Weaving the Love

By Symbion

Summary: Hisagi is in desperate need of new sets of shihakusho. A visit to a newly opened tailor in Rukongai has him meet with the seamstress, whom he is coincidentally familiar with. Side story of Alive.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach; Tite Kubo does. He's the god of Bleach, hail him…

A/N:This is another side story from Alive realm. This happens after the events in Alive, Melancholy, and Not Quite a Mistake happened.

Oh yeah, this is a crack pairing... Hisagi and Sun-sun. I don't know why, but I do like them together. The rating is M, by the way.


Renji's incessant laughter echoed through the corridor of 9th division dojo. Said redhead was now busy clutching his midsection while rolling on the floor, laughing like mad.

The other man in the dojo growled at him; though his face sported a good amount of red hue it almost rivaled the color of Renji's vibrant hair.

"Abarai! It's not funny!" Hisagi Shuuhei hollered at the younger man, embarrassed. Renji's laughter got louder instead.

"Hahahaha, Senpai, ya—ya—ahahahahaha! It's very funny!" the 6th division fukutaichou howled again in mad laughter, repeatedly pointing at Hisagi. "Ya—ya—have ya seen yerself on the mirror? Hahaha, ya're ridiculous, yanno?"

"Stop being Mr. Obvious and laughing like madman! It—it's just a misunderstanding!"

Renji sputtered for a moment, looked at the glowering man, and then resumed his laughter. Hisagi seethed and went as far as grabbing and unsheathing Kazeshini. Renji's laughter halted as he saw the zanpakuto.

"Hisagi-senpai, misunderstandin' or not, ya're didn't just barge into the shop and demand new kosode and hakama like that since yer old one was torn after a rough sparrin' session. Ya scared the tailor and he eventually threw ya the wrong size. Aaaannndd… since ya were in a hurry to go to our lunch meeting, ya just put that small shihakusho on—not even glanced at it—and ran madly towards the bar." Renji snickered. "Everyone in the bar had a very good laugh seein' ya in much smaller shihakusho that was already torn after yer runnin' session and, not to mention; the—the color was—was—"

Unable to hold any longer, Renji fell into another fit of laughter. Hisagi growled at him, but he didn't utter any word. Renji, after all, only stated the fact. In his hurry and rare clumsiness, he didn't even check if his new shihakusho was really his size or even in the right color or not. He just barged into the shop, demanded new shihakusho to the tailor—who had a dignity to tremble in fear hearing his harsh yells—and paid in a hurry. He then immediately changed inside the fitting room, shouted a brief 'thanks', and ran towards the bar, where most of his friends had waited for him. He was goddamn late for Pete' sake!

"It was black with pinky stripes fer goodness' sake! Black and PINK! PINK! It wasn't even a shihakusho, dammit! Ahahahahahaha!" Renji howled. "And it was two-size smaller! Ya came to the bar, wearin' a rag-skirt like hakama, just like a hula-hula dancer! Tell Yumichika about this and he will also have a good laugh and material fer his gossip later."

Hisagi paled. "Abarai! Don't you dare telling him about this! And, stop your goddamn laughter already! You've already had twenty minutes of LOL and ROFL after we arrived here! Not to mention, you've already had another session of laughter back then in the bar! Haven't you felt satisfied by now?" after some moment, he muttered dejectedly, "What's hula-hula dancer anyway?"

Renji coughed violently, still shaking with mirth. "Even—even if I don't tell him, someone will. Senpai, ya'll never live it down. Honestly… and, oh, hula-hula dancer is someone who dances a traditional native dance from one of those nations in the livin' world. Ichigo told me. He said it's from Hawaii or somethin' like that."

Hisagi rolled his eyes out of exasperation. He sheathed Kazeshini back to its scabbard and grumbled about crazy red pineapple and unsupported friends. Renji snorted.

"By the way, Senpai… Why do ya wear yukata instead of shihakusho? Don't tell me that before ya bought that hakama, the torn uniform was the last article of clothes ya have right now. And money ya used to buy the clothes was the last bucks ya have in yer wallet." Hisagi was, indeed, wearing a set of dark blue yukata, the only one he had and usually wore for bed.

Hisagi's blush confirmed the statement. Renji barked another fit of laughter.

"Hisagi-senpai! Just how poor are ya, man?"

"Shuddup, Abarai! I don't yet receive my paycheck this month!"

"Don't ya have any savings?" Renji asked in mocking tone. "Don't tell me that ya used all yer money fer buying manly accessories like Iba-san did."

Hisagi glared at him. "I'm not! And I do have savings! It's just… well, let's say, it's just insufficient for buying several set of new shihakusho…"

Renji scoffed. "Ya did spend yer money fer those accessories. And fer yer guitar. Yanno, ya can ask Sado fer tuning yer guitar once he visits Seireitei."

