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"Just tell Sun-sun-san that you really love her. Tell her, Senpai."

Hisagi stilled, unable to retort.

"Sun-sun, you…don't seem fine."

The aforementioned young woman almost jumped in surprise when the deep, feminine voice of her older sister emanated from behind her. She twirled around to greet Harumi, a somehow fake smile plastered on her face. Acknowledging her artificial mask, the oldest of Tia sisters frowned.

"…Ah, Harumi-neesama, umm, what did you barely say? I—I didn't quite hear it." She admitted shamefully. Sun-sun didn't indeed hear any of Harumi's words or even sense her coming. Her thought was fully occupied by Hisagi—and her own disappointment that the said man didn't come to the bazaar.

"You don't seem fine…or even whole—for the lack of term." Harumi pointed evenly. Inwardly she tried to connect the dots between Sun-sun's blatant inattentiveness towards her vicinity at that time with something—something that was suspiciously concerning a certain shinigami fukutaichou. "…What's the matter? You know you can tell me about everything."

Sun-sun looked at her sister and held an urge to sigh. She didn't want to worry Harumi, or any of her other family members—not that they usually noticed about her, though. Aside from Harumi and her other sisters—and Uriya, apparently—the rest of her housemates didn't bother themselves with her. They considered her as the most mature woman within the house, other than Harumi; so they also deemed her to be able to take care for her own problems. Not that she was prone to trivial problems, though. All in all, Sun-sun seemed to be the most 'problemless' person in the house, that was what Akane usually said.

Sun-sun forced a smile as she replied. "Nothing serious, Harumi-neesama. It's just…I think I'm just a bit tired. You know; this and everything." She gesticulated at the crowd around them.

The bazaar was held from two hours before sunset until midnight, on the open field near the river. Since it was only for one night, the organizers of the bazaar didn't bother to conduct some larger event. There were only few stalls, most of them were fully prepared, fascinating, and quite noticeable by their goods, including Sun-sun's stall, Midori no Hebi.

Sun-sun decided to display most of her komon kimono's collection—komon kimono was small and repeated patterned kimono usually worn by both unmarried and married women for casual events—and some of the most colorful furisode. Since komon kimonos were mostly made from cotton or less heavy material, she didn't feel burdened by carrying them. Not to mention, she had Akane and Ginjo to help her—though they immediately left her by her own right after the stall and display was ready. They wanted to cruise over the bazaar, looking for something interesting—typical. Sun-sun let them be. Maria was nowhere to be found since the beginning, while Sazero, Naoto, Naru, and Tetsuya were busy with their own activities. Satoru-san was out to the 7th district, working; Ririna was just tagging along Harumi to help her working in the restaurant. Uriya was, obviously, not home as he was mostly staying in his barrack at 5th division—he only came home at holidays or weekends. Not every weekend, mind it.

Harumi cautiously eyed her. She didn't believe that there was nothing serious happened with Sun-sun, but she let the matter down. She didn't want to push Sun-sun over the edge. The younger woman could handle her ground well, but Harumi doubted she could handle the problem regarding her own emotions as well as she handled the other (more trivial and practical) problems, like fulfilling the dead line of a shiromuku, perhaps. Harumi was also worried that this particular matter would affect Sun-sun's gradually awakened memory.

Counting from the day they were resurrected, there were barely five of them who had regained their full memories of their past as arrancar and Espada. Five of them were herself, Satoru, Uriya, Ginjo, and Naoto. Initially, when their memories finally surfaced, the latter two didn't accept the fact quite well—but after some times, they eventually settled the matter down and went with the flow.

"…Alright then. Just want you to know that I'll always be here in case you need someone to talk to." Harumi patted Sun-sun's shoulder gently and gave her a faint, sincere smile. Sun-sun reciprocated her smile.

"Thank you, Harumi-neesama. You're the best older sister I've ever have in the world—Maria isn't counted."

Harumi only chuckled.

