. He had seen even for a slight moment, Kuroyuri's movement wavered from its usual gracefulness. Like she was momentarily numbed by sudden shock or revelation.

They reached the 1st division compound without much ado and walked steadily towards the meeting hall, Reina ahead and Kira trailing behind her. They met Ukitake Jyuushiro and Kuchiki Rukia midway; and both taichous and fukutaichous shared greetings.

Yes, Ukitake had succeeded in pursuing Kuchiki Byakuya for accepting his request. He requested that Rukia would take a position Shiba Kaien was previously assigned for: the position of 13th division's fukutaichou. Byakuya, though a bit reluctant, eventually granted his request and let Rukia took the position, much to the girl's dismay. He didn't explain his reasons to her, though.

"Kuroyuri-san, Kira-kun, good day, isn't it?" Ukitake greeted with his usual cheerfulness. He was slightly pale after a bout three days ago. Both Sentaro and Kiyone found him unconscious in the office, lying prone on the desk. Paperwork he had been working at was covered in blood; his blood. Both 3rd seats and Rukia, in their shock and panic, had immediately rushed him to the 4th division infirmary. Unohana examined him and after some treatments, she eventually released him back to his division.

Reina smiled warmly. She liked Ukitake—who didn't?—and replied, "Yes, it is, Ukitake-san. Good day to you too, Kuchiki-kun."

Her smile faltered slightly as she remembered whose sibling Kuchiki Rukia was.

Rukia smiled widely and bowed at her, seemingly not noticing her slightly faltered smile.

They continued their way towards the meeting hall.

Walking inside, Reina felt her stomach revolting. She felt a sudden nausea assaulted her gut and a slight throb in her head. She expected migraine. Shit…

You're just nervous, Reina. Yes, nervous…

Inside the hall, she could see that nearly the entire Gotei taichous and fukutaichous had arrived and filled in their respective spots. Unohana and Isane had already stood on their usual spots, as well as Soi Fon and her fatty fukutaichou. Kyouraku, however, tried to sleep while standing on his spot—until Nanao whacked his head using a harisen. Hitsugaya glared at his buxom fukutaichou—typical. Matsumoto was probably teasing him again. Urahara and his fukutaichou weren't there yet; most likely they would be late.

He isn't here yet…

Reina was slightly shocked as she mused about him and why he wasn't here yet. Stop, Reina, you fool! In this rate, you will be surely going crazy just from thinking about him—when he probably doesn't think or even remember you a bit after all that happened between you and him. Not that it is even significant to note. It's just—like people usually says—a one night stand. Nothing more, nothing less. It's really only a fling after all; a drunken fling at that…

A pang of sadness assaulted her and she suddenly felt another wave of nausea. Gulping hard as she tried to chase her nausea away, she inched closer to her supposedly spot.

She saw Zaraki Kenpachi and his baby fukutaichou as they were busy chattering about something. Or rather, Yachiru was busy babbling about something while her Ken-chan was busy ignoring her and looking at the direction of 4th division officers instead. Reina raised one of her elegant eyebrows. She didn't know that Zaraki even bothered to regard the 4th division; except, probably, Unohana. He despised them in general and considered them weak; a sentiment the other 11th members mutually develop and share.

She then turned her attention at the youngest member of Gotei (at least in term of actual age and not of appearance). Ichigo stood impatiently on his spot, slightly ahead and near the Soutaichou's podium. Behind him, Shizu Uriya silently and calmly stood, his brilliant green eyes closed as he meditated.

Rukia immediately rushed to Ichigo and greeted her boyfriend with a slap on his back, before she went back to stand behind Ukitake. Ichigo sent her a glare, but there was no heat within those amber eyes. Reina could see a loving gaze when she witnessed one.

Somehow, she envied them. Ah… young couple…

…Not that she wanted to be involved within a romantic relationship; no. No. It was just… no. She had had a fair share of lovers back then when she was still in Onmitsukidou, but now she thought nothing of love. Nothing…

Even with him…


…Especially not with him. Period.