Hisagi flushed. He did indeed buy those manly accessories Iba had recommended: sunglasses, new manly haori, etc. The sunglasses, especially, cost him much bucks.

"He rarely visits Seireitei, you know that. So I went to Rukongai to tune my guitar in the traditional art and music shop. Since guitar wasn't their specialty, they cost me a significant price…"

Renji rose from his lying position on the floor. "Just like I said before, ya can ask Ichigo or Uriya whenever they descend to the living world. Ya can entrust yer guitar with them and tell them to take the instrument to Sado to be tuned."

"You never said that before."

Renji blinked at him. "Oh, really?"

"Yeah, you didn't say it, dumbass."

The redhead scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Does Ashido-san know about yer poor condition, Hisagi?"

Hisagi's head snapped to look at the younger male in a fast movement Renji wondered if he got a whiplash. The 9th division fukutaichou sputtered for a moment and flustered.

"Of course not! Taichou doesn't have to know about—"

"I don't have to know about what? Hisagi?"

A deep, amused voice emanated from the dojo's entrance effectively froze them.

Kanou Ashido, the 9th division taichou, leaned against the doorframe and looked at both younger men with amused eyes. He was a tall and very handsome man with spiky reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. His skin was quite fair due to his long time trapped in Hueco Mundo. He rarely showed his emotion, much like Kuchiki Byakuya, but less uptight.

He led his division with discipline and stern principles; but he was lenient and slightly laid-back whenever in casual approach or informal situation. That made his subordinates easily approach him whether inside or outside the office. Though, in both situations, he was always a serious and silent person.

Much lately, SWA conducted popularity polling and Ashido was voted as the most sought-after bachelor in Seireitei, eventually replacing Kuchiki Byakuya.

"T—Taichou! You've come back!" Hisagi exclaimed a bit exaggeratedly. Ashido barely went to Hueco Mundo with Shizu Uriya and Kurosaki Ichigo in a mission.

Said man only raised one of his elegant brows.

"You seem surprised." He shifted his body slightly. He leaned against the wall instead of the doorframe. "Hueco Mundo is practically my playground."

"So—sorry, Taichou, I didn't mean to be surprised."


Both younger men then shut their mouth. The fact that Ashido was trapped inside the vast desert of hollow's kingdom for almost two centuries was an understatement.

"I thought you barely had a conversation regarding my person back then." The 9th division taichou prompted evenly. "Tell me about it."

Renji glanced at Hisagi before grinned widely. His senpai glared at him, warning the redhead in silent threat that he shouldn't talk about the particular matter to his taichou ever. Or he would beat him senseless.

But Renji promptly ignored him by cheekily stated, "Yanno, Ashido-san, Hisagi-senpai has no clothes anymore other than the one he wears right now. The last bucks of his money were used to buy a very ridiculous shihakusho. Oh, spare me, it wasn't even a shihakusho and not to mention, two-size smaller. Since Hisagi wrecked it while dashin' like madman towards the nearby bar in Seireitei, the tailor didn't want to give his money back. And he's very poor right now he even threatens me fer free food and sake."

"I am not threatening you to treat me food and sake, goddammit!" Hisagi glowered deathly at his kohai, inwardly promising to himself to castrate the bastard later.

Ashido blinked. He had already heard about Hisagi's monthly condition of money deprived, of course. But to reach that extent, it was kind of exaggerated, he mused.

"Oh, really?" Ashido shifted and stood in his full height, then strode gracefully towards both fukutaichou. "Do you want me to lend you money, Hisagi?"

Hisagi gaped at his taichou and vigorously shook his head in refusal.

"N—no, it's not necessary, Taichou, really! I appreciate your offer, but—"

Ashido's lips quirked upward in subtle amusement.

"You know? I think I will lend you money to buy new sets of shihakusho. You can repay the debt later when you receive your paycheck." His voice somehow held a stern undertone within. "I don't want my fukutaichou to appear in office tomorrow wearing his sleeping wear."

Renji sniggered gaily as he saw Hisagi's face reddened. "…Of course, Taichou. But—"

"No buts. Just take it, Hisagi. I won't hear any objection."

Hisagi shut his mouth, knowing that he had already lost this conversation; and bowed deeply in gratitude. "Thank you, Taichou. I will return your money immediately after paycheck."

Ashido gazed at him thoughtfully. And then he slowly remarked, "…Moreover, I know a place where you can get a low-priced yet still qualified shihakusho. It's a new shop in Junrinan's market. You can order your uniforms there."

Ashido pulled out a brochure from his sleeve and gave it to Hisagi. His fukutaichou took the paper wordlessly and peered into the contents. It was a simple brochure of tailoring advertisement. The brochure stated that the tailor could tailor nearly every kind of clothes in any style and fashion. Of course, shihakusho and formal uniform were included; the taichou's haori also.

"The shop's name is Midori no Hebi (Green Snake)."


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