Hisagi could only look at his friend with inconspicuous pity laced within his dark eyes.

Honestly, Kira was now an embodiment of misery itself. With red and puffy eyes, gloomy expression, wan visage, and sagged shoulders, he looked like he was barely robbed for a good amount of money and then being beaten to nearly death—quite literally in Hisagi's mind.

He and Hinamori; they were now visiting Kuroyuri-taichou's sickroom—again, since they visited them before this afternoon—where Kira and Kurosaki-taichou currently resided in for several hours. The two young men practically never left her side since the crimson eyed taichou fell unconscious in the middle of the taichou-fukutaichou meeting.

He then looked back at Kira, and Hinamori—who coaxed him to eat her special bento and cookies. Hisagi smiled faintly. At least Kira had Hinamori and vice versa. It was good for them to be together.

Somehow, his mind wandered to Sun-sun. Would he and Sun-Sun become like Kira and Hinamori? All warm affection and fluffy feeling… Or would they become like Abarai and his girlfriend, or Kurosaki and Kuchiki? All affectionately teasing and playful bickering…

He didn't know. He didn't even know whether he truly loved her or not. All he knew for now were that he liked her presence and he lusted over her body.

Damn, the last one was—probably—the most definite thing about liking Sun-sun that he was certain of.

He could imagine himself and Sun-sun, naked and doing things. She would seduce him, just like what she had done in his office last afternoon, and he would gladly comply with her every whim. Things would get steamier; and at that time, there wouldn't be any stupid jigokucho interrupting their fun time…

Shit…the mental image… He felt himself harden. Somehow Hisagi blamed the mental image.

Shoving his unholy thoughts aside, Hisagi then glanced at Kurosaki Ichigo. The younger man had a tight expression, his ever present scowl plastered on his face fiercer than usual. He somehow fixed his amber eyes on Kuroyuri-taichou's lying form, seemingly thinking hard about something.

Hisagi almost went to ask him what the matter was wrong—when the door was opened. They simultaneously looked up to see Unohana and Isane walked in. The healer taichou had her signature smile, though it seemed a bit…more frightening, in Hisagi's point of view.

"Well, Kurosaki-taichou, Kira-fukutaichou; like I have said before, it is near seven at night; and you've been here for a good …six hours or so. You all need to rest. Please go home and take your well deserved rest." She smiled quite menacingly. Hisagi could feel rather see everyone in the room, including himself, was shivering.

Both aforementioned young men bristled at the underlying tone within the remarks.

"Umm, we know, Unohana-san, it's just—"

"Just what, Kurosaki-taichou? Please go home and get some rest…you too, Kira-fukutaichou. I think Hinamori-fukutaichou has coaxed you to go home?" at her rhetorical inquiry, she got Hinamori's fervent nods and Kira's blushing face. Unohana smiled.

"And Kurosaki-taichou…Kuchiki-fukutaichou sent me a message via jigokucho to… ahem… 'Kick that idiotic orange head home already'…that's the detail, I believe." Unohana seemingly ignored the several displays of jaw-dropping faces her younger acquaintances had or Kurosaki Ichigo's madly reddened face—out of embarrassment or fury, it was unknown—as she continued on. "Don't worry about Reina-san. She will be fine here."

Both Kira and Ichigo seemed to argue, but upon looking at Unohana's signature smile, they smartly shut their mouth off.

Later on, after accompanying both Kira and Hinamori to their respective barracks, Hisagi walked alone towards his own division. It was past nine at night, though for him, it wasn't yet considerably late.

The young man pondered to go to the nearby bar and get some booze, when he suddenly remembered about a certain young woman. He halted in his steps and blinked.

"…Did Hinamori say before that the bazaar on Junrinan is held from evening till midnight?" he spoke aloud. No body, including the 5th division 3rd seat officer herself, replied, for sure.

"…Maybe it isn't too late to visit her stall."

With determination, Hisagi turned around and hurriedly headed towards Junrinan.


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