She saw Komamura chatted with Ashido in whisper. They seemed so engrossed with their conversation Reina wondered just what they had been talking about. Not to mention, both taichous were infamous for being serious and taciturn persons. Behind them, both Iba and Hisagi looked like they were bored as hell: Iba was absently playing with his tanto-like zanpakuto as he looked around, bored; while Hisagi was daydreaming. He was jerked back to reality by Kira, who waved at him as they approached the group. Reina nodded at Komamura and Ashido as she walked past them. They nodded back before went back to their hushed conversation. She then went to take her spot beside Ichigo.

"Yo, Kuroyuri-san." Ichigo grinned at her in friendly manner and shifted to allow her past him. She smiled in gratitude and took her spot.

She then turned to look at the orange haired taichou and chided lightly, "It's Reina-san, Ichigo."

He grinned again, more widely this time. "Alright then, Reina-san."

"That's good. You know, I dislike formality if amongst peers and comrades, regardless the age—except for the old man, of course. I know you also agree with me, right?"

"Damn right."

"I abhor rude language, though." She didn't abhor it when she spoke it herself—within her mind only, of course.

Ichigo smirked sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. "Sorry, Reina-san. It's becoming habit. You know how Rukia and Renji usually talk—"

"Don't blame others for your own behavior, trash." Uriya scolded his taichou evenly. He had opened his emerald eyes to gaze at both Ichigo and Reina. Reina regarded him with a smile which he returned by a slight nod. Ichigo glared at him, but the ex-Quatro Espada deliberately ignored him.

"Blunt as usual, Shizu-kun." Reina commented, amused. Uriya only shrugged.

Ichigo was going to snap back at his fukutaichou's bluntness, but his attention was distracted as Abarai Renji walked in and grinned widely—knowingly—at him. Ichigo growled and flashed a finger at him; something some people frowning upon, Reina included. The redhead only snickered and went to take his position.

And suddenly Reina was very aware of something. If Abarai Renji was already here, then…

A waft of familiar reiatsu, cold and reserved, assaulted her heightened and alerted sense. She tensed and glanced nervously at the source of this specific reiatsu. She saw Kuchiki Byakuya strutted almost tonelessly inside the hall, scarf swishing with every step he took. His long and silky black hair was kept up in his usual style by using his intricate headpiece of kenseikan. His slate grey eyes were closed as he walked without even seeing his way, led by his sharp sense. He only opened his eyes to greet Ukitake, Kyouraku, and Unohana before closing them again as he took his spot beside Unohana. Just slightly across her, as he usually was.

He didn't even glance at her…

Reina felt a strong jolt of nausea combined with pain inside her gut. She held the urge to groan. Inhaling rather sharply, she tried her hard to calm her nerves. It was futile. The nausea and pain was still there.

After talking to Hisagi about their plan to go training together, Kira scurried to fill in his spot behind his taichou. He heard the conversation amongst her, Ichigo, and Uriya; and had to stifle his chuckle. His taichou and Ichigo-taichou were quite similar in the way they disliked formal mannerism. The difference was that Kuroyuri abhorred rude and inappropriate language and behavior. She was casually informal, but still retained her politeness. Somehow, she was similar like Ukitake-taichou or maybe Kyouraku-taichou in that way.

A sound of sharp inhale was heard and Kira glanced at his taichou. He felt rather than saw that his taichou was somehow troubled again. What happened? Her reiatsu was fluctuating…

"…Kira." A quiet, even voice came from his side. Kira turned his eyes to regard the person beside him.

"Shizu-san. What's the matter?"

Uriya stole a glance at the direction of his taichou and Kira swore he saw a ghost of worry and concern within those usually impassive emerald eyes.

"...Watch over her." The older fukutaichou warned quietly, almost inaudibly that Kira had to inch closer to hear it. "…She's not in her best condition."

Kira stared at him and then nodded silently. He turned his eyes back at his taichou. God, he was worried sick. However, he didn't have time to mull over his worry for his taichou as Yamamoto-soutaichou strode inside the hall, being accompanied by his fukutaichou.

At the same time, the last pair of taichou-fukutaichou arrived on the spot. Clack of wooden clogs or geta brought a distinct explanation of who he was: Urahara Kisuke. He smiled widely, almost without care for the world—or for the glares from several pairs of eyes—as he swaggered inside the hall. Kurotsuchi Nemu trailed behind him, silent and reserved as usual.

With all the taichous and fukutaichous in presence, Yamamoto hammered the tip of his staff onto the floor until every bit of attention was on his person. And then he barked loudly.

"Meeting, begin!"

Reina felt like retching.

Oh god, the nausea/pain was almost unbearable. What's happening with my gut? She almost hunched over in pain. Was it because of her food?

Another wave of nausea and pain… oh god… she almost groaned out loud in agony. Oh god, the pain. Oh god, the nausea. Oh god, oh god, ohgod, ohgodohgodohgodohgod—

"Kuroyuri-taichou, are you listening?" Yamamoto-soutaichou's stern voice brought her back from the world of agony she had to endure right now.

Reina was startled. At least she had dignity to mask her turmoil with the serene expression she usually donned.

She looked at the old general, flashed an apologetic smile and inquired quietly and politely, "My humbly sorry, Soutaichou-dono. What did you spoke before?"

Yamamoto regarded her with a single-opened eye for some time, his gaze unreadable. And then with slightly softer tone, he repeated his question, "I order you and some selected members of your division to scout the area of District 55 to 60 of Rukongai, due to the mysterious appearance of something resembles hollow. Most likely, they are hollows of Adjuchas-class menos. Do I have your readiness, child?"

Reina forced a smile and replied firmly—at least she hoped so.

"Yes, sir, I will, sir."


Yamamoto once again regarded her with an odd look before resumed his speech and barked another order, this time to Hitsugaya. Somehow, something within the old man's eyes from before disturbed her greatly. Reina shrugged it off.

Another nausea hit her full force, accompanied by sheer pain inside her skull and stomach, and she suddenly felt as if she was falling into a very dark pit; the abyss. She blacked out for a while, though she was certain to keep her stance not to falter or sway. She felt weak and boneless…

Sheer pain ripped through her spine, from her skull down to her stomach, coiling and tightening inside. Reiatsu drastically weakening, she knew all too well—no, she was damn certain—that she wouldn't last long—not until the meeting ended. The pain, the nausea, the agony…oh god, it was unbearable.

Unable to contain it anymore, Reina let out a strangled, pained cry. Her head throbbed painfully and her stomach rebelled violently. She felt retching… no! God, the pain, agh!

Trying her hard not to retch in place, Reina shut her eyes tightly; unaware of Yamamoto-soutaichou's suddenly halted speech. She was unaware of entire attention the others gave her.

She was completely unaware as slate grey eyes looked at her in masked worry and slight panic.

She was unaware of everything surrounding her as a wave of excruciating pain hit her full force, causing her to groan out loud in pain and fall to her knees. She clutched her midsection and sometimes her head, pain ripping through her body like tidal waves.

As the pain subsided, Reina dimly heard Kira's panicked shout, calling for her. She dimly felt Ichigo's presence; as well as the others' presence. She blindly searched for something to hold on—she was scared, she was terrified, and she was absolutely afraid—and eventually found a cloth.

Dimly, she recognized it as a black cloth—someone's kosode. Kira's kosode, she could sense his near presence, calming and soothing her. He held her, gentle and caring. Reina felt her tears running down her cheeks, both in relief and gratitude. She clutched his kosode for dear life, clinging to Kira as she curled her body in a fetal form.

Her fukutaichou, her beloved fukutaichou. Reina loved him like a dear little brother, a friend and reliable partner. She felt sad for his troubled moments when he remembered Ichimaru's betrayal, or when he recalled pointing Wabisuke at Hinamori. She felt happy for him when he told her that he had hit on Momo a year after the girl's recovery, or when he exclaimed in sheer joy that he had succeeded to manifest Wabisuke—which meant that he was nearing to gaining bankai.

"I—Izuru, sorry, I—" Reina managed to stutter in between her state of dizzying nausea and agonizing pain. She groaned out loud as another jolt of sheer pain ripped through her body, centered mostly on her gut. She coiled, tightly clutching her midsection.

God… please… it… hurts…

She dimly heard Kira yelled for her not to talk and save her energy. She complied and tried to even her reiatsu—to no avail. She felt so weak, so devastated she didn't even care anymore.

Closing her eyes tiredly, Reina finally gave into the blissful darkness.

Kira watched worriedly as his taichou practically zoned out and didn't pay attention to the meeting at all. Oh, well, it couldn't be helped that the meeting was often boring; this one was no exception. Aside from a startling report of some hollow sightings at several sites in Rukongai, nothing more could be considered serious.

He heard Yamamoto barked some orders to several taichous, his taichou included. And Kuroyuri didn't seem to be aware as the old man talked to her directly. Kira went to shake his taichou, but a booming voice from the old general eventually brought her back from whatever reverie she had before. The blonde watched in bemusement as Kuroyuri set her poker face of serene and calmness before she replied at Yamamoto.

Kira couldn't help but notice concerned glances directed at his taichou from several other people in the meeting hall. Most prominently was Unohana's subtle glance at Kuroyuri. Kira could see the growing worry and concern within those deep blue orbs. Even Ichigo-taichou glanced sideways at her in something resemble deep concern.

"…Kira, be alert." Shizu's monotone yet deeply concerned voice once again reached his ears. Kira blinked and glanced at his fellow fukutaichou. What he saw disturbed him. Shizu was gazing at the back of his taichou with deep sorrow latched inside his ever-so-melancholic green eyes. His frown deepened as he whispered something only Kira could hear, "…Her reiatsu… falls."

True to the words, Kira could feel a sudden plunge of Kuroyuri's reiatsu as well as her strangled pained cry. Yamamoto abruptly stopped his speech and opened both eyes as he turned to completely look at her, somehow alarmed and deeply concerned. Other taichous and fukutaichou sharply looked at Kuroyuri with alarmed worry.

The aforementioned woman eventually fell to her knees, groaning in pain as she clutched her midsection and sometimes, her head.

"Taichou!" Kira immediately knelt before her, supporting her as the woman tremblingly reached for something to hold onto. She eventually found his kosode and clutched it tightly, clinging to him as if for her dear life.

Kira was horrified as he watched his taichou cry. Kuroyuri never cried.

He watched as his taichou curled her body into fetal position while still clinging to him. He held her gently, afraid of hurting her more than before.

"I—Izuru, sorry, I—" she stuttered weakly and groaned again in sheer pain, clutching her stomach tightly.

"Taichou, please don't talk! Save your energy!" Kira shouted in panic. Kuroyuri complied, leaning heavily against his chest; and eventually she went limp in his arms. Kira realized that his taichou had finally fallen unconscious.

He then looked upward to see Ichigo-taichou had loomed over them, his face tight in worry. Other taichous had also moved to surround them, but eventually Yamamoto took control of the situation once more.

"Everyone! Calm down!" he then looked at Unohana, who had already strode forward in a rush towards Kuroyuri and Kira. "Unohana-taichou, may you…?"

"Of course, Soutaichou." She firmly stated as she knelt down and began to examine Kuroyuri's unconscious form.

Kira held his taichou's limp body in tight yet gentle hug and cradled her in his arms. Now crying, he looked helplessly at Unohana. The woman wore a serious and worried expression on her face while examining Kuroyuri; and eventually she shouted for her fukutaichou.


The silver haired woman, who had initially stood beside her, quickly responded. "Yes, Taichou."

"Shunpo ahead and tell Harunobu and Hanatarou to prepare the special examination room!"

"Yes, Taichou!" And then Kotetsu Isane set on her shunpo and zapped away towards the 4th division.

Unohana eventually looked back at Kira and spoke gently. "Kira-kun, come with me and take her using shunpo towards my division."

Kira quickly nodded. "Of course, Unohana-taichou."

The crowd parted to make way for them. Both Kira and Unohana didn't notice the slate grey eyes, which widened due to the shell-shocked state.


The blonde turned to regard Ichigo. The orange haired young man looked at him with determined eyes. "I'll come with you."

Kira could only nod and let the other man follow him.